Daggerford Timeline – Year of the Wyvern 1363 DR (Dalereckoning)

Dragonspear Castle was a Dwarven fortress built upon the High Moor during the year 1203 DR. It had a long and storied history within Western Heartlands. It served as home to monstrous humanoids, became the battleground for two wars between Faerûnians and devils from the Nine Hells, and was even the stronghold for an angelic Shining Lady and her crusade.

The first 100 years or so of the castle’s history was chronicled in the book, A Historical Treatise of Dragonspear Castle.


10th Day of the Claw of Winter (February) Year of Shadows:

Wartsnak Direlord and his followers enter Runedardath this year.

1st Day of the Claw of Sunsets (March) Year of Shadows:

Kelthas the Dread and his followers enter Runedardath this year.

1st Day of the Summertide (July) Year of Shadows:

Korin Ironaxe and his retinue leave secretly to attempt to find Runedardath this year.


18th Day of the Fading (September) Year of Maidens:

Frimly now lives in Daggerford, working at the Lady luck Tavern, accused of robbery by the Caravan Guards and servers in the Militia where he meets Thora this year.

8th Day of the Leaffall (October) Year of Maidens:

Frimly and Thora meet Mirafir and Sigune while serving in the Militia this year.

Sherlen Spearslayer offers them a special mission to check on some outlying farming hamlets, Newfield and Enfield. They accept.

9th Day of the Leaffall (October) Year of Maidens:

Frimly, Thora, Mirafir and Sigune or joined by Sir Ly and Father Tobias this year. Our Heroes defeat Orcs and a Shaman that were attacking a wagon train.

16th Day of the Leaffall (October) Year of Maidens:

The Heroes all go out on patrol near Enfield, are told of a missing cart from Daggerford and they end up by ‘The Old Kings Hill’ were the fight with Goblins in a nearby forest called Blightwood.

The Heroes find a Map and enter the underground complex were they encounter Orcs, a Shaman, Goblins and release some humans. It looks like they were sacrificing souls to a Giant Snake.

Frimly ‘Found’ the Undead Dagger here, there was a fight with a Sea Hag, Mirafir fights a Necrophidius saving the party and they found an Old Library full of books which are water damaged but not beyond the skills of a Master Wizard to recover the information within.

The Heroes return to Daggerford carry out their training.

17th Day of the Leaffall (October) Year of Maidens:

Mirafir tries to cast Identify on the Undead Dagger but cannot discern it Main Ability. Mirafir keeps hold of the Dagger.

18th Day of the Leaffall (October) Year of Maidens:

A band of a dozen adventurers set out to find Runedardath this year.

20th Day of the Leaffall (October) Year of Maidens:

Meldar Farwander, his Daughter Delora Sharpeye attacked by Bandits South of The Way Inn.

25th – 26th Day of the Leaffall (October) Year of Maidens:

Sherlen Spearslayer sends our Heroes on Caravan Duty down to The Way Inn.

More Orcs and Goblins attack the Caravan as does a Ceratosaurus and a Manticore.

27th Day of the Leaffall (October) Year of Maidens:

Our Heroes stop off at Bowshot and are handed a scroll to pass on to Sherlen Spearslayer.

Our Heroes reach The Way Inn Tavern meet Dauravyn Redbeard, the ebullient landlord, who introduces then to Meldar Farwander, his Daughter Delora Sharpeye, Ian, Finn and Dooley and agree to escort them back to Daggerford.

27th Day of the Leaffall (October) Year of Maidens:

Our Heroes are attacked by Bandits and Jocko the Wily.

Meldar Farwander, his Daughter Delora Sharpeye, give our Heroes the ‘Map to Runedardath under Mount Illefarn’ as a gesture of gratitude for saving their lives from the Bandits.

30th Day of the Leaffall (October) Year of Maidens:

Our Heroes encounter more monsters that have seemed to have been displaced from their natural habitat. More Ceratosaurus form the Lizard Marshes. Straight after that more Orcs and Goblins attack.

Our Heroes then meet a bard (Shakas Fieldland the Melodious) by occupation accompanied by Issa, a mute juggler. They attempt to sing and put our heroes to sleep as they turn out to be Lycanthropes. Mirafir and Father Tobias are bitten.

2nd Day of the Rottening (November) Year of Maidens:

Our Heroes are attacked at night by Owlbears.

4th Day of the Rottening (November) Year of Maidens:

Our Heroes reach Daggerford and Meldar Farwander, his Daughter Delora Sharpeye, gift them with Magic Items and then head back to Baldur’s Gate to the South.

Our Heroes look at the Map and find out that recently a band of a dozen adventurers had set out to Runedardath and only 3 had returned alive and all wounded, this along with the rumour that Thora’s adopted uncle, Korin Ironaxe, had also headed to this region.

5th – 10th Day of the Rottening (November) Year of Maidens:

Our Heroes attend training again this year.

Thora meets the 3 Adventurers that attempted to find Runedardath and they tell her they were attacked by Orc and Goblin before being saved by the Elves form Laughing Hollow.

10th Day of the Rottening (November) Year of Maidens:

Baron Cromm, Dygath Hornspar and some men at arms set out hunting.

11th Day of the Rottening (November) Year of Maidens:

Sherlen Spearslayer and Captain Arayndar Delimbiyr send our Heroes to Cromm’s Holding to investigate the Lizardmen raid which happened in the morning.

Our Heroes find the Baron’s Son dead, many killed, dead Lizardmen and lean that the Baron had come back and pursued the Lizardmen.

Our Heroes find the Baron and his men dead, kill the Blue Feathered Lizardmen raider and befriend Redeye the leader of the Brown Feather Clan.

Our Heroes return to Daggerford.

12th – Day of The Rottening (November) Year of Maidens:

Our Heroes begin their training.

Mirafir and Frimly once again attempt to discover the Undead Daggers main power.

