Firehammer Hold – Chapter Seven

3rd Day of the Claw of Sunsets (March) 1363 DR:

Firehammer Hold – Chapter Seven

Barracks Post to Laduguer: (23:20 pm):

Our Heroes know not that the opposing force to the Dwarves Haela Brightaxe, is the cruel Duergar God Laduguer.

Frimly: “The Duergar Magic User has cast a ‘Wall of Fog’ Spell on the stairs.”

Mirafir: “I have opened the Secret Door.”

Thora: “I see there is another Hexagonal chamber, here to the east, more Fog to the north and a corridor heading south.”

The hexagonal room contain levers and winches connected to chains to operate a nearby portcullis trap thinks Thora but not the one encountered earlier as the chains head eastwards.

Thora tells Frimly to retrieve the kite-shield-shaped black banner showing a broken crossbow bolt in red and that was hanging from the mantle in the Audience Chamber. Little knowing it is the symbol of Laduguer.

Thora looks beyond the Arrow Loops and avoids the ‘Wall of Fog’ which appears to be moving south.

16. Mine Cart Station:

The large chamber contains the terminus of a mine rail, which descends through a passage in the north wall. A single empty mine cart, 5’ by 3 foot, sits on a rail in the middle of the room, connected to a chain and a winch near the south wall. Beside the winch is a corridor leading south. In the western part of the room are four large, metal-bound wooden crates. The western wall has narrow 3-foot-tall niches starting 3 feet off the floor.

Firehammer Hold - Mine Cart
Firehammer Hold – Mine Cart

Thora explores the hexagonal room and hears the noise of a door closing down the southern corridor. Sigune and Mirafir wait with Thora in the Barracks Post with the Dwarf.

Thora motions for the Wizard and Paladin to be quite and waits for the unknown assailant.

Thora then moves over to the Arrow Loops and looks for the enemy that she now knows has left the Barracks Post. Thora spots 2 Duergar Warriors, and followers of Laduguer, moving as quietly as they can out passed the Mine Cart Station and then off east down a dark corridor.

Thora: They have moved beyond my sight and headed eastwards.”

Sigune: “Do we know what is to the east Mirafir, as you flew over the area?

Mirafir: “Let me think on it Sigune.”

Sigune moves over to the corridor where Thora had heard the door close. Frimly returns with the kite-shield-shaped black banner and Thora suggests that they take it back to the statue of Haela Brightaxe and that they offer it as a token of the defeated Duergar Warriors and followers of Laduguer. The Adventures decide to go back to the Shrine to Haela Brightaxe through the ‘Wall of Fog’ and to the Barracks Post where Mirafir had cast ‘Passwall’.

Mirafir: “Would it not be more prudent to exit via the Secret Door that I have just found, through the Drinking Hall and so avoiding any unpleasantness within the ‘Wall of Fog’ which appears to be moving towards us all.”

Sigune: “A Cunningly worked plan Wizard, I shall lead and Thora will cover her rear.”

The Adventures make their way back to the Shrine to Haela Brightaxe and Thora lays the kite-shield-shaped black banner at the feet of the statue of Haela Brightaxe.

Symbol of Laduguer
Symbol of Laduguer

Haela Brightaxe speaks to them all and the statue’s eyes flash, and each character is affected by an ‘Aid’ spell. Further, in the next battle the Adventures fights against the Duergar Warriors, a bless spell affects each character until the battle ends.

Haela Brightaxe: “Come, touch the stone at my feet and receive the blessing of Haela Brightaxe.”

Sigune: “I not too sure if this be a very good idea.”

Thora: “Kneel down woman and respect those that paved the way for us women of battle.”

The Adventures all agree that they should move swiftly as they not how long these Spell from the Blessed Goddess will last.

Haela Brightaxe (pronounced: HAY-la) was a Dwarven Demigoddess of battle and luck, one in spirit with goodly Dwarves who loved to fight and who lived to cleanse Toril of evil Monsters. As a Goddess of chance, the Luckmaiden took great risks in the battles she fought without hesitation, and when the hearts of Dwarves joyfully sung with the fight’s thrumming thrill, the Lady of the Fray gave a Triumphant Huzzah of support.

Quote: “Because it was there, and because I have always wanted to cut my way out of something’s stomach.”

A Haelan Cleric replied upon being asked why she attacked an ancient Dragon.

Mirafir casts an ‘Invisibility’ Spell and ‘Stoneskin’ Spell on himself.

Sigune took her ‘Potion of Fire-Giant Strength’.

Frimly read his Scroll and successfully cast ‘Barkskin’ from it. (Can’t find where this Cleric came from?)

Frimly then volunteers to lead one group down, while the other 2 should head down the other stairs into the ’Wall of Fog’. Frimly descends the eastern stairs followed by Sigune, while Thora move down the others with Mirafir following behind.

Frimly steps out of the fog moving slowing as he could see but a few feet, and is shot at by 2 Duergar Warriors with Crossbows. Frimly can also see another Duergar Warriors waiting with their Crossbow poised to fire. Thora too emerges from the fog and is shot at by 2 Duergar Warriors also wielding Crossbows and another stands to the entrance of another Hexagonal Barracks Post.

All the Duergar Warriors, and followers of Laduguer, drop their Crossbows, draw large War Hammers and engage in battle with the Adventures. All but one Duergar Warrior are dispatched, they run off down the stairs heading north in the middle of the corridor, and so Thora looks into the Barracks Post. Inside Thora discovers that the rooms also contain levers and winches connected to chains to operate the nearby portcullis trap in which Frimly and Mirafir were caught in.

