Dungeons And Dragons Re-Visited

The Adventurers


GAME No: 1


Dungeons And Dragons: First of all we killed 12 Orcs (including a Shaman) + 3 humans. Then we were trying to track down our stolen horses. As a result checking the bodies: first has 18gp and second has 10gp. Another has 24gp and spell components. 3 bone rings. 1 Short Sword.

GAME No: 2


Sir Uptitious Ly Sir rounded the bandits and they didn’t Sir Render, Sir Prizingly. Therefore, the main thing was we Sir Vived.

What now? are there more – but where?

Mirafir sees something/someone in the distance! Thora sees him too a fires a shot and hits! While Sigune, Thora, Father Tobias charge towards the target! They find a hole! As a result the others catch up after hearing Wolves and Frimly begins to descend as we form a defensive circle.

Sir Ly holds the rope while Frimly lowers a lantern into the well. It’s deep. Tobias and Sigune follow by rope while the others stay on the surface to fight the Wolves.

Mirafir disguises the hole using the Cantrip ‘Change’.


We get down and proceed with caution. Then Frimly announces (while theatrically patting himself down)

Frimly: “I don’t know what happened to the stuff we raffed off the bodies! I must have dropped it outside! Why? WHY DID THIS HAPPEN? And I was soooooooo looking forward to sharing it with you all!”

Mirafir summons an ‘Unseen Servant’. There is a room at the end of the corridor and the unseen servant enters the room. Voices are heard and someone appears! Thora hits him! The rest join in!

Thora then chops him in half with her Battle Axe!!!

Another corridor branches off from the store room. While Mirafir sends the ‘Unseen Servant’ carrying a short sword and a wall torch past the first pair of two murder-hole traps. Quarrels are fired. Thora Grid El, Sir Ly and Sigune charge down the passage. While Thora goes straight ahead, Sigune and Sir Ly kick down the doors leading to the murder holes. Then Thora is hit by a ‘Magic Missile’ and attacked by more of them. Frimly also charges down as do Father Tobias and Mirafir. Heavy fighting and Frimly also takes a hit while Thora has it with the Wizard. Meanwhile, Sigune butchers the two Guards hiding behind a table after they refuse to yield. Sir Ly does the same on the opposite side. As a result Mirafir casts ‘Magic Missile’ on one of the Bandits.

Eventually we prevail.


Sir Prize rules

What can be done during a combat round and in what order (charging, half-move & hit, etc.)


We will continue to use individual initiative rules (not group)

GAME No: 3


First of all The party continues through the room into the corridor beyond. Therefore we had no time to check the bodies. The unseen servant knocks on the door beyond. It is locked or barred and no response when knocked. Thora tries to open the door AND DOES. As a result the hinges shatter and she smashes it open.

The smashed door opens into another chamber. Within the chamber there are two lots of two Guards armed with crossbows behind tables. While, Sigune and Father Tobias run over to the other doors in the chamber and more of the Heretics appear armed with longswords and shields!

Back in the other room, Sir Ly and Thora charge into the room after two bolts are fired at the ‘Unseen Servant’!

Sigune hits one of the Heretics! He is staggered and bleeding! As a result, They both miss!


One of the Heretics cries:

Heretic: “Kill the Dwarf!”

Upon seeing Frimly! He leaps into the air, tossing himself into the Heretics wildly swinging but fails to strike! In addition Sir Ly follows and jumps! While Two of the Bowmen draw their swords and move towards Thora and Mirafir.

As a result Sigune chops down her appointment with a deadly blow.

Sir Ly strikes his opponent and injures him! Thora and Mirafir flee back to the first set of doors and block them before the Heretics reach them while Frimly wildly swings at the two Heretics in the main room.

The Paladin, Sigune, hits again! He’s down!

PC - 1st Edition Paladin Dungeons And Dragons
PC – 1st Edition Paladin

Sigune: “Death to the dishonourable Heretics! Death to the heathen Devils!”

Finally, Sir Ly strikes and smashes another one! So Blood, bone and heretical Gray matter was splattered across the table! Consequently Thora demolishes the other!


Back at the other door both Father Tobias and Sigune fail to hit the last remaining Heretic.

Father Tobias: “I call upon you to Sir Render!”

Thora: “Where’s Frimly? Quick!”

Boom! Boom! The two remaining Heretics after Mirafir and Frimly are trying to break down the door. While, Sigune and Father Tobias finish off the last Heretic, who refuses to surrender.

Frimly and Mirafir swing open the doors: Suddenly the two heathens have gone from chasing a Thief and a Tizard to being surrounded by well-armed enemies. Sigune and Father Tobias charge as do Sir Ly and Thora! A heathen sandwich! So Frimly manages to get in a sneaky backstab!

Thora: ““Sir Render NOW you wretch!”

Heretic: “Not to you, Dwarf! Are you a Man or a Woman?”

Now Sigune reaches in and strikes with her Longsword, therefore inflicting a flesh wound!

Sigune: “Hold! Perhaps he knows where the Witch is!”

Howls Sigune as the last Heretic is about to be struck down. Consequently, to no avail as he is hacked down by the blood-frenzied party!

Finally, the battle has been temporarily won yet there is still the small matter of finding the Witch!

NPC - 1st Edition Witch
NPC – 1st Edition Witch


The Wizard Mirafir finds pouches with Gold Coins and a pouch with straw and a bottle with a stopper (x2 potions).

There was a Stone Ring’ and jewellery in addition to the three ‘Bone Rings’.

Consequently, the ‘Stone Ring’ is taken by Mirafir who puts it on. He likes it. In conclusion, It is precious to him.

Finally, We break down a door, and on the other side there is darkness. Yet there is a corridor with doors at the end of it. In conclusion Thora can smell something like rancid butter, Decay.


(DISCUSSION: Innate abilities such as finding Secret Doors, Traps, Evil, etc. SHOULD THEY BE ALLOWED? WHO ROLLS? ARE THEY UNFAIR AND DISRUPT GAME BALANCE?)

The party continues down the corridor. Towards the rancid smell. Seems like Carrion? A corpse? The undead?

There are two doors at the end of the corridor.