13th – Day of The Rottening (November) Year of Maidens:

Dygath Hornspar returns to Cromm’s Holding for his things and leaves heading Northward to Secomber.

20th – Day of The Rottening (November) Year of Maidens:

Baron Agwain Delantar and his Men at Arms arrive at Daggerford this year.

22th – Day of The Rottening (November) Year of Maidens:

Our Heroes finish their training and back on duty, with the Militia, are woken with news of Lady Bronwyn Daggerford having been kidnapped by Baron Agwain Delantar and the murder of 2 of the Dukes personal guard.

Our Heroes are ordered, by Duke Pwyll ‘Greatshout’ Daggerford to search for Lady Bronwyn Daggerford in Laughing Hollow, while the Duke Pwyll ‘Greatshout’ Daggerford and Kelson Darktreader went looking by other paths.

Our Heroes fight Baron Agwain Delantar’s men at arms without killing them, confront Baron Agwain Delantar as Lady Bronwyn Daggerford appears, having escaped, ambushed by Goblins and then kill other Goblin’s that were attacking King Melandrach.

23rd Day of The Rottening (November) Year of Maidens:

Our Heroes head back to Daggerford with the friendship of the Elves and Lady Bronwyn Daggerford.

Our Heroes are attacked by Ghouls near Runedardath.

24th Day of The Rottening (November) – 22rd Day of The Drawning Down (December) Year of Maidens:

Our Heroes spend their time training and preparing for their Adventure to Runedardath.

Frimly borrows the Undead Dagger from Mirafir without telling him.

23rd Day of The Drawning Down (December) Year of Maidens:

Mirafir performs his version of Astrology; he used cards, to discern what will happen to our Heroes when they enter Runedardath.

25th Day of The Drawning Down (December) Year of Maidens:

An earthquake hits Daggerford and our Heroes assist with injured Dwarves that had been caught repairing the walls of Daggerford.

Later the same day, reports trickle in from upriver showing that the earthquake originated somewhere in the Laughing Hollow area.

27th Day of The Drawning Down (December) Year of Maidens:

Two days later, reports come in from the upriver farms that cattle and sheep are dying and riverside crops, such as flax and rice, are failing and his river has changed colour to a bilious black.

Frimly uses the Undead Dagger on some rats. They are killed but nothing happens apart from that.

Frimly put the Undead Dagger back into Mirafir’s possession, again without his knowledge.

28th Day of The Drawning Down (December) Year of Maidens:

Deldrach Longarrow, a Wild Elf, appears outside the wall, sent by King Melandrach and he wants to talk to the people who last came to his forest. The messenger refuses to talk to anyone besides the adventurers.

Deldrach Longarrow tells of the earthquake revealing and entrance to the long lost Runedardath.

Our Heroes Enter Runedardath.

Undead Rats appear to be following Mirafir, not Cave Rats but City Rats.

Fight Orcs.

Fight Men and others.

Mirafir is captured and so is the Undead Dagger.

Our Heroes meet the Dwarves.

Mirafir interrogated by Kelthas The Dread, viewed by many different beings. Skeletons, Dwarves, Barbarians, Gnomes, Half-Orcs, Half-Elves, Men and even Halflings.

Kelthas The Dread kills an Orc with the Undead Dagger in front of Mirafir.

Mirafir meets Vicross, who returns his mother ring to him and is set free polymorphed to look like an Orc.

Mirafir returns to the Dwarven area.

29th Day of The Drawning Down (December) Year of Maidens:

Our Heroes find Devin’s Raiment’s and Weapons.

Father Tobias used a ‘Messenger’ spell to send word back to Daggerford that we were all well and seeking to deal with the situation.

Our Heroes take up the offer of training from the Dwarves and Gnomes.

Our Heroes stop the polluted water from exiting Runedardath.

Karri is killed for the first time.

Orcs Lair found.

Our Heroes have more training.

31st Day of The Drawning Down (December) Year of Maidens:

Orc Lair and Orc entrance to Runedardath found and the Year is ended.


1st Day of The Deepwinter (January) Year of the Helm:

Our Heroes have start the year with Korin’s ‘Necklace of Missiles (Fireballs)’ and they attack Goblin Central this year.

All the Goblin’s and some Trolls are killed as are some Clerics.

Mirafir uses his ‘Mirror of Mental Prowess’ to open a gate into the Orc lair so our Heroes can perform a sneak attack from within.

More Orcs, Trolls, Fireballs and Clerics.

Wartsnak Direlord is killed.

Mirafir is made to look like part of Kelthas the Dread’s party as Our Heroes find a note for Mirafir on the back of a door and keep that information from the Wizard.

The ‘Mirror of Mental Prowess’ gate has been closed and our Heroes are attacked by Black Tentacles.

Mirafir is interrogated by the other Heroes, Korin and his Clerics.

Frimly comes clean about the Undead Dagger.

2nd Day of The Deepwinter (January):

The Final Battle against Kelthas’s and his forces versus our Heroes and the Dwarven and Gnome forces.

King Korin of Runedardath uses his ‘Helm of Brilliance’ to kill and even using ‘Plane Shift’ to send foes to other dimensions. The Plate Mail Guards including one is carrying Wartsnak Direlords Battle Axe.

Kelthas teleports away as all of his forces are destroyed including the Undead created with the Undead Dagger.

4th Day of The Deepwinter (January):

The Great Feast of Runedardath under Mount Illefarn.

Vicross takes our Heroes to Kelthas’s quarters were a ‘Magic Mouth’ spell is activated when Mirafir passes by a mirror.

Kelthas’ Magic Mouth: “Mirafir… Oh, Mirafir… I will be with you always, in your waking hours and in your sleeping hours…”

6th Day of The Deepwinter (January):

Our Heroes return triumphant to Daggerford.

Father Tobias identifies the herbs in Kelthas’ quarters and explains they come from the area around Dragonspear Castle. Frimly recognises the ink as that of a squid, commonly found in Waterdeep.

