Gupta Aravind Chengalpattu Singh

Gupta Aravind Chengalpattu Singh

According to the teachings of the great and eternal Guru Grahnt Sahib, a warrior-priest must preserve his soul from the five thieves: lust, rage, greed, attachment and conceit. Having personally experienced a return from death, breaking the wheel of eternal rebirth, I have come to learn that there are in fact six of these bloody bastards; and the sixth one is the worst bloody one of them all.

There was a time when I believed I was destined to take up the spiritual leadership of our faith following in the footsteps of the tenth great Guru, Guru Gobind Singh. All the signs were there. But I sadly misinterpreted the signs. The signs said: “You have completely lost your mind, you bloody idiot!” And it was then that I realised that the name of the sixth thief is Madness. And this thief is the worst of them all. I have seen him take my closest friends, the guilty and the innocent, the good and the bad.

Madness is like standing barefoot on the blade of a sharpened Kirpan. You know it is cutting you but the more you try and move the deeper it cuts. The only hope is to ignore the pain and blood and try and concentrate on doing something constructive. Like killing bloody space monsters.

Born: 25th December 1892

Died: 20th May 1921

Resurrected: 27th May 1921

Gupta Singh is a non-fictional character created by Jason Green. Gupta Singh first appeared under that name in “The  Vishakpatanam Fragment Adventure – Mississippi” (A.K.A “The Monstrous Octopoid Sisters”), published in 1919.