Beyond the doors are two immaculate rooms. In addition, Thora finds a Secret Door at the end of the passage. The door opens and it is pitch black beyond. Unnatural. And a stench! While Sir Ly tries to detect evil ahead of him. As a result he finds Nothing. We head into the darkness.

Father Tobias casts ‘Light’ on to the ‘Darkness’to try and lift it. The corridor narrows to just 5’ feet, Mirafir goes ahead with the ‘Unseen Servant’ before it turns to the left. The ‘Darkness’ is clearly an incantation. At the end there is a door. Old and used. There has been movement.  Maybe she did come this way? As a result The ‘Unseen Servant’ opens the door beyond the corridor widens into a Cavern.

Where is the Witch leading us? Most of all the stench is getting unbearably pungent.

The Cavern contains an Altar.

Marching order:

Unseen Servant, Thora, Mirafir, Father Tobias, Sir Ly, Sigune and Frimly.

GAME No: 4


Thora: “Is there a Cleric in the house?” The stench of death is almost unbearable.

Father Tobias marches to the front:

PC - 1st Edition Cleric Dungeons And Dragons
PC – 1st Edition Cleric

Father Tobias: “I will prove my faith!”

First of all, the room is dark. Mirafir takes Father Tobias’ lantern as he clutches the symbol of St. Cuthbert. While Father Tobias looks inside. It appears to be a ruined Chapel. Mirafir sends the ‘Unseen Servant’ into the chapel with the bullseye lantern. While as it enters, some vaguely humanoid figures can be dimly seen in the light of the lantern.

Due to this Father Tobias rushes in, and the others follow.

Frimly: “What can you see? What can you see?”

Screams the diminutive Frimly Greenish:

Father Tobias: Skeletons!

The Cleric Tobias attempts to turn them while Thora rushes past:

Thora: “Stay brother – err I mean sister!”


The Skeletons suddenly spring to life!

Sigune: “Return to the hell from whence you came!”

Screams Sigune as she marches forward. As a result, Thora attempts to strike one of the Skeletons and smashes it! Consequently Father Tobias is unable to channel the power of St. Cuthbert and fails.

While Lady Sigune smashes one of them and Thora hits another sending its bones scattering across the chamber! Father Tobias hits another and smashes a Skeleton but it is still up! Something odd happens…

Finally, the remaining Skeletons attack and then suddenly Spiders appear! A cold wind suddenly washes over the adventurers!

Sir Ly: “He tries to beguile us! Kill him!”

Screams Sir Ly.

Frimly: “Mirafir, shine the light on him!”

Test Dungeon AD&D - 1st Level
Test Dungeon AD&D – 1st Level


First of all a sudden enchanted ‘Darkness’ falls on the Robed and beaded Spell-Caster!  Sigune kills another one and the others, Father Tobias and Sir Ly attempt to fight in the ‘Darkness’ while Thora (Hird) Grid El runs forward.  As a result the Cleric Tobias then casts ‘Light’ and cancels the ‘Darkness’! The beaded and Robed Figure attempts to flee. The Adventurers charge, Sir Ly smites another Skeleton! Finally, Sigune strikes down the beaded Shaman:

Sigune: “Take that you heathen infidel! For St. Cuthbert!”

The Elf Mirafir suddenly hears a noise behind him! The Woman! She casts a ‘Spell’ and Mirafir saves!

Mirafir: “The Witch! Behind me!”

While Frimly and Mirafir both save again against a ‘Spell’, the Witch has Guards and is ready for us. Now in disarray, the Adventurers try to attack her and charge towards her. Ending with Father Tobias swiftly finishing the remaining Skeletons.

The two Guards attack Mirafir but one of them fumbles and injures himself, while the other misses.

Witch No2: “Amateurs!”

Hisses the Witch! Mirafir’s almost certain to hit slingshot is mysteriously repelled. Meanwhile Thora has closed in on one of the Guards. Mirafir is lucky to be alive. Consequently, the Witch flees screaming:

Witch No2: “Release the undead!!!”


First of all, Sigune strikes one of the Guards hitting him and chopping down the unfortunate fumbler. While Thora and Sigune run after the Witch, Mirafir takes control of the ‘Unseen Servant’ again, sending it with the lantern after the Witch’s pursuers. As a result Father Tobias finds a Dungeons And Dragons Secret Door!

Father Tobias opens it and sees into the darkness beyond with his Elven Infravision.

Father Tobias: “They went this way! Follow!”

He goes to the nearest door and listens. The passage is lined by arched pillars and doors. At the end of the passage there is a heavily barred and chained door. Frimly and Thora come hurtling back down the passage:

Thora: “The dead are coming!”


The Dungeons And Dragons Secret Door is slammed shut behind the Adventurers while Father Tobias opens one of the side doors. Inside is a small room with beds While the next door opens to reveal a large dining hall.

Test Dungeon AD&D
Test Dungeon AD&D

In the bedroom there are two Dungeons And Dragons Chests. Tobias gets pricked as he tries to open one of the Chests. It is a deadly Poison. As a result his constitution is strong enough and he is able to resist the Poison with additional healing help from Thora.

There is clawing at the door where the Undead are lurking. They know we are here. And they will break through soon. Scratch, bang, scratch, bang. The ‘Unseen Servant’ takes a book, a pouch and a small box to Mirafir from the Small Chest. While he carefully places the things in his bag. Thora smashes open another Chest with her Battle Axe.

First of all in the Dungeons And Dragons ‘Spell Book’ there are first and second level Spells. Next, the Box contains two Small Vials, one green, and the other transparent. Finally, In the pouch, there are Gems. He pockets them. 175gp value. There is exactly the same in the other small box. Plus some nice personal items. In the Big Boxes (2) there are a Bag of Coin and a Clear Potion.

PCs - 1st Edition Spell Book Dungeons And Dragons
PCs – 1st Edition Spell Book

Meanwhile, beds are used to barricade the door separating the Adventurers from the dead. But Thora smells Orc. And there is no stopping her. Meanwhile, the rest of the Adventurers follow and continue down the foul-smelling passageways.


Sir Ly: “Come Thora, let us shed Orc blood together.”

In conclusion there are Orcs in the dark and they smell Thora. Very Dungeons And Dragons.

