Joseph Donelly

Joseph Donelly

Private Records of Irma Bloomberg – September 1924

Original Journal Entry

Born: 10th October 1892

Joseph Donelly is a non-fictional character created by Manuel Martinez. Joseph first appeared in “The Mexican Border War – New Mexico”, published in 1916. This is where he was to first met and serve with, Irma Bloomberg. Joseph Donelly’s early life is recounted below, excerpts taken from Joseph Donelly’s personal war journal.


10 October 1897 – 18 June 1898

Completed basic training at Camp Upton in Yaphank Long Island, N.Y.

18 May 1998 – 6 January 1899

Served in Company L [Santa Ana], 7th California Infantry Regiment during the Spanish-American War.

Advanced to non-commissioned officer (Corporal). Saw action at the San Juan heights, Cuba.

18 June 1899 – 6 January 1916

Returned to Camp Upton in Yaphank Long Island, N.Y were I became a rifle instructor.

18 January 1916 – 6 March 1917

Returned to served in Company L [Santa Ana], 7th California Infantry Regiment during the Mexican Border Service and then in the 160th Infantry Regiment, until Company was reassigned in total as Company K, 307th Infantry Regiment and 77th Division New York City, New York. Nickname: Statue of Liberty Division.

6 March 1917 –  6 October 1917

Brigade was called back into Federal service by Presidential Executive Order, moved back to Camp Upton in Yaphank Long Island, N.Y. Started training with the new Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR).

6 October 1917 – Present

Transferred to the new 306th Division Company C Machine Gun (M. G.) Regiment under the command of Major Whittlesey. Deployed in the advance  Regiment  and sent to France were I saw action in Vesle and Saint Meihiel. Currently serving in the Meuse-Argonne campaign.

“My Mother and Farther came over from North-east Ireland, Portavogie, to escape the English tyrants and claim free land in the West. They ended up in New York were my farther got caught up with the Irish gangs and was force to work for them. As soon as I was of age my relations enlisted me in the US Army at Camp Upton, where I spent a year. I then saw service in Cuba as a young recruit, were I was to be promoted to Corporal.”

“I returned to Camp Upton, New York, and became a rifle instructor. Here I Won the “Armies National Rifle Competition” several years in a row and advanced further in rank to sergeant. Lost a National Rifle Competition, 1917 on purpose because my commanding officer was not a man I could follow into battle and I was demoted from Master Sergeant back down to Corporal.”

“I put in a transfer request and shipped out to joined the Mexican Border Service where I was stationed with one Irma Bloomberg and we both had our first encounter with the “Occult World”. At the end of a year’s service I was called back to New York to train with the new Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) and then to be transfer to France with the “First American Expeditionary Forces (A.E.F.)”.

“This is where I once again was station with my good friend and brother in arms, Irma Bloomberg. Another soldier was soon to be a brother in arms, a Dr. Yegor Gaidar. An unconventional and troubled man who would prove to be a valuable, if not volatile, asset. However, we also lost a soldier, Benton Vaudeville Banks III.

“The Lloigor attempt to stop them with a vortex of wind and then by telekinetically turning Benton Vaudeville Banks III pistol against them. When this fails one of the monsters materialises as a great dragon, which rend Benton Vaudeville Banks III asunder.”

There was the official report and then there was the real events of what happened in France.

The “Lost Battalion” heroically fought for days, harassed continuously by machine gun, rifle, trench mortar and grenade fire, running out of food, water, ammunition, suffering high casualties, exposure and starvation, however refusing to surrender. They were even bombarded by friendly artillery. Every rescue attempt failed, until 14:50 hours, on 8 October 1918 when relief units fought their way to the battalion. Only 194 men were able to walk out and of them less than 20% were deemed capable for combat.

No mention of the Ghouls, Lloigor, Glowing Crystals and magic.