Vicross & Sir Ly – Chapter Seventeen

9th Day of the Claw of winter (February): DAY FIVE

Harpshield Castle Basement (7:30 pm):

Vicross slowly moves out of the Abandoned Tavern looking for more Fanged Moon Orcs and made his way back to the double doors on the southern wall of the corridor.

A shaft has been carved into the floor here.

Harpshield Castle - Fanged Moon Tribe
Harpshield Castle – Fanged Moon Tribe

Vicross can see that the well passage doors are open, the shaft dropping 15 ‘feet to the water. In the ceiling, the well shaft goes to the surface 1’3 feet above. The wall is slippery, so it’s not easy to climb.

Vicross then ‘Fly’s’ back to the Tree Trunk barrier.

A makeshift but sturdy-looking barrier of logs blocks the corridor. Two narrow windows pierce the barrier.

Vicross looks through one of the windows.

The passageway beyond the barrier is stained with yellow-green ichor and dark blood, as well as shattered arrows and a few broken spears.

Vicross then returns to the Barracks, past the Fanged Moon Orcs with Short Bows, and takes a look down the western corridor that heads southwards. The Wizard can see that there are 2 Ogres in Chain Mail and with Two-Handed Swords. Behind the Ogres, 4 Fanged Moon Orcs with Scimitars and Shields and hiding in a room side reses a Fanged Moon Orc Captain.

Vicross describes what he sees while keeping in range of the ‘Sending Stones’ 100’ feet range.

Sir Ly: “Are they the Orcs from the main building?”

Vicross: “I do believe they are.”

Vicross ‘Fly’s’ back to Sir Ly to confer as to what they should do next. They decide to retrieve the Ranger, Kelson Darktreader, via the Well shaft and then attack the Ogres and Fanged Moon Orcs.

Vicross ‘Fly’s’ up the Well shaft to talk to Kelson, who is still on the battlements. Vicross is still ‘Invisible’ and so Kelson Darktreader asks for proof from the Wizard.

Kelson Darktreader: “How was I revived then Wizard?”

Vicross: “With the powder which I hold before you, Ranger.”

Kelson Darktreader: “I cannot see you though Wizard.”

Kelson Darktreader chuckles to himself.

Vicross moves back down the Well shaft while Kelson Darktreader ties-off and uses his rope to follow.

Vicross ‘Fly’s’ back to the Barracks, Kelson Darktreader Moves Silently to the south of the large chamber while the Paladin, Sir Ly, is told to wait until Vicross casts his first spell, ‘Sleep’. Vicross is able to affect all 4 of the Fanged Moon Orc Archers and the slump to the floor, gently snoring.

Vicross and Sir Ly then debate as to what their next move should be as the Wizard was now visible and could not move and cast his ‘Web’ spell. Vicross whispers to Sir Ly.

Sir Ly: “We need to have them all in the corridor before you use your Spell.”

Vicross: “The Spell is ineffective if there is but one with a flame left.”

Sir Ly: “That gives me an idea, I can use my once they have been trapped and then…”

Vicross: “Then the Web will ignite and the Fanged Moon Orcs and Ogre will burn.”

Kelson Darktreader: “I will go, I will draw them forth for you Wizard.”

Sir Ly: “How did he hear us?”

Kelson Darktreader moves into the corridor and rushes back out drawing forth the enemies.

Vicross casts ‘Web’ and traps the 2 Ogres, 4 Fanged Moon Orcs and the Captain.

Sir Ly uses his ‘Ring of Shooting Stars’ and casts ‘Spark Shower’, which in turn sets fire to the Magical ‘Web’ and so inflicting more damage on all those caught within.

Monster - Ogre
Monster – Ogre

Only one Fanged Moon Orc survives the Magical onslaught as does the 2 Ogres and the Fanged Moon Orc Captain. The disciplined Ogres each run toward the Fighters, Sir Ly and Kelson, as the Wizard is in the air some 15’ feet up. Vicross aims his ‘Magic Missile’ at the last reaming Fanged Moon Orc and the Captain. The Fanged Moon Orc is killed but the Wizard underestimated the toughness of the Captain and he remained standing and crying out.

Fanged Moon Orc Captain: “A Fighter, A Ranger and A Wizard walk into a Dungeon…”

Sir Ly and Kelson Darktreader deal with their foes as the Captain runs off south along the corridor.

Vicross casts ‘Invisibility’ on himself and states that he intends to move down the corridor, south, and see what there is whilst keeping in contact with the ‘Sending Stones’.

Vicross: “I need to hurry as my ‘Fly’ Spell is running out as soon will the ‘Sending Stones’ which we have used twice thus far.”

Vicross moves off while Sir Ly and Kelson Darktreader are tasked by the Wizard to finish off the ‘Sleeping’ Fanged Moon Orc Archers.

Vicross heads down the southward corridor and come to a 3 way junction. To the west, as he does so the temperature gets much warmer.