Monster - 1st Edition Orc Dungeons And Dragons
Monster – 1st Edition Orc

It begins by Thora charging them, while Sir Ly would help but he can’t see in the dark. Resulting in Paladin Sir Ly killing one of the Orcs and Thora the other.

Sir Ly: “Come! There is killing to be done.”

Noise can be heard from either side of the corridor. There are Orcs with spears and they fight bitterly. Sigune is hit by a Spear before she swiftly strikes down an Orc with a Longsword. Another who has thrown his Spear tries to punch her and she chops him in half. Thora hacks another and butchers him. All the Orcs at the cross roads are now dead and the Adventurers follow Thora as she heads straight down into the Orcs nest

GAME No: 5


“The odyssey continues and the fearless Adventurers must surely be close to recovering their purloined steeds? Or are there more Sir Prizes in store for them? There are no Sir Tainties in this adventure except that in the end they will Sir Mize that they must Sir Render to Sir Cumstances and Sir Pass expectations and Sir Vive or Sir Cumb to the forces of EVIL!”

Thora can smell Orcs and breaks out into an excited trot. The rest of the party zealously follows her down a long mined tunnel, after rushing round a corner past the openings where the two Orcs were and into a chamber where there is a small bridge across flowing water. Suddenly two Arrows are fired out of a fissure in the rock but miss their targets!

Thora rushes across the Dungeons And Dragons bridge and disappears into the darkness while Sigune leaps across the stream and attempts to follow but it is too dark to see. Mirafir and Father Tobias run across the bridge and another two short Arrows fly in his direction but miss! He runs past the fissure before he can be shot again! Meanwhile Frimly and Sir Ly attempt to deal with the fissure, Frimly to the side with his lantern while Sir Ly covers the hole with his Shield.

A voice can be heard within:

Orc: “Elves, Dwarves and Humans! Sound the alarm!”

Mirafir whispers to Sigune:

Mirafir: “I shall be your eyes!”

There is a standoff, the lurking Orcs are waiting – but for what? Suddenly there is an attack from the other side, in the direction of where Thora was, as two Orcs attack with Short Bows, flanked by two others with Scimitars and Shields! Thora ducks back and the Adventurers discuss what to do next, while the Orcs behind the fissure disappear.

The Adventurers all move toward Thora, Sir Ly lights his lantern and draws his Dungeons And Dragons Sword while Frimly takes out his Dungeons And Dragons Short Bow. Mirafir takes Sigune’s lantern and shines it so that she can see the Orcs – who charge! Sigune draws her Long Bow, fires and drops one as does Father Tobias with his sling, dropping another! The remaining two Orcs swarm the adventurers, Scimitars drawn and close quarter combat ensues!

Meanwhile, the two Orcs with the Bows appear from the other direction and fire their arrows at Sir Ly and Frimly. Frimly shot at one while Sir Ly ducks under the arrows and rushes over to dispatch the Orc on his side of the stream, while Frimly fires at the other. Sir Ly and Frimly are deadly in their attacks and both Orcs are dispatched. Sir Ly takes a quick look around the corner, from where the stream is flowing from and sees a large, deep pool. In the roof of the cavern a crack in the earth pours with water following into the pool. Sir Ly moves back with the other adventurers. Frimly takes a quick look down one of the many large holes in the area and they are not natural, but look like they have been smoothly bored by something.

The Adventurers win the day and annihilate the hateful Orcs: Thora is particularly satisfied with her nifty Battle Axe-work, her eyes glinting wildly as black Orc blood drips from the keen blade.

Test Dungeon AD&D - 2nd Level
Test Dungeon AD&D – 2nd Level

But there is no time to be lost and the party continues down the passage away from the rough-hewn natural caves into the smoother walled area beyond. Sigune and Thora take the lead and reach two doors on either side of the passageway. Sigune’s leads into a storeroom, with domestic loot from Caravans possibly, with a rough-hewn passage leading off into the darkness… Thora sees a dormitory and relays the information to the other Adventurers. She hears a loud, indescribable noise in the distance.

Father Tobias and Sir Ly go to the end of the passageway with three doors. One also leads to the store room, one is closed which Father Tobias goes to and a large set of double doors, which Sir Ly goes to. Suddenly, the door which Father Tobias is looking through the keyhole opens and a Female Orc Shamaness appears flanked by two large Orcs in Chain Mail, Shields and wielding Scimitars!

Orc Shamaness: “Die, Lover of Cuthbert!”

A Dungeons And Dragons dark green streak of light fly’s towards Father Tobias and strikes him square in the chest.

Tobias: “Come, Sir Ly, and wet your blade on these foul Heretics! Only when we are neck-deep in gore will they be cleansed of their sins!”

He takes a minor hit as they surprise him and then smashes an Orc with his Mace! Sigune runs to join the fray and Mirafir joins Frimly and Thora as they head through the barracks to other doors opposite. The Orcs attack again and though Father Tobias takes down his opponent, he is wounded again. The Shamaness flees, as is their wont, before the battle can truly unfold. Then the double doors opens and more Orcs pour out! Sigune and Sir Lee battle it out with them!

Father Tobias sits on the ground and begins to examine his wounds

Meanwhile, Frimly and Thora run through the door across a large room supported by four columns and reach an area full of cells. Mirafir meanwhile also rushes past the barracks to catch up with Thora and Frimly. These Adventures hear the noise of battle and Thora and Frimly rush back to aid their comrades.

At the cells Mirafir ascertains that the prisoners are possibly being fed to something in the Dungeons And Dragons Dungeon.

Mirafir: “Who are you and why are here?”

He asks a baleful Human Female in the first occupied cell he reaches through the bars, his Elven eyebrows raising quizzically.

Female Prisoner 1: “Please… No… No more! Just kill me! No more torture! Please!!!!”

She stammers and pleads.

The Wizard gets a similar response from the other prisoners before announcing:

Mirafir: “I am not allied with the evil denizens of this accursed lair! And if you are their victims, well, then I am here to aid and liberate you!”

Male Prisoner: “You… you are not one of them? Get us out of here! We have seen such terrible things! Help us! Free us!!!”

All three of the remaining prisoners clamour at the bars, yet Mirafir’s mastery of the arts of sorcery are alas not yet powerful enough to bend steel.

