Loose Ends – Chapter Sixteen

4th Day of the Claw of Winter: (February):

Back at Daggerford:

Our Heroes are resting on the journey back to Daggerford, accompanied by Dwergrim Greenleaf and Eryn Lashir, traveling on a slow boat down the Eastern-running River Delimbiyr. Having decided to travel directly onto Daggerford so as not to allow Dygath Hornspar the opportunity to escape, the Adventurers had stored all the booty and relevant information in the ‘Bag of Holding’ carried by Galan, including the Hooded Ones chest, with the bag nearly reaching its capacity. Also remembering the other itemed within carried by the Ranger, including such items as the ‘Doss Lute’, ‘Alchemy Jug’ and the ‘Beaker of Plentiful Potions’.

Magic Item - Bag of Holding
Magic Item – Bag of Holding

We talk with Baron Agwain Delantar and Duke Pwyll Daggerford and share our finding regarding Dygath Hornspar. Dwergrim Greenleaf and Eryn Lashir stay outside the gates of Daggerford.

We divulge how all the players were connected and advise Duke Pwyll Daggerford to arrest and imprison Dygath Hornspar.

In the dungeon cells beneath Castle Daggerford, we strip Dygath Hornspar of all his equipment and leave him in manacled and only in his undergarments. Mirafir then casts ‘Detect Magic’ and goes over Dygath Hornspar’s equipment and his person. It is at that point that the Wizard can sense a faint glow of Magic coming from under Dygath Hornspar’s shirt, radiating from his chest.

Thora pulls Dygath Hornspar’s shirt over the prisoners head and the mark of Talos can be seen to have been branded on his chest. The branding is in fact a ‘Glyph’ and it is this which glows with Magic.

Dwergrim Greenleaf is not there to aid us and so Thora calls for Gwydion pen Dafwyd, the Court Wizard of Duke Pwyll Daggerford, and we consult with the Wizard and request his help to cast ‘Dispel Magic’ on the ‘Glyph’.

Dygath Hornspar looks shocked to have discovered that he had a Spell cast upon his person, but continues to hold his nerve.

On their way back to the main chamber, Mirafir takes the opportunity to speak with Baron Agwain Delantar regarding the letter from Lady Bronwyn Daggerford which the Wizard found in the Hooded One and Barbarian Cleric’s chamber in the Bandits Lair.

We then decide to re-call Eryn Lashir and Dwergrim Greenleaf to Daggerford so as to release the crow, also found in the Hooded One and Barbarian Cleric’s chamber in the Bandits Lair, with a message so we can flow the bird and then learn the identity of the worshiper of Talos within the walls of Daggerford.

Contacting Dwergrim Greenleaf and Eryn Lashir:

Farther Tobias, using ‘Messenger’ Spell, sends Eryn Lashir and Dwergrim Greenleaf a message tied to a pigeon requesting them to enter Daggerford and to meet us at Kira Roven’s home (#72). They arrive separately, Dwergrim Greenleaf wearing an old brown cloak and carrying a plain looking staff, while Eryn Lashir came carrying a create and wearing hooded overalls to protect himself from the constant rain and to cover his features.

PC - Farther Almuric Tobias
PC – Farther Almuric Tobias

Dwergrim Greenleaf communicates with his befriended crow; the one assigned with travelling to Daggerford, and asks it to carry a note to its regular drop-off point. Frimly takes out the small parchments, found in the Hooded One and Barbarian Cleric’s chamber in the Bandits Lair, write a short message:

Message: “Come now.”

The small rolled up parchment is then placed within the brass tube and attached to the crow’s leg by Dwergrim Greenleaf.

Galan: “I will ask my Raven, Crow, to follow the bird too and I will follow by foot along the streets.”

NPC - Crow, Galan's Raven
NPC – Crow, Galan’s Raven

Thora: “That’s a good idea Ranger.”

Mirafir then begins to cast Spells on himself and Frimly in order to be able to follow the crow while also being hidden from others.

Mirafir: “Frimly, let me cast ‘Invisibility’ and ‘Fly’ on you first, then on myself.”

Mirafir finishes casting ‘Fly’ on himself, while Frimly opens the first floor windows while taking a quick look up and down the street and roofs near to Kira Roven’s house. Dwergrim Greenleaf gestures to the crow which then flies out of the open window followed by the ‘Invisible’ and ‘Flying’ Wizard and Thief.

