Firehammer Hold – Chapter Two

11th Day of the Claw of winter (February) 1363 DR: DAY SEVEN

Derval ‘Ironeater’ Ironaxe Amaunator (02:00 am):

Thora: “I think that a word with Derval ‘Ironeater’ Ironaxe will shed light on this Weaponsmith mark and this Amaunator.”

Making sure their movements were not being watched, Vicross, Sir Ly and Farther Tobias the new Heroes visit Derval ‘Ironeater’ Ironaxe to ask about his missing notes and the Weaponsmith Mark.

Derval ‘Ironeater’ Ironaxe: “I will tell you all I know about Firehammer Hold and this mark.”

Firehammer Hold is a temple-fortress dedicated to Haela Brightaxe; a Dwarf Hero-Goddess purported to grant luck in battle, located in the Forlorn Hills of northwest Faerûn.

The temple was found within a tunnel complex beneath the Eastern end of the northernmost hills of the Forlorn Hills, known as the Watchers of the North.

Firehammer Hold suffered a long and gradual reduction in its numbers of staff and residents to the point that the remaining Dwarves there decided that they could no longer effectively defend themselves from threats.

Shortly after the founding of Delimbiyran, rumours were deliberately spread that a deadly plague had befallen the fortress in the hope that fear of infection would ward off potential foes. Old tales of treasures left behind before the plague though, attracted Adventurers. The Dwarves dealt with these incursions by hiring the Adventurers to recover relics and artefacts from Dwarven holds that they knew had fallen to Orcs and others.

Sir Ly: “Here look, it is here, marked on the Map we found?”

Derval ‘Ironeater’ Ironaxe: “Yes it is, but what is this? Darvish Runes being used to write Orcish.”

Later on that day our heroes, Vicross, Sir Ly and Farther Tobias are met by Sergeant Cheery Littlebottom who spent some time looking over the 3.

Sergeant Cheery Littlebottom questions when you found the bodies asking twice if they were sure it was not several weeks ago.

Sergeant Cheery Littlebottom: “Commander Vines would like a word with you but I believe you have something waiting for you with Igor.”

Vicross, Sir Ly and Farther Tobias, keeping the movements of the other Heroes secret, made their way to the City Watch morgue to speak with Constable Igor.

The two dead Ex-Adventurers were identified as Paine Tramikos, a retired Rogue and Assassin living at #128 Daggerford and Trommen Waveharp, also a retired Wizard & Cleric living at #20 Daggerford.

The woman, Paine Tramikos, has been dead now for 3 months, cause of death being desanguinisation. She appears to have many puncher wounds.

The man, Trommen Waveharp, appears to only have a few puncher marks and was in much better health, until his ultimate death of course.

Constable Igor: “I would surmise that this gentleman was more forthcoming than the lady and so survived the ordeal.”

Constable Igor: “Also, your comrades were asking about Cross-bow wielders and I would say in my humble opinion that Paine Tramikos was skilled in that weapon by the calluses on her hands.

Everyone regroups and they all go over the information gathered. There is a knock at the door and in steps Sergeant Cheery Littlebottom and Commander Vines.Commander Vines explains their lodging were checked, Trommen Waveharp’s house was clean, well-kept but devoid of any items of interest that his description talks of. Paine Tramikos lodgings were paid for and Spartan. Here the City Watch found hidden the Book of Lore and other writings relating to Black Dragons.

Black Dragon - Identifiers
Black Dragon – Identifiers
Black Dragon - Flying
Black Dragon – Flying


Black dragons are abusive, quick to anger, and resent intrusions of any kind. They like dismal surroundings, heavy vegetation, and prefer darkness to daylight. Although not as intelligent as other dragons, black dragons are instinctively cunning and malevolent.

At birth, a black dragon’s scales are thin, small, and glossy. But as the dragon ages, its scales become larger, thicker, and duller, which helps it camouflage itself in swamps and marshes. Black dragons speak their own tongue, a tongue common to all evil dragons, and 10% of hatchling black dragons have an ability to communicate with any intelligent creature. The chance to possess this ability increases 5% per age category of the dragon.


Black dragons prefer to ambush their targets, using their surroundings as cover. Their favourite targets are men, who they will sometimes stalk for several minutes in an attempt to gauge their strength and wealth before attacking. Against a band of men or a formidable creature, of the marsh can weaken the targets before the dragon joins the fight. Black dragons will also use their breath weapon before closing in melee. When fighting in heavily vegetated swamps and marshes, black dragons attempt to stay in the water or along the ground; the numerous trees and leafy canopies limit their flying manoeuvrability. When faced with an opponent which poses too much of a threat, a black dragon will attempt to fly out of sight, so it will not leave tracks, and hide in a deep pond or bog.

Breath weapon/special abilities: A black dragon’s breath weapon is a 5′ wide stream of acid that extends 60′ in a straight line from the dragon’s head. All creatures caught in this stream must save vs. breath weapon for half damage. A black dragon casts spells and uses its magical abilities at 5th level, plus its combat modifier.

Black dragons are born with an innate water breathing ability and immunity to acid. As they age, they gain the following additional powers:

Juvenile: darkness three times a day in a 10′ radius per age category of the dragon.

Adult: corrupt water once a day. For every age category a dragon attains, it can stagnate 10 cubic feet of water, making it become still, foul, inert, and unable to support animal life. When this ability is used against potions and elixirs, they become useless if they roll a 15 or better on 1d20.

Old: plant growth once a day. Venerable: summon insects once a day.

Great Wyrm: charm reptiles three times a day. This operates as a charm mammal spell, but is applicable only to reptiles.


Black dragons are found in swamps, marshes, rain forests, and jungles. They revel in a steamy environment where canopies of trees filter out most of the sunlight, swarms of insects fill the air, and stagnant moss-covered ponds lie in abundance. Black dragons are excellent swimmers and enjoy lurking in the gloomy depths of swamps and bogs. They also are graceful in flight; however, they prefer to fly at night when their great forms are hidden by the darkness of the sky. Black dragons are extremely selfish, and the majority of those encountered will be alone. When a family of black dragons is encountered, the adults will protect their young. However, if it appears the adults’ lives are in jeopardy they will abandon their young to save themselves.

The lair of a Black Dragon is usually a large, damp caves and multi-chambered subterranean caverns. Older Dragons are able to hide the entrance to their lairs with their plant growth ability. Black Dragons are especially fond of Coins. Older Black Dragons sometimes capture and question humans, before killing them, to find out where stockpiles of Gold, Silver, and Platinum Coins are kept.

No other contacts or communications were found.

Amaunator Explained (13:00 pm):

Next Sir Ly, Farther Tobias and Vicross investigated Alven Gissen, found dead in the cells under Harpshield Castle, and his worship of Amaunator. They first visit Sir Ly’s Mother and she tells them that a Luc Sunbright has opened a second Temple to Lathander #119 and there can be found a small shire to the forgotten Amaunator.

Sir Ly, Farther Tobias and Vicross visit the new Temple and find Luc Sunbright standing outside the building. The Cleric prefers to talk to the Paladin as he is introduced as Sir Ly and ask about Amaunator.

The self-important and blustery Luc Sunbright is the chief priest of Lathander in Daggerford. His temple also caters to worshipers of Amaunator.

Amaunator, Amulet Symbol of
Amaunator, Amulet Symbol of

Luc Sunbright considers the Duke’s favour, allowing a second Temple to be opened #119, to be a mark of distinction that he has somehow earned, despite the fact that the Dukes of Daggerford have worshiped Lathander since long before he was born.

He is very class-conscious, and those farmers and merchants who come to rites at his temple often find themselves brushed aside in favour of wealthier or nobler folk.

Luc Sunbright is a handsome man in his prime, with golden hair and a full beard. He wears robes of Gold and rose, and a fine circlet of Gold around his head.

Luc Sunbright does not remember meeting Alven Gissen and explains that very few, if any, come to worship at the shrine to the lost god, Amaunator.

NPC - Alven Gissen
NPC – Alven Gissen

Sir Ly, Farther Tobias and Vicross enter the Temple to examine the shrine to Amaunator.

Although the prayers in this temple are addressed to Lathander, the forms of worship continue longstanding traditions of the worship of Amaunator, who is said to have transformed into Lathander shortly before the Spellplague. The Ducal family worships at the larger temple #07, the largest in town and the only one to share the hillside with the castle. The high priest of Lathander, Luc Sunbright is self-righteous and arrogant. However, he is currently the most powerful Cleric residing in town. In Daggerford, the PCs can visit the Temple of Amaunator. For a modest donation of Gold, the temple’s high priest, Luc Sunbright #119, will cast spells on any character that needs it.

Amaunator, Amulet Symbol of
Amaunator, Amulet Symbol of
Amaunator, The Symbol of
Amaunator, The Symbol of

Sir Ly, Farther Tobias and Vicross, finished for now with Amaunator, then enquire about Dygath Hornspar and Captain Arayndar Delimbiyr. Dygath Hornspar was killed by an ‘Invisible Stalker’ and Captain Arayndar Delimbiyr was executed.

From what Commander Vimes leant, Captain Arayndar Delimbiyr was in a great position to effect the Daggerford Militia, their duties and any information gathered.

Dygath Hornspar, after causing the trouble at Cromm’s Hold, went north, stopping at Gillian’s Hill as told in Mirafir’s Ponderings. Here he must have made contact with Torleth Mindulspee, in Torleth’s Treasures which is where the portal was and all of those Magic Items sacrificed to his God. Then Dygath Hornspar went north to Secomber and joined the ranks of Baron Agwain Delantar staff as Master of the Hunter.

Shortly after the arrival of Dygath Hornspar, having made contact with Torleth Mindulspee the powerful Wizard and Magic Item collector, Baron Agwain Delantar made his way to Daggerford and proceeded to kidnap Lady Bronwyn Daggerford.

Vicross: “I think it is Apate that is the Shapeshifter.”

Sir Ly: “Yes, I agree.”

Sir Ly, Farther Tobias and Vicross then visit Castle Daggerford to talk with Lady Bronwyn Daggerford and Gwydion pen Dafwyd regarding the disturbing news that there is a Shapeshifter within the walls of Daggerford.

Sir Ly, Farther Tobias and Vicross ask who has access to the Library and the answer is all those within the Castle.

Sir Ly, Farther Tobias and Vicross ask what could be the importance of reason for the theft of Farther Tobias’ Plate Mail Armour and there are many possibilities from using the powerful Armour to being another distraction.

Sir Ly, Farther Tobias and Vicross ask how it was that the Barlugora Demons managed to enter the Dungeons of Morlin Castle and Gwydion pen Dafwyd explains how he himself, with the aid of Delfen “Yellowknife“ Ondabarl, repaired the small opening caused by the earthquake and how the Rats and Imp entered. This is how they must have entered.

Sir Ly, Farther Tobias and Vicross finally ask what the two Wizards know of Shapeshifters.

Lady Bronwyn Daggerford: “I believe they prefer to be called Shallar.”

Gwydion pen Dafwyd: “Or if we are unlucky, Greater Doppelgangers or Mirrorkin.”

Little is known of these creatures by either Wizard but tales tell that Doppelgangers could assume shapes of any humanoid creatures. After they chose their victim they duplicated the victim’s form, clothing, and equipment, and attempted to kill the original. The biggest boon for the Doppelgangers was the confusion their shapeshifting caused. They have some Spell immunity as well as Magical Abilities.

Mirrorkin are thought not to need to kill their pray to be able to impregnate their victims, memories, skills and all.

Vicross: “What of the Dagger of Undeath, can we uncover any information regarding its origin or purpose?”

Lady Bronwyn Daggerford and Gwydion pen Dafwyd both suspect it comes from Thay and created by those Red Wizards. Its purpose is to create Undead, an army of Undead if you have enough victims. As to if it is powerful enough to be used on a Black Dragon, we do not know.

Sir Ly, Farther Tobias and Vicross then head to the Lady Luck Tavern in search of Walgold Maelwyn of Maelwyn’s Adventuring Party and old comrade of Kira Roven. Walgold Maelwyn is obviously reluctant to provide any information regarding his close friend Kira Roven and even denies knowing her at all. Vicross casts ‘Charm Person’ and Walgold Maelwyn instantly opens up to the Wizard.

Walgold Maelwyn does not appear concerned with Kira Roven not being seen and thinks she is out working for the Harpers, for whom she is so loyal. Walgold Maelwyn says he will contact his Cleric friend and attempt to contact Kira Roven for his new friend Vicross Silverkin.

Sir Ly, Farther Tobias and Vicross head back home and ponder the connection between Kelthas, the Sea Hag and the Library.

Sir Ly: “The Hag was in charge of the forces to be used under the Old Kings Hill and remember that there was another one coordinating under Runedardath.”

Sir Ly, Farther Tobias and Vicross then realise that the ‘Cursed Shield’ found under the Old Kings Hill came from Thay and the 2 inhabitants were possibly Red Wizards.

NPC - Red Wizards
NPC – Red Wizards

Vicross: “They would have been able to create the ‘Illusions’ and the stone structure coming out of the water.”

Sir Ly, Farther Tobias and Vicross are told that Torleth Mindulspee’s shop, Torleth’s Treasures, had been locked down and continually under guard. Also, Members of the Floshin Estate had ridden out to investigate the Farm House but found nothing and the main house had burned down.

Sir Ly, Farther Tobias and Vicross then make their way back to Morlin’s Castle Dungeons to reunite with the Underdark Heroes.

Galan: “What do we still have outstanding and needs our attention?”

The Heroes make a list of things to do:

  • Find the Mirrorkin?
  • Visit Baroness Wynne Cromm?
  • Visit Redeye in the Lizard Marshes?
  • Visit Firehammer Hold?
  • Find Farther Tobias’ Armour?
  • Visit Runedardath to see why King Korin Ironaxe is so secretive and to offer/sell the ‘Sweet Water’ Potion
  • Talk to Filarion “Filvendorson“ Floshin to ask him about the Map and Alven Gissen

The Heroes make a list of things done:

  • Discovered information on the Song Paths of Illefarn and their locations
  • Met the members of the Floshin Estate
  • Rescue Kelson Darktreader and His Longsword
  • Discovered the presence of the Orc Tribes and Wartsnak
  • Discovered the presence of the Red Wizards
  • Discovered Morlin’s Tear and Castle Dungeon
  • Discovered the Imp and Barlugora Demons
  • Discovered staging area under the Old Kings Hill and their creatures
  • Discovered the Priest Crypts and Vampire
  • Discovered the 2 missing Daggerford citizens, Floshin Elf and Alven Gissen
  • Gathered information on Black Dragons

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