Loose Ends – Chapter Three

29th Day of the Deepwinter: (January):

Saint Cuthbert & Zagyg’s Wager:

Saint Cuthbert of the Cudgel sits astride His golden throne: His back and its broad winged shoulders turned to the Chamber of Feasting so that His wise and benevolent gaze may fall upon the Forgotten Realms, laid bare in all their machinations before Him through the gallery of all-seeing eyes. The legendary glittering city of Waterdeep and the entirety of the Sword Coast are brought into sharp contrast before him, with the Delimbiyr River proffering a snaking golden gash through its very heart. 

St Cuthbert
St Cuthbert

Saint Cuthbert muses to himself after drinking from a mighty flagon of Saintly Mjöd.

Saint Cuthbert: “The days of the Drawing Down are now numbered and with them the schemes and plots of those false servants of death and undying death! My heroes shall smash the Necromancer and those who plot for him! The die has been cast in this game of chess, and justice, righteousness and honour shall prevail!”


The God Zagyg, coughing conspicuously asks.

Zagyg Yragerne: “Dost Thou seek solace my Lord, or wouldst Thou deign my humble company of benefit?”

Saint Cuthbert, rising, surprised to hear young Zagyg.

Saint Cuthbert: “Zagyg! By my mighty Cudgel! I am a Saint and no Lord! When will you deign to address me by my rightful title! And how silent your footfall! Why, if it were not for your value to the Divine Council I would have you cast out of the Hall of Heroes at this very moment! Your trickery and sneering breaks the bounds of a Jester’s remit!”

The trixter Zagyg while taking a seat next to Cuthbert continues.

Zagyg Yragerne: “My Lord, why such vigour? Hast Thou not single handedly defeated the Giants of Nibelheim? Why, the tales of Thine entanglements with the Rheinmaidens are the stuff of divine legend! Thou shouldst not wonder that Thou so many admirers hath! And that they should seek thy company is surely a God-given fact of life!

I say let your choler be subdued and hear instead, that which I have to say to Thee. For surely it shall colour Thy mood in a warmer tone, like the setting of the golden sun across this mighty realm we see below us.”

Saint Cuthbert turns to the God Zagyg, his eyes narrowing in suspicion.

Saint Cuthbert: “What do you want from me Zagyg Yragerne? And why – in my mercy – should I give it to you?”

The smiling Zagyg lifts his booted feet before placing and crossing them heavily on the polished dining table.

Zagyg Yragerne: “Ah, now that’s the spirit, my Lord! I need a favour from Thee. It concerns some trifling mortals. You may, perhaps have heard of them. They were among the heroes of Illefarn and have since gone on to perform other mighty tasks. Yet great challenges and still more unforeseen dangers lie on the path before them.

I fear the worst and believe that some intervention on their behalf may be necessary. What say you, my Lord?”

The deity Zagyg’s words gradually dissipate into the cavernous vaulted hall without reply. Saint Cuthbert’s gaze fades into an ill-defined distance, lost in the panoramic view across the Sword Coast. And then after what might be perceived by some as an age, the Saint’s eyes gradually regain their focus, while a flicker of a smile gradually forms in his expression.

Saint Cuthbert: “Aye, Zagyg Yragerne: an intervention, you say. Well, far be it from me to block the machinations of Wizards and Necromancers and their ilk. Why, without the Celestial and Demonic Magicks of the Hidden Planes, mortal and immortal life would be far too… simple.

You have my favour, but know thee: it comes at a price. For every hesitation, act of bravery, tension, elation, panic, confidence and triumph there will always be a fly in your ointment and that which evades your cruel scheming!”

Saint Cuthbert: “The halls of the Dwarves is called Runedardath by the way, trickster.”

Zagyg Yragerne: “Indeed my Saint, I stand corrected.”

Looking For Dragon Lore:

Mirafir, Thora and Farther Tobias have decided to visit Lady Bronwyn at the keep for question her on several topics concerning the leads that have been uncovered. The three Adventurers are kept waiting in a side chamber of the keep while news of their arrival is sent to Lady Bronwyn.

Mirafir, Thora and Farther Tobias are finally seen by an attractive servant named Apate. Apate introduces herself, explains that she is newly in service to her ladyship and leads us to Lady Bronwyn’s private chambers. Mirafir is familiar with the main areas of the keep and follows close behind Apate.

NPC - Apate - Handmaiden
NPC – Apate – Handmaiden

As Mirafir, Thora and Farther Tobias enter her chamber, her study and Magic research area; she is caught unawares by Mirafir, Thora and Farther Tobias and quickly hides some parchments in, what sounds like, a drawer under the table which she is sitting behind.

Lady Bronwyn: “Oh come, let me take a good look at you all.”

She stands up from her chair and rushes over to Mirafir first and then embraces each of us in turn.

Lady Bronwyn: “We have not had time together since your arrival back in Daggerford. You must tell me all about your adventures in the other realm; it sounds terrifying and exhilarating at the same time.”

Not wanting to sound rude or be ungrateful we patiently tell the tales of our Adventures in Lands of Barovia, for the most part that is and promising more details on another day.

Thora: “Lady Bronwyn, our questions concern the safety of Daggerford, nay the whole of the Sword Coast itself. We need your full attention lass.”

Lady Bronwyn regains her composure and the Wizard in her emerges. 

NPC - Lady Bronwyn Daggerford
NPC – Lady Bronwyn Daggerford

Lady Bronwyn: “I do apologise Lady Thora, I have been mostly overlooked and left to my own devices. Yet my travel outside of Daggerford has been severely restricted, fears of kidnapping attempt they tell me.”

Thora take a look around the room and then turns to Lady Bronwyn once more.

Thora: “Ma’am I am concerned there maybe those who are scrying upon us; one of us in particular we believe is the target the Necromancer of Runedardath, by Saint Cuthbert.”

Mirafir: “I will cast ‘Non-Detection’ on myself which will prevent the Necromancer from using his Spells to even find me.”

Mirafir casts ‘Non-Detection’ on himself while Farther Tobias casts ‘Detect Magic’. That way the Priest can use his Spell to discover if scrying was being performed on the others.

Lady Bronwyn: “Apate, the finest wine!”

Apate, Bronwyn’s handmaiden, leaves and soon returns with the refreshment.

Thora: “We are concerned about developments in and around Daggerford and beyond!”

Lady Bronwyn: “Ah yes, sadly I don’t have the ear of my brother as I used to.

As we are now joined by the forces from Waterdeep and the surrounding Baronies, the men spend much of their time discussing future plans and manoeuvres, while they miss the smallest of manoeuvres that are happening under their very noses.”

Mirafir: “Anything that you can find out my lady will be helping us all’”

Lady Bronwyn: “I promise to help you as ever Mirafir and I will try and find out as much as I can.”

NPC - Soldiers Of Waterdeep
NPC – Soldiers Of Waterdeep

We then turned our questions to the Daggerford Loose Ends and the answers to all of Commander Vimes inquirers. We go through all the questions put to us by Commander Vimes, the leads that we have so far followed and all the information that we had gathered so far.

The first questions are regarding the Lizard marshes to the South West of Daggerford, on the coast.

Mirafir: “How can we stop these Wyrms and what know you of them my Lady?”

Lady Bronwyn: “The Dragons themselves are varied, some are good and other are evil from what I can remember from my Monster Manual© training. But it was so very long ago and I have not had the need to recall any Dragon Lore since, more I cannot say.”

Thora: “My Lady Bronwyn, perhaps you have an idea who we could speak to concerning these foul Wyrmlings, by Saint Cuthbert?”

Lady Bronwyn: “Wyrmlings you say Lady Thora, the Wyrmlings are not fully grown Dragons if that is any form of consolation of any kind. They are smaller and younger, yet dangerous.”

Mirafir: “My lady, the Court wizard, perhaps he would be more knowledgeable or even have tomes that we may use to seek the knowledge we require?”

NPC - Gwydion pen Dafwyd
NPC – Gwydion pen Dafwyd

Lady Bronwyn calls again for her maid, Apate, and she is sent to Gwydion pen Dafwyd with a note from Lady Bronwyn.

Gwydion pen Dafwyd, the Court Wizard grants us all an audience, it truth it was at Lady Bronwyn’s request as we know all too well, Mirafir knows that Gwydion pen Dafwyd is very aware of his status as court Wizard and very class-conscious. He has no time for anyone not of Noble Blood, even those of common blood who have earned the regard of the Duke.

We are lead through the corridors of the keep by Apate and taken to a large set of iron bound oak doors. These are the doors that protect the library of Gwydion pen Dafwyd, Mirafir remembers, as he himself has been inside when training with the reluctant Old Wizard. Mirafir also recalls that decisiveness is not Gwydion pen Dafwyd’s dominant trait. He dithers over a decision for months before coming to an easily swayed conclusion.

As we enter the room the smell of leather, parchment and wax is overwhelming. Books, books, more books and scrolls line the wall of this large room. Then, as if by Magic, an old, bearded man appears out of nowhere.

Gwydion pen Dafwyd prides himself on his grey hairs and scholarly appearance. He is a self-pronounced expert on the Dukedom’s history and the genealogy of the ducal family.

Gwydion pen Dafwyd: “My Lady! Madame! You have my time and my library at your disposal!”

He looks with disdain on the rest of us but manages to hide his grimace from Lady Bronwyn, years of practice.

Lady Bronwyn proceeds to explain our situation concerning, the Lizard Marshes, the Dragons and the polluted water from the Aquifers in Runedardath.

Lady Bronwyn: “Would you, with your vast knowledge of all things magical have any learning on the Dragons, or Wyrms as the Lizard Folk call them?”

Gwydion pen Dafwyd: “My Lady, my books are at your disposal and the information regarding ‘Draco Draconem’, or Dragons in the vulgar tongue, can be found upon the Selves on the Western wall.”

Lady Bronwyn: “One other piece of information that we need is on the subject of Poisons, one in particular called ‘Black Dragon Brew’?”

Mirafir: “We even have a sample if that is of any use to your research Gwydion pen Dafwyd?”

The rest of us are given free rein in the library.

Magic Item - Glyph Of Warding
Magic Item – Glyph Of Warding

Mirafir’s good fortune enables him to find the books he is looking for until he picks out a book with a ‘Glyph’ on it! The Magical ‘Glyph’ is activated but no disenable effects are felt or seen.

Mirafir: “Who placed the ‘Glyph’?”

Frimly: “Someone who didn’t want us to find the book of Dragon Lore!”

Mirafir casts his ‘Unseen Servant’ spell and bids it to turn the pages of the book of Dragon Lore.

The pages have been replaced with blank pages and there is nothing to aid our Heroes.

Mirafir: “My lady, the book of Dragon Lore has been tampered with!”

Lady Bronwyn is shocked at this news.

Gwydion comes back:

Gwydion pen Dafwyd: “I have managed to find out about the ‘Black Dragon Brew’ poison. House hold ingredients are used, but they are not easy to acquire.

Everything is possible though. Spells must be cast and Powerful Magic imparted.”

Mirafir explains about the ‘Glyph’ he found on the cover of the book of Dragon Lore.

Magic Item - Dragon Lore Book
Magic Item – Dragon Lore Book

Gwydion pen Dafwyd: “Impossible!”

Gwydion pen Dafwyd casts ‘Detect Magic’ and ‘Read Magic’ and inspects the book minutely.

Thora: “By Saint Cuthbert, what was the result of the ‘Glyph’, Farther Tobias can you tell?

Farther Tobias: “Someone has taken all the pages out! I am not sure what the ‘Glyph’ was. It could have activated any spell imbedded into it.

Gwydion pen Dafwyd “What a coincidence. One of the Black Dragons natural abilities is creating this poison- it is a by-product of them living in a watered area.”

We leave Gwydion pen Dafwyd alone with his tombs in his library.

The Adventurers return to Lady Bronwyn and Apate to further discuss their finding while also not wanting to be in the presence of Gwydion pen Dafwyd.

Mirafir: “We believe that Kelthas the Dread is behind all of this, the attacks, the Dragon and the impending battles with Orcs, Goblin and other foul creatures.”

Symbol - Cult of the Dragon
Symbol – Cult of the Dragon

Lady Bronwyn: “Kelthas must be a member of the Dragon Cult! Of course, they believe that an Undead Dragon will rule the world, the Harpers, a group of Maquis, who seek out the Dragon Cult to stop them.

An Undead Dragon possibly under the control of Kelthas, we cannot let that ever happen!”

Lady Bronwyn: “I am working on a project, in connection with the Harpers.”

Symbol - Harpers
Symbol – Harpers

She pulls the information from a scroll on her desk.

Logically, we conclude that Kelthas has the Dagger for exactly this purpose. But it may also be his undoing.

Thora: “What of Agwain in all of this?”

Mirafir notices a slightest of gins when Baron Agwain Delantar’s name is mentioned.

Lady Bronwyn: “Agwain, What of him? You fear for him? Why? What do you know?”

Farther Tobias: “Fear not dear Lady, we believe him innocent of all Evils for which he has been accused.”

Mirafir: “Then what know you of Dygath Hornspar my Lady?”

Lady Bronwyn: “Dygath, Agwain’s huntsman? Why do you not trust him? He has been little more than an aid to Agwain.”

NPC - Dygath Hornspar - Huntmaster
NPC – Dygath Hornspar – Huntmaster

Farther Tobias: “It has been said that he left his previous Baron under suspicious circumstances and that family line has now ended.”

Lady Bronwyn: “From what I know of, he went straight to Secomber? His master was dead and his services were very much sort after, or so my brother has told me.”

Thora: “Aye, then what of the Duke’s Guards that were killed during your kidnapping, mi Lady?”

Lady Bronwyn: “Regarding the guards, neither he nor his guards harmed anyone whilst I was in their presence. Besides, they were not held responsible for their Deaths.”

Mirafir, Thora and Farther Tobias thank Lady Bronwyn and are escorted to the main entrance by Apate.

The Adventurers return to Mirafir’s house (72) to inform the others of their findings.

Oleg Odul’s House And Oleg‘s Weaponforge:

Thora, Mirafir and Frimly go to meet Commander Vimes again and discuss the caravan and the murder of the two Duke’s Guards.

Thora: “Good day Captain Carrot, may we speak with Commander Vimes?”

Captain Carrot Ironfoundersson: “Vimes is at the bakery, is there anything I can help you with gentlemen?

Thora: “Its information we need to deliver to Commander Vimes directly.”

Captain Carrot Ironfoundersson: “I understand Thora, see you later lady and gentlemen!”

NPC - Captain Carrot Ironfoundersson
NPC – Captain Carrot Ironfoundersson

We go to the bakery, and sure enough there he is smoking a fag whilst seemingly keep an eye on all those around him.

Commander Vimes: “Lady, gentlemen; How can I help you?”

Thora: “By Saint Cuthbert, we have conflicting evidence on the murder at the Lady Luck tavern. The Watches report has a tall man in a cloak – we have been told, by Owenden the owner, that he also saw a female fleeing the Lady Luck during the resulting confusion.”

Mirafir: Could they have used Magic, an Illusion to hide their true image?”

Commander Vimes: “Nobby Nobs is not the most reliable. It wouldn’t be hard to know where he would be, a man of habit that one, at that time of day he has usually had a drink and ‘patrols’ the local watering holes.”

Thora: “On another point, the 2 Dukes Guards that were killed, where can we find more information regarding their deaths?”

Commander Vimes: “Go and see my man Constable Igor, he will know all the gory details. He’s our medic that deals with the dead.

Commander Vimes: “One more thing, you didn’t happen to be near Oleg Odul’s residence?”

Frimly: “We’re staying at Mirafir’s which is right opposite.”

Commander Vimes: “That is a coincidence; it was Garth Rower who was killed at the Lady Luck Tavern (53). He’s a retired boatman, a river ferryman. He resided in the house (71) backing onto Mirafir’s residence (72).”

Questioning Constable Igor:

We go to the Constables Lodgings (36), where the City Watch members reside, to speak with Igor. We are directed down some side stairs to the basement by the sergeant at the main desk. As we descend the stairs, we are hit by that familiar, yet unpleasant, smell of Ravenloft’s Crypt’s.

NPC - Constable Igor
NPC – Constable Igor

Constable Igor: “Gentlemen, how can I help? I rarely get visitors down here.”

Thora shakes his hand and chills run down her short spine as his touch is cold as ice, cold as Death itself in fact. Saint Cuthbert save us all.

Constable Igor is undead. But he appears to be sentient and apparently not evil.

Constable Igor: “I know that look gentlemen and Lady, I truly am undead, or not quite alive as I like to call it, but the great Lord Tyr felt my un-life was of more worth and Commander Vimes was the only one not to fear me.”

Mirafir and the others begin to question Constable Igor but they are all weary of the Constable.

Mirafir: “We have come to ask about the murder in the Lady Luck Tavern, with Commander Vimes permission of course.”

Constable Igor: “Garth Rower you say? It was an assassination you say, that makes more sense than a casual bar fight.”

Frimly: “what do you mean, err, Doctor?”

Constable Igor: “The man or woman or whoever did this is a professional. It was a Rapier. It is an ideal weapon for its purpose and leaves very little mess.”

Thora: “The next questions we have regard the two Duke’s Guards that were killed a year or more ago, when Lady Bronwyn was kidnapped, do you remember that?

Constable Igor: “Yes, those poor men were killed by Cross-Bow Bolts while on duty.”

Thora: “We confronted Baron Agwain’s men and none bore a Cross-Bow.”

Constable Igor: “Then the stable lad should have been listen to, the Daggerford Militia dismissed he statement saying he had just woke and could not see outside of the Castle gates from where he said he was.”

Mirafir: “What was his name and where may we find him?”

Constable Igor: “Jack Peg, the young stable lad is still under the employ of the Duke. He said that he heard the commotion and can be found in the Castles Stables, talk to him.”

We go to the Castle Stables and meet Jack Peg who we find mucking out.

Jack Peg: “Who are you looking for; no one has taken a horse out today?”

Thora: “It is you we wish to talk to, we are members of the Militia, and you heard the commotion when the two Duke’s Guards were killed. It was a while ago, can you remember that night?”

Jack Peg: “I told you lot everything I saw, but they didn’t believe me. What makes you any different?”

Mirafir: “I could always make you talk.”

Mirafir’s fingers crackle with Magical force, as he cast a minor Cantrip for effect.

Jack Peg: “Ok, Ok. One of the Dukes Guards was shot in the back, as when I looked out he was facing the gates, then the second was shot in the neck as he fled towards the keep (in the throat!!).

We head back to find Commander Vimes and give him the good news.

Frimly: “….and that is what we have for now.”

Commander Vimes: “Unfortunately Ladies and Gentlemen, my jurisdiction is just the town. It does not include the keep or surrounding lands.”

NPC - Commander Sam Vimes
NPC – Commander Sam Vimes

Commander Vimes bids us farewell.

Commander Vimes: “Oh, one last thing, well done.”

In the evening, we head to Garth Rower’s house, the victim of the Lady Luck murder.

We suspect that the ‘Glyph’ on the book of Dragon Lore is a warning. He, she or they, are now on to us and know that we are looking for Lore on Dragons.

We do the same with Mirafir casting Magic Mouth in the house next to the wall where eavesdropping had been taking place.

The Hunt Is On:

Thora, Galan, Frimly, Mirafir and Sigune set out to follow the caravan bearing arms for sale with Saint Cuthbert looking over us.

As the carriage in front of Oleg’s Weaponforge is loaded, one of the carts collapses, breaking 2 of its wheels.

Father Tobias helps recover the load. He can see no sign of sabotage but the wheels appear to be of bad quality or it could be the damaged caused. This makes the caravan delayed for several hours. He ascertains that they are heading to Gillian’s Hill now that they have lots time and not directly to Liam’s hold as planned.

The caravan moves out with the adventurers following at a discreet distance. At Gillian’s Hill, the caravan stops for the evening.

Location - Gillian's Hill
Location – Gillian’s Hill

Gillian’s Hill:

This hamlet stands on the east side of the Coast Way a half-day’s ride south of Daggerford and about as long a ride from Liam’s Hold. The community is named for a now-dead Half-Elven Ranger of great beauty. Gillian Cantilar dwelt here in a long-vanished house atop a wooded knoll overlooking the road. Today, Gillian’s Hill is a grass-girt mount topped by a covered fire cairn used as a signal beacon to warn Daggerford of approaching enemy army’s from Dragonspear Castle or the Serpent Hills, presumably.

There is a noted Antique shop, Torleth’s Treasures, in Gillian’s Hill owned by Torleth Mindulspeer.

Gillian’s Hill is half the size of Daggerford and has been recently militarized with all the evil abroad.

We go to the Inn, the Half Pint Inn, and we are greeted by a cheery looking Gnome:

Helldrak Bonebrew: “What can I get you gentlemen and ladies?

Thora: “We have been long in the saddle and the weather has not been kind to us. Your finest Ale and whatever you have that is hot will do us fine.”

Helldrak Bonebrew: “No stomach for the mess food I see? Don’t blame you. These are hard times, desperate times.”

Thora: “I did not say we were with the military.”

Helldrak Bonebrew: “You all have that look.”

Frimly: “More pouring and less yapping.”

Thora: “What news?”

Helldrak Bonebrew: “Manoeuvres, lots of them are going on. Every day is a struggle.”

30th Day of the Deepwinter: (January):

The Missing Cart:

The next morning Frimly goes looking for the caravan in one of the large warehouse and finds only 2 of the 3 carts.

Mirafir and Frimly, after pursuing the missing caravan’s tracks, ‘Fly’ ahead.

Mirafir and Frimly, in the morning light, can clear see that the cart was travelling west, along the trail that lead to Vantage the military post on the edge of the Lizard Marsh, and turned off at the farm steading called Potter. Here the tracks lead south into the Ghostlight Wood.

The cart with the weapons and army equipment is abandoned and the 2 guards have fled on the horses used to pull the cart.

Now the Adventurers plan is to wait and see whoever is supposed to collect the goods.

The riders on horseback, Sigune, Galan, Mirafir and Thora take cover.

Frimly takes advantage of the ‘Fly’ spell cast on him and moves up slowly towards the abandoned cart on the top of a small hillock. Frimly is now ‘Invisible’.

However, it becomes all too obvious that this is a trap and a spell caster suddenly appears from the undergrowth.

Monster - Lizard Man Shaman
Monster – Lizard Man Shaman

Cleric: “Alaaak d’aalar!”

Saving throws: Mirafir, Frimly and Galan’s horses save. Sigune and Thora’s horses are ‘Entangled’!

Mirafir: “It’s a Lizard man Shaman and they wear black robes.”

More Lizard men appear as Sigune misses with her Long Bow (1). The Lizard men then throw Javelins and fail to strike the female Paladin, Sigune of the Golden Locks.

Mirafir casts ‘Lightning Bolt’ and obliterates the Lizard man Cleric and one of the Lizard men warriors. More Lizard men warriors appear from out of the forest, between the dense forest trees coming up from beyond the abandoned cart.

Frimly hides beneath the carriage and allows 6 Lizard men to go past him before attacking the last one of them with a ‘Backstab Attack’. He hits and does some serious damage but the Lizard man is still on his feet. Mirafir casts ‘Magic Missile’ and damages another one.

The Wizard Mirafir then casts ‘Mirror Image’ and 7 identical Mirafir’s materialise around the Elf!

Thora cuts down another Lizard man, Sigune strikes at another without slaying it.

Frimly misses with his ‘Backstab Attack’ and is now left fighting many Lizard men as they turn on the assailant.

The Ranger, Galan, kick on his horse and rides to his aid, sliding low in his saddle.

Monster - Lizard Man
Monster – Lizard Man

Sigune strikes down her Lizard men foe:

Sigune: “Die you filthy reptile!”

Thora is hit then by a Javelin and two of Mirafir’s ‘Mirror Images’ are also destroyed by similar attacks from Javelin’s thrown by the Lizard men.

Thora (20) destroys another Lizard men and Sigune strikes another one.

Thora: “I’m gonna split your wee skull!”

Sigune cuts down one of her two opponents.

The last few of the Lizard men are put to ‘Sleep’ by Mirafir, but not before one of the last Lizard men strikes Mirafir’s horse.

All of a sudden, 3 ‘Magic Missiles’ strike the ‘Sleeping’ Lizard man. No interrogating prisoners today.

We try without success to locate the Spell caster. Mirafir suspects it could be a Dragon as the Wizard uses his ‘Fly’ spell to rise above the forest canopy, he can make out what must be a large ‘Invisible’ shape moves over the tree tops.

14 Lizard men have been killed and one Lizard man Shaman.

Mirafir, using his ‘Eyes of Minute Seeing’ finds a corner of a piece of parchment after a thorough search of the cart. The letter T can be clearly made out and the second letter could be an M or and N.

The Adventurers decide to take the cart, and its contents, to Redeye; one of his men collects it.

Location - Vantage - Guard Post
Location – Vantage – Guard Post

The Adventurers decide to ride on down Vantage, a military outpost on the edge of the Lizard marshes, where we are recognized as members of the Daggerford Militia.

Thora, being the recognised leader when on Militia duty, questions the Daggerford Militia guards regarding any activity from the Lizard Marshes or the surrounding areas. The guards say there has been nothing to report for weeks.

Riding To The Trade Way:

The Heroes then try to cut off the rest of the caravan, 2 remaining carts heading for the Way Inn, by cutting across country and reaching the Trade Way before they reach their destination.

In a town, the season of the Drawing Down is as unpleasant as they come. In the wilderness, it is equally as unpleasant, yet stands in absolute contrast to the nightmare of mud and horseshit which makes life in Daggerford such a struggle.

In the wilderness, the ground is coated in a thick layer of mulched foliage; less susceptible to slowing normal progress yet concealing dangers that would normally be visible to the eye of a traveller. Jagged rocks, ruts, covered branches and leaf-filled hollows provide the party with any number of lethal concealed traps to avoid. A broken ankle in a forest can be just as deadly as being caught in the epicentre of a fireball if no aid is to hand and the many deadly scavengers of the Sword Coast get wind of a stranded would-be Adventurer.

Head East towards the Trade Way road.

Spot 2 Goblin riders and Worgs.

Mirafir casts ‘Fly’ on Frimly, who disappears off after the riders.

Monster - Goblin Rider
Monster – Goblin Rider

Frimly loses the 2 Goblin riders and Worgs and flies straight into a camp of Goblin riders, Worgs and Orcs.

The camp was hidden by an ‘Illusionary Terrain’ spell.

Frimly flies back out and heads back to the mounted Adventurers.

Orcs run out and attack, while more Goblin Riders attempt to flank the Adventurers.

Suddenly, a Cleric dress in black robes evokes his Gods power and cast ‘Entangle’ on the Adventures horses.

Galan is not caught in the ‘Entanglement’ and Thora and Frimly manage to jump off their horses and land on their feet, while Sigune fails to land correctly.

Then another dressed in black robes appeared next to the Cleric and cast SOMETHING at the Adventures.

Thora heads straight towards the Cleric and Wizard that had both negated their ‘Invisibility’ spells that were cast upon them.

The Cleric cast ‘Silence’ at Mirafir but missed his target. The Wizard Mirafir however was in ‘Silence’.

Sigune engaged with Orc to South of the Adventures, Thora moved into melee with the Cleric who had drawn his Mace, Galan had drawn his bow and fired and the Worgs, ridden by the Goblins, while on horseback and Mirafir jumped and moved in order to cast ‘Fly’ upon himself.

The Warriors fought their foes whilst more Orcs appeared from the direction of the hidden camp North.

Spell - Fireball
Spell – Fireball

Mirafir flew up into the air and cast ‘Fireball’ at one of the groups of Goblin Riders.

Thora finished off the Cleric and managed to save against a spell cast by the Wizard.

Galan continued to fire at Orcs as did Sigune.

Thora dispatches of the Wizard dressed in black robes and made her way back to the horses that had been slowly moving out of the ‘Entangled’ area.

Galan used his Ranger ability to calm and collect the horses.

Sigune was furiously finishing off the last of the Orcs, in complete ‘Silence’.

Mirafir looking off to the North spots a pair of Goblin Riders making an escape to the South East and so not directly to the Trade Way.

Before Mirafir could act to pressure the fleeing Goblin Riders, the Wizard was engulfed in a ball of fire, a ‘Fireball’ to be precise.

Off to the North West, ‘Flying’ in the air the Adventures can make out a Female, also dressed in black robes.

Karri: “Hello Lover, it has been a long time since we last met. Did you miss me?”

Mirafir: “It cannot be, will you hound me forever and will I need to kill you one more time?”

NPC - Kerri - 3.0
NPC – Kerri – 3.0

Mirafir prepares spell, a ‘Fireball’ in return, but before his incantation is cast, Karri turns ‘Invisible’, while another Acolyte appears next to the place where Karri was. The female Wizard is also in black, ‘Flying’ and about to cast ‘Magic Missile’ at Mirafir, disrupting his spell and, in turn, enabling Karri to escape.

The others approach the ‘Flying’ Wizard but she is too high for them to reach with their weapons.

Mirafir cast his ‘Magic Missiles’ and quickly dispatches the ‘Flying’ Acolyte.

There is no sign of Karri or the Goblin Riders but the Adventurers look around for any sigh of their presence.

The Adventurers search the body of the dead Acolyte and only find two Potion bottles, no other items of note like the other Acolyte previously encountered and evidence that Kelthas’ Evil is behind these enemies of Daggerford.

Mirafir checks the 2 ‘Magic Potions’. One is empty and smells of squid ink, like the ‘Invisibility Potions’ created by Kelthas the Dread in Runedardath, under Mount Illefarn.

Magic Item - Potion of Invisibility
Magic Item – Potion of Invisibility

The second Potion’s orange liquid flickers and smoke fills the top of the container and wafts out whenever it is opened.

Magic Item - Potion of Fire Breath
Magic Item – Potion of Fire Breath

Mirafir fells he missed something when searching the body and casts ‘Detect Magic’. This is when he discovers some form of ‘Wizards Script’ tattoo that appears when he passes his hand over it appearing to be a with a pair of eyes in a flaming face that tops Dragons Claws.

Frimly: “Is this not like the empty ‘Potion of Fire Breath’ found on the dead Acolyte in white, that assassinated the Goblin commander, way back in the High Forest during our training?”

Mirafir: “I think you are correct young Frimly.”

The Waterdeep Cavalry:

The Adventures take the body of the dead, female Acolyte, the Cleric and the other Wizard and make their way to the Trade Way road, heading due east.

After some time the Adventurers reach the Trade Way and decide to head northwards along the road to Gillian’s Hill and not to follow the caravan of weapons to its final destination of the Way inn.

Afterward, the Adventurers were stopped on the road by a small unit of horsemen. They were a unit of the Waterdeep Cavalry billeted at the Way Inn and the man leading them was called Master Sargent Malark Springhill.

NPC - Waterdepp City Watch
NPC – Waterdepp City Watch

Master Sargent Malark Springhill asks several questions in connection to the Daggerford garrison and checks the badges closely. Master Sargent Malark Springhill explains how there is a large military presence at the Way Inn, commanded by Commander Frey Silverblade of the Waterdeep Cavalry.

Master Sargent Malark Springhill and his squad take the bodies of the Cleric and Wizard, while the Adventurers take the body of the Acolyte Wizard that was with Karri.

Torleth Mindulspeer – Gillian’s Hill:

The Adventurers make a stop at Gillian’s Hill in order to find the origins of the scrap of initialled paper (TM or TN?) found by Mirafir in the cart with the weapons from Daggerford.

Once again the Adventurers show their Militia Badges which allows them access to Gillian’s Hill by the officer on duty, Sargent Kierkan Rufo.

The Adventurers ask Sargent Kierkan Rufo about anyone baring the initials TM or TN.

Thora: “Sargent Rufo, we are looking for someone that has the initials TM or TN and we believe they hay has a business here in Gillian’s Hill or is a person of importance maybe?”

Sargent Kierkan Rufo: “There is Torleth Mindulspeer who runs manages Torleth’s Treasures, a crammed shop of oddities. He buys junk from visitors and sells it to others.”

Thora thanks Sargent Kierkan Rufo for his help and head off to the shop called Torleth’s Treasures.

Galan, Mirafir, Sigune, Thora and Frimly tie their horses and look up at the shop full of oddities, curios, antiques, and junk.

Mirafir casts ‘Detect Magic’ before he enters the establishment.

Location - Torleth's Treasures
Location – Torleth’s Treasures

Torleth’s Treasures is a large shop, a ramshackle old barn that has been extended in random directions by diverse hands over many years so that its floor and roof change level often and alarmingly, and a forest of rough tree trunks studded with pegs that hold merchandise stand here, there, and everywhere holding the roof up. Customers can be seen wandering in bewilderment in the dimly lit aisles, searching for the way out.

NPC - Torleth Mindulspeer
NPC – Torleth Mindulspeer

Torleth Mindulspeer manages Torleth’s Treasures, a crammed shop of oddities in Gillian’s Hill found South of Daggerford.

Torleth Mindulspeer wears long dark grey robes and is a tall cadaverously thin man of dry wit and a gloomy manner. He delights in buying old things, garbage out of ruins or abandoned buildings, and oddities dug up or brought back from the far corners of the Realms. Then he sells them to passers-by.

Torleth Mindulspeer: “Ladies and gentlemen feel free to look around and do let me know if there is anything in particular you may be looking for.”

The Adventurers pretend to look around while Sigune attempts to ‘Detect Evil’ on Torleth Mindulspeer, as he sits behind his counter, and Mirafir begins to attempt to ‘Detect Magic’ on Torleth Mindulspeer and the area in front of the Wizard.

Torleth Mindulspeer: “What do you think you are doing? No Magic is to be used here in my shop. This is no Church either Paladin, take your God’s teaching from this place.”

Torleth Mindulspeer: “Tom, go quick and call for the guard, these travellers are no longer welcome in my shop.”

A young lad appears from behind one of the tree trunks and rushes towards the main door.

Tom Katze: “Yes Mindulspeer, immediately. “

As if by Magic, a few minutes later the young lad returns with Sargent Kierkan Rufo with 6 other guards following up behind.

Sargent Kierkan Rufo: “I’m sorry Thora but I’m going to have to ask you all to leave.”

Thora:” Aye we will, we naw be want any trouble.”

Frimly: “Yer, it was just a misunderstanding, honest.”

Sargent Kierkan Rufo: “I’m sorry again about that, just doing my job.”

Mirafir: “What can you tell us about Torleth Mindulspeer, if you won’t mind?”

Sargent Kierkan Rufo: “I haven’t been here long but he is well liked and respected around these parts. He’s been a part of this Hamlet forever I’m told.

NPC - Waterdepp City Watch
NPC – Waterdepp City Watch

The Adventurers again thank Sargent Kierkan Rufo, collect their horses and ride back North along the Trade Way to Daggerford hopefully to a warm welcome and an even warmer meal and fire.

Back at Mirafir’s home in Daggerford, the Adventurers retell their adventures to Farther Tobias and Sir Ly. In turn they say that there is nothing to report and there had not been any activity from the house of Garth Rower (71), Garth Rower being the man who was killed at the Lady Luck Tavern (53). It is decided that Mirafir, Farther Tobias, Thora and Frimly should return to the Castle to have further conversations with Lady Bronwyn regarding all the recent events.

Back At Daggerford:

In Daggerford the adventurers are with Lady Bronwyn. She tells them a little more about Dygath Hornspar who, by all accounts, is a respected hero of Dragonspear.

As they were thinking about the guards that were killed at the keep – some things just don’t seem to fit.

He is a master huntsman and the manner in which those guards were, executed?

Between the Adventureres, the decision is taken to go to the Lady Luck Tavern later and ask around there what Dygath Hornspar’s weapons of choice were and look to the good fortune of Saint Cuthbert.

Dygath Hornspar, could he be responsible for the murder of the two guards at the keep?

But in the meantime, Lady Bronwyn, as ever is a good source of local knowledge, while her clam sauce, imported from Waterdeep, is spoken highly of throughout the Forgotten Realms.

NPC - Lady Bronwyn Daggerford
NPC – Lady Bronwyn Daggerford

Lady Bronwyn: “I will get my brother!” Her handmaiden departs with her.

Mirafir casts ‘Detect Magic’ while Bronwyn is gone. Her ‘Cloak of Protection’, as expected is magic but he also sees a little sparkle on her table where she was looking up information about the Harpers. It is an ancient parchment in a language that Mirafir can’t quite make out and the Wizard notices that it is glowing. What could this be?

Is it Glyph?

Or is it a Scroll?

Lady Bronwyn returns with Duke Pwyll ‘Greatshout’ Daggerford:

Duke Pwyll ‘Greatshout’ Daggerford: “Sister I don’t have time – even if they are your favourite brood.  Ahh welcome ladies and gentlemen – heroes of Illefarn!”

Thora: “Runedardath!”

To Thora Duke Pwyll ‘Greatshout’ Daggerford bows.

Duke Pwyll ‘Greatshout’ Daggerford: “Sigune fair lady, welcome follower of Saint Cuthbert!”

He conspicuously ignores Frimly!

The heroic adventurers tell him about Redeye and the missing cart of military supplies. And of course, the camps hidden by the ‘Hallucinatory Terrain’ Spells!

NPC - Duke Pwyll 'Greatshout' Daggerford
NPC – Duke Pwyll ‘Greatshout’ Daggerford

Duke Pwyll ‘Greatshout’ Daggerford: “Ahh I must tell Gwydion pen Dafwyd about this! More forces are coming down from Waterdeep. The Troll haven in the North is of grave concern.

A game of chess is being played here and they have been trying to trap you! They have seen something.”

Thora: “My Lord already they were drawing us into their snare in Runedardath.”

Lady Bronwyn: “Yeah but none of the forces of Evil would have wanted you to go there? Why would Kelthas, Wartsnak or any of the others want that?”

Frimly can hear Lady Bronwyn mutter to herself.

Frimly: “I know my women and Lady Bronwyn is smarter than any within this castle.”

Visiting Lady Bronwyn:

Thora remembers something and relays it to Duke Pwyll ‘Greatshout’ Daggerford.

Thora: “The protector under the mountain, Dumathoin the God of the Dwarves has determined this! The clues to draw us north seem to be a trap? Or are the Harpers manipulating us, by Saint Cuthbert?

Our true fate probably does lie to the north and to prevent the forces of darkness attacking from the north!”

Mirafir: “Your harpers didn’t send us to Illefarn, the Necromancer did. He required us to bring him a weapon and wove a web of deceit to turn friend against friend.”

Symbol of Harpers - Pin
Symbol of Harpers – Pin

Lady Bronwyn: “I am not a Harper!”

Duke Pwyll ‘Greatshout’ Daggerford: “This should go to the council, why are you concealing this information!?”

Mirafir: “The paper is glowing on your desk!”

Duke Pwyll ‘Greatshout’ Daggerford grabs it as he goes out. At least he thinks he does but Frimly does a quick switch…

Lady Bronwyn: “Mirafir how could you. That research took me half a year to collect!!?”

Mirafir: “I have had enough of these manipulations and deceptions. By dancing this merry dance of intrigue and deception, you too are perpetuating Kelthas’ web of lies and treachery.

If you cannot trust your own brother, then surely this house of cards will soon fall! Do not allow yourself to be manipulated! I beseech Thee, my lady!”

Frimly gives her the paper.

Frimly: “Were you looking for this, your malady? Why, your radiance is more pungent and less treacherous than the patchouli oil that so clings to the purple robes of Mirafir!”

Eyes brightening, and wiping the salty tears from her moist cheeks, Bronwyn turns to the diminutive yet roguish adventurer: “Frimly! You have stolen my heart! Here, drinking hearty from my clam sauce! I whipped the batter especially for you!

My research indicates that there were ancient methods of communication across vast areas that once existed have now been closed – for want of a better word. Many years ago in sacred areas and groves there were these portals if you know the song of entry. These would help people travel great distance. They are no longer there.”

Location - The Song Paths of Illefarn
Location – The Song Paths of Illefarn

Frimly realises that the text on the letter is Drow Elvish. It is called “The Song Paths of Illefarn”

Frimly: “My lady, this document your brother dropped is it a song?”

Lady Bronwyn: “No just an explanation of what they were.”

We prepare to revisit Illefarn and Sigune remembers that there are two chambers, one is dangerous with water, gas and rock fall, and the other is with fresh water and would be the best way to go.

Our plan is to stop and visit Melandrach and his people in Laughing Hollow before having a quick look at Illefarn. This is all just a short detour on our visit to Agwain in Secomber. Everywhere is quiet on the way.

Entering The Laughing Hollow:

Three elves suddenly appear:

Elves: “Hail Galan! Hail Mirafir!”

We are taken to Melandrach.

NPC - King Melandrach
NPC – King Melandrach

Melandrach: “Hail heroes of Illefarn!”

Galan: “What do you know of the Black Dragon that once and mayhap still dwells within?”

Melandrach: “We have not seen anything but perhaps it was hidden from us by powerful magic.”

Melandrach: “You speak of the Cult of the Dragon! That dragon would not stay there if Korin had his ring returned to him! If you were there for days and weeks and were not aware of its existence then maybe it is still there!”

We tell him of the hallucinatory terrain etc.

Melandrach: “As always, the Dwarf in the ointment may have disrupted this. There may well be foul poison beneath Illefarn that must be dealt with.

Thora: “The assault from the dark realms has many prongs. We do not know if we are being manipulated to go to the north by the harpers.”

Melandrach: “In the north the trolls took over after the dwarves had been driven out. With many levels a massive place and predominantly a volcanic cavern.”

Thora: “These caverns are wrought to house diamonds of the highest quality, by Saint Cuthbert!”

Melandrach; “Talk to Korin about the dragon. You have his ear, Thora!”

Entering Runedardath Again:

Illefarn has changed. It is now a thriving metropolis, clean and spotless. All the way along, everyone knows who we are: Especially Thora who sticks out like a sore thumb. The Dwarf who took Thora’s position is at the gates:

Location - The Halls of Runedardath
Location – The Halls of Runedardath

Dwarf Guard: “Good morro! Private Thora!”

It is the commander of the garrison, a position which Thora declined.

Dwarf Guard: “You look dirty!”

Thora: “We’ve been on the road for ten days now, Aye.”

We are taken to the mess hall.

Dwarf Guard: “If there is anything you will be needing? Or will you be on your way soon? Korin is a busy man, y’ken? You wait here. I’ll make sure the message is sent.”

Time passes and Thora meets many old friends and admirers. After about an hour, Gorn the Cleric shows up and chastises the other Dwarf. “Come, come!” He brings them to Korin and his wife. Thora, despite Korin’s arrogance acquiesces. “So gentlemen and ladies,”

Thora: “Our tale started in the Lady Luck Tavern.” Morri looks a bit sheepish. “There was a brawl in there and someone was murdered and a charm was left in the tavern.

The black dragon wing was stolen and an innocent man was made the scapegoat. We suspect that the real reason was to take two dragon claws. We found out that these are necessary to create the poison in Illefarn that polluted the Delimbiyr River.”

Morri looks worried and goes over and whispers into the Kings ear.

Thora: “We dug and delved a bit deeper and I am sorry to say it appeared that mayhap there is a black dragon lurking within…”

NPC - King Korin Ironaxe
NPC – King Korin Ironaxe

King Korin: “He would have needed a wizard. Like Kelthas! I must be honest; it is one of two things: either the dragon is controlled or it is in alliance.”

Thora: “What would a Dragon have to gain?”

King Korin: “A home? If it wasn’t for you and me, the dragon could have remained here for a long time. And Kelthas has a means to an end. He is gone from Runedardath but his aim is the same.

We have sufficient water from the northern Aquafier and the eastern one has been left.”

Thora: “I will do all I can to assist. I cannot speak for my compatriots.”

Korin: “There is no more important business than a dragon under Runedardath! Thank you for volunteering! Let it be known that Thora has volunteered to clear the Eastern Aquafier!!!!”

The doors are cast open so that the crowds on the other side of the door can hear. Morri and Gorn etc. clap Thora on the back.

Thora: “By Saint Cuthbert, if there was but a man among yea, then this would already have been done!”

Entering The Aquafier:

We are brought back to the water pump area with the balcony etc. where we had the fight with the gargoyles. This is where the levers are. There is also a secret trap door that we had not previously found.

Mirafir (with the helmet), Frimly and Galan, go to the airlock. Detect magic. Round 7 we go to the corridor to the airlock. The corridor extends off to the east and the north (the north is the clean one). The east one is blocked by rubble half way down. After much hither and thithering Mirafir realizes it is an illusion as do Galan and Frimly. The journey continues.

Galan: “Look on the floor there are drains! Are these marks on the floor are they on purpose, made by shoes?”

There is condensation on the walls.

Runedardath - Aquifers
Runedardath – Aquifers
Runedardath North to South
Runedardath North to South
Runedardath West to East
Runedardath West to East

The marching order is: Frimly, Galan and Mirafir. All of the party notices the acrid smell of chlorine.

The door is closed.

Mirafir goes through in Wraithform.

He closes the airlock.

The others then follow through. Mirafir casts continual light on himself and water breathing on Frimly and Galan.

Frimly then opens the airlock on the other side. The plan is to swim up to the top of the chamber. The continual light gives us 20’ radius of visibility. Mirafir +10’.

At the top of the cavern (60’ up) we can see there is about 10-30’ air gap. Mirafir thinks he can see something above the water but he is not sure if it is just a trick of the light.

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