Vicross & Sir Ly – Chapter Twenty One

10th Day of the Claw of winter (February): DAY SIX

Kelson Under Daggerford (21:00 pm):

Sir Ly, Vicross and Kelson then move off west to look for the Bar-lgura that had ‘Faerie Fire’ cast upon it by Sir Ly. They find corridors heading off in all directions in the large flora filled chamber.

In the north-west corner another Bar-lgura casts something at our Heroes who are unaffected. Now visible the Bar-lgura is fired upon but Sir Ly and Kelson and its falls to the ground dead.

Sir Ly, Vicross and Kelson continue looking for the last Bar-lgura, with Sir Ly leading the way, and move on east down a long westward running corridor. This corridor has 2 corridors heading south one leading to stairs heading upwards and the other to a hexagonal room which appears empty to Sir Ly.

Sir Ly, Vicross and Kelson spend a long time searching for Secret Doors in the hexagonal room and find none.

The stairs heading up are blocked by some form of ‘Invisible Barrier’.

Sir Ly, Vicross and Kelson then continue west and come to a long chamber which has 2 closed and 1 slightly open doors within it. Sir Ly moves in and is immediately attacked by 4 Bar-lgura, which materialise before the Paladin, with another appearing by the open door.

Sir Ly prepares to fight, as does Kelson, but Vicross is unsure about the whole situation. Sir Ly takes damage as he confronts the Bar-lgura, while the Ranger rushes to the Paladins aid; Sir Ly casts ‘Dimension Door’ from his Magical Two-Handed Sword and escapes the Bar-lgura.

Vicross believes that the Bar-lgura are unreal, an illusion in fact, and dispels them from his sight and mind. Sir Ly eventually returns and is persuaded that the Bar-lgura are not real.

Sir Ly, Vicross and Kelson push on and as they follow the Paladin westwards, past the slightly open door, they enter a smaller chamber, with 2 hexagonal chambers flanking it to the north and south and spiral stairs directly in front of the door, heading upwards.

Inside Sir Ly, Vicross and Kelson find the last Bar-lgura, still glowing from the ‘Faerie Fire’ Spell, and the final battle is had. The Bar-lgura is killed but another creature emerges from the very back of Sir Ly, an Imp.

Kelson is hit by a Fear’ Spell and it consumes him, making the Ranger run off into the darkness leaving Sir Ly and Vicross alone.

Sir Ly and Vicross wait for the Ranger to return in shame.

Sir Ly is compelled to leave the Morlin Castle dungeons under Daggerford Castle.

Vicross casts ‘Hold Person’ on the Paladin preventing Sir Ly from moving or talking.

Kelson is now compelled to help the Paladin leave Morlin Castle’s Dungeons.

Vicross cast ‘Web’ upon Kelson, who is carrying the Paladin who is in turn held by the ‘Hold Person’ Spell cast by Vicross.

Vicross cancels his ‘Web’ Spell and throws the ‘Sleep Powder’ at Kelson who falls into a deep slumber for a second time in as many days.

Vicross is left alone and heads the party of one.

Vicross decides to tie-up Sir Ly to the conveniently sleeping Kelson in the Throne Room which is protected by some form of Glowing Barrier, according to the Paladin and similar to the one found in Castle Ravenloft.

Vicross then cast ‘Invisibility’ from the Scroll, given to him by Delfen ‘Yellowknife’ Ondabarl, on himself just in case and elects to search the Imp’s room of many items. Within Vicross find many items of daily use or personal items such as, documents some with familiar hand writing like that of Derval ‘Ironeater’ Ironaxe and the Lady Bronwyn Daggerford. Domestic items from Castle Daggerford like a knife, a fork plate, etc. Deeper down, under the initial piles of detritus, in the pile Vicross find many items form by the docks, ropes, cork, bits of sail and lots of ropes.

Was this how information was passed onto Wartsnak Direlord whilst they inhabited Runedardath, Vicross thinks to himself? Now that Wartsnak Direlord is part of the Demon Cabal, mayhap they have other forms or manners of communication?

Finally, using his last once of Magical Power Vicross casts ‘Detect Magic’ and searches the room for any traces of Magic. Vicross uncovers 4 Position Bottles filled with Magical liquids.

  1. Potion of Fire Breath
  2. Potion of Fire Giant Strength (Warrior)
  3. Oil of Elemental Invulnerability
  4. Potion of Pebble Flesh

Potion of Fire Breath:

This potion allows the imbiber to spew a tongue of flame any time within one hour of quaffing the liquid. Each potion contains enough liquid for four small draughts. One draught allows the imbiber to breathe a cone of fire 10′ feet wide and up to 20′ feet long that inflicts 1d10 + 2 points of damage (d10 + 2).

