Benton Vaudeville Banks III

Benton Vaudeville Banks III – R.I.P


Dearest Mom,

Arrived in France thirteen days ago and have now reached the front line. Sorry for the delay but this is the first chance I got to write you. No time for sightseeing, the only thing I seen these last days is mud and horses and vehicles stuck in goddamn mud (excuse my cursing but it is all anyone says over here, and the Brits are worse, thank goodness I cannot understand the Frenchies).

I got your package once we got billeted about half mile from the front line. Just opened it when the alarm was sounded. We had to run in a real hurry and leave everything since the Germans had moved their artillery. When we got back only thing that was left was a big hole with some of my tent and lots of goddamn mud. I never did get to try that chocolate or apple pie you sent me.

I met me some fine fellows in the company, some guys from New York who sure tell some crazy stories. When I listen to them talk I wonder if I didn’t miss something important at West Point. I feel pretty safe around them since I reckon they know how to handle themselves in a difficult situation. Anyhow, we will be moving out soon, I can’t say more than that, but the company is in high spirits and with the Bosch on the back foot I feel certain you can expect me back afore Thanksgiving.

My love to pops and lil’ Jess, I will write you soon as I can.

Your devoted son,


Original Journal Entry

Born: 1st September 1890

Reported MIA in October 1918, confirmed dead in 1919.

Benton Vaudeville Banks III is a non-fictional character created by Jason Green. Benton Vaudeville Banks III first appeared under that name in “The WWI Adventure – Argonne forest, France”, published in 1916.