Mirafir’s Ponderings

Mirafir Ponders Runedardaths Timelines:

Mirafir Ponders all that has gone before and tries to see the truth path that Kelths the Dread is taking and what his part is in this story of Good vs. Evil in Faerûn.

  • The Dragon makes its home in Runedardath, under mount Illefarn – Unknown Year?
  • Wartsnak Direlord, and his Clerics, Trolls, Orcs and Goblins make their home in Runedardath, under mount Illefarn – Year 1358
  • Kelthas the Dread and his motley crew of Half-Elves, Gnomes, Dwarves, Men, Wizards, Clerics and Undead make their home in Runedardath, under mount Illefarn their home – Year 1358
  • Korin and his band of Dwarves and Gnomes make their home in Runedardath – Year 1358
  • 3 years pass and you presume that Kelthas found the Dragon, possibly through Magic means while trying to find King Korin or searching Runedardath, and made a deal to create the ‘Black Dragon Brew’. Kelthas aides the Dragon while waiting to eventually turn him into an undead creature. The Dragon gets a more protected area to live in. The Dragon and Kelthas being a member of the Dragon Cult are kept secret.
Mirafir Ponders - Runedardath
Mirafir Ponders – Runedardath

Mirafir Ponders The Adventurers Missions:

Mirafir Ponders how the Adventures end up under ‘The Old Kings Hills’ where you find the ‘Undead Dagger’, Orcs and Goblin’s performing sacrifices, a The Necrophidius, or ‘Death Worm’, a Sea Hag and an ancient library.

CONCLUSION: Kelthas and Wartsnak working together to create, or empower, the ‘Undead Dagger’.

Mirafir Ponders – Lizard Raid:

Mirafir Ponders why the Adventures are sent out to Cromm’s holding to investigate a raid by Lizard Men. Vimes asks about who sent you on the mission and you find out its Sherlen and Captain Arayndar Delimbiyr. Baron Cromm and Dygath Hornspar are out hunting when the raid happens, alibi, and the Baron’s son is killed, the Baron and his men get killed by a Ceratosaurus and Dygath Hornspar. Mirafir Ponders how you find a trail of Lizard egg shells leading to Cromm are holding and learn of attacks on the Lizard Women.

CONCLUSION: Dygath Hornspar was making it appear the Cromm’s holding had attacked and taken the Lizard’s eggs. This resulted in the Son being killed, possibly no marriage union with Bronwyn also, and the Baron too which meant no garrison or lookout near the Lizard Marshes. Dygath Hornspar then went north, possible stopping at Gillian’s Hill, and joined the service of Baron Agwain Delantar. This could be another potential union, with Bronwyn, and was to be prevented and/or information gathering. No obvious connection to Kelthas or Wartsnak. However, novices sent to investigate a raid appear not to make sense; maybe someone within Daggerford was helping Dygath Hornspar.

Mirafir Ponders Cromm's Holding
Mirafir Ponders Cromm’s Holding

Mirafir Ponders – Caravan Mission:

Mirafir Ponders the caravan mission and how 5 Days before the Adventurers are sent on caravan duty down to the Way Inn, Meldar Farwander and his Daughter, Delora Sharpeye, are attacked by Bandits South of The Way Inn.

Adventurers reach the Way Inn and are hired to protect Meldar Farwander and Delora Sharpeye’s cattle caravan. The party is attacked by various monsters, who you now think were expelled from their home.

  • You fight lots of creatures from the Lizard Marshes; this could be because of the arrival of the Wyrmlings.
  • You fight other woodland and mountain creatures, this could be because of the beginning of movement of the forces of Evil.
  • You fight Bandits and Jocko the Wily and THIS is when you are given the MAP of Runedardath. The Map may have been taken to the Bandits and once double-crossed; they decide to hand it over to the Adventurers.
  • You fight Orcs and Goblins with no clan markings; they could have come from Runedardath looking for the Map?
  • Meldar Farwander and Delora Sharpeye are happy to reach Daggerford, no drop-off point for the Map or enemies to fear, and leave as soon as they can.

CONCLUSION: The Human Bandits ordered and wanted the Map of Runedardath and they don’t appear to be connected to the Kelthas or Wartsnak, as the Orcs and Goblins attempted to retrieve it from the caravan. No one knew you were to travel down to the Way Inn. There is another faction at work. You were meant to stop at Gillian’s Hill but all decided to continue onto Daggerford. The town could have been a possible drop-off point for the Map. This is also where the cart with the weapons disappeared southward while you were following it.

Meldar's Map Of Runedardath
Mirafir Ponders Meldar’s Map Of Runedardath

Mirafir Ponders – The Rescue Mission:

Mirafir Ponders when Baron Agwain Delantar arrives at Daggerford and attempts to kidnap Bronwyn. Dygath Hornspar, you learned from Baron Agwain Delantar, was not in his service at that time as this would have been to obvious and so the forces behind this is Intelligent. You also now know that Baron Agwain Delantar suspects no one after much investigation of his court. Mirafir Ponders why the 2 Guards were killed by an Assassin/Killer within Daggerford to further implicate Baron Agwain Delantar. You find Bronwyn, who escaped and Baron Agwain Delantar and his men are attacked by Goblins. Goblins are also attacking King Melandrach and you save him too. Were the Goblin’s after the Adventurers, as they had the Map, and that must mean that there is an informer within Daggerford that reports to Wartsnak?

CONCLUSION: Someone that is very smart and or well prepared is able to enter the Baron’s Castle and commit the deed and remain undiscovered. Kelthas has not shown himself and so it’s unlikely it was him. The only link here is Dygath Hornspar who also has no obvious connection to Kelthas or Wartsnak. The Goblins however, were after the Adventures and had prepared an ambush.

Mirafir Ponders Lady Bronwyn
Mirafir Ponders Lady Bronwyn

Mirafir Ponders – Runedardath Under Mount Illefarn:

Mirafir Ponders how the earthquake hits Runedardath and you make your way there, now concluding it was Dumathoin ‘Keeper of Secrets under the Mountain’ that sent the sign. Looking back, Kelthas and Wartsnak did not appear to be fighting each other, no dead bodies for example, and must have been working together for a long time. These forces were just enough to hold Runedardath from the Dwarves & Gnomes, knowing that they would greedily keep it hidden from others, and any other Adventurers that may attempt to find it, as did a group that you spoke to. The Adventures arrival forced the issue and Wartsnak forces were destroyed, as were Kelthas’ too and the Treasures of King Devin were found and returned to King Korin.

CONCLUSION: Kelthas probably did some form of divination and ‘The Wizard’ was targeted because of the ‘Undead Dagger’ and possibly he sees him as his biggest threat. Kelthas knew you were coming, wanted and knew of the ‘Undead Dagger’ and so he also must have a spy in Daggerford. Kelthas, you discerned from the ingredients of his potions, travelled to and from Dragonspear castle and Waterdeep and recovered the bodies of his most valuable crew after the great battle of Runedardath. Dragonspear Castle has a portal to the Demon Realm and or the Underdark and you suspect that the Demons are the one in over-all commanders, so is Kelthas making a play for his Dragon Cult to rule over all. Bad guys never get on or trust each other do they.

The Dragon must also have left around this time with the help of Kelthas as it appears the Dragon was trying to dig a tunnel out (Spell or Item), which was later taken over by the smaller clawed  ‘Beetle’, Sea Hag, Ogre Merrows and Lacedon Ghouls. This is classic Kelthas the Dread move and he obviously wanted to maintain a presence under Runedardath, imaging when the war comes and the Dwarves leave to fight, he could have attack from within.

Mirafir Ponders Black Wyrmling
Mirafir Ponders Black Wyrmling

Mirafir Ponders Event Around Daggerford:

Mirafir Ponders – Daggerford Loose Ends:

Now back in Daggerford, and the surrounding area, you have:

  • A ‘Hallucinatory Terrain’spell hides what remains of a staging post of a large force of evil enemies.
    • Here you found a Goblin commander who was heading north, with a very small company, and who was silenced by a Suicide Acolyte of Kelthas when he was going to tell all of what he knew.
  • Lizard Men of this new Claw Clan worshipping the Black Dragon Wyrmlings and gearing up for an attack on the other tribes and or Daggerford?
    • No direct connection to Kelthas, only the cart that came from Gillian’s Hill which appeared to be heading to the Lizard Marshes before it stopped to ambush you.
  • Someone in Daggerford prevented one of the carts from leaving on time, warped wooden cart wheels broke, and so you travel to Gillian’s Hill.
  • Someone in Gillian’s Hill redirected the cart to the Claw Lizard Men who were waiting in ambush.
  • Kerri 3.0 and other creatures are keeping an eye on the Trade way near to the Way Inn.
    • This a part of the overall Evil forces of Dragonspear Castle.
    • Good and Evil forces are being assembled and areas fortified near Dragonspear Castle.
    • Kerri 3.0 and the Dragon Cult Acolyte were meant to keep Invisible and hidden but Kerri 3.0 lost it and you find your fist clue to ‘The Dragon Cult’ from the hidden tattoo on the dead Acolyte’s forearm.
    • IMPORTANT: As with the Harpers, the Dragon Cult is a secret organisation and you won’t just find information about them anywhere!
  • A Dark Hooded Man removes Dragons Claws from the Lady Luck Tavern and attempts to pin a murder on Finn.

Reports of a Dark Hooded Man and a Dark Hooded Woman, in black at the Lady Luck. A Wizard that can change their appearance or an Item?

Mirafir Ponders Cult of the Dragon
Mirafir Ponders Cult of the Dragon

Mirafir Ponders The Bandit Lair:

Mirafir Ponders – Talos The God:

Talos (pronounced – TAHL-os), also known as The Storm Lord and long ago as Kozah, was the Faerûnian greater Deity of Storms and Destruction. His dogma was self-serving, demanding utter obedience from his priests and instructing them to spread destruction where they might. His followers were known as Talassans (Sigune remembers).

  • The Barbarian Cleric and Warriors worships this Deity.
  • The Bandits follow ‘The Hooded One’ who also worships this Deity called Talos.
  • Both seek destruction of civilisation but under the direction of whom?
  • The Cleric cast the ‘Glyphs’ and a Wizard cast ‘Permanency’, ‘Alarm’ and ‘Illusions’ that way the ‘Glyphs’ will recharge like the one in Ravenloft with the Illusion of Count Strahd.
  • The Barbarian Cleric had a small pouch of Uncut Diamonds in his personal chest. Souvenir and a link to the North rather than Dragonspear Castle, but they are all tied together for the purpose and flow of the game.
  • Gold payments were in individual pouches and held in the ‘Hooded Ones’ personal trapped chest. More information needed on this Barbarian Clan.
  • The Bandits appear not to be profiting greatly from their raids, which means they are doing so to cause the greatest chaos in the surrounding area and as an information gathering force for the Wizard
  • What is the purpose of the Crows in the cage and can anyone help with the animals?
  • The Daggerford Militia Badges, which are not a fake, found in the Bandit barracks means they have been using it in their ambushes or information gathering and it had to be supplied by someone in Daggerford.
  • What happened to poor Vicross Silverkin to land him here and what have they had him do?
  • Sigune had a thought while passing through the Tapestry Room, what did she see there, but it went?
  • What is this place that you are in now, used as a lair by the Bandits, and what was its original purpose?
  • What is in the Chapel and what is its purpose?
  • Who is entombed in this well-hidden resting place of the dead?
  • No Cross-Bow has been found, which would suggest that no one here killed the Duke’s personal Guards during Bronwyn’s kidnapping.
  • What links do you have (Letter from Bronwyn to Agwain) to tie these Bandits and Barbarians (Blue Feathered Baldric belonging to Lizard Men) to other forces (Help from a Wizard) that are aiding (Diverted Weapons Cart at Gillian’s Hill) them (Daggerford Militia Badge) and possibly also deterring there discovery (Dygath Hornspar – Agwain’s Huntmaster of Secomber) by the local forces of Good.
  • Which place visited intersects with the above clues and leads?
  • What are Dwergrim Greenleaf (Druid) and Eryn Lashir (Ranger) doing together?
  • You have found no evidence to point to the ‘Cult of the Back Dragon’ in the Bandit lair so far.
Mirafir Ponders Torleth Mindulspee
Mirafir Ponders Torleth Mindulspee

Mirafir’s Ponders The Stag Kings Tomb:

  • Kelthas must have discovered this location, ‘Scrying’ allowed him to be able to see and hear into this Crypt complex and so ‘Teleport’ here.
  • Kelthas may not have wanted to confront the Death Knight by himself.
  • Kelthas knew of your activities, your arrival at the Crypt Complex and took advantage of the distraction.
  • Kelthas has your Mother, or at least knows that she is missing.
  • The Crows were being used to send messages.
  • The ‘Stag King’ of Athalantar is the body entombed here and Eryn Lashir may be able to provide some history regarding him and his Kingdom.
  • You don’t know how Kelthas was able to talk to Mirafir (The Coin).
  • You have several Magic Items, Gold and Jewellery.
  • You have the Daggerford Militia Badges and Civilian Clothing that were found in the Bandits barracks.
  • You have the Blue Baldrics and Feathers from the Lizard Men found on the Barbarian Chief (Barbarians being more bush craft than the Bandits).
  • Eryn Lashir (Mirafir’s Father) may have more information regarding Athalantar and the Stag King. This may not be vital information for the ongoing mission it just ties things together and allowed me to have Kelthas the Dread pay you all a visit.
  • Baron Agwain Delantar, his men and Dygath Hornspar are due to arrive soon.
The Stag King
Mirafir Ponders The Stag King

Mirafir’s Ponders The Underdark:

Mirafir Ponders how Torleth Mindulspeer, working for his own chaotic purposes, protected and had access to a Gate which leads to the Underdark, the second Gate into the Underdark that is known of after the one in Dragonspear Castle.

Mirafir Ponders just why many had suspected him to be an agent of the Zhentarim, the Red Wizards of Thay or even the Harpers or the Cult of the Dragon. Some suspected a Gate existed inside his shop that led to Westgate, Suzail, Waterdeep, Mirabar or perhaps all of those places, and Torleth made money from people that used the Gate.

Both Kelthas and Bronwyn are ‘Scrying’ on Mirafir, until Mirafir begins to cast ‘Non-Detection’.

Forces of both Kelthas the Dread and Wartsnak Direlord where sent to, and/or were already posted within, the Underdark.

The same ‘Magical Communication Coin’ that was found on the Sea Hag in Runedardath, was also found on the Female Cult of the Dragon Wizard encountered in the Kou-Toa lake village. The Eyewing was seen above the ruined Castle within the Lave Caverns. As were Gnomes, Large Orc Like Creatures in Plate Mail and the Evil Drow Elves.

The Underdark
Mirafir Ponders The Underdark

Mirafir Ponders What To Do Next:


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