A double draught doubles the range and damage. If the entire potion is taken at once, the cone is 20 feet wide, up to 80 feet long, and inflicts 5d10 points of damage. Saving throws vs. breath weapon for half damage apply in all cases. If the flame is not expelled before the hour expires, the potion fails, with a 10% chance that the flames erupt in the imbiber’s system, inflicting double damage upon him, with no saving throw allowed.

Potion of Fire Giant Strength:

This potion can be used only by warriors. When a Giant Strength potion is consumed, the individual gains great Strength and Bonuses to Damage when he scores a hit with any Hand-Held or Thrown weapons.

It is also possible for the person to Hurl Rocks as shown on the table below. Note that the type of giant strength gained by drinking the potion is randomly determined on the same table:

Oil of Elemental Invulnerability (Water):

This precious substance gives total invulnerability to one type of normal elemental force on the Prime Material Plane: Wind Storms, Fires, Earth Slides, Floods, and so forth.

Attacks by elemental creatures are still effective, but with a -1 penalty per die of damage. A flask contains enough oil to coat one man-sized creature for two days or 2 individuals for one day. The element protected against is Water.

Also, any character covered in the oil suffers no ill effects from the harsh environments of the elemental, para-elemental, and quasi-elemental planes.

Potion of Pebble Flesh:

The user rubs his entire body with this greasy potion before he goes to sleep. When he awakens, his skin has become rough and lumpy as if it was made of pebbles, and coloured a dull green.

The Pebble Flesh improves the user’s natural Armour Class by +4; a human’ from AC 10 to AC 6. The effect is cumulative; a human with pebble flesh wearing leather armour has an effective AC of 4.

Pebble flesh lasts for 1-4 Weeks.

Because of pebble flesh’s rough texture and odd appearance, the user also suffers the following penalties:

Their movement rate is reduced by 1/3.

The user cannot swim. The extra weight of the pebble flesh pulls him down, as if he were wearing metal armour.

The users Dexterity and Charisma checks are made at a -2 penalty.

The user is vulnerable to ‘Stone Shape’ and any other spells that affect stone. (‘Stone to Flesh’ negates pebble flesh, causing the skin to revert to its normal form.)

Just before Vicross leaves he feels that he has overlooked something and take a last look about the room and sees a faint glow of Magic. Vicross digs down and find a wonderful blade under all the items.

An exquisite Elven made Longsword, inscribed with Elven Runes and has a Bright Blue Sapphire embedded in the pommel. Vicross looks at the blade with his ‘Detect Magic’ and it is the bright item he has ever seen, radiating many colourful realms of Magic.

Vicross: “Time I left me thinks.”

Vicross make his way back to the Morlin Castle Portal and can see that, with the last few minutes of his ‘Detect Magic’ Spell, the Morlin Castle Portal was still there.

Vicross: “It must act like Mirafir’s Mirror, yet it is permanent.”

Vicross levitates back down onto Delfen’s Tower, where a stairwell down appears and a floating lantern to light his way down. Vicross tells Delfen of all they had encountered and Delfen explains how he was not able to penetrate into Morlin’s Dungeons with the many Spells he tried to use.

Vicross shows Delfen the Elven Longsword that he found. Delfen then explains about the Longsword.

Kizidathil (literally “devil-bane” in Elven)

Kizidathil was forged by a famed Eaerlanni Weaponsmith in the Year of Thorns (856 DR), following a series of dark portents, but it proved insufficient to hold back the tide of Demons that overwhelmed Myth Glaurach in the Year of the Curse (882 DR). It was borne south to Ardeep Forest, along with a tide of Eaerlanni refugees from the City of Scrolls who then re-founded the Realm of the Deepening Moon. Kizidathil passed into the possession of House Floshin and wielded by a succession of Floshin scions.

Filvendor “Lightfoot” Floshin, son of Lord Elorfindar Floshin, wielded Kizidathil until the Year of the Snow Winds (1335 DR). Filvendor supposedly left Kizidathil of his own volition with a Barbarian tribe of the High Moor after slaying a remorhaz and recovering a more powerful blade. Nearly two decades later, Kizidathil has now been recovered by Vicross and the Wizard has decided to return it to Kelson “Darktreader” Floshin, who I am sure, will use it to great effect during the Dragonspear War.

Magic Item - Kizidathil - “Devil-Bane” - Kelson
Magic Item – Kizidathil – “Devil-Bane” – Kelson

Delfen ‘Yellowknife’: “So all-in-all a Demon Bane that deals heavy blows.”

Vicross: “So the Imp had it all along and not Kelson’s Half-Brother, more Evil intervention I think.”

Delfen Yellowknife: “Kelson Darktreader seeks to recover Kizidathil and unveil and destroy any surviving devils in the region.”

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