Mirafir: “Pray tell, where might I find the keys to release you? I shall search for them and you will be released in an instant! My companions are amongst the strongest in the entire realm and will twist this metal as if it is made of clay! Fear not! I shall return!”

Mirafir runs back to the scene of the battle and encounters poor Father Tobias, who has some dire-looking injuries.

Mirafir: “Father Tobias! Relief is at hand, I have several possible potions, which may be able to aid you! But first you must try them and test their effect! I fear there is no other way as my powers are still too weak to determine their purpose!”

Meanwhile Thora rushes towards the sound of battle, while Frimly decides his services are better applied checking the barracks.

As the battle continues, Sigune first slays one of the two Leather Armour clad Orcs, then manages to hack down the largest of the attacking Orcs in just two sword strokes, their Orc Chieftain apparently. Sir Ly is left to dispatch the other Orc in Leather Armour.

Sir Ly goes back to check on Father Tobias and can see he is deep conversation with Mirafir so he checks the room where the Shamaness and two Chain Mail Orcs were. He finds a large torcher room and a closed door.

Thora and Sigune enter the double doored room, the Chieftain’s quarters, and begin a search. Thora finds some items and Sigune is handed some a ‘Quiver’ and fine ‘Ornate Arrows’ for her Longbow, while Thora appraises the workmanship of a fine ‘Spear’. The only other thing of interest in the room is a Chest at the foot of the bed, which they decide to leave for now. Thora asked what had happened and that they had fought a Shamaness.

Thora: “Well, did you kill the Shamaness?”

Thora: “What happened to Father Tobias?”

Thora: “And where the St Cuthbert is Frimly and Mirafir?”

Will the brave, righteous, if not slightly greedy, Adventurers ever recover their horses? Or have they too been fed to whatever the nameless monstrosity is that lurks beneath this coven of evil Orcs and their allies? A simple visit to the tavern has turned into something beyond the control of mere mortals:

Will the Dungeons And Dragons Gods (St Cuthbert) smile on their fortune and grant them ‘Magic Items’ and ‘Powers’?

Or are the Gods merely playing with fortune, awaiting a moment to cruelly relieve them of their Armour, Gold Pieces and Equipment and cast them into newer, darker, more insidious Dungeons And Dragons challenges?

GAME No: 6


Father Tobias goes to feed the prisoners.

Father Tobias: “We cannot release you yet.”

Male Prisoner: “We can stay here! Please release us only when they are all destroyed!”

Sir Ly examines a Potion, which is described as “Healing” in the common tongue. He gives it to Father Tobias who imbibes it and fully recovers! Mirafir suspects a trick, but his concerns are allayed by the holy radiance emanating from the disciple of St. Cuthbert.

Sigune lays hands on Thora’s terrible gash and heals her completely.

Sigune: “By the divine power of His Holy Cudgel: be healed!”

There is also a ‘Potion of Extra-Healing’ and Mirafir attempts to attune with the ‘Necklace’ but without success. He then attunes with the ‘Stone Ring’ which contains ‘Detect Magic’, ‘Shield’, and one ‘Empty Slot’ – a ‘Ring of Spell Storing’! Other items are checked and distributed amongst the Adventurers.

Frimly is clearly impressed by the ‘Necklace’.

Frimly: “Great quality, by my estimate worth no more than 100gp, of which I would give you 130gp!”

Mirafir: “Your generosity knows of no bounds to man! But Elvenkind are blessed with the gift of time, which I shall take to further consider your offer.”

The Adventurers rest up for 8 hours, regaining ‘Spell Points’ and other abilities.

Frimly successfully opens the Orc Captain’s Chest, which contains a large number of Coins, Gold, Silver, Copper and others in varying measures! Father Tobias calls on the power of the Holy Cudgel and heals Sigune and Sir Ly so all of the Adventurers are now up to full strength. But what now? There are a number of unexplored passages and Father Tobias attempts to look for tracks but is unable to find anything.

PCs - 1st Edition Treasure
PCs – 1st Edition Treasure

Refreshed and ready for action, the Adventurers continue to explore, with Thora examining the stonework.

At the double doors, Thora and Sigune lead the way followed by Father Tobias. The Adventurers are accompanied by the three prisoners, who are shaking in terror but have decided against remaining alone in their darkened cells.

Beyond the door running water can be sensed.

Thora: “Sigune, let’s see what awaits us doon here, aye.”

Sigune: “Yes! What does your keen dwarf nose smell? The odorous stench of Orcs?”

Thora: “Let’s just wait a wee while and see!”

Further down the passage, the corridor widens into a room, which appears to have been excavated further. Looking through the fissure, the Adventurers realize that they are at the point where the Arrows were fired at the them when they were on the bridge.

Thora examines the excavations:

Thora: “By mah beard, I think they’re looking fae something down here. But what it may or may no be I cannae say.”

A narrow section opens into an oval domed chamber with a Deep Black Pool at its center. Sigune, Mirafir and Sir Lee are at the door. Sigune opens the door after nothing is heard beyond it. A chamber lies beyond – a Training Room? Weapons are stuck into wooden posts and there are two doors on the other side of the chamber with a single passage leading off.

Back in the Oval Room, Thora wants to dive into the pool of impenetrable Black Water.

In the Training Room, Sigune hears from the chamber a light rustling of wind in foliage. A way out? They then check one of the doors and beyond they see another smaller chamber. Suddenly, with a growing sense of horror, they realize that the chamber they are in looks suspiciously like a Trap. What are all these sharp objects on the walls for?

Diving down into the water back in the other chamber, Thora is gone for some time before re-emerging, spluttering water.

Below Thora swam down for about 30-35 feet and she could then see the pools bottom with her Infravision. On the pools bed she caught the sight of Gems? which gleamed as the light from the bullseye lantern hit them. Thora noticed a nich in the wall, a 10′ foot opening and decided to get closer. At that moment a Huge Spider, engulfed in a silvery shiled, lunged out and attacked Thora. after several laboured swings of Frimly’s borrowd Short Sword, fighting against the resistance of the water, Thora finishs off her attacker and, gasping of air, swims into the Spiders Lair. Thora found nothing but bones and so clooected the treasures (a Pearl, Gargent and Tiara) from the pools floor and swam back to the surface.