Thora: “Come on; let us continue we have them on the run.”

The Adventures tentatively move down the stairs and the head down for some 100’ feet or so.

28. Storage:

The room at the bottom of the stairs has a fireplace, a small table with chairs, and on the east wall, a set of stone shelves and it looks like they have left in a hurry. The shelves are packed with stone moulds of various sizes and shapes. Along the south wall is a stairway leading up. The door to the north is checked by Frimly and it appears unlocked.

Sigune, not a and followers of Laduguer, luckily decides to open the door as we will hear in a minute.

Sigune: “Let me go through the door as we are sure to find more Duergar Warriors beyond.”

Frimly: “Or worse, lest we forget the Spellcaster and the many other Wizards that must be here.”

Sigune, shield raised, pushes the door open and manages to have a quick glance of the chamber beyond before things become heated.

27. Forge:

To the west, this 30’ foot high room has a huge furnace equipped with a chain-and-pulley system to harness and lift 2 crucibles and move them around the room. Also in the chamber are two anvils, a large stone basin for water, and a variety of smithing tools and implements. Shelves to the south contain several bars of iron. The door to the north is unlocked and ajar.

The first crucible is to the side of the room, while the second is directly in front of the door and Sigune can see that is being operated by 4 Duergar Smiths and followers of Laduguer. There are also 4 other Duergar Warriors with Crossbows in the room too. The 4 Duergar Smiths tip the molten Iron from the crucible directly onto Sigune and if it was not for her ‘Ring of Fire Resistance’, the beautiful Paladin would not be known as such after that.

Sigune moves forward and fights with the 2 Duergar Smiths by her side, the other 2 rush towards the door to close it. Meanwhile, Mirafir who is ‘Invisible’ and Frimly follow behind Thora who can see that she needs to use force to prevent the Duergar Smiths from closing the door on the reaming Adventures. Thora’s great Strength triumphs over the 2 stout Duergar Smiths and pushes the door open.

Signe continues to engage in battle as Thora moves into the Forge and aid the Paladin with the Duergar Smiths. In the northern corners of the Forge the 4 Duergar Warriors fire their Crossbows and missing they reload. Mirafir ‘Fly’s’ into the room and Mirafir also moves in.

All but 2 of the Duergar Warriors and 2 Duergar Smiths are dispatched, but not before another ‘Ice Storm’ is unleased into the Forge hitting all those inside.

Mirafir is no longer ‘Invisible’.

The 2 Duergar Smiths are killed, Mirafir loses one of his ‘Stoneskin’ and the last 2 Duergar Warriors and followers of Laduguer in the north corner are dispatched.

Thora: “Push on, into the next room.”

Thora opens the door, which was ajar, and runs inside followed by Mirafir, who ‘Flying’, Sigune and Frimly was flowing up. Inside the Adventures find a NEW foe hiding up on the ceiling.

26. Shingling Chamber:

This room contains a large anvil, two stone ore containers, and a set of stone shelves. At the bottom of the shelves are three smaller anvils and two large stone mortars with pestles. A half-dozen hammers and as many elongated steel tongs are stored on the higher shelves. A thick layer of dust and slag covers the floor.

Steeders were a species of giant spider found in the Underdark. Steeders are giant spiders, sharing many physical characteristics of their smaller cousins. Their bodies are covered in a fine fur that varied in colour. They had eight powerful legs and large mandibles. Steeders walked on ceilings and walls using a sticky substance secreted from the base of their legs.

Thora and Frimly are caught out as 2 Steeders, ridden by 2 Duergar Warriors and followers of Laduguer, leap onto the 2 Adventures and they are caught by the Spiders sticky legs.

Frimly can hear the sound of frantic voices and other movement beyond the closed door to the north. Sigune rushes in and tries to aid the Wizard but he is caught in mid-air by the Steeders.

Both Steeders bite their victims doing damage to the Adventures, but none are affected by the Acidic Bile that pours from their mandibles. Mirafir’s clothing starts to melt on contact. The Wizard ‘Fly’s’ back down to earth, Adventures, Frimly choses to use his ‘Ring of the Ram’ on one of the Steeders, while the 2 Warriors engage with their chosen weapons.

Both Steeders and Duergar Warrior’s spirts are sent back to the Underdark and our Heroes pause for breath.

Mirafir: “We are triumphant and must plan our next move before….”

The Shingling Chamber is filled with fog as the ‘Wall of Fog’ Spell is cast against the Adventures for a second time.

Sigune: “Too slow Wizard, I could have reminded you that the hiding Duergar Wizard is still at large for I remember everything perfectly.”

Frimly: “How much power does the Wizard have to cast so many Spells?”

Mirafir: “Well if we take their most power Spell we can ascertain that they have reached a certain level, which means we can calculate how many more they can cast.”

Frimly: “Ok, maybe not the best time to…”

Mirafir: “Then of course they may also be employing a Magical Item of some shape or form.”

Thora: “Yes, thank you Mirafir, but what are we to do about this fog Wizard?”

Mirafir: “Let us all move out of this room and chose the least painful of our options.”

Sigune: “Good Plan.”

Mirafir: “Remembering that the range of ‘Wall of Fog’ is some 30 yards.”


Mirafir: “Ah yes indeed, 30’ feet meaning they are so very close.”

Shingling Chamber of Laduguer: (24:00 pm):

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