Loose Ends – Chapter Thirty Four:

?th Day of the Claw of Winter: (February):

The Secret Escape to the Hidden Grove of Zesdia Naien:

The illusionary wall, which hide the grove of Zesdia Naien, at the tunnels end opens up into an oasis of Underdark fungi, the area is dimly lit by bioluminescent fungi and filled to the brim with insects of various shapes and sizes.

 After an hour or so of travel the party stumble across a Shrieker, then the Myconid (Fungus Man) arrives, the Hook Horrors attack ….. ETC.

 The Myconid then takes the party through the grove and to a massive fungi seemingly grown into the shape of a house, inside they find an elderly female Drow Druid who is the guardian of this fungal grove.

 Zesdia Naien is very friendly, welcoming the party inside and offering them food and water in exchange for their stories.

 She tells them about her past as a Drow soldier when one day her patrol was slaughtered by Hook Horrors leaving her as the only survivor. She barely escaped, stumbling into this grove after a day or so travel while bleeding profusely.

 The grove’s previous guardian, a Shield/Mountain Dwarf called Banorim, found her in a pool of his own blood and nursed her back to health, all the while teaching her the secrets of nature and the ways of druid.

 The Drow renounced her ways, and aided the Dwarf in maintaining the grove for many years until the dwarf passed away due to old age. Now she provides rest and comfort to travellers in the Underdark.

 Zesdia Naien: “This temple of Kelemvor, our fortress, is our stronghold against the lich Idris and its army of undead. But it is not as secure as it should be. I believe that someone, or something, has broken into the crypts beneath the temple, and have broken several of the mystical seals that ensure those who are buried there remain at rest.”

 Thora: “How can wee help lass?”

 Zesdia Naien: “I need you to enter the crypt, relight the sacred braziers that will destroy the undead, and bring back the broken seals. I can then repair them, while the holy fires from the braziers will keep any more undead from entering the crypt.”

 Sacred Braziers of Balance:

Zesdia Naien: “When one of these magical braziers is lit, its fire bursts forth in a bright blue flame that fills a radius area with bright blue-white light. For the first 3 rounds after a brazier is lit, any undead creature that starts its turn within the brazier’s light, or moves into it, takes radiant damage presenting a significant threat to such creatures. The length of time it takes to light the braziers is the wild card though. If one of you are adjacent to a brazier must take a round to light it, but doing so requires a special striking rod and stone, as well as a successful Dexterity check.”

 Frimley: “Sounds straightforward enough.”

 Zesdia Naien: “The key objects in the crypts are the statues of Kelemvor that once held the magic seals, which must now be currently broken, and the braziers of balance.”

 Mirafir: ”What of these seal, can you tell us more?”

 Broken Seals:

Zesdia Naien: “Each of the broken seals that you must collect is a piece of carved marble scribed with the symbol of Kelemvor, and weighing about 4 pounds. All the seals were once held by statues of Kelemvor scattered around the crypts.”

 Sigune: “What is the symbol of Kelemvor?”

Symbol of Kelemvor - Zesdia Naien
Symbol of Kelemvor

 Zesdia Naien: “I fear however that the crypt may be protected and your 2 noble warrior maidens may not enter.”


Daggerford Militia – Private Sigune’s Field Report – The Underdark:


Mainly rocky and made up of many tunnels and passages which either join large caverns or bodies of water.


Fauna is plentiful, and likely to bite back, though most are creatures of unknown origin. Flora is predominantly fungal in origin as well as mosses and lichen. Again, it would be important to have someone in the ranks with knowledge in Herbalism. Water is extremely scares and the source of much contention, especially by those that possess none. Fresh water springs are to be found but most water is obtained by the food eaten or possibly boiling the foul lake water.

Light Sources:

Unfortunately for the Militia most of the Underdark is vailed in utter darkness which hides the dangers that lurk and hunt. However, light is generated by several species of flora and fauna found below. The fauna glows and dims in a cyclical fashion that mirrors a shorter day than above ground, 8 hour bright and 8 hours in darkness. Light is our aid but also give away our position to the creature born into darkness.

Enemy Forces:

Most of the smaller and medium sized native fauna pose the same level of treat as those found in Faerûn, but tend to favour ambush or traps to catch their pray. We have even found that smarter inhabitants use these creatures as natural defences, ‘quid pro quo’. Those that did attempt to attack our squad did so in large numbers or using stealth.

Larger pray appear less fearless and attack using their advantage using the darkness or the local environment or terrain.

Sentient beings within the Underdark use those who enter either by design or misfortune as one of three things, slaves, entertainment or food. I just thank Saint Cuthbert that we did not end up deeper within the Underdark, as I fear that the many forms of Beholders and the deadly Mind Flayers.

As in the civilised world above, this level of the Underdark also has its own hierarchy where most work for or fight with the many Cities of the Drow. Below is a list of the enemy combatants that we fought and how I believe the chain of command is structured.





The Lava Caverns


 Friendly Forces:

It is not all despair in the Underdark and we found friendly allies who aided us, both of high and low standing. I will only disclose these details to my superior to protect their well-being.

The great nodes of power are not all controlled by the enemy and a good still prevails in the Underdark.

Kelthas’ Forces:

Kelthas is either recruiting forces from the Underdark, or using the Gates found throughout to move his forces or both.

Mirafir, and his companions, appear to be his priority and the Necromancer has expended much of his network to hunt the Wizard down. These are the troops that we have encountered whilst in the Underdark:

The Lava Caverns (DAY 4):

1.       Drow

2.       Eyewing

3.       Duergar

4.       Gnome

5.       Large Orcs in Plate Mail Armour

6.       Bugbears

The Path of Riddles (DAY 5): Non-Detection fist cast

1.       Cultist Wizard

2.       Cultist Cleric

3.       Bugbears

4.       Drow

5.       Goblins

The Kuo-Toa Port (DAY 7):

1.       Cultist Wizard

2.       Cultist Acolyte

Initial contact from the scrying of Kelthas is not known, but Mirafir first sensed he was being viewed from afar; one by the Lady Bronwyn and the other we fear was Kelthas. This was recorded on the 3rd day traveling in the Underdark.

It was then 4 days before we encountered any forces of Kelthas, the ruined fortress in the Lava Caverns. The forces of Kelthas the Dread then became fewer and less powerful. Our current encounter was with 1 Acolyte, with no other abilities save the Potions and their devout or charmed minds and the other a Wizard of undetermined abilities.

We did however find another of the Magical Communication Coins employed by Kelthas and his minions. This is worrying or could it be a blessing in disguised.

This is the last day in the Underdark, for good or ill, and if all things go according to the Wizards plans, we can return to Faerûn or preferably Daggerford Castle.

May Saint Cuthbert light your way. Private Sigune Feldschlachter.

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