Monster - 1st Edition Giant Spider
Monster – 1st Edition Giant Spider

Thora: “I met an eight-legged friend down below! Some kind of Water Spider – not a very pleasant fellow! We took each other a little by surprise!”

The others go down the natural cave until Mirafir suddenly notes:

Mirafir: “These plants aren’t natural! They have just been used to hide the entrance!”

The Adventurers reunite in the passageway and then go through the other door which leads to a blocked descending staircase. It seems no one wants to go downstairs.

Heading over the other side of the complex the Adventurers discover a small network of tunnels freshly excavated. There is also an altar room with Blood on it.

With only one possibility left unexplored, brave Frimly decides to descend down one of the Sinkholes.

Screaming is suddenly heard from below, and the Adventurers on the other end of the rope try to pull Frimly up as quickly as possible. After about 3-5 minutes his legs are pulled out followed by the rest, he is injured but breathing. Father Tobias casts ‘Cure Light Wounds’ on him but it doesn’t appear to help.

Frimly: “Nasty worms! Horrible worms!”

Frimly regains consciousness but is clearly distraught.

Frimly: “It hit me – it must have been poison in the bite?”

Monster - 1st Edition Carrion Crawler Dungeons And Dragons
Monster – 1st Edition Carrion Crawler

Frimly was crawing down the tunnel when he saw that it began to widen, when suddenly he was attcked by a 9′ foot long worm creature. It was blood red, had a circular mouth full of teath and several tenticals jutting from it’s head? It was one of these that hit Frimly, who was unable to avaoid it’s attack, casused the paralasis and welt on his face.

Mirafir casts ‘Comprehend Languages’ on the stone in the entrance tunnel to reveal the meaning behind the incomprehensible stone inscription:

Mirafir: “Here lies Lord Ingafeld, Lord of the Manor.”

GAME No: 7


After eight hours of much needed rest the party are restored to full Health and Magical capabilities.

Meanwhile, the party finish exploring the Orc inhabited area of the complex and head back to the bridge over the stream that would lead back to the Undead!

As they proceed Sir Ly hears what sounds like something snoring. With lights doused, Thora, Father Tobias and Sigune proceed using their Infravision to see their way.

A sickening sight reveals itself. One of the creatures that attacked Frimly and sent him into paralysis is feasting upon the carcass of one of the dead Orcs.

Orc: UUgggh!

Thora breaks out her Crossbow and takes aim while FatherTobias loads his sling shot and fires a Bullet at the foul creature, and misses, as does Thora.

The party file past were the creature had been feasting when suddenly the worm with teeth drops from the ceiling and attacks one of poor prisoners who has tarried at the rear. She is brought low.

Frimly and then Sir Ly counter-attack with Sir Ly laying a hefty blow upon the creature. The combat continues in frenzy.

At the head of the group Thora then comes under attack from another Gnashy  Worm.

Rested, with spell points regained. The Adventurers head back across the bridge and two more of the Worms attack! They are difficult to hit, and able to take a lot of damage! Plus they have a paralysis Sting! They were feeding on the Orc cadavers when surprised by the Adventurers! Carrion feeders!

Test Dungeon AD&D - 2nd Level
Test Dungeon AD&D – 2nd Level

Sigune runs to the aid of Thora who is standing alone against one of the worms while Frimly and Sir Ly battle the other: Frimly strikes and kills the hideous Worm – an excellent strike – while Sir Ly grabs the stricken lady!

Sir Ly: “The Paladin should lay his hands on her!”

Sigune slices the other coiling writhing Worm! It is also dead!

The Adventurers continue, leaving this section of the dungeon and returning to where they had encountered the Undead. Sigune and Father Tobias at the fore. Eventually the female prisoner regains consciousness – her complexion pale and sickly.

Sigune cannot Detect Evil as the Adventurers reach a crossroads. Thora goes down a side passage and finds an empty store room. She goes with Father Tobias down the opposite junction which opens out into a room. Nothing is found. The Adventurers decide to go through the large doors at the end of the rough hewn tunnel and are expecting to meet Undead. The doors are barred from the other side but Thora is able to smash them open with her Dwarvish strength and resilience! Beyond, all is swathed in darkness. Moving down the pillared and well-built tunnel, the Adventurers light the torches in the sconces. Nothing can be heard. The Carrion Crawlers must have dragged the Orc bodies this way, as the trail of black blood reveals. Beyond the next door, beyond the pillared hall is yet another door, which, when opened reveals a large chamber. Suddenly the repeated resonation of a large gong being struck echoes throughout the network of corridors and tunnels:

“Thora: “Gongs, gongs in the deep!”

It must have been a ‘Magical Alarm’ triggered when the door was opened. The Adventurers brace themselves for an attack. The escaped prisoners are jumpy:

Father Tobias: “Stay with us and we will do our utmost to protect you!”

Father Tobias tries to reassure them.

Sir ye and Sigune stand at the front.

Frimly: “The prisoners should go first…”

Father Tobias: “That is most uncharitable of you, Frimly. You should repent. I will pray to St. Cuthbert for your soul.”

Sir Ly looks for tracks on the other side of the door but finds nothing discernable as too many have passed by this way.

Sigune listens at a door and hears nothing. She opens the door to the lounge area but there is nothing in there. Sir Ly listens at the other door but also hears nothing. The door at the end of this passage opens onto the Crypt Room. The escaped prisoners are barricaded out of harms way in an empty room before the Adventurers enter the Crypt.

Frimly listens at one of the doors in the room. Nothing. The Adventurers proceed further into the church. There are unlit sconces on the walls that are lit by the adventurers. The gong continues to resonate throughout the underworld. Behind the other door there is a 10’ foot wide staircase going 60’ feet down.

Test Dungeon AD&D
Test Dungeon AD&D

There is a strange smell wafting up from below.

The Adventurers decide to head down the stairs: What evil awaits them?

The party continues cautiously down the stairs – Frimly checking for traps. The corridor opens into a huge chamber with columns rising up to the ceiling.

Thora: “Ladies and Gentlemen, it looks like we have found something here. The blocked staircases must have led to this chamber.”

It is a Mausoleum and the doors are the entrances to tombs. Sir Lee is suddenly unsure if he saw movement. He silently alerts the others so they are braced for an ambush…

But an attack is not forthcoming.

