Loose Ends – Chapter Eight

3rd Day of the Claw of Winter: (February):

Mirafir And His Farther:

Mirafir and Co with bodies strewn all about them, now lies a scene of utter mayhem.

Trained mercenaries and wild, wild hillmen, our noble heroes they did kill them.

All….or nearly so, except it seems for one foul Priest .

Who’s devilish magicks were cast within a foggy ‘Mist’.

And so with slight wounds healed and weapons cleansed.

The search for footprints is next up for our brave friends.

While Mirafir’s new found father offers only Elvish blather.

His Druidic pal doth dither, his brain of jelly all of a quiver.

Mirafir looks hard and fast for vestiges of gnarly staff and Cleric travelling.

While tricksy Thief begins a scrabbling, in search of an electric blue Javelin.

And Frimlyhe findeth three, while Cleric tracks lead up to an old oak tree.

Spell - Mirafir Finds Plant Door
Spell – Plant Door

With faint Magic aura still in sight, crazed Druid offers up a rare insight.

Through a ‘Tree Door’ he does veer, and by new oak he must appear!

The Ranger Galan a tracking master finds, the tree and follows faster.

The trail it wanders all about to throw them off, there is no doubt.

And lo amongst some rocky hills, the tracks are lost, oh bitter pill.

Magic glowing like dying embers, there is something Sigune remembers.

A Priestly spell called ‘Traceless Passing’, which aura’s must still be lasting.

Our clever Mirafir casts his spell, for Clerics power they must quell.

The Priest’s path sways and twists, but the clues they are not to be missed.

Then at last upon a grassy knoll, stands another oak with mighty bole.

The Magic now shines bright and clear, the dastardly Priest he must be near.

Eryn’s son looks high and low, and thereon locates an object far below.

Sigune then conjectures her ‘Healing Staff’, may cure the Druid’s jitters.

The Druid’s reply as usual cryptic was undone by Eryn’s ear twitch.

An instant change comes to Dwergrim Greenleaf, much too all the others. relief

Hi stale is sad and full of woe for the Devil Mage Kelthas was his foe.

NPC - Kelthas The Dread
NPC – Kelthas The Dread

The Necromancer cast upon the Druid, a vile enchantment that turned brain fluid.

To add the insult to this wicked Magic, his sacred grove was torched – how tragic!

Dwergrim restored of faculties all, declares Ancient Magicks made this oak portal.

Mirafir Entering The Bandits Lair:

Brave Thora offers first to enter mystic gateway and into Donjon’s centre.

The paladin would follow after, then Frimley, Mirafir and lastly archer.

Thus as the cards had prophesised in part to gloom below they did depart.

While Daddy dearest and his mate left son and friends to their fate.

Thora steps into chamber tall and torch lit, from oak tree, who’d have thought it?

Roots and dead leaves lie all around, it’s cool and damp and underground.

While underfoot lies old paved floor leading to heavy banded and locked door.

Of traps and pitfalls they find none and locked door is soon undone.

Fearing dead things lurk in this place Dwarf maiden arms with Shield and Mace.

PC - Thora Grid El
PC – Thora Grid El

Short corridor lit by torches lies ahead, but weighty portcullis stops them dead.

No Magic radiates from beyond and Frimly’s search for sounds harks none.

Singlehanded Sigune lifts the portcullis gate, while friends rush through at lively rate.

The Trapped Idol:

Stone pedestal stands with statue grinning and lit by Magic Gems a glinting.

Location - Poison Dart Trap
Location – Poison Dart Trap

One stray foot by this Thief in a hurry, sets off ‘Magic Glyphs’ and poison darts fly a flurry.

Portcullis is dropped then reopened, but all darts miss by some fair token.

Beyond this chamber lies lit hallway, with another portcullis as a doorway.

Ornate tapestry and three large urn, but little else does Frimly discern.

No mechanical means to lift the gates are found and brute force is now unbound.

Frimly takes time to ‘Spider Slippers’ don, while Mirafir ‘Detects Illusory Magic’ beyond.

The pedestal that hold the idol radiates faint abjuration, charm, enchantments and evocation.

Mirafir must disbelieve what he sees, but fails in this sensible endeavour.

Galan and Frimly join up to lift the gate and Sigune to don ‘Aarachnid Cloak’ does debate.

Climbs across and upside down, she hacks the heavy tapestry to the ground.

Urns with lids she now uncovers, inside are filled with dry bones dismembered with dust are covered.

The dessicated body parts seem free from malice, so Thora slips beneath portcullis.

The Wizards calls forth ‘Servant Unseen’, in a bid to lure hidden enemies between.

Them and a heavy wooden door at end of the Gem lit corridor.

As they file along a corridor which narrows, they are beset by a hail of poisoned arrows.

They fly through wall and wooden door slit, seems no Illusion can hath caused it.

Galan reaches for his ‘Magic Lock Chime’, while Frimly seems to waste too much time.

The ‘Unseen Servant’ opens up the door revealing running East and West, torch lit corridor.

The Barbarian Shaman Attacks:

Then as the threshold it is crossed, the party with ‘Faerie Fire’ spell are embossed.

They are now all glowing brightly, except for Thora who is waiting quietly.

For perhaps a hidden foe, that she may smash with one mighty blow.

Taking Eastern branch of the stone hallway, Frimly Thief unlocks the wooden doorway.

The door then opens within is Human Bandit Archer, causing Frimly to run and scarper.

From the ‘Fear’ spell that foe doth wield, and now he fights with Sword and Shield.

But can be no match for Sigune’s mighty stroke, while ‘Magic Missiles’ see off this bloke.

The chamber beyond stinks of shit and piss, the Donjon’s latrines lay ahead the Wizard did hiss.

Two scented white flowers grow within, sweet Honeysuckle and night Jasmine.

Poor frightened Frimly now in a corner cowers, far away from sweet scented bowers.

The Shadows Are Released:

In a rage Thora strides down the western branch and smashes door like avalanche.

The wooden door doth break and crack and from behind two Shades attack.

From the ceiling they drop down lower, stealing some of Dwarf maid’s power.

Still she smites one and it is downed, while other slinks away and can’t be found.

Monster - Shadow
Monster – Shadow

‘Continual light’ is cast upon this room, there’s five Sarcophagus and rubble strewn.

 The heavy lids of stone are slid and lifted and skeletons within gifted.

With a fearsome strike from Thora’s mace, bone fragments fly about the place.

No evil can Sigune find within this lair, but alas our little Thief‘s now engulfed in magic fire and in dispair.

A massive wall of flames appears as if from nowhere, now Frimly’s nickname’s ‘No Hair’.

He drinks his draught of ‘Extra-Healing’, while hiding hanging from the ceiling.

Only to be caught by yet another blast, but by whom was this spell cast?

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