The crow, which has been befriended by Dwergrim Greenleaf, flies upwards and circles Daggerford before swooping down and heading North-East. Mirafir and Frimly, holding onto a short cord so as not to be separated, fly up and North-East following the crow to its drop-off point.

Mirafir: “Look Frimly, the bird has settled on the North-East corner of the roof belonging to the Militia Barracks (#29).”

Frimly: “Let’s hover here for a while and see was happens next.”

Mirafir and Frimly wait for a few minutes constantly keeping an eye on the crow. Then the crow begins to fly around, from the roof, to the Eastern Curtain Wall, to the road and back to the roof again.

Mirafir and Frimly can now see that Galan’s bird had also settled on the North-Eastern corner of the Militia Barracks (#29).

Frimly: “We should get closer to the bird; let us fly to the Eastern Curtain Wall to gain a better vantage point.”

Mirafir: “I agree young Frimly, let us ‘Fly’.”

Mirafir and Frimly head over to the Eastern Curtain Wall and from there they can see the road traffic passing down the ‘River Road’ and any movement in front of the Militia Barracks (#29).

Mirafir and Frimly then spot Galan stepping out of the doors of the Militia Barracks (#29), looking around as to be sure he is seen by his comrades and then walks back in and sits in the waiting area.

Mirafir and Frimly spend a further 5 minutes watching the crow before Frimly talks out loud to himself.

Frimly: “Whose office is that in the North-Eastern corner of the Militia Barracks (#29)?”

Mirafir: “That’s Captain Arayndar Delimbiyr’s office; you’ve been called up there enough to know that.”

Mirafir suddenly realises that the Thief was not asking and the pieces being to fall into place.

Mirafir: “Commander Vimes questioned us about the Captain but Commander Sherlen Spearslayer vouched for him.”

Frimly: “As did all the Lordly Nobs when we accused Dygath Hornspar, including Baron Agwain Delantar.”

Mirafir: “Also, both were veterans of the Dragonspear Castle war.”

Convinced that Captain Arayndar Delimbiyr had made his escape, Frimly tugs the cord held by Mirafir and begins to ‘Fly’ towards Captain Arayndar Delimbiyr’s window.

Mirafir: “Are you sure this is a good idea Frimly?”

Frimly: “Our bird has flown the nest, away South to Gillian’s Hill I would say. It’s what I would do.”

Magic Items - Lock-Picks
Magic Items – Lock-Picks

Once they reach the window Frimly takes out his ‘Lock-Picks’ and attempts to open the locked window. Success, the Thief with many years of practice under his belt, quietly opens the window and the Thief and Wizard ‘Fly’ into Captain Arayndar Delimbiyr’s empty office. Frimly closes the Window behind him and the pair being to search the Captain’s office.

It is not long before Frimly pulls out several small cut parchments and several brass tubes used to carry messages.

Frimly: “Found it, we now have more proof of Captain Arayndar Delimbiyr’s treachery if they think the crow is not enough evidence.”

Mirafir: “We need to abstain if Captain Arayndar Delimbiyr is still in Daggerford and if not, then when did he leave.”

Frimly takes it upon himself to ‘Fly’ down to Galan, while still ‘Invisible’, and ask the Ranger to question the desk Sergeant Major Williams regarding the whereabouts and movements of Captain Arayndar Delimbiyr.

Galan is surprised by Frimly’s whispering voice by his ear but manages to cry out.

Frimly: “Captain Arayndar Delimbiyr is the traitor; we need to find out where he is Ranger.”

With a gentle nod Galan gets up and goes over to speak with the desk Sergeant Major Williams on duty.

Galan: “Sergeant Major Williams, do you know where Captain Arayndar Delimbiyr is? I was called to meet him hear and I know he is not one for being late.”

Sergeant Major Williams: “The Captain has left, last minute excursion I believe. Didn’t say where he was going, but he did ride his mount South.”

Galan: “Gillian’s Hill?”

Sergeant Major Williams: “Could be, the Captain does enjoy visiting Gillian’s Hill.”

Galan thanks Sergeant Major Williams, leaves the Militia Barracks (#29) and heads back to Kira Roven’s house (#72) expecting that Mirafir and Frimly would follow up behind him.

