Firehammer Hold – Chapter Ten

3rd Day of the Claw of Sunsets (March) 1363 DR:

Firehammer Hold – Chapter Ten

The Study of Nalifarn: (23:20 pm):

Nalifarn: “Here they come making more noise than a wounded Owlbear, let me see what my ‘Magic Detection’ will reveal.”

Nalifarn can clearly see that both the so-called mighty Mirafir and the craven Thief are glowing the brightest and with so many different emanations.

Nalifarn: “I must avoid the Paladin and that beardless Dwarf who would strike me down in but a few strokes. The reports on her underestimated her skill and power. The pious Paladin, as all Paladins will be easier to manipulate and predict.”

Nalifarn moves back into the Iron Mine, prepares his distraction and draw the Heroes into his trap. This would then allow Nalifarn access to the tunnels, just in case things get out of hand. The Julkoun Villagers will be enough to belay them and bring discord.

Nalifarn: “Ho, Ho, Ho. That Elf apprentice is using ‘Wall of Fog’ as was Dardrak speciality.” 

Nalifarn then waits to see how things will play out, hoping that his Duergar Warriors carry out his plan correctly. Events go favourably for Nalifarn and the Heroes divide and become fractured.

Nalifarn: “The baseborn Thief is attempting to concentrate on something he’s holding, I can hear the Paladin with the female Julkoun Villagers and the Dwarf and Mirafir have moved south towards my chambers.”

Nalifarn moves towards his goal and maintains his observations of the Thief, Dwarf and Paladin.

Nalifarn: “Good, the Wizard and Dwarf are distracted and out of sight, now to turn my attentions to the Paladin. I still have my Spells running and I will see what is truly on their minds.”

The Iron Mine of Nalifarn: (23:15 pm):

Mirafir: “So many more questions but we must be off and catch-up with my comrades….”

Mirafir and Jekk Ironfist make their way back to the other Adventurers.

Meanwhile, Frimly attempts to attune with the ‘Ring’ he took off one of the dead Duergar Warriors.

The Paladin Sigune moved into the ‘Wall of Fog’ and untied the 2 Female Julkoun Villagers.

Sigune: “Fear not fair ladies of Julkoun, you are safe hidden within the Fog. I will untie you but you must keep silent.”

Location - Firehammer Hold Mine Nalifarn
Location – Firehammer Hold Mine

Thora held her position by the Barracks, listening out for any further danger. Hearing nothing she makes her way south, following the Wizard.

At the western rough hued corridor, a Duergar Warrior appears holding a Julkoun Villager in front of him. Then a Duergar materializes in the centre of the Iron Mine surrounded by a faintly shimmering magical sphere. This Duergar wore no Armour and carried no Warrior Weapon.

Nalifarn: “Sigune, you must not continue lest you want all the Julkoun Villager killed. You will leave and we will release the slaves.”

Sigune: “Dwarf, you must release all your prisoners or I will destroy you and all your followers.”

Nalifarn quietly whispers and a Duergar Warrior can been seen by Sigune, at the mouth of the western corridor, to step out with a male Julkoun Villager in front of him and proceeds to slit his gullet.

Nalifarn: “That is now 2 deaths that you have caused Paladin and their lives could have been spared. Leave now or all of the Julkoun Villager will perish.”

Sigune: “Wait, wait. We will do as you say but we have no reason to trust you.”

Nalifarn says nothing and just stands staring at the Paladin.

Sigune: “What is your answer Dwarf?”

Nalifarn: “Let me see what the Thief has in mind as he is said to be the most unpredictable one of the group.”

Nalifarn concentrates on the Thief, whose head is poking out of the top of the ‘Wall of Fog’.

Nalifarn: “As I suspected, he is only interested in the ‘Ring’ he took from the dead defenders of the Mine Cart Exchange. He thinks it’s the source of the Invisibility. Good, he will be occupied while I talk to the Holy Paladin.”

Thora continues south into the Barracks and hear to Nalifarn’s Study. Mirafir and Jekk continue their conversation whilst Jekk gets dressed.

Nalifarn quietly whispers again and the Duergar Warrior passes out a Halfling.

Nalifarn: “This time kill one of the Halfling folk and let us see what happens.”

Sigune can see that another Julkoun Villager is passed forward towards the Duergar Warrior with the knife.

Nalifarn: “This will continue until all are dead Paladin. We have called for reinforcements and they will reach here soon so you will be trapped like rats. Retreat and you have my word that no more Julkoun Villager will be killed by your actions.”

Sigune thinks about the situation and beings to reassure the Dwarf Wizard that they will indeed retreat.

Sigune: “You win Wizard Dwarf, we will retreat and leave your halls, but I need assurances.”

Sigune continues to stall, hoping that the Mirafir, Thora and Frimly will come up with a plan, or just attack as is their way.

Sigune: “Wizard Dwarf, answer me and do not just stand their glaring.”

Nalifarn looks into the mind of the Paladin and can clearly see that her intension is to stall for time and wait for the help of her comrades.

Nalifarn: “You are stalling Paladin and this will be another black mark against you come the rapture, or possibly sooner if I know anything about Gods.”

Nalifarn quietly whispers and a Duergar Warrior coldly kills the Halfling.

Mirafir and Jekk begin to move back towards the Iron Mines as does Thora having heard all the commotion and advancing faster than Jekk Iron Fist.