Sir Ly : “Let us continue!”

Yells Sir Ly. The party continue. Suddenly skeletons animate and attack!! Father Tobias attempts to turn them:

Father Tobias: “By the power of St. Cuthbert: Begone!”

Sir Ly strikes one of them and shatters it!!

Sir Ly: “Have at you, you blasphemous blasphemy!”

Meanwhile, Sigune and Thora run round and engage three more Skeletons. A bolt of fire hits the lantern Sir Ly is carrying, it smashes the latern causing Sir Ly’s boot to catche fire and a large pool of burning oil! Sigune strikes and smashes another with her Footman’s Mace while Father Tobias destroys another Skeleton.

Sigune: “Travesty of life: Be gone!”

Sigune swings her mace and obliterates the skull of a Skeleton, wiping it out. Where is Frimly?

GAME No: 8


The slaughter continues…

The Adventurers are in a narrow tunnel. There is a shaft, but the Adventurers are skeptical that the rescued prisoners are capable of the climb.

Lady Sigune: “Let’s continue along the passage: There may be more Evil to smite!”

But the onus is on Frimly to climb up the shaft. He fails and slips, but his dexterous abilities prevent the slip turning into a painful fall. Climbing up, Frimly discovers that Mirafir’s original “Change” cantrip has vanished, having only a limited duration. Frimly disappears for a short while before abseiling back down:

Frimly: “I got to the top and there are a couple of overgrown towers – with lights in ‘em! There are tents there, and bodies. I didn’t stick about. It could be that Witch and her lot. From where we are they are north. I’ve tied off a rope but I think it might be too dangerous for the prisoners. Did someone say human shields? Oh maybe not.”

Mirafir casts ‘Unseen Servant’, and instructs it to carry the bull’s-eye lantern, at a constant distance of 30’ feet ahead of the party of Adventurers. Beyond the shaft there is another door. The Adventurers did not go this way the first times they entered the labyrinth and are wondering why there is another door in this direction: What could it conceal?

Mirafir commands the ‘Unseen Servant’ to open the door, which it is able to do. The door creaks opened revealing two more doors across the other side of a bare room. The Adventurers advance into the empty chamber. Sir Ly listens at one of the doors hearing nothing while Sigune checks for tracks near the other door. She finds nothing.

Sir Ly finds a long passage beyond the doors. Heading down, there is a pair of double doors. Sir Ly listens but hears nothing. The passage continues. Thora shoulder barges the double doors and they swing open, thick Spider Webs are revealed: And a GIANT SPIDER!

Sir Ly attempts to smite it and misses but Sigune and Thora finish it off! Another smaller Spider attacks and bites Sir Ly! Thora strikes and inflicts a punishing blow, splattering the Spider and saving Sir Ly’s bacon.

As the lantern scopes the room, the Adventurers see the gleam of Coins glinting on the floor of the chamber. The thick, unnaturally strong Spider Webs make hard work of the room and the Adventurers decide to investigate the surrounding passages before returning to collect the booty. An examination reveals that Sir Ly has not been Poisoned, but he does have an injury.

Sigune lays her hands on Sir Ly, restoring his strength.

Lady Sigune: “By St Cuthbert’s mighty Cudgel, it is good to have you by my side, Sir Ly! Together we shall smite the forces of evil!”

PCs - 1st Edition Monsters Dungeons And Dragons
PCs – 1st Edition Monsters

The tunnel turns to the East, and the Adventurers bravely follow its course. Sigune pokes her head round the corner and sees holes at head height along the passage: A trap? It’s got to be a trap…

Some of the holes are at Dwarf head height. Thora looks for traps on the floor and sees nothing.

Lady Sigune: “Frimly, we have need of your ‘skills’!”

He doesn’t detect anything so Thora “commando” crawls along the passageway below the murder holes. The others follow. Just as Mirafir is coming across a pit opens up and he falls down taking damage.

Mirafir: “Arrrgghh!”

It is 10’feet deep and calcified around the edges. Probably the cumulative weight of all the passing Adventurers caused it to finally collapse.

Thora helps him climb out of his predicament.

Mirafir: “Strange days, Thora. A Dwarf, aiding an Elf to climb out of a hole?”

Thora: “While I was always told that…”

Mirafir: “What’s that you say, madame? I can’t hear you through all that beard. You’ll have to speak up.”

Her eyes smolder, and Mirafir can be glad that he is not straight back down the Pit.

The tunnel is punctured by a wide chasm cutting across it. Further down the passage on the other side, the base of one of the towers can be seen. The chasm is deep. Deeper than the lantern can reveal. The sound of running water can perhaps be heard deep below.

Mirafir casts ‘Spider Climb’ on Sigune. She has to eat a live spider, after which she is miraculously able to crawl across the ceiling of the tunnel. She checks the other side for danger. The passage to the right is blocked by rubble and the tower has a spiral staircase going up into the darkness. Thora and Sigune fix the Mirafir’s Silken Rope so that the Adventurers and freed prisoners are able to cross the abyss.

Sadly, the only member of the party to fail at climbing is the ‘|Unseen Servant’, who tumbles silently into the darkness.

Going up the spiral stairs, the night sky can be seen above. The staircase opens directly onto the top of the tower. It’s a wooden platform at the top and Mirafir, Father Tobias and Thora use their night vision to take in the scene. There are some tents, a camp and another tower in the distance. Some indefinable movement can be seen. A track passes through the center of the scene. The party decides to climb down the outside of the tower. A difficult task for those in Plate Armour.

Frimly descends first. Followed by Mirafir. Thora is the next to descend and then Sir Ly and one-by-one the others come down. Only the freed prisoners remain. The figures spotted at the top of the other tower can no longer be seen from ground level. The half moon provides a little light on this clear night.

As Frimly scouts the area, a torch is suddenly thrown down from the other tower. Stubby ugly Humans suddenly appear on the battlements of the tower. They are looking for something. But they don’t find him.

Mirafir casts “Shield” from the “Ring of Spell Storing” and then casts ‘Magic Missile’ at one of the Guards on the tower – an Arrow is fired back which misses. The others are ready with their Bows. Father Tobias casts ‘Entangle’ onto the group of tents where many of them are grouped:

Spell - 1st Edition Shield Dungeons And Dragons
Spell – 1st Edition Shield

Humans: “We’re trapped! We’re trapped!”

