Vicross & Sir Ly – Chapter Thirteen

8th Day of the Claw of winter (February): DAY FOUR

The Priests Graveyard to Darktreader (7:25 am):

Little do our 2 Heroes know but Kelson ‘Darktreader’ Floshin is looking for them.

Vicross and Sir Ly replaced the Priestly item they borrowed and left the Stag King’s Holy burial site.

Vicross and Sir Ly check the spiral staircase leading to the surface, which they find blocked.

Vicross and Sir Ly search the Bandits Lair.

The Bandit Lair (8:20 am):

Vicross and Sir Ly make their way back to Daggerford with the 2 dead bodies and meet Deldrach Longarrow in the Laughing Hollow. She tells Vicross and Sir Ly that she is still researching the ‘Song Paths of Illefarn’ and that Kelson ‘Darktreader’ Floshin is looking for them and has headed towards the Floshin Estate.

Deldrach Longarrow finds 2 Daggerford Militia who take the bodies back to the morgue in Daggerford.

The Laughing Hollow (11:00 am):

Vicross and Sir Ly rest for 8 hours and then ride off to the Floshin Estate.

9th Day of the Claw of winter (February): DAY FIVE

The Floshin Estate (2:00 am):

At the Floshin Estate Vicross and Sir Ly meet and speak with Sir Elorfindar Floshin of the House of Long Silences and his wife Shalamrae Floshin. Vicross, Sir Ly and Sir Ly’s War Horse are healed and the Elves discuss Vicross and Sir Ly’s recent adventure and they vouch for Kelson ‘Darktreader’ Floshin, a loyal and troubled man that has his own Demons to fight the Elves say.

Vicross and Sir Ly then ride off along the Delimbiyr Route, as they were told by the Elves that that is the way Kelson ‘Darktreader’ Floshin had travelled. Midway along the Delimbiyr Route Vicross and Sir Ly spot a Red Kite and decide to follow it, thinking it may be the familiar of the Ranger.

Vicross casts ‘Infravision’ on the Paladin and ‘Invisibility 10’ Radius’ on himself.

Kelson ‘Darktreader’ Floshin (3:00 pm):

The Red Kite takes Vicross and Sir Ly North, off the Delimbiyr Route and across county to the cliffs edging Mount Illefarn and the Delimbiyr Vale. After several hours the Red Kites stops and this is where Vicross and Sir Ly spot a lone light which can be seen, 2 to 3 miles West of their position and bright as a star in the night sky on this cold winter night.

Vicross and Sir continue northwards along the cliff edge until after a few hours they hear the baying of Wolves coming directly for them. Vicross and Sir hold their ground and do battle with the Worgs and Goblin Riders, who are strapped onto the Worgs. Once again, Vicross and Sir head north and begin to skirt the edge of the Forlorn Hills and beyond the protection of Daggerford and the Elves.

Vicross and Sir decide that they are travelling in the wrong direction and ride back to where they saw the light. Then as Vicross and Sir Ly were about to leave with Sir Ly tracking, Vicross spots a procession of many torches far-off to the North-East.

Map - Darktreader's Delimbiyr Vale Map
Map – Delimbiyr Vale Map

Darktreader Delimbiyr Vale (6:00 pm):

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