Our Heroes are occupied with their training.

30th Day of The Deepwinter (January):

Lady Bronwyn invites our Heroes to dinner and asks them to investigate some Orc activity near ‘The Old Kings Hill’, she sent out guards but they came back empty handed.

Our Heroes follow wagon tracks into the night, fight and kill Orc, Trolls and Ogres.

Galan finds a coloured pouch which he believes to be that of some Gypsy’s that were outside of Daggerford.

Our Heroes make camp.

1st Day of The Claw of Winter (February):

Our Heroes wake up in Barovia.

Our Heroes meet and kill Count Strahd von Zarovich and they are not sure of the year.


9th Day of The Deepwinter (January) Year of the Wyvern:

Our Heroes return to Faerûn and re-appear in the High Forest to the North East of Daggerford this year.

Our Heroes attend training this year.

During this time there are various chance meetings and conversations that point to a lost Dwarven Diamond Mine in the North.

27th Day of the Deepwinter (January):

Finn accused for murder in the Lady Luck Tavern.

28th Day of the Deepwinter (January):

Some of our Heroes have finished their training in Daggerford and around Daggerford this year.

Mirafir and Frimly train in Runedardath, under Mount Illefarn.

Galan, Mirafir Thora in the High Forest, where they fight with a maddened Worg and Goblin Riders and save a Druid’s life.

As a result of tracking the Goblin Riders, our Heroes discover the remnants of an abandoned camp hidden by many ‘Illusionary Terrain’ spells. Within the camp our Heroes find a Goblin Commander that way on his way to the North.

Commander Vimes speaks to our Heroes.

Our Heroes travel to Cromm’s Holding and the Lizard Marshes and speaks with Redeye.

29th Day of the Deepwinter (January):

Our Heroes investigate the weapons and they are made by Oleg.

Our Heroes speak with Sherlen Spearslayer and tell her all they know.

Sherlen says Captain Arayndar Delimbiyr is a hero.

Greater forces are commanding the military forces and the Duke is under much financial pressure.

Our Heroes go to talk to Finn who knows nothing of Garth Rowe, Mirafir’s neighbour, or the murder.

Strange Hooded Figure and poor Policing.

Black Dragon Wing was damaged had claws removed.

Our Heroes go to see Bronwyn to find Dragon Lore.

Our Heroes see forces from Waterdeep and others.

Our Heroes discover that the Dragon Lore book has had Magic cast upon it and its pages removed.

Our Heroes learn of the Cult of the Dragon and the Harpers.

Commander Vimes tell our Heroes to see Igor.

Igor tells of assassination from within the keep and sends then to speak to the stable lad, Jack Peg.

Our Heroes intend on following the caravan with the weapons from Oleg Odul.

The caravan to Gillian’s Hill is held up as several of its wheels become warped and break, holding up the departure.

Our Heroes arrive at Gillian’s Hill.

30th Day of the Deepwinter (January):

Our Heroes find one of the carts left that night and follow it south towards the Lizard Marshes.

In a wood, our Heroes are attacked by Lizard Men who spring the trap.

Mirafir find the corner of a note from Torleth Mindulspeer shop, Torleth’s Treasures.

Our Heroes take the cart to Redeye and return to follow the remaining caravans and ride cross-country to the Trade Way.

Our Heroes come across some Goblin Riders and then Kerri with other Horned Wolf symbolled foes hidden by an ‘Illusionary Terrain’ spell.

Kerri escapes and our Heroes continue to the Trade Way where they meet the Waterdeep Cavalry and Master Sargent Malark Springhill, who tells of the large force, camped at the Way Inn.

Our Heroes decide to head back to Gillian’s Hill and investigated Torleth Mindulspeer shop and Torleth’s Treasures.

Gillian’s Hill has been fortified and has a garrison stationed there.

Our Heroes are brash and rude while in Torleth’s Treasures, detect Magic and Evil, and are thrown out and escorted out by the guards and Sargent Kierkan Rufo.

Our Heroes return to Daggerford and go and speak with Lady Bronwyn again. Mirafir finds Lady Bronwyn’s research on the Harpers which is taken by the Duke.

Lady Bronwyn tells the Heroes of ‘The Song Paths of Illefarn’.

Our Heroes decide to visit Baron Agwain and Dygath Hornspar. On the way they would also visit Runedardath and the Laughing Hollow.

Melandrach provides information regarding the Dwarven Diamond Mine to the North.

King Korin tells the Heroes of the Aquifer under Runedardath and asks for their help.

Our Heroes enter the underwater cavern and fight Merrows, Lacedons, find the Black Dragon’s resting place and a Dragon Scale.

Our Heroes then enter a tunnelled out exit with more foes and a captured Dwarf. The Dwarf turns out to be a Sea Hag, with a ‘Cult of the Dragon’ coin and they fight a Vodyanoi.

More tunnels and caves with more foes then stop and where our Heroes fight, the source of the smaller dug tunnels not the first larger burrowed tunnel, an Umber hulk.

Our Heroes believe that the escape tunnel went upwards and out to the mountain, while there were pools in the caverns that lead to underground rivers, which our Heroes attempted to investigate but it was too complex a task.

Our Heroes speak to Gorn the Cleric concerning Kira Roven and he tells them of Maelwyn’s and the band call Maelwyn’s adventuring part. He also knows a little of the mines in the North and of the Barbarian Tribes.

Our Heroes head out for Secomber.

1st Day of the Claw of Winter (February):

Our Heroes stay at the Village of Julkoun on the River Delimbiyr, with its chain across the river.

2nd Day of the Claw of Winter (February):

The year continues and our Heroes reach Secomber and decide to visit the Dwarves that live there first.

Gamgee tells them of the garrison led by Traskar Selarn, a Ranger of some fame, Lords Alliance insisting on having a commander with experience in matters of war, the Sage of Secomber and of Baron Agwain and Dygath.