Thora: “Must I do everything?”

Frimly, having no luck with the ‘Ring’ and un-attuning with his ‘Ring of the Ram’, makes his way down to the ground and towards the western corridor.

Nalifarn: “I thought the cutpurse would never move and that I would have had to deal with him.”

Nalifarn moves to the east while all eyes are on the other Nalifarn.

Nalifarn quietly whispers:

Nalifarn: “Now Fardan, use the ‘Globe of Alchemist’s Fire’ when these surface dwellers attack my image and prepare to fight for the glory of Laduguer.”

Sigune: “Look Dwarf Wizard I have lowered my weapons and will do as you ask, I just await my comrades and we will leave.”

Nalifarn: “The Paladin lies and is willing to let you all die people of Julkoun; Saint Cuthbert will not be amused.”

The Duergar Warrior, to the east, cuts the throat of the Halfling and drops him to the ground laughing as he does so.

Sigune realises that if she does not act Nalifarn may well have all the Julkoun Villagers killed. The Paladin moves towards the Wizard Dwarf as Frimly makes his way eastwards after having drawn his ‘Wand of magic Missiles’.

Thora moves out of the Barracks, as she hers the familiar clinking of Sigune’s Armour, expecting another sneak attack from Duergar Warriors. Thora arrives in time to see Sigune attempt to hit the Dwarf Wizard within a faintly shimmering magical sphere and the Paladin misses. That is Thora’s cue to join in.

Nalifarn quietly moves eastwards towards the ‘Wall of Fog’ and the 2 Female Julkoun Villagers.

Nalifarn: “I don’t wish to have these wenches give me away as I pass the ‘Wall of Fog’ and so to ‘Sleep’ with them both and any other in the area.”

Sigune: “He mocks me standing there and does not even have a word to say to me.”

Thora: “Let me to your side Sigune and we will make short work of yet another Wizard.”

Thora and Sigune both strike and hit their mark but find that the Wizard is protected by the Spell ‘Stoneskin’.

Sigune & Thora: “Damn you back to the Underdark Wizard.”

Thora and Sigune both swing and connect with their weapons of choice and again they are stopped by the Wizards ‘Stoneskin’ Spell.

Sigune: “Fear not Thora it will end soon and he will have no protection from our blows.”

It was just at that moment that the Dwarf, Fardan, chose to throw the ‘Globe of Alchemist’s Fire’ that he had been instructed to by his Lord, Nalifarn. Sigune and Thora are both caught in the Flames, Sigune resisting most of the impact with the aid of her ‘Ring of Fire Resistance’ and Thora through sheer Strength of will.

Thora, not wanting to take further damage from the flames choses the lone Dwarf to the north as her next target. The Dwarf pulls out his War Hammer, plants his feet and awaits the oncoming Dwarf Maiden.

Fardan: “For the glory of Laduguer, I will be the one to send Thora to her Hell.”

Fardan swings at Thora when she reaches him and misses, Thora brings down her Dragon Headed Mace and kills Fardan Darkstone, the last of his name.

Mirafir reaches the Iron Mine and see the Paladin fighting Nalifarn. The Wizard, low on Magical Power, stands and watches, looking for the right moment and studying the Wizards moves.

Thora turns and can see that the Dwarf Wizard appeared not to have taken damage from the ‘Alchemist’s Fire’, which was not magical.

Sigune can see that the Dwarf Wizard appeared not to have taken damage from the ‘Alchemist’s Fire’.

Sigune: “He is in his ‘Minor Globe of Invulnerability’ and would not be affected. I will strike him once more.”

Sigune endures the flames for another minute and strikes at the Dwarf Wizard.

Nalifarn stands and peers down the corridor leading to the mine cart Exchange area.

Nalifarn: “Good, nothing that I can see within the Magical Realms to prevent me from continuing down and east.”

Monster - Duergars and Captive
Monster – Duergars and Captive

Jekk arrives at the Iron Mines and is left breathless as he sees Thora moving over to do battle with Nalifarn and some Paladin who looks OK but not his Mug of Ale.

Jekk: “Who is that Goddess I see before me, swing that Mace as if it was a Dance of Angels?”

Mirafir: “Ah that is the Mighty and Brave Thora Grid El, I one I told you about earlier.”

Jekk: “I must go and show that I too am a Dwarf of great renowned and maybe draw her eye to me.”

Nalifarn: “Now before I leave I will give that poor dumb Paladin something to think about.”

Nalifarn’s image then casts ‘Magic Missiles’ at the Paladin before Thora has the chance to exclaim that the Dwarf Wizard is not real, but an Illusion to distract us.

Thora: “What to do, attack the Duergar Warriors or the Dwarf Wizard?”

Thora moves back to Sigune’s side.

Thora concentrates very hard, which hurts quite a bit, and when she look again can see beyond the Magic.

Thora: “Illusion.”

Sigune is about to attack the Dwarf Wizard once more when she hears Thora cry out to her and can see coming from the south another Dwarf, with bright yellow hair, dressed in Green Dragon Armour and wielding a large Battle Axe.

Thora: “Sigune it is not real, think it has not been affected by the fire.”

Sigune: “Let me concentrate…………..No it’s still there and therefore it still exists.”

Thora: “D’oh.”

Nalifarn can see the highly publicised Wizard, Mirafir, Nalifarn ‘Fly’s’ off southwards smiling to himself.

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