With all the party back at Kira Roven’s house (#72), the Thief, Ranger and Wizard relay what they had discovered and how Captain Arayndar Delimbiyr must have fled the 7 miles South, along the Trade Way, to Gillian’s Hill.

NPC - Captain Arayndar Delimbiyr
NPC – Captain Arayndar Delimbiyr

Frimly: “Captain Arayndar Delimbiyr has gone and I guess too that he has joined with Torleth Mindulspeer. They are gone.

Dwergrim Greenleaf: “He must be followed.”

Mirafir: “We can test your hypothesis my friend, let me cast ‘Clairaudience’ on Torleth Mindulspeer shop, Torleth’s Treasures, and see if our foe is there or if he has in fact fled.”

Mirafir then cast his ‘Clairaudience’ Spell on Torleth’s Treasures; hear to where the counter was which Torleth Mindulspeer stood behind.

Sir Ly: “What about your mother Mirafir, could you not cast ‘Clairaudience’ and use it to find her?”

Mirafir: “I can hear the voice of Torleth Mindulspeer and he is speaking to Captain Arayndar Delimbiyr, we have found them and they still remain at Gillian’s Hill.”

Dwergrim Greenleaf: “He has already arrived.”

Thora: “What are they saying Laddie?”

The entire party was in Kira Roven’s house (#72), with the addition of Eryn Lashir and Dwergrim Greenleaf, and they listen to Mirafir repeat the conversation held between Torleth Mindulspeer and Captain Arayndar Delimbiyr.

Captain Arayndar Delimbiyr: “Torleth why do you insist in waiting, they know about us and the ‘Wormridden’ have been uncovered.”

Torleth Mindulspeer: “I know that you have said they brought in Dygath Hornspar this morning, but you have nothing to fear, remember Talos will protect us.”

NPC - Torleth Mindulspeer
NPC – Torleth Mindulspeer

Captain Arayndar Delimbiyr: “Dygath will not hold his tongue forever and they will use Magic’s to discover our plans. And what of Markas, Have you sent word to the Thief that Dygath has been captured?”

Torleth Mindulspeer: “Markas ‘Darkeyes’ Fowler has played his part and you need not concern yourself, the Flowers have been useful but their service brief.”

Captain Arayndar Delimbiyr: “Torleth, you know that they will ride out here soon, we should leave and start again somewhere else if the ‘Swords of the Worm’ are not to be counted upon.”

Torleth Mindulspeer: “Indeed, and if Dygath Hornspar is now in the hands of our enemies, then you only one of two, of the last of my ‘Wormeyes’ and I will keep you safe to carry out the will of Talos.”

Captain Arayndar Delimbiyr: “And what of Dygath Hornspar?”

Torleth Mindulspeer: “You begin to vex me Captain, Dygath Hornspar had always been taken care of and I will endeavour to make sure. Be careful that I don’t employ such measures on you!”

Captain Arayndar Delimbiyr: “I understand Torleth.”

Torleth Mindulspeer: “I think you should come with me, I will take you to where you may wait for me while I plan our strategy Captain. Remember who we are, the ‘Wormridden’ and we fear no one except the great and powerful Talos”

Mirafir can hear Torleth Mindulspeer and Captain Arayndar Delimbiyr walking away, open and close a door and leave Mirafir’s ‘Clairaudience’ Spells area of effect.

Mirafir: “Not only does Torleth Mindulspeer know of the capture of Dygath Hornspar and Captain Arayndar Delimbiyr escape, I also predict that he was the message sent from the Bandit’s Lair that was attached to the third crow.”

Sir Ly: “That is obvious even to me Wizard, but what are we to do next?”

Mirafir: “Wait oh mighty Paladin, Torleth Mindulspeer obviously knows who we are now and yet he intends to wait for us to arrive.”

Thora: “Aye, I guess he’s nay wanting to keep any loose ends!”

Dwergrim Greenleaf: “We can stay here with the Paladin and Cleric.”

Mirafir: “May I be as bold as to suggest that we visit Castle Daggerford once more and we can use my ‘Mirror of Mental Prowess’ to see, and even travel, to where we may wish.”

Farther Tobias: “What about your mother Mirafir, could you not use it to find her?”

