Chapter Thirty – The Battle In The Catacombs II.

The floor is shrouded by mist and the ceilings hidden by the hundreds of bats that inhabit the Catacombs and Galan Tara stands ready.

The Tale of Sir Ly and Father Tobias:

Tomb of King Barov and Queen Ravenovia
Tomb of King Barov and Queen Ravenovia

Sir Ly and Father Tobias had made their way as quickly as they could to the sanctuary of the Tomb containing King Barov and Queen Ravenovia, as both them were not able to withstand the ‘Fear’ emanating from the Ghostly figure of Prince Ariel du Plumette (Ariel the Heavy).

They believed they were safe from any creature that was not pure of heart, this turned out to be false hope. While scanning the windows, ceiling and corners of the Tomb, Sir Ly suddenly noticed the tell-tale sign of unnaturally moving Shadows around the great rose window which looked out over the village of Barovia.

Sir Ly: “There by the windows Father, Shadows, 3 of them.”

While Sir Ly adopted his Overhead Stance in preparation for the Shadows attacks, Father Tobias put away his ‘Dragon Headed Mace and Shield’, grasped his Holy Symbol and was successful in banishing the Shadows from the Tomb.


The pair of adventurers saved again by the Holy Power of St Cuthbert. However, nothing good lasts in Ravenloft as they both see the Shadow Demon that had been kept at bay until now. Deep, black, stygian darkness engulfed our two separated heroes. Again, Father Tobias had to call upon St Cuthbert as he attempted to dispel the ‘Continual Darkness’ with the pure and saintly ‘Continual Light’. He knew he had to be swift as the Shadow Demon would be attacking under the cover of the Darkness.

Father Tobias, having had more practice with Spell in Ravenloft than all the other time he had before, was clear and commanding as his ‘Continual Light’ briefly lit the room and beyond and extinguished the ‘Continual Darkness’.

Monster - Shadow Demons
Monster – Shadow Demons

The Shadow Demon was directly in front of Sir Ly and battle insures. Sir Ly’s swing is true and he hits the Shadow Demon from the realm of the dead and may have been saved by Father Tobias who cast ‘Continual Light’ again. The Shadow Demon flees again.

Sir Ly and Father Tobias, no longer affected by the Fear of the Ghost, pluck up the courage to exit the Tome of the King and Queen and re-join their comrades in arms.


 The Tale of Galan Tara:

Crypt 11
Crypt of Tasha Petrovna Healer of Kings

Galan Tara too, had made his way with much haste, to the sanctuary provided by the Crypt containing Tasha Petrovna Healer of Kings, as was also not able to withstand the ‘Fear’ emanating from the Ghostly figure of Prince Ariel du Plumette (Ariel the Heavy).

With his back to wall, Sunsword and Luck Blade in hand, Galan Tara attempts to contact the Priestess Tasha Petrovna. There is no replay and Galan Tara plans his next move as he endeavours to shake off the Fearful grip of the Ghost. His next move is no longer in his hands as he hears the noise he has come to dread, Scratching and scrabbling of Vampire Spawns.

Monster - Strahd Vampire Spawn
Monster – Strahd Vampire Spawn

2 Vampire Spawn flank the Crypt Opening while another appears from above as the 1000’s of Bats part to allow it to drop to the ground. The Vampire Spawn lunges at Galan Tara who was now standing just inside the Crypt, using its protection to his benefit. The Vampire Spawn strikes as quick as a Dark Naga, misses Galan and discovers that the Crypt is truly a place of Sanctuary as the creature is burnt by the ‘Holy Light of the Sun Symbol’ on the ceiling. Galan Tara , driven by the will of the Sunsword, wields his Long Sword first; that which was crafted to destroy Vampire Spawns and destroys the Vampire utterly.

The remaining Vampire Spawn move back a few steps but fear of their Master means they now have Galan Tara contained as Galan Tara fears yielding initiative to the Undead and is well aware of their fury in battle.

