Loose Ends – Chapter Fourty One:

?th Day of the Claw of Winter: (February):

The Shining Underdark Castle:

Our Heroes wish goodbye to Alita and her clan members after she has ‘Healed’ those she can. Then it’s into the boat and the Heroes have Mirafir tow it as the Wizard is ‘Flying’, little knowing that a large Underdark Castle will be their next stop.

Our Heroes took one of the boats and headed out onto the lake, with Mirafir ‘Flying’ and pulling the boat. They met-up with the Merrows, released by Frimly, and they offered to pull Our Heroes towards their goal once Mirafir had cast ‘Tongues’ and spoken to them.

Once within 2 miles or so of the edge of the lake, after many hours of travel, the Merrows wish our Heroes good luck and swim away. Mirafir casts ‘Fly’ and once again pulls the boat onwards and Northwards. Soon they can see off in the distance a shimmering, shining Underdark Castle, jutting out from the cliffs, not a shoreline as they had expected, that marks the edge of this Northern end of the great lake they were on.

Frimly notes that it may be ‘Faerie Fire’ and so Thora suggests travelling in a North-Westerly direction, Downstream from the Underdark Castle entrance and to a distance of about 1 mile or so away.

Location - Underdark Castle
Location – Underdark Castle

2 Otters appear and our MIGHTY HEROES are panicked and scared. Mirafir tries to cast ‘Sleep’ on them, but they are too fast and dive back under the black murky water. Galan then has to befriend the creatures which then allows then be able to show our Heroes, what appears to be waste and other foul nameless mass.

Thora suggests there must be a sewage system draining out into the lake and this could be a possible way into the Underdark Castle.

Mirafir casts ‘Water Breathing’ and shares its power with the other Heroes. Then Mirafir casts ‘Locate Object’ to find the way into the Sewers. The way in is found some 140’ feet under the surface of the lake, by the edge of the Underdark Castle and between Thora and Sigune then bend the bars barring their way into the foul tunnel system.

After an encounter with fish and eels and much slow travel, with Thor and Sigune having to walk along the floor of the flooded tunnels of the Underdark Castle, our heroes reach the end of the tunnelled sewer system and find themselves in a large, cylindrical, water filled chamber with walls rising up over the 60’ feet beyond our Heroes Infravision.

Our Heroes retrace their steps making sure they had not missed anything and finding nothing head back to the tall, cylindrical, water filled chamber.

Frimly volunteers to climb up by himself and investigate what lies above. After climbing for a while Frimly arrives at an even larger chamber, possibly hundreds of feet wide and high. The chamber is a large cistern or reservoir of water and Frimly first tries to touch the bottom with his Short Sword, and not being able to touch the floor, the Thief then climbs into the water and begins to swim downwards in the pitch darkness for just over 120’ feet. After not reaching the floor or being able to see very much, the Thief then decides he is better off on the surface and returns to his fellow Adventures after climbing out of the water and back down the cylindrical chamber.

Our Heroes then decided to all climb up the cylindrical chamber and to the large cistern or reservoir. They reach the small lip, or 3’ foot wall, that held back the water and make their way southwards to eventually find a wider walkway running along the edge of the cistern or reservoir.

However, before they reach safety they hear the sound of a very large creature moving along the same walkway as our Heroes, but off to the North of where they are. Reaching, what appeared to be the corner of the cistern or reservoir walkway, Sigune takes out Galan’s Dagger, which had had ‘Continual Light’ cast upon it and Mirafir cast ‘Invisibility 10’ Radius’ on the party and Frimly climbs up some 60’ feet away up and along the wall, using his ‘Slippers of Spider Climbing’.

Nothing can be seen in the 60’ foot radius of the ‘Continual Light’ Dagger.

This was a lucky thing to have done as our trapped, soaking wet Heroes are then hit by a jet of acidic mist that finds the exposed skin or our Heroes and burns them to the bone.

Mirafir is in a very bad way as, unlike our other Heroes who either had their Armour and/or Shields to help protect them.

Sigune takes out her ‘Potion of Heroism’. Our Heroes still hear the sound of a very large creature moving along the same walkway as our Heroes and coming from the North.

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