Magic Item - Mirror of Mental Prowess
Magic Item – Mirror of Mental Prowess

It is decided that all of the Adventurers would head up to Castle Daggerford, while Eryn Lashir and Dwergrim Greenleaf would remain behind in Kira Roven’s house (#72), Farther Tobias went to the City Watch (#34) to inform Commander Vimes of all of our findings and the remaining Adventures stopped off at the lodgings of Sherlen Spearslayer.

Thora informed Sherlen Spearslayer of all of our Adventurers, of Dwergrim Greenleaf, Eryn Lashir and the existence of this cabal made up of the Bandits and Barbarians (The Swords of the Worm), the spies (The Wormeyes) and who we suspect is their overall leader of these ‘Wormridden’, Torleth Mindulspeer.

Sherlen Spearslayer: “We must find out more of this group called the ‘Wormridden’ and who follow the vengeful God Talos.”

Once at Castle Daggerford, we call for all the relevant parties to attend including Lady Bronwyn Daggerford, Duke Pwyll Daggerford, Baron Agwain Delantar and Gwydion pen Dafwyd.

Mirafir, who has now cancelled his ‘Invisibility’ Spell, retells the events regarding following the crow and their subsequent discovery of the Spy for Torleth Mindulspeer within Daggerford, how it was Captain Arayndar Delimbiyr that the messages were intended for and how they also have evidence in the form of the parchments and brass holders.

Mirafir: “It is also no coincidence that according to Sergeant Major Williams of the Daggerford Militia, he left Southward unexpectedly.”

Thora: “Aye, no blooming coincidence that!”

NPC - Duke Pwyll 'Greatshout' Daggerford
NPC – Duke Pwyll ‘Greatshout’ Daggerford

Duke Pwyll Daggerford: “Take no offence Thora; please believe that we have the utter most faith in you, indeed all of you.”

Gwydion pen Dafwyd: “All, my Lord?”

Gwydion pen Dafwyd looks disapprovingly at each and every one of the party, one by one.

Duke Pwyll Daggerford: “Be quite Gwydion, I may no longer have control over events outside of Daggerford. However, you ‘Medium’ are in my service until Death.”

Gwydion pen Dafwyd: “My Lord I….”

Duke Pwyll Daggerford: “Where they not your words to my dyeing farther?”

Gwydion pen Dafwyd: “Indeed, let is not be said that these mighty and wise Adventurers are not… worthy my Lord.”

Duke Pwyll Daggerford: “Thora, we now have the evidence and your testimony regarding this matter and I again thank you and yours.”

Gwydion pen Dafwyd: “My Lord, sorry to interject, but might I go and research further these ‘Wormridden’ and Talos.”

NPC - Gwydion pen Dafwyd
NPC – Gwydion pen Dafwyd

Duke Pwyll Daggerford: “Good, leave us.”

The Duke then says in a kinder voice realising where he was and wanting to maintain a chivalrous and control character.

 Duke Pwyll Daggerford: “Please continue my lady.”

Wine is brought and Thora proceeds to divulge all the information gathered so far linking the various groups of the self-name cabal called the ‘Wormridden’.

Thora recounts the Tomb of the ‘Stag King’ of Athalantar, the ‘Death Knight’ and finally, the appearance of the Necromancer, Kelthas the Dread.

This all lead back to the Lizard Marshes and Frimly’s idea that Kelthas was talking about the Black Dragon   Wyrmlings when he had said to Mirafir that he was off to recruit some more followers.

Duke Pwyll Daggerford: “Could you not use the Mirror’s Scrying abilities to look and hear upon Torleth.”

Mirafir: “Perhaps, but I suggest we look for Captain Arayndar Delimbiyr, as Torleth will in all likelihood have measure to prevent anyone for spying on him without his knowing.

Thora: “Remember all, we have done this before and we will enter 3 at a time.”

Mirafir concentrates on his ‘Mirror of Mental Prowess’ and pictures the face, clothing and mannerisms of Captain Arayndar Delimbiyr. As he is well known to the Wizard, an image of the Captain appears almost immediately of the surface of the Magical Mirror. Captain Arayndar Delimbiyr can be seen pacing around a small room which is full of odd items, boxes, crates and a table and chair in the middle of the chamber. There is only one door in one of the corners and no windows to be seen. Captain Arayndar Delimbiyr is quietly pacing the room and a look of despair can be seen on his face.

Thora: “I say wee go now, bring back Captain Arayndar Delimbiyr while he is separated from Torleth’s influence.”

Frimly: “And his Spells too.”

Thora: “Oh Aye, That too.”

All were in agreement and while Mirafir began to prepare to open a portal to the store room, the other filed into the order they were going to go in.

PC - Mirafir Roven
PC – Mirafir Roven

Mirafir: “Let me first cast ‘Detect Magic’ on Captain Arayndar Delimbiyr and to see if I can uncover any other Magic’s that may have been cast by Torleth Mindulspeer within the chamber.”

Mirafir makes the all too familiar gestures and resides the magical word need to allow the Wizard to see the many varied colour and hues that Magic exudes.

Mirafir: “Nothing to see on Captain Arayndar Delimbiyr apart from his Sword and Armour. The room also looks clear. Wait the door, the door itself is radiating Magic.”

Galan: “What Colour and strength is it Mirafir?”

Mirafir: “Alteration and the radiations emanating are dim, Torleth Mindulspeer has cast ‘Wizard Lock’ on the door.”

There is no need to say how there is no trust or loyalty among the Evil fraternities as we prepare to have Mirafir open the ‘Portal’ allowing Thora to move in to catch Captain Arayndar Delimbiyr, and hopefully Torleth Mindulspeer, completely unawares.

Thora: “Let’s not balls this up, Priest now that you are here, cast ‘Silence’ on my Shield and I will go first.”

Farther Tobias: “Excellent idea Madame be sure to avoid Mirafir if he is to be casting Spells.”

Thora: “Aye, I’ve got that Priest. We want him alive this time, subduing damage everyone”

Farther Tobias: “15’ foot radius remember.”

Farther Tobias casts ‘Silence’ on Thora’s Shield and she steps through first to engage Dygath Hornspar, whist those that follow her are covered by the Magical ‘Silence’ cast upon Thora’s Shield. Thora waits for the right moment when Dygath Hornspar’s back is turned before she moves in after her prey.

Thora moves into the Chamber, through the Mirror Portal, and silently rushes towards Captain Arayndar Delimbiyr, who in turn is engulfed in ‘Silence’ and turns to see Thora appear out of thin air. His screams are muted by the ‘Silence’ Spell and all the Captain can do is draw his Long Sword and face the onrushing adversary.

Sigune is next through the Mirror Portal moving behind Thora to provide as much support as is possible in the clutter filled chamber. Frimly is the next one of the party to slip through and is able to, as he was still ‘Invisible’, position himself directly behind the now battling Captain Arayndar Delimbiyr.

Blows are exchanged between Thora and Captain Arayndar Delimbiyr with both Warriors matching each other for blows, but Thora’s Skill at Arms is more than a match for Captain Arayndar Delimbiyr and his defences. Frimly, slight un-nerved to not be able to listen out for danger, bides his time waiting for the opportunity to take the glory away from the ever preening warriors.

It takes only minutes for Thora to subdue Captain Arayndar Delimbiyr making no sound with the aid of the ‘Silence’ Spell. Once unconscious, Captain Arayndar Delimbiyr is pick-up by Sigune, who moves the table from her path, and carried back through the Mirror Portal to Castle Daggerford. Thora and Frimly follow on behind the Paladin. Once back the ‘Silenced’ Shield is placed to one side and we discuss our next move.

Mirafir: “Well done Ladies and Frimly, we have what we wanted.”

Thora: “Nay, we need to deal with Torleth once and for all.”

Mirafir: “I agree whole heartedly Thora, but we need to go about this very delicately, he is a high ranking Wizard least we forget. Zagyg only know what he has set-up in that shop of his over the years.”

PC - Thora Grid El
PC – Thora Grid El

Thora: “Then I say let the Priest leave Torleth Mindulspeer a gift of our own, a ‘Glyph’ in the chamber set to be activated when he enters the room.”

Frimly: “Make sure you place it above the door so he can’t see it if he attempts to use his ‘Detect Magic’ Spell.”

There is a short debate as to what, if any Spell cast be cast into the ‘Glyph’ but Farther Tobias is only able to use those Spells his God allows him. We agree that the damage generated by the ‘Glyph’ Spell itself would have to do. Frimly is smirking in the corner of the room as his can be seen rummaging around his backpack.

Farther Tobias, Sigune and Galan step through the Mirror portal and Farther Tobias casts his ‘Glyph’, while the Paladin and Ranger guard the Priest.

Farther Tobias: “Tis done, let us leave now before the Mage returns.”

Farther Tobias, Sigune and Galan step back through the Mirror portal to Castle Daggerford.

Mirafir: “Now we wait and see what happens.”

Frimly: “Wait a sec there Wizard the rooms not right and I have not left my gift for the Mighty Torleth Mindulspeer, soon to be worm-food.”

Frimly steps through the Mirror Portal and arranges the room as it was, and then flicks one of his cards from his ‘Deck of Illusions’, becoming visible as the action is carried out.

The creature that appears is one of nightmares true enough and hopefully a worthy adversary for Torleth Mindulspeer.

Mirafir: “by Zagyg, it’s a Beholder.”

Mirafir knows of this creature and explains to the other that they are sometimes called a sphere of many eyes or an eye tyrant. They are a large aberration normally found in the Underdark. He goes on to say these large, orb-shaped beings have ten eyestalks and one central eye, each one containing powerful and varying Magic. They are truly powerful and intelligent.

Mirafir: “Beholders are among the greatest threats to the world it is said. The fact they come from the Underdark will aid in the ruse.”

Monster - Beholder
Monster – Beholder

Frimly steps back through the Mirror portal to Castle Daggerford.

Mirafir: “However, I am extremely alarmed if the rumour is true as to a Gate leading to the Underdark, and so close to Daggerford too.”

We wait for a while before there is any form of activity within the chamber, all poised to either Fight or make Flight. Mirafir stands close to the Mirror in order to close the Mirror Gate at a moment’s notice.

The door to the chamber finally opens and Torleth Mindulspeer is standing in the doorway and immediately is attacked by the lurking Beholder. What happens next is surprising, if not outright astonishing, as Torleth Mindulspeer moves with the speed of a Displacer Beast to cast a Spell. Torleth has cast ‘Mirror Image’ just as the Beholder’s eye stalks reach out emitting Magic at the ‘Mirror Images’ of Torleth. Torleth Mindulspeer’s face grimaces in realisation, the game is up, what is this before him as it cannot be a true Beholder.

Thora then turns to her comrades and beckons them forward, ‘Silenced’ Shield in hand. Thora bursts through the Mirror Portal, once again closing on her foe before he can hinder his capture or Death, whatever comes first.

Thora: “There’s no Spell casting possible Torleth, your mine now.”

Thora cries out but is heard by none as she rushes towards the Wizard. Again Torleth Mindulspeer moves much faster than a man of his age should be able to. Also reaching the realisation that he cannot cast any Spells, Torleth Mindulspeer grabs for one of many Charms about his neck, closes his eyes and then ‘Blinks’ away. Thora is by the open door, luckily it was opened by Torleth Mindulspeer and the ‘Wizard Lock’ cast upon it does not hinder Thora. Thora is followed through by Sigune, Frimly and following up behind are Galan and finally Mirafir.

Lady Bronwyn Daggerford: “Before you go Mirafir, know that I am still attuned with the Mirror and will close the Portal if need must. I wish you luck dear friend.”

Meanwhile Thora had rushed out of the Chamber to get a lay of the shop. Beyond the door is a chamber 40’ x 20’ feet, with half of the chamber being stairs leading down, the other half full of items and another door opposite the one she has just stepped out of.

Thora jumps over the balustrade separating the chamber from the stairs and manages to land safely on her feet, Sigune moves over to the unopen door, Frimly follows up but stays in the middle of the chamber and Galan and Mirafir follow them all into the chamber.

Mirafir: “Where has the ‘Silence’ gone, where is Thora?”

Sigune: “Down ze stair, ve must findz ze ‘Blinking’ Wizard.”

Thora meanwhile was peering down the stair which disappears off over 60’ feet into the darkness.

Thora: “Trap or Wizardry and I have no wish to meet either.”Mirafir: “If Torleth Mindulspeer has ‘Blinked’ away, then he cannot have travelled that far.”

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