The western part of this room is divided into two identical cells constructed of wooden bars. Each cell contains filthy piles of straw and a wooden bucket. The cells are open, chains and padlocks hanging loosely from the bars.

In the northern cell is the pale corpse of a human, whose bruised neck and stained clothes contrast with his serene expression in death.

Vicross can see that there are 2 Human Zombies in each of the Cells.

To the south of Vicross there are stairs leading down into the darkness.

To the East, beyond a 30’ foot corridor, Vicross can see a 30’ by 30’ foot chamber and he feels the heat even more coming from it.

In the middle of the eastern wall of this room is a makeshift throne of stones, bones, severed heads, and skulls. Two iron braziers full of smouldering magical fire stand in the corners flanking the throne.

However, in this corridor Vicross finds many unwanted things. 4 Zombies to the west, 4 Orogs in Chainmail carrying Two-Handed Swords to the east, 2 more Orogs in the chamber shielding the Magical Orc and beyond that a sight the freezes Vicross’ Blood, Wartsnak Direlord sitting on the Throne.

The Wizard has no time to think as the Magical Orc points down the corridor; up in the celling where Vicross was flying.

Magical Orc: “There, there is one of them, up by the corridor opening, get him.”

Vicross chooses to cast ‘Lightning Bolt’ down the corridor, catching all but one of the Orogs and alerts Sir Ly of his intended actions using the ‘Sending Stones’. Sir Ly relates the message to Kelson Darktreader and they set off after the Wizard.

Vicross: “Be quick as I have only a few minutes of ‘Flying’ left.”

Vicross cast his Spell at the foes and half of the Orogs managed to sidestep the full effects of the ‘Lightning Bolt’, the other half were killed as was the Magical Orc. Wartsnak Direlord was also struck by the ‘Lightning Bolt’. Vicross becomes visible, flying close to the ceiling.

Vicross: “He looks like Wartsnak Direlord, apart from his red eyes, but his Axe looks New and well made.”

Wartsnak Direlord points a ringed finger at Vicross and the Wizard manages to withstand whatever was cast at him. 3 Orogs gather around the Wizard and the Zombies move out of the Cells and into the corridor.

Sir Ly and Kelson Darktreader are confronted by the Zombies from the Cells and the Paladin held up his holy symbol and drove them back south and down the stairs. The Orogs swipe at the Wizard in the air and the Wizard himself cast another Spell, ‘Ice Storm’.

The whole area, 40’ radius or 80’ diameter, was now full of driving sleet , the sleet blinding all within its area for the duration of the spell and causes the ground in the area to be icy, slowing movement and making it probable that a creature trying to move in the area slips and falls

Sir Ly was outside the area of effect and Vicross managed to fly out using his last minuet of his Spell. Kelson Darktreader was caught inside when he moved to aid the Wizard while the Paladin turned the Zombies. Kelson Darktreader was making hard work of fighting the reaming 3 Orogs in the blinding sleet. Sir Ly and Vicross wait for the ‘Ice Storm’ to subside and the Wizard casts ‘Shield’ from his ‘Ring of Spell Storing’. The ‘Ice Storm’ ends and Kelson Darktreader was the only one standing and Wartsnak Direlord gone.

Vicross, Sir Ly and Kelson Darktreader move into the Throne Room but find nothing of interest apart from seeing that the Magical Orc’s body was also gone. Vicross and Sir Ly move south and Kelson Darktreader keeps an eye on the western corridor.

Vicross and Sir Ly find a T junction heading east and west. Westwards are more stairs heading down into darkness and to the east another Tree Log Barrier, however this Barrier is opened.

The passageway beyond the barrier is stained with yellow-green ichor and dark blood, as well as shattered arrows and a few broken spears.

Two 4-foot-wide circular passages open in the south wall near the floor. The floor is littered with some masonry, gravel, and loose dirt.

Vicross: “I can only see stairs heading down to the West and I believe our ‘Sending Stones’ have stopped.”

Sir Ly: “Nothing to the east but the dead body of the Magical Orc laying of the floor.”

Vicross searches for tracks at the T Junction and Sir Ly takes a close look at the body from a distance.

Vicross: “It looks like Wartsnak Direlord came this way dragging the body of this poor creature.”

Vicross and Sir Ly make their way to the body whist Kelson Darktreader keeps an eye on the way behind them.

As the two Heroes approach the body they can both see it was bleeding and….

Suddenly, it appears that emerging out of the very gravel 3 creatures materialise and take our Heroes completely by surprise.

They were a large worm-like creature; their heads was composed of a sharp beak surrounded by four tentacles. The main body of was about 6’ feet long. Including the length of the tentacles, this made them about 8’ foot long. Their heads featured a pair of tiny eyes and a snapping beak surrounded by large barbed tentacles. The tentacles would cover the beak unless the creature eating, or as they were now, attacking.

Their skin was rubbery and uniformly dark with pale underbellies. Their colouration varied from dark greens to blues, meaning that their skin would camouflage well in rocky terrain and shadows.

Harpshield Castle Fanged Moon (9:00 pm):

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