3rd Day of the Claw of Winter (February):

Our Heroes try and visit the Sage of Secomber, but he is not available.

Oure Heroes visit Baron Agwain and Dygath in the castle.

Our Heroes decide to return to Daggerford as Agwain and Dygath head out hunting.

While approaching the village of Julkoun our heroes find the southern complex was attacked by fifteen or so partly bare-footed partly booted attackers.

Mirafir draws his cards and looks into his Future.

Our Heroes divided into 2 groups, one follow the track while the other pretend to head back to Daggerford.

Our Heroes find a campsite and are attacked by painted Barbarians with Magical Javelins.

During the fight our Heroes are aided by Eryn Lashir (Mirafir’s Dad) and Dwergrim Greenleaf (Mad Druid that you encountered whilst on Caravan Duty with the City watch).

They follow a Cleric who escaped the battle and discover their Bandit lair.

Our Heroes fight many Shadows, Bandits, Barbarians, Spell Casters, Master Thief and a Summoned Monster.

They find messenger crows that fly to Gillian’s Hill, Secomber and Daggerford. They all work for Torleth Mindulspeer.

Our Heroes also find their fellow Hero Vicross Silverkin, who tells of the Bandits being tasked with entering the Stone Door protected crypt.

Behind the Magic stone door our Heroes discover lots of Skeletons working for a Death Knight.

Mirafir sees an Illusion of his mother and once our Heroes defeat the Death Knight they find, within the final crypt, Kelthas the Dread and an Eyewing. Kelthas recovers a big Black Tome and Teleports away.

Back on the surface, our Heroes re-join Baron Agwain, Dygath and the others and they all make their way back to Daggerford.

4th Day of the Claw of Winter (February):

At the castle in Daggerford our Heroes are debriefed and they question Dygath, who turns out to have a Glyph on his forehead. He is place in a cell.

Our Heroes then decide to follow the Daggerford crow, which fly’s to the Militia Barracks and outside the window of Captain Arayndar Delimbiyr, the final piece of the puzzle.

Captain Arayndar Delimbiyr left suddenly and headed South-East, to Gillian’s Hill our Heroes suspect.

Mirafir cast ‘Clairaudience’ and finds that Captain Arayndar Delimbiyr is at Torleth’s Treasures with Torleth.

Mirafir suggests they use his Mirror of Mental Prowess to teleport to where Captain Arayndar Delimbiyr is and use the element of surprise.

Our Heroes extract Captain Arayndar Delimbiyr and Frimly leaves a Card of Illusion, which fortuitously, happened to be a Beholder.

Our Heroes wait and watch as Torleth eventually arrives, is attacked by the Beholder and manages to Blink away.

Our Heroes follow Torleth; they jump through the Mirror of Mental Prowess and follow the Wizard down into the basement.

Our Heroes fight, Ghouls, Shadows, A Demon, Demon Spawn and finally Torleth Mindulspeer.

During the fight Thora and Frimly disappear through the Gate and are followed by the rest of our Heroes. A year not to forget.


4th Day of the Claw of Winter (February): DAY ONE

Our Heroes find themselves in the Underdark and move onwards as best they can this year.

4th Day of the Claw of Winter (February): DAY ONE

Vicross and Sir Ly are sent to the Old Kings Hill. They first encounter ‘Invisible’ Goblin Riders and Sir Ly has his horse Bucephalus killed by the Worgs.

Under The Old Kings Hill they retace the A-Teams steps and head back underwater. They are attacked by Scrags and find the place is being fitted as an asult stagging post with an underwater tower, food and other supplies. Hidden by both Clerical and a Wizards Magical means.

Vicross and Sir Ly find and repaire a book on The Harpers and one that mentions The Song Paths of Illefar.

Sir Ly finds a, unbeknownst to the Paladin it was Cursed, a Shield in one of the 2 in inhabitants unlocked chest.

Outside Vicross and Sir Ly meet Deldrach Longarrow and they talk about The Song Paths of Illefar.

5th Day of the Claw of Winter (February): DAY TWO

Our Heroes reach a gorge and are attacked by Stirge as they cross over and just miss being attacked by Hook Horrors.

Our Heroes continue and reach an underground lake and a swimming figure being pursued by creatures in a boat.

Our Heroes save Alita and dispatch the Troglodytes.

Our Heroes befriend Alita and decide to take her home and to where an Exit Portal may be found.

5th Day of the Claw of Winter (February): DAY TWO

Taking the boat, our Heroes make their way to the Troglodyte Tower hoping to pass through.

5th Day of the Claw of Winter (February): DAY TWO

Vicross and Sir Ly are back in Daggerford and Sir Ly has a dream in the Snow.

Vicross and Sir Ly talk to Lady Bronwyn about the ‘Song Paths of Illefarn’ and then go looking for, and finding, a ‘Song Path Portal’ in the Lady Luck Tavern.

That night Sir Ly has a longer version of his Snow Dream, this time hearing hoof beats.

6th Day of the Claw of Winter (February): DAY THREE

Frimly and Mirafir fly invisible into the Troglodyte tower to investigate. They find Troglodytes, none of Alita’s tribe, a Fire Lizard and the possible way out.

Our Heroes reunite and attack using a two-pronged approach.

Most of the enemy are killed but 6 Troglodyte’s escape down a tunnel blocked by portcullises and into a many pillared hall.

Our Heroes rest-up before they continue on their way.

6th Day of the Claw of Winter (February): DAY THREE

Vicross and Sir Ly head out to the Bandit Lair in the Sword Hills.

While searching the Stag Kings Tomb they find Rats have tunneled through a crack in the wall, or a Secret Door as it turned out.

They discover a muraled corridor, a large spiral staircase heading up and and underground cemetery.

Below that were the tombs for the Priests of Ilmater, currently inhabited by Wererats.

Vicross and Sir made hard work of killing all of the Wererats and rested.

7th Day of the Claw of Winter (February): DAY FOUR

In the many pillared hall there are 3 ways out. Galan and Frimly move ahead (North) and Galan is caught by a Cave Fisher.