Luck may have been on Galan’s side as Sir Ly and Father Tobias rush to his aid. Again, any encouragement gained by the wielding of the Sunsword is stifled as Galan sees a gorgeous woman approach.

Ludmilla Vilisevic: “My name is Ludmilla Vilisevic, come with me I can keep you safe Sir Galan Tara.

NPC - The Three Brides
NPC – The Three Brides

Galan Tara feigns compliance and moves slowly towards Ludmilla, who falls for Galan’s acting. Once close to Ludmilla, Galan Tara unleashes the ‘Sunsword’ and strikes the Vampire before she can react. Galan constantly awash with the urge to destroy all Vampires from existence and Count Strahd being the Sunsword’s ‘End Game’, Galan knows he will need to be aware of this when he finally confronts Count Strahd.

Sir Ly rushes to aid Galan Tara as One Vampire Spawn attacks Galan while the other defends the Vampire Ludmilla. Just as Sir Ly draws back his right arm he suddenly is lost in the hazel eyes of the most beautiful woman he has ever seen.

Galan Tara

Ludmilla Vilisevic: “Come dear Knight I am not your enemy and your friends need you help with the Ghost, I will aid Sir Galan Tara.”

Sir Ly, seeing that Ludmilla Vilisevic was a friend an ally, rushed to aid his comrades in dispatching the Ghost of Prince Ariel du Plumette.

Galan Tara was now alone with the Vampire Spawn and Ludmilla, as the other Vampire Spawn scurried towards Father Tobias, who was fighting for his life. His life is truly long, yet the battle was short lived and brutal. Galan Tara destroyed the Vampire Spawn in the blink of an eye, yet the creatures ferocious landed a deep claw mark and yet another bite. Anticipating an attack from Ludmilla Galan Tara frantically searched for her but she had vanished into the Catacombs dark corners.

Father Tobias was now confronted by the last Vampire Spawn and in the possession of the Real ‘Holy Symbol of Ravenkind’. Father Tobias defends himself as he can also see that Galan Tara was coming to his aid with the Vampire killing Sunsword. The last Vampire Spawn fails to inflict any further damage and is sent to whatever Hell awaits it, Father Tobias muttering yet another prayer for the soul of the poor human that it once was.

“Prince Ariel du Plumette'
“Prince Ariel du Plumette’

Meanwhile back at the mesmerised Prince Ariel du Plumette, Mirafir is still concentrating the ‘Hypnotic Pattern’ spell keeping the Ghost held and knowing full well that he would only have 2 minutes, once he stopped, before he was free.

Thora and Frimly made sure there was no other immediate dangers and Thora spots there are signs of Webs, on the floor, at the base of the Hollow Tower.

Ireena still maintained a guard on Mirafir as the was no one else close to him and Sigune made her way to the Prince Ariel du Plumette, having killed the last 2 Vistani Archers.

NPC - Ireena Kolyana With Alexandra
NPC – Ireena Kolyana With Alexandra

Feeling that this was their best chance to act the Adventurers gathered around Prince Ariel du Plumette, as best they could, with the intension of a delivering a furious coordinated attack of spells and blades.

Mirafir stops concentrating on the ‘Hypnotic Pattern’ spell and is first to strike with his ‘Magic Missile’ spell, now appearing to be small bats rather than bolts of Magic, followed by the other Warriors in turn. Prince Ariel du Plumette cannot protect himself and is also sent to a place of eternal rest and peace. At least that is what the Adventurers hope, but if the Souls of the Dead cannot leave the lands of Barovia, do the Dead creatures under the command of Count Strahd truly depart? And are we to become a soldier in his eternal undead guard?

NPC - Count Strahd Drinking
NPC – Count Strahd

Ireena, Mirafir, The Unseen Servant, Frimly and Thora are next to the place (Crypt 14) that leads down to where the Wights are.

Galan, Father Tobias, Sir Ly and Sigune are next to Crypt of Tasha Petrovna (Crypt 11).


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