Sigune shoots a Long Bow Arrow into the mayhem which strikes one of the Guards, killing him instantly – eerily his body remains standing, suspended by the entanglement. More Arrows stream in from the Adventurers, not all of them hitting their targets. Sigune fires again and hits another, while Thora strikes another with a Crossbow Bolt. A torch is thrown down from the tower to illuminate the area. Sir Ly takes out another. Suddenly Mirafir spots movement behind one of the other hillocks and shouts a warning to Sir Ly:

Mirafir: “They’re trying to outflank us!”


GAME No: 9


Disaster. It turns out the Bandits attacked by the Adventurers were in fact Mercenaries, hunting Orcs. Penance must be done. Frimly overheard them talking at the top of the tower. Frimly discovers a expertly hidden Secret Door.

Sigune and Sir Ly must seek redemption. Father Tobias passes judgement:

Father Tobias: “For each life taken, two must be saved! Save thou the lives of eight innocents and your tarnished souls shall be redeemed!”

Father Tobias channels the power of St. Cuthbert to enchant ‘Magical Stones’ and shares them with Mirafir.

The next morning, the Adventurers re-enter the dungeon. The rescued prisoners are left safely locked in the stables of the tower until the Adventurers return. Deeper into the dungeon, closer to the decrepit church, Mirafir summons another Unseen Servant, who is equipped with a bulls eye lantern. The Adventurers reach a locked door and Frimly attempts to pick it. Without success. Thora uses her axe and hacks her way through the door. The unseen servant advances. There are two open doors to the library and sitting room, with the previously discovered secret door at the end. The door that leads to the church…

Beyond is another secret door, which the unseen servant also opens. Beyond is darkness. The lantern sweeps through the darkness. The remains of the bodies have vanished.  The unseen servant moves over to one of the doors and fails to open it.

Mirafir: “This requires the nefarious skills of someone with light fingers. Step forward Frimly!”

Frimly: “How dare you!”

Mirafir: “Those light fingers are also very sensitive!”

Suddenly an alarm is sounded! Frimly is able to pick the lock on a second attempt! Beyond is a huge chamber. Sigune casts detect evil before looking round the corner. She detects nothing and steps round the corner into the chamber. There are two barred doors on the left and right. There are also huge pillars in the room that rise up into the darkness above. Entering the room, the shutter in one of the doors suddenly opens and something moves…

PC - 1st Edition Thief Dungeons And Dragons
PC – 1st Edition Thief

Suddenly Skeletons come charging out: Father Tobias attempts to turn them AND SUCCEEDS!

Four of them are turned but four more charge towards the adventurers!

Father Tobias: “I’ve held the first four, but you’ll have to dispatch the others! Aaargh my armour! It is overheating! Aid me, Mirafir!”

Mirafir: “This is beyond my power! I can only help you remove it!”

Thora and Sigune cut down two of the Dungeons And Dragons Skeletons.

A horrible stench suddenly emerges from the other side of the chamber from the room on the other side of the door. Father Tobias advances:

Father Tobias: “I say begone! Your evil power has no effect on the righteous!”

Sigune strikes down another Skeleton.

Father Tobias: “There is a great evil in the chamber beyond! It is a darkened and square room!”

Suddenly an impenetrable ‘Darkness’ engulfs all of the Adventurers barring the two battling Warriors Sigune and Thora.

Father Tobias casts “Light” on his Holy Symbol to counter the ‘Darkness’! Four Ghouls emerge from the room! Tobias takes down one of them, while Sigune takes a blow from one of the Skeletons: A sucker punch!

Frimly heads into the chamber, but there is nothing but the sarcophagus. Meanwhile, Sir Ly and Father Tobias battle the last Dungeons And Dragons Ghoul – a real slugfest! Sigune and Thora enter the opposite chamber and Thora attempts to kick off the lid of the sarcophagus…

Monster - 1st Edition Ghoul Dungeons And Dragons
Monster – 1st Edition Ghoul


GAME No: 10


Thora is ready to open the sarcophagus and Sigune stands poised to strike:

Sigune: “I shall smite whatever is within!”

Suddenly, Sigune and Thora collapse

Disembodied Voice: “You disturb my sleep!”

A ‘Magic Missile’ appears out of thin air! It strikes and injures Mirafir, an Orc Shamaness appears but he is able to cast ‘Sleep’ on the Witch! She collapses!

Disembodied Voice: “I suggest you do not move murderer! You took my sister!”

Mirafir: “Reveal yourself! You coward!”

A cold hand over his mouth and a Dagger pushed up against his neck.

Witch Sister No2: “You will come with me or you will die!”

Mirafir: “Lead on!”

Dungeons And Dragons Darkness.

A sudden slap to the face wakes Sigune.

Sigune: “Where’s Mirafir?”

Father Tobias: “I don’t know!”

Frimly: “What if… these tunnels link up?”

Sigune and Thora notice that the Weapons they had in their hands have been stolen. There is a Secret Door at the back of the chamber which Frimly opens.

Sigune is unable to identify any tracks, so the Adventurers proceed into the ‘Darkness’. At the end of the tunnel there is another door, beyond which is an identical chamber to the last with a Sarcophagus in it. On the opposite side of the room is an open door. Sigune attempts to Detect Evil from within the Sarcophagus.

Sigune: “I detect no evil presence from within…”

The Dungeons And Dragons Sarcophagus is opened. The crumbling mummified remains of a human woman are revealed within. She is holding a Dungeons And Dragons ‘Magic Wand’ in her hands.

Father Tobias: “We must leave the wand in her hands.” He says loudly.

Thora: “There was something about the sarcophagus in the other chamber. It had been tampered with.

Across the chamber there is the sound of scraping metal. Suddenly, darkness descends on Sigune and Frimly who are standing in the doorway. Sigune howls:

Sigune: “Death to you, desecrators of light! You shall be cast back into the abyss! By St. Cuthbert!”

A Dungeons And Dragons Black Robed Figure with a torch and four Gormless Lurching Figures appear in the doorway opposite. As Sigune and Sir Ly charge forward through the darlness spell, the Robed Figure slams the door shut.