The remaining Heroes come to help and 2 Cave Fishers are dispatched, while one barricades itself.

Our Heroes continue and have to deal with Piercers.

The tunnel then opens up into a large gallery filled with flora and hills. The Goblin Gallery.

In the Goblin Gallery our Heroes had to combat ambushing Goblins, hidden in hides and throwing Darkness bombs, A Cleric and Magic User traps and Barbada the Deepspawn.

Many battles insured between the many factions and at one Point Barbada appeared to flee, but it was a ruse.

The Goblin Gallery has been layout to funnel you into traps or paths with dead ends sap ones time, etc.

Barbada finally does flee and the Wizard is killed as our Heroes clean out the main gallery. Our Heroes then find the area where the Goblins lived and found them, a Lizard, the spell casters chambers, Scrolls and potions, Black Trolls and a backdoor out of the complex.

Our Heroes follow the escaping female and child Goblins for several hours until they realise that they need to return to the many pillared hall and choose one of the 2 remaining ways out.

The way west finally reaches a fast flowing river, with docks, and a pool with a monster watcher in it. Our Heroes dispatch the creature, another cousin of the Deepspawn and Beholder.

The final tunnel leads east and eventually our Heroes find themselves feeling warmer as they reached the Lava Caverns, as told to them by Alita.

Mirafir and Frimly fly invisible over the walled complex and can see, Drow, large Orc like creatures in Plate Mail, Dwarves and Trolls. They see that the Orc creatures carry the symbol of the horned wolf.

Mirafir casts Fly on all of those with no potions and our Heroes bypass the Lava complex, wall, Orcs and continue on and out.

The way on is now more used and our Heroes stop to recoup health and Spells.

7th Day of the Claw of Winter (February): DAY FOUR

Vicross and Sir ‘Identified’ the Magic Items they found and head down to the next level of the tomb.

There they fought many undead. Skeletons and a Skeletal Warrior and then Vicross and Sir Ly find a Vampire’s Lair, but no Vampire.

Sir Ly finds his War Horse.

Kelson Darktrader appears and asks for the aid of Vicross and Sir Ly. They are not willing to do so.

Vicross and Sir Ly fight Zombies, Eleven Zombies, and a Vampire Spawn, all the time not finding their true target, The Vampire.

Finally the Vampire is vanquished with the aid of Vicross’ ‘Wand of Illumination’.

Vicross and Sir Ly find 2 poor souls in a cage.

8th Day of the Claw of Winter (February): DAY FIVE

Our Heroes continue down the larger tunnels and are perused by a large, fast moving creature and fall into another burrowed tunnels as the way back out is block.

Our Heroes find themselves in a carved tunnel of Darvish making, at the end of which is a floor trap.

The tunnel leads our Heroes to an abandoned area inhabited by Spiders.

Making their way slowly through the small complex they finally reach a single columned hall with 3 corridors and stone doored exits.

This is when our Heroes are attacked by Invisible Bugbears, Wizards and a Cleric of the Dragon Cult and strangely a few Goblins, like those who worshiped Barbada.

Skeletons and Spiders are employed by the Cleric while the Bugbears, Wizards and also Drow detain our Heroes.

All the foes are killed and then our Heroes are set upon by more Spiders and a Phase Spider. most of the Spider is dispatched while with the aid of the script at the top of this chamber, Mirafir discovers a Secret Door in the column and our Heroes have to hide within. Mirafir cast Ice Sphere.

Stairs head upwards and our Heroes move up until they reach a damaged observation area which looked down onto the main thoroughfare below.

Mirafir casts ‘Passwall’ from one of his Scrolls and our Heroes find themselves in a burrowed tunnel heading downwards.

There is a hole in the tunnel our Heroes are moving down which leads down to a darkened cavern full of stalagmites. Within the chamber our Heroes end up fight with several Hook Horrors and are aided by a lone Fire Lizard.

The Fire Lizard appears friendly and shows our Heroes where other, not so lucky, things had fallen down to be eaten. It then moves to the corner of the cavern beckoning our Heroes onwards.

Our Heroes find an Illusionary Wall which leads into a huge cavern teaming with flora and fauna.

The illusionary wall at the tunnels end opens up into an oasis of Underdark fungi; the area is dimly lit by bioluminescent fungi and filled to the brim with insects of various shapes and sizes.

After an hour or so of travel the party stumble across a Shrieker, then the Myconid (Fungus Man) arrives, the Hook Horrors attack ….. ETC.

The Myconid then takes the party through the grove and to a massive fungi seemingly grown into the shape of a house, inside they find an elderly female Drow Druid who is the guardian of this fungal grove.

Zesdia Naien is very friendly, welcoming the party inside and offering them food and water in exchange for their stories.

She tells them about her past as a Drow soldier when one day her patrol was slaughtered by Hook Horrors leaving her as the only survivor. She barely escaped, stumbling into this grove after a day or so travel while bleeding profusely.

The grove’s previous guardian, a Shield/Mountain Dwarf called Banorim, found her in a pool of his own blood and nursed her back to health, all the while teaching her the secrets of nature and the ways of druid.

The Drow renounced her ways, and aided the Dwarf in maintaining the grove for many years until the dwarf passed away due to old age. Now she provides rest and comfort to travellers in the Underdark.

Zesdia Naien: “This temple of Kelemvor, our fortress, is our stronghold against the lich Idris and its army of undead. But it is not as secure as it should be. I believe that someone, or something, has broken into the crypts beneath the temple, and have broken several of the mystical seals that ensure those who are buried there remain at rest.”

Thora: “How can wee help lass?”

Zesdia Naien: “I need you to enter the crypt, relight the sacred braziers that will destroy the undead, and bring back the broken seals. I can then repair them, while the holy fires from the braziers will keep any undead from entering the crypt.”

Sacred Braziers of Balance.

Year of the Wyvern - Sacred Braziers of Balance
Sacred Braziers of Balance

Zesdia Naien: “When one of these magical braziers is lit, its fire bursts forth in a bright blue flame that fills a radius area with bright blue-white

light. For the first 3 rounds after a brazier is lit, any undead creature that starts its turn within the brazier’s light, or moves into it, takes radiant damage presenting a significant threat to such creatures. The length of time it takes to light the braziers is the wild card though. If one of you are adjacent to a brazier must take a round to light it, but doing so requires a special striking rod and stone, as well as a successful Dexterity check.”

Frimly: “Sounds straightforward enough.”

Zesdia Naien: “The key objects in the crypts are the statues of Kelemvor that once held the magic seals, which must now be currently broken, and the braziers of balance.”

Mirafir: ”What of these seal, can you tell us more?”

Broken Seals.

Year of the Wyvern - Statue of Kelemvor
Statue of Kelemvor

Zesdia Naien: “Each of the broken seals that you must collect is a piece of carved marble scribed with the symbol of Kelemvor, and weighing

about 4 pounds. All the seals were once held by statues of Kelemvor scattered around the crypts.”

Sigune: “What is the symbol of Kelemvor?”

Year of the Wyvern - Symbol of Kelemvor
Symbol of Kelemvor

Zesdia Naien: “I fear however that the crypt may be protected and your 2 noble warrior maidens may not enter.”

8th Day of the Claw of Winter (February): DAY FIVE

Vicross and Sir Ly leave and meet Deldrach Longarrow.

Vicross and Sir Ly head to the Floshin Estate as that is where Kelson Darktreader has headed to.

Vicross and Sir Ly meet and speak with Sir Elorfindar Floshin of the House of Long Silences and his wife Shalamrae Floshin.

Vicross and Sir Ly ride out to the Forlonr Hills looking for Kelson Darktreader. They are attack by Goblin Riders.

Vicross and Sir Ly ride out along the Delimbryr Route to look for Kelson Darktreader. The spot a Red Kite and follow it North along the edge of the Forlorn Hills.

Vicross and Sir Ly spot a light inbetween the Forlorn Hills and the Ardeep Forest and then get attacked by Goblin Riders. Vicross and Sir Ly continue North and do not find any sign of Kelson Darktreader. Near the North-Western edge of the Forlorn Hills they spot torch lights heading into the hills.

Vicross and Sir Ly retrace thier steps and head back to the light. They find a Farm House and find Kelson Darktreader. Vicross and Sir Ly rescure Kelson Darktreader from a unseen male, an Eyewing, a Cult of The Dragon Wizard, Goblin Riders and Orogs.

Vicross, Sir Ly and Kelson Darktreader head West towards Harpshield Castle. There they find the abandoned Castle Harpshiled inhabited by Wartsnak Direlord, Orcs of 3 tribes, The Fanged Moon, Gory Maul, and Jagged Scythe Clans. Also within are Orogs, Ogres, Zombies and Gricks.

9th Day of the Claw of Winter (February): DAY SIX

Our Heroes make their way through the Druids Grove and to a tunnel that takes them to a large expanse before a large empty walled city.

Our Heroes enter the large church and then the catacombs below.

Within the many crypts our Heroes fight, Zombies, Skeletons, Wolf Spiders, Wights, Wraiths and an Evil Flame Skull.

Our Heroes encounter finds them also discovering a band of fellow adventures. Samulkin Farcaster (Gnome Illusionist), Cailyassa Forgedawn (Elf Scout) and the giant Gromlik Three-Teeth (Humanish Knight). There fellow adventurer, the un-named Cleric, perished while entering the crypt.

Our brave Heroes lit all the Sacred Braziers of Balance and colloected all of the broken carved marble seals scribed with the symbol of Kelemvor. These they gave to Zesdia Naien, the Drow Druid.

Our Heroes return to Zesdia Naien’s sacred grove to rest and recover.

Kelthas come to Mirafir in a dream and shows how a hooded intruder smashes the Mirafir’s ‘Mirror of Mental prowess’ held withon Daggerford Castle.

9th Day of the Claw of Winter (February): DAY SIX

Vicross, Sir Ly and Kelson Darktreader hunt for Wartsnak Direlord.

10th Day of the Claw of Winter (February): DAY SEVEN

Our Heroes head out for their last journey to the chamber of many pools. Their path is full of encounters with local fauna and the paths are wider and well used.

Alita tells our Heroes how she is close to her home but will journey with them a little longer.

Our Heroes finally reach the great lake, before the chamber of many pools, and where they also find a semi-ruined settlement at the edge of the great lake. All this area is unknown to Alita and the Heroes will need to find the actual location of the chamber of many pools by using their own wits and cunning.

Thinking to pass by the settlement Invisibly, Mirafir casts a spell and our Heroes approach the ruined settlement. They spot movement in the outer edges of the ruined settlement but continue onwards.

The movement turns out to be 2 Kuo-Toa guards, one of which spots our Heroes. Alita shouts a warning of danger and she had not been so scared before.

The 2 Kuo-Toa guards are dispatched but the alarm has already been sounded. A big fight insures as our Heroes attempt to run past the edge of the settlement. An Acolyte of Kelthas then attacks from a rooftop and in turned killed, and then a second Wizard destroys Mirafir’s ‘Ioun Stone’ for a second time by them.

The Kuo-toa rush forward attempting to capture our Heroes whenever possible. The Kelthas Wizard is dispatched as is most of the attacking Kuo-Toa while Frimley spends time releasing, unbeknownst to him, 2 Merrow held under nets covering the 2 small pools. Alita and Frimley can now see that held within a large cage are several of Alita’s clan.

Our Heroes defeat the remaing Kuo-Toa, apart from on of the larger ones that had swam away. Mirafir recovers one of the boat and the remaining Heroes search the buildings and dead Kuo-Toa. Some Peals sre found in the building used for the worshiping of their foul god, Blibdoolpoolp and 4 small jars containing a fish smelling paste.

Our Heroes wish goodbye to Alita and her clan members after she ‘Heals’ those she can. Then it’s into the boat and have Mirafir tow it as the Wizard is flying.

Our Heroes took one of the boats and headed out onto the lake, with Mirafir Flying’ and pulling the boat. They met-up with the Merrows, released by Frimly, and they offered to pull Our Heroes towards their goal once Mirafir had cast ‘Tongues’ and spoken to them.

Once within 2 miles or so of the edge of the lake, after many hours of travel, the Merrows wish our Heroes good luck and swim away. Mirafir casts ‘Fly’ and once again pulls the boat onwards and Northwards. Soon they can see off in the distance a shimmering, shining Castle, jutting out from the cliffs, not a shoreline as they had expected, that marks the edge of this Northern end of the great lake they were on.

Frimly notes that it may be ‘Faerie Fire’ and so Thora suggests travelling in a North-Westerly direction, Downstream from the Castle entrance and to a distance of about 1 mile or so away.

2 Otters appear and our mighty Heroes are panicked and scared. Mirafir tries to cast Sleep’ on them, but they are too fast and dive back under the black murky water. Galan then has to befriend the creatures which then allows then be able to show our Heroes, what appears to be waste and other foul jetsam’s.

Thora suggests there must be a sewage system draining out into the lake and this could be a possible way into the Castle.

Mirafir casts ‘Water Breathing’ and shares its power with the other Heroes. Then Mirafir casts ‘Locate Object’ to find the way into the Sewers. The way in is found some 140’ feet under the surface of the lake and between Thora and Sigune then bend the bars barring their way into the foul tunnel system.

After an encounter with fish and eels and much slow travel, with Thor and Sigune having to walk along the floor of the flooded tunnels, our heroes reach the end of the tunnelled sewer system and find themselves in a large, cylindrical, water filled chamber with walls rising up over the 60’ feet beyond our Heroes Infravision.

Our Heroes retrace their steps making sure they had not missed anything and finding nothing head back to the tall, cylindrical, water filled chamber.

Frimly volunteers to climb up by himself and investigate what lies above. After climbing for a while Frimly arrives at an even larger chamber, possibly hundreds of feet wide and high. The chamber is a large cistern or reservoir of water and Frimly first tries to touch the bottom with his Short Sword, and not being able to touch the floor, the Thief then climbs into the water and begins to Swim downwards in the pitch darkness for just over 120’ feet. After not reaching the floor or being able to see very  much, the Thief then decides he is better off on the surface and returns to his fellow Adventures after climbing out of the water and back down the cylindrical chamber.

Our Heroes then decided to all climb up the cylindrical chamber and to the large cistern or reservoir. They reach the small lip, or 3’ foot wall, that held back the water and make their way Southwards to eventually find a wider walkway running along the edge of the cistern or reservoir.

However, before they reach safety they hear the sound of a very large creature moving along the same walkway as our Heroes, but off to the North of where they are. Reaching, what appeared to be the corner of the cistern or reservoir walkway, Sigune takes out Galan’s Dagger, which had had ‘Continual Light’ cast upon it and Mirafir cast ‘Invisibility 10’ Radius’ on the party and Frimly climbs up some 60’ feet away up and along the wall, using his ‘Slippers of Spider Climbing’.

Nothing can be seen in the 60’ foot radius of the Continual Light’ Dagger.

This was a lucky thing to have done as our trapped, soaking wet Heroes are then hit by a jet of acidic mist that finds the exposed skin or our Heroes and burns them to the bone.

Mirafir is in a very bad way as, unlike our other Heroes who either had their Armour and/or Shields to help protect them.

Sigune takes out her ‘Potion of Heroism’.

Our Heroes still hear the sound of a very large creature moving along the same walkway as our Heroes and coming from the North.

‘She’ swims the depths as ‘She’ has done for many years now, waiting for the meagre scraps that ‘She’ is sent and of those most are not of a challenge for her greatness. But one day her time will come, an opportunity to escape her imprisonment.

Then ‘She’ senses a disturbance in her realm and it does not originate from where ‘She’ expects. To the South the surface of the water is broken, some creature perhaps or the old Dwarven cistern just continues to decay. ‘She’ continues her perpetual movement through the dark water that ‘She’ finds so comforting and familiar.

Her keen senses then feel more movement, there is was again but this time something has dared to slip into her realm and they come from the South. It must be very brave indeed or it does not know what it does. ‘She’ concentrates and uses the Dragons ability to hear to the South of her realm. ‘She’ moves slowly and silently towards the noise staying hidden below the waters dark surface. The creature stops and swims back to the surface and then climbs downward, over the lip and past the barriers that prevent her escape.

Curiosity makes her wonder if this is her chance to escape or are they just checking that the measures used to confine her are still in place. ‘She’ glides to the edge of her lair and listens out.

‘She’ hears many voices but they do not speak Under-common. Surface dwellers and ‘She’ can hear an Elven accent, or two, among the discussion below. The intruders begin their climb and ‘She’ ponders her next move.

They have sent forth their Scout first and the other now joins him and dare to enter my lair. Yet they are not the tit-bits that are thrown to me, even those would otherwise be a challenge to me. These interlopers have steel, Magic’s and the illusion of hope. I must be causes and determine the treat to me.

She: “First I will reduce my size to hide my true power and so allowing them to believe that they stand a chance.

This will allow me to better hide myself and view their number.”

She: “Once by the barrier, I will fait an attack from the West and see how these trespassers react and what force they can wield.”

‘She’ listens, not understanding their words, and only understands their screams and shouts of fear and apprehension and hearing the sound of their running feet East. ‘She’ breaks the surface of the water some 75’ feet from her pray, her 2 green eyes and the dome of her head the only thing visible to those that look.

A Dwarf Fighter, a Holy Warrior, a Sneak, an Elf of the Forest and an Elf Wizard.

She: “They defend the West, good my ruse is working. Wait the Wizard is casting something, the Holy Warrior is drawing something forth and the Forest Elf is……Aggggg.”

She: “Light…will show all and compromise my abilities it must be stopped. The confusion may yet aid me.”

‘She’ lifts her head out of the water, and curses to herself, as ‘She’ spits out her reservoir of acidic bio-fluid onto the intruders but see that the Sneak has moved away along the wall. That one will need to be saved for desert ‘She’ thinks to herself, indeed a fine way to end a great meal indeed.

The Warriors are protected by Steel and Magic’s I must be more alert as they are not the usual pray that I hunt, yet the Wizard has been badly burnt.

‘She’ slips back down under the water as ‘She’ hears the Sneak shouting something out to his fellow companions. They no longer fear the noise, they know and are now moving North in the dark. The Forest Elf has hidden the Light but we must be cautious and hinder their progress and then attack from cover.

‘She’ casts a light Fog at first to see how it is dealt with and to expend the severely injured, from my Acid, Wizards Magic and not allow him to Heal if possible. Again ‘She’ nears the edge of the walkway, being able to see further than most creatures in the darkness, and uses her ability to create Fog.

She: “There, some capture within and others outside yet separated from the others.”

The Adventurers act as ‘She’ prepares to employ her tale slap on as many as ‘She’ can in and around the Fog. ‘She’ is successful yet so are the strangers. The Forest Elf is keen indeed with his Arrows that sting of Magic. ‘She’ must avoid them as best ‘She’ can, yet as long as they are within reach ‘She’ will hunt. Then the She-Dwarf hits and ‘She’ is staggered by the sheer force of the compact Dwarf, the She-Dwarf wields only a Mace and yet ‘She’ has not felt a blow like that for decades. ‘She’ must keep her distance and use her abilities, Magic’s and her wits. ‘She’ has no choice but to move and not rick attacking as ‘She’ can see that they are all moving ‘Hastier’ than they were a while ago.

She: “A valiant effort Wizard and one to be avoided.”

‘She’ prowls below the water stopping every now and then to listen out for the movements of the invaders to better decide her next course of action. A Spell ‘She’ casts next to make them think that they are assailed by a Poisonous Cloud, which would scatter the assailants like rats off a sinking ship, and then ‘She’ would hunt each one as they ran.

Wait  ‘She’ thinks to herself they are all moving off together and towards the Standing Tower, I will not be able to reach them if they enter.

I will now reveal my true size and again throw them into disarray and panic. Having recharged her reservoir of Acid, ‘She’ rises up and breaches the water in her full natural beautify full figure.

She: “The Holy Warrior appears possessed and is smashing at the door to the Standing Tower while the others stand protecting the walkways, but where is my desert?”

Now while they stand together I will spit my Acid and reduce their number. Maintaining a cautious distance, yet within the range of her cone of Acid Droplets, ‘She’ is about to spit when suddenly the Wizard conjures a large ‘Wall of Ice’ that has now impeded the use of her Acid Jet. ‘She’ is in no hurry and so sinks down below the water, swimming to the Western side of the chamber and hoping to catch them still attempting to escape into the Standing Tower.

She: “Maybe I have my Desert first?”

‘She’ circles the Standing Tower not being able to hear within the Tower ‘She’ has never entered. They will eventually emerge, they always do. Even those who have been sent to her for sport before, equipped and with some Magic, eventually came out and they did not last long. ‘She’ is starting to feel more confident and knows that they will eventually find the Fallen Tower if allowed to do so and her fun will end that they will have these housebreakers to themselves, all she will get is the scraps and drained meat.

There they are I can hear the smashed door being opened; they are attempting to escape having found no way out from below. I will try again with my Acid Spay as they move away from the Standing Tower as they will be exposed anywhere apart from the Standing Tower.

‘She’ surfaces again and can see that they expect her to come closer and attack as she did before. This meant they were all together as ‘She’ had hoped for. Yet on this day ‘She’ did misjudged the Wizard as he unleashed an extra powerful ‘Fireball’ at her. Once again ‘She’ feels more pain than when she was first caught all those many years ago, a pain and hatred that she still carries inside and revenge is her only cure.

She: “Aggg, I have taken too much pain and they have not escaped yet. I will dive and keep listening. One way or another they always fall back down.

‘She’ circles downwards into the darkness as she listens out for the raiders above the water.

She: “They are looking for the way out and have intension of coming after me, very well indeed.”

Noise: “Splash…..”

She: “They have company and someone has said or done the wrong thing. Another distraction that may allow me to surprise the bandits once I ‘Heal’ a bit. Then I can have my Dinner and Desert.”

The Tugs continue to search her lair traveling East and then moving around the North walkway, South down the West walkway and to the edge of the great pool at the South.

She: “No way out that way unless you head back from whence you came from.”

‘She’ can then hear that the brigands headed back to the Fallen Tower and she cunningly ponders what to do next.

10th Day of the Claw of Winter (February): DAY SEVEN

Our Heroes find a way out above which lead to a large chamber filled with enemies of different sorts and a Portal.

There are Goblins, Kuo-Toa,  Barbarians, Orogs in Plate Mail, Drow, a Drider, An Eye Wing, Emissaries of the Cult of the Dragon. The Heroes hear there palns for war and recruitment.

Our Heroes return back to the Dragon Sewer and there, Finally, they are found by Lady Bronwyn Daggerford and Mirafir’s ‘Mirror of Mental Prowess’ is used to create a ‘Gate’ and bring our boys home.

Thora, Frimly, Sigune, Mirafir and Galan find themselves in another Dungeon, but this one is unfamiliar to all of them. Before them stand there friends and Allies. Farther Tobias, Sir Ly, Lady Bronwyn, Duke Pwyll, Gwydion pen Dafwyd, Kelson Darktreader and Surprisingly, Vicross Silverkin.

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