Firehammer Hold – Chapter One

10th Day of the Claw of winter (February) 1363 DR: DAY SIX

Delfen’s Tower (23:30 pm):

Morlin Castle was the seat of power for the Barony of Steeping Falls until its collapse in the early 5th century DR. It was named after the Vampire known as the Baron of Blood, Artor Morlin.

NPC - Artor Morlin - Morlin Castle
NPC – Artor Morlin – Morlin Castle

In the 3rd century DR, Morlin Castle stood at the eastern edge of the Halangorn Forest and its lord claimed the title Lord Protector of the Sword Hills in addition to Baron of Steeping Falls.

After the collapse of the barony, in the Year of the Black Dagger, 403 DR Morlin Castle became the lair of Horrifying Beasts and malevolent Undead. Folks from the surrounding areas avoided the ruins of the fallen castle.

In the Year of the Penitent Rogue, 931 DR, the young merchant’s son Tyndal famously defended his family from a band of Lizardfolk armed with only a Dagger, very near the castle’s former location. Some 16 years later he founded his own duchy, and began construction of Castle Daggerford directly over the ruins of Morlin Castle.

Vicross and the others return to Morlin’s Dungeons to untie Sir Ly and look to open the portal, via Mirafir’s ‘Mirror of Metal Prowess’. Kelson will need to wait for more help to arrive as Vicross thinks it’s best to save the ‘Sleep Powder’ antidote, just in case.

Delfen uses Magic to contact Daggerford Castle and after 10 or so minutes Duke Pwyll “Greatshout” Daggerford and Lady Bronwyn Daggerford appear and are disorientated for a while, Gwydion pen Dafwyd carrying Mirafir’s Mirror and finally through the door steps Farther Tobias not wearing his Plate Mail Armour.

Sir Ly: “What happened to your Armour?”

Farther Tobias: “Don’t ask, I slumbered deeply for a whole day and could not be raised from my sweet sleep. Then when I did the flowing day my Armour was gone and no clue as to who had taken it.”

Delfen ‘Yellowknife’ Ondabarl: “I think it best these things are discussed elsewhere.”

Everyone has ‘Levitate’ Spells cast upon them and ‘Invisibility 10’ foot Radius’. They then make their way down to the Molin Castle dungeons, reunite with Sir Ly and activate the ‘Mirror of Metal Prowess’.

11th Day of the Claw of winter (February): DAY SEVEN

Delfen’s Tower (00:01 pm):

Through the Mirror steps Thora, then Galan, Mirafir, Frimley and finally Sigune. There is a short moment of unease as the folk of Daggerford are unsure what may have befallen the Heroes of Runedardath and the Heroes of Runedardath in return were unsure where they were.

Suddenly, a large dark figure can be seen reflected in the Mirror by the folk of Daggerford, but our Heroes are oblivious to the danger that follows them from the Underdark. Sigune is hit by the creature, a Troll which was all black with no other colour visible. The Two-Handed Sword wielding Troll is quickly dispatched by Mirafir, with his ‘Magic Missile’ and Thora and her Magic Axe and brute strength.

Using the protection of Morlin Castle and it’s Magical protection the A Team retell their Adventure in the Underdark, as does the B Team, who have had just as much Evil to contend with, and all those present look upon Sir Ly and Vicross as an unlikely and efficient team.

Information is exchanged.

Thora: “Where are we?”

Duke Pwyll: “I will tell you all I know about Morlin Castle.”

The Dungeons of Morlin Castle have long lain hidden beneath Castle Daggerford, forgotten by all save the Old Dukes of Daggerford and a handful of Sages.

Daggerford was not the first such keep to be built on the strategic high ground overlooking Dagger Ford. We had no idea the presence of a portal in the sky above Castle Daggerford leads down into the dungeons of Morlin Castle.

Any open attempt to explore the dungeons of Morlin Castle must now be done with my permission, as I and my court wizard, Gwydion pen Dafwyd, are well aware of the family legends suggesting that a Vampire haunts the depths below Castle Daggerford.

If you want more information Lady Bronwyn can carry out research if requested.

Sir Ly: “We found no Vampire below but did find one of the Evil creatures beneath the Stag Kings Tomb.”

Vicross and Sir Ly recount their Adventure in the Holy Crypts of Ilmater.

Monster - Vampire
Monster – Vampire

Farther Tobias: “The Vampire would attract many undead followers and is also able to create a number of Vampire Spawn as mention by Sir Ly and Vicross.”

Sir Ly: “Don’t forget the 2 Blood Cows that the Vampire was keeping locked in a cell.”

The 2 bodies were returned to Daggerford and the Heroes needs to follow-up on them.

Duke Pwyll: “Yes, possibly drawing urgently needed forces away from the battle to come.”

Lady Bronwyn: “Having looked, I found no records of the place in our archives and it had been forgotten or evidence removed many years ago.”

Vicross: “What of Morlin’s Tear?”

Duke Pwyll: “I will tell you all I know about Morlin’s Tear.”

This king’s tear depicts shows Morlin Castle, ere its destruction, atop what is now known as Dagger Hill and which was overlooking the Delimbiyr River.

Now you have found that of particular interest, Morlin’s Tear depicts what appears to be a ‘Flaming Sky Chariot’ emerging from a portal in the skies. Careful triangulation by Delfen reveals that the implied portal appears to lie some 30’ feet above the spire of Delfen’s Tower (#005). The portal we now know still exists and leads into a long-forgotten and almost inaccessible section of the Dungeons of the long-ruined Morlin Castle.

Morlin’s Tear is priceless to us now and to the Dwarves, but if you must know Frimley, it is worth at least 5,000 gp.

It was thought lost in Runedardath but must have been recovered by Wartsnak Direlord, taken out and kept by the Imp until it was taken to Harpshield Castle. Maybe they didn’t know what they had or how to find the portals location without a High Level Wizards help.

Vicross and Sir Ly: “The Blood Wizard.”

Vicross and Sir then tell of their findings above, the different Orc Tribes, and under Harpshield Castle, with the Gricks, False Wartsnak Direlord, False Battle Axe and its Mark, the weak Portal and the Bats information regarding the Blood Wizard.

Gwydion pen Dafwyd: “I think you mean the Red Wizards of Thay.”

The Red Wizards of Thay, colloquially known as the Red Magic Cult in the Eastern Heartlands, are the notorious and nefarious magocratic ruling class of the inhospitable but well-inhabited country of Thay. Historically they owe their power to being cruel slavers, demonologists and arcane experimenters, before most of their numbers wholly dedicated themselves into creating a nation of undeath.

Symbol - Red Wizards of Thay
Symbol – Red Wizards of Thay

Thora: “I think that a word with Derval ‘Ironeater’ Ironaxe will shed light on this Weaponsmith mark.”

Symbol - Firehammer Hold
Symbol – Firehammer Hold

Making sure their movements were not being watched, Vicross, Sir Ly and Farther Tobias the new Heroes visit Derval ‘Ironeater’ Ironaxe to ask about his missing notes and the Weaponsmith Mark.

Derval ‘Ironeater’ Ironaxe: “I will tell you all I know about Firehammer Hold and this mark.”

Firehammer Hold is a temple-fortress dedicated to Haela Brightaxe; a Dwarf Hero-Goddess purported to grant luck in battle, located in the Forlorn Hills of northwest Faerûn.

The temple was found within a tunnel complex beneath the Eastern end of the northernmost hills of the Forlorn Hills, known as the Watchers of the North.

Firehammer Hold suffered a long and gradual reduction in its numbers of staff and residents to the point that the remaining Dwarves there decided that they could no longer effectively defend themselves from threats.

Shortly after the founding of Delimbiyran, rumours were deliberately spread that a deadly plague had befallen the fortress in the hope that fear of infection would ward off potential foes. Old tales of treasures left behind before the plague though, attracted Adventurers. The Dwarves dealt with these incursions by hiring the Adventurers to recover relics and artefacts from Dwarven holds that they knew had fallen to Orcs and others.

Sir Ly: “Here look, it is here, marked on the Map we found?”

Derval ‘Ironeater’ Ironaxe: “Yes it is, but what is this? Darvish Runes being used to write Orcish.”

Later on that day our heroes, Vicross, Sir Ly and Farther Tobias are met by Sergeant Cheery Littlebottom who spent some time looking over the 3.

Sergeant Cheery Littlebottom questions when you found the bodies asking twice if they were sure it was not several weeks ago.

Sergeant Cheery Littlebottom: “Commander Vines would like a word with you but I believe you have something waiting for you with Igor.”

Vicross, Sir Ly and Farther Tobias, keeping the movements of the other Heroes secret, made their way to the City Watch morgue to speak with Constable Igor.

The two dead Ex-Adventurers were identified as Paine Tramikos, a retired Rogue and Assassin living at #128 Daggerford and Trommen Waveharp, also a retired Wizard & Cleric living at #20 Daggerford.

NPC - Paine Tramikos Rogue Human Female
NPC – Paine Tramikos Rogue Human Female
NPC - Trommen Waveharp
NPC – Trommen Waveharp

The woman, Paine Tramikos, has been dead now for many months, cause of death being desanguinisation. She appears to have many puncher wounds.

The man, Trommen Waveharp, appears to only have a few puncher marks and was in much better health, until his ultimate death of course.

Constable Igor: “I would surmise that this gentleman was more forthcoming than the lady and so survived the ordeal.”

Constable Igor: “Also, your comrades were asking about Cross-bow wielders and I would say in my humble opinion that Paine Tramikos was skilled in that weapon by the calluses on her hands.

Everyone regroups and they all go over the information gathered. There is a knock at the door and in steps Sergeant Cheery Littlebottom and Commander Vines.

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