Vicross & Sir Ly – Chapter One

4th Day of the Claw of Winter (February):

Left Alone (22:00 pm):

The first part of their journey will take them to The Old Kings Hill Revisited, which in turn will put actons in motion that cannot be stopped.

The Old Kings Hill
The Old King’s Hill

Our Heroes go through the Portal created by Mirafir’s ‘Mirror of Mental Prowess’, while Sir Ly and Father Tobias stay behind.

Lady Bronwyn keeps an eye on the ‘Mirror of Mental Prowess’ and the other forces of Daggerford Castle wait for 2 hours with no sigh of our Heroes returning from Torleth Mindulspeer’s shop.

Sir Ly and Father Tobias decide to follow the A-Team through the ‘Mirror of Mental Prowess’ Portal and they investigate the basement of Torleth’s Treasures. There they find signs of battle, Undead, dead children, signs of a Demon Gates and a Black Portal.

Sir Ly uses his tracking skills, finds traces of the Adventures and deduces that they fought with many different foes. A Wizard Battle had occurred and somehow Demons were also involved.

Father Tobias cast ‘Detect Magic’ and then the Cleric and the Paladin search the two large main chambers and the other, smaller chambers, flanking them. No Magic is detected either from the chambers themselves or any other items within them. The search included the room of worship to Talos which was full of what appeared to be Magical Items of varying sorts, all without their Magical abilities.

Sir Ly and Father Tobias then return to Castle Daggerford to find that Vicross Silverkin had been brought from the barracks to the council by Apate, Lady Bronwyn’s personal maid. Sir Ly is ordered to stay behind and accompany Vicross Silverkin on Militia Duty, now that the other Heroes were gone for no one knew how many days, at least 7 until the ‘Mirror of Mental Prowess’ is able to create a Gate again.

Father Tobias is to accompany Delfen “Yellowknife” Ondabarl and Gