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  1. Vasileios Stratigakis says:

    These are simply amazing! What did you use to make these floorplans? Hopefully something I can use!

    Missing some like the room where JE gets murdered in Chelsey Hotel etc, but I could possibly make em myself?

    1. Joseph Donelly says:

      We used Macromedia Fireworks Editor and .png files for the backgrounds and items. Thanks for your feedback.

      Joseph Donelly

  2. Timothy Schulz says:

    Please tell me what you used to make these beautiful maps!

    1. Joseph Donelly says:

      We used Macromedia Fireworks Editor and .png files for the backgrounds and items. Thanks for your feedback.

      Joseph Donelly.

  3. Dave Maple says:

    Where did you find the floorplan used on the left and do you have a larger version anywhere?

    1. Joseph Donelly says:

      Hi Dave

      Just a general search for British Museum Floor Plans, for example:


      Have a great weekend.

  4. Samael says:

    These are absolutely fantastic! Are there any for Egypt or Australia?

    1. Joseph Donelly says:

      Hi Samael

      I think we use a battle map and pens and other floor plans not made for the game.

  5. John says:

    Hi – I’m passing through looking at your Daggerford Tales content. I’m writing a 5e campaign located in the vicinity of Daggerford and the map you have that says (C) Wizards of the Coast, Mike Schley as the artist — it’s the one specifically with the top of Hilltop East of Liam’s Hold and the town of Rock Island on the coast near the Lizard Marshes — that’s a beautiful map I have not seen ANYWHERE else. Where did you find his map, I thought maybe it was in the Under Illefarne adventure? What a great find. Thank you.

    1. Joseph Donelly says:

      Hi John

      Mike Schley does fantastic work and his art and Maps can be found here: https://mikeschley.com/portfolio.
      Great maps and all very reasonably priced.


  6. John says:

    Hi Joe

    I wound up finding that later and also speaking to Mark Ustay and Erik Boyd about how that map came to be. What a story. I wound up finding Schley’s store as well and buying some maps. Thanks take care.


    1. Joseph Donelly says:

      Hi John

      I am glad that you found his work, currently running a game in Daggerford and the Maps add so much more detail to the game.

      Stay safe.


      1. Jim says:

        Hi Joseph,

        I’m preparing to run a 5e game in Daggerford as well, and the notes and maps here have been a great help so far. One in particular is a numbered map of the city of Daggerford itself; do you know its original source, and where I might find the accompanying legend? It looks a lot like Mike Schley’s work (font included), but given the extensive legend I figured this one may be hidden in an adventure module somewhere (I couldn’t find it on his site, at least).

        Thank you, and take care.


        1. Joseph Donelly says:

          Hi Jim
          There are several versions of locations within Daggerford and I can’t remember where I found the one we use. I also think that I edited Mike Schley’s fantastic Map to show all the numbered buildings, in relation to the legend, and one with no numbers for the PC’s.
          Here are examples of some of the sites that have the original Maps and Legends:
          I have added the version we are using to our website under the Maps of Daggerford.
          I hope this is of help and that you have a fantastic game.
          Stay Safe.

  7. Edo Fragoso says:

    Hello! loved the maps
    did you know how i put these in roll20 ?

    1. Joseph Donelly says:

      Hi Edo

      You can heck the Roll20 site (https://wiki.roll20.net/Building_a_dungeon) for more information or take a look on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_fbNmq9Cec) for example. I haven’t used Roll20 much but it looks great.

      Stay safe.

    2. Jim says:

      Hi Joseph,

      Thank you very much! These are all great maps, and as a fresh DM, I’m sure your detailed document list of buildings and its occupants will be a huge help in fleshing out the town. My own game runs only a few years prior in 1363 DR (to catch the 2nd Dragonspear War), so much of it looks to be readily applicable with a few tweaks here and there.

      Thank you again, and have a lovely day.


      1. Joseph Donelly says:

        Hi Jim,

        My pleasure. We are playing 2e and I have used Illefarn Anew and Hordes of Dragonspear, so the same as yourself. The best of luck with the game.


  8. Dave Ellis says:

    Hi! I LOVE your Ravenloft rooms, but there’s no real way to insert them into my Roll20 game because of the white-space around each jpg. Do you have png files, or perhaps a complete map of each floor?

    1. Joseph Donelly says:

      Hi Dave
      I’m glad you like them so did my players. I have added the .png files to a new page. I had to use the .jpgs, remove the white and batch convert them to .png. Some i=of the larger files I will need to divide as the are still to large to upload.


      Thanks Joseph

  9. Byrom says:

    Wow! The amount of work you must have put into your CoC campaigns staggers me, it is beyond belief. many thanks for making this information and inspiring work available. I am planning on running MoNs and possibly integrating either SoYS or HOTOE, so this is very helpful.

    1. Hi Byrom,

      We have been playing for many years now and hope that it give the same pleasure to everyone that uses it. We hope to continue the Adventure soon.

  10. Mark says:

    Firstly, thank you so much for sharing the wonderful maps from Masks. This website is a real inspiration for my upcoming campaign, and a godsend for those of us playing Cthulhu on VTTs. I have a request, I doubt whether it’s possible but it was worth asking. Do you have versions of the maps without the grid overlays? This would be incredibly helpful as the grid size is a lot larger than the grid size used in the virtual tabletop I’m using. Also, the maps look so lovely it would be nice to have them without the grid overlay. Once again, thanks for putting together the website. Regards, M

    1. Hi Mark,
      Thank you for your comments I am glad that other people can get to enjoy them too. I am sure you will have a great time and I wish you good luck with your campaign.
      I have add the Maps that I had to had under a new section and will try and add any thoer I can find with and upload them without the grids.
      Besr regards, J

      1. Mark says:

        Can I request something else as well? Actually, firstly thanks you so much for uploading the gridless maps. That is a big, big help. Stops me having to Photoshop every grid line!

        The request — can you put the mail address on the outside border of the maps? Whilst nowhere near as hard work as removing the grid lines, having to Photoshop off the logo is going to be pretty tedious.

        I understand the need to denote the source of the maps, but if it could be done a little bit more discretely — like the gridded maps — that would be fantastic.

        Anyway, thanks so much for providing these. As I said, it’s a great help. All the best.

        1. Hi Mark,

          I have emailed you a temp link to Box.com. I will take them down in a few weeks or before if you let me know that you have downloaded them.

          All the best.

  11. Gregg Wilson says:

    Hopefully this comment finds you. I enjoyed your story of Daggerford and Illefarn. I am running Illefarn for friends of mine on Roll 20, a Savage Worlds Fantasy Companion conversion.

    Are your maps of Illefarn available for sale or download? They look fantastic.

    1. Hi Gregg,

      All Maps can be purchased from:


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