Monster - 1st Edition Zombie Dungeons And Dragons
Monster – 1st Edition Zombie

Sigune and Sir Ly engage the undead and Sigune strikes one dead with her Footman’s Mace. Sir Ly misses with his first blow but strikes with his second, and another goes down. They flail and miss and Sigune takes out another. Only one remains standing.

Sir Ly and Sigune finish off the last one.

The Paladins and the Priest proceed to charge into the chamber – another Sarcophagus room – and hear something from behind the wall. Father Tobias discovers the Secret Door and the Adventurers are reunited.

Meanwhile, Thora and Frimly opt not to run through the darkness and head back, running, to the Secret corridor behind the other set Crypts, in order to catch the enemy from behind. As they enter the Crypt they have to reopen the Dungeons And Dragons Secret Door and in the corridor, at the far end, they can make out the figure of a Robed Man banging on the wall at the end of the corridor.

Frimly takes aim and fire at the Acolyte which his Short Bow and hit him in the back. Thora rushes over and the Acolyte turns, falls on his knees and begins to beg for his life. Thora does not strike and begins to question the Acolyte. Then the Acolyte begins to chant, summoning the power of his god, but Thora, using Frimly’s ‘Magic Sword’ is too quick for him and impales the Acolyte.

Sir Ly and Signe enter the chamber and head towards the Secret corridor where they find Thora and Frimly, standing over the dead body of a black robe acolyte.

Another secret door at the end of the passageway is blocked. Impossible to open, maybe even ‘Magically Locked’. The Adventurers decide to go round to the other side and try from there.

As they come back out into the main chamber we find 6 Skeletons and three large men wearing Red Plate Mail with Flaming Skull Insignia, 2 with Mace and Shields in hand.

The Skeletons are in front of the armoured men, with two of the Armoured men Standing in front of the final taller man.

Monster - 1st Edition Skeleton Dungeons And Dragons
Monster – 1st Edition Skeleton

Trouble lies ahead in Dungeons And Dragons.


GAME No: 11


Mirafir has disappeared. No one knows where he has gone. But the present is more pressing: 6 skeletons and 3 fighters with the Flaming Skull Insignias… A ‘Spell’ is cast from the outstretched fingers of one of the Skull-Clan! Frimly and Sir Ly are both frozen… Unable to move… Sigune charges forward as does Thora, while Father Tobias attempts to turn the Skeletons! The skeletons break into two groups, each accompanied by a Skull Warrior!

Evil Cleric: “MY FAITH WILL WIN!”

One of them growls.

Sigune: “Your faith is an abomination! To hell with thee!”

Father Tobias: “St Cuthbert shall crush you!”

NPC - 1st Edition Cleric (Asmodeus) Dungeons And Dragons
NPC – 1st Edition Cleric (Asmodeus)

The fray is entered: Weapons swing and whistle through the air and the only sound that can be heard is of slashing, hacking and crushing, and the cries of pain through gritted teeth. One of the Warriors manages to break through and closes in on Father Tobias, who is left with no choice but to draw his mace and fight. The Warrior strikes him but Father Tobias does not waver:

Father Tobias: “That will not break my faith! Only strengthen it!”

Meanwhile, Mirafir is able to loosen his bonds thanks to the cantrip “Untie”.

A Hand Axe whisks past Thora’s ear as the Adventurers gradually begin to realize that they have met worthy opponents.

There is a stalemate in the combat, neither side able to get a hit except for Thora who is able to drop one of the Skeletons! It’s a slugfest: Blow-for-blow the sound of mace crashing into Shield and Armour is deafening. Father Tobias takes another glancing blow that draws blood. Slowly and surely, the resolve of the Adventurers is being tested. Sir Ly is gradually regaining consciousness and prepares to enter the fray. Three figures appear in the Dungeons And Dragons door:

An Orc and a Cleric drag Mirafir into the chamber.

Monster - 1st Edition Orc Hand Axe Dungeons And Dragons
Monster – 1st Edition Orc Hand Axe

Gorus: “Come, fools: Your friend is captured and you are surrounded by my minions! Give yourselves up and work for me!”

Sir Ly: “Your minions are thwarted!”

A spell is cast and Sir Ly is suddenly no longer interested in fighting. This only strengthens the resolve of the others! Suddenly, from out of nowhere two bolts of greenish light streak out towards the Dwarf: Thora is badly hurt.

Gavina: “He’s mine! Do not touch the Elf Wizard!

Gorus: Gark execute him!”

His Battle Axe is raised, poised to strike Mirafir, while Frimly prepares to unleash a Short Bow Arrow. Father Tobias casts ‘Hold Person’ on the Orc just as he is about to strike!

Gavina: “Thank you for saving him,”

Screams the Witch!

Gavina: “My revenge shall be swift!”

Thora is struck by two more “Magic Missiles”.

The other Guard flees, slamming the door behind him so Mirafir removes his blindfold, steals the held Orcs Dagger and stabs him with it! Meanwhile, Thora hacks down another Fighter!

Mirafir casts “Magic Missiles” on the Orc and kills it! Sigune strikes the Cleric inflicting a heavy blow! And another sends him reeling:

Evil Cleric 2: Masterrrrs!”

Sigune: “Your masters have failed you, as have your worthless gods! There is only one true god, and he has an enormous cudgel to prove it!”

Another blow crushes the fiends Helmet and he collapses lifelessly.

With all opponents now scattered across the floor of the chamber, the Adventurers split into two groups to pursue the Witches. Mirafir, Thora and Father Tobias go into the first Sarcophagus Chamber, while Sir Ly, Sigune and Frimly go to the further chamber… But there is no sign of them.

Frimly is able to pick locks on a barred door: It is another Sarcophagus Chamber on the other side.

Father Tobias: “By the power of St. Cuthbert, I shall purify this place!”

Sir Ly finds a secret door at the back of the chamber. The Adventurers begin to speculate:

Frimly: “What is the purpose of all these Secret Doors?”

The missing weapons are found. But what is to be done next?

Where are Gorus and Gavina?

Will they ever find their Horses?


The City Of Waterdeep
The City Of Waterdeep
The City Of Waterdeep
The City Of Waterdeep
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The Town of Daggerford
Daggerford - Numbered
Daggerford – Numbered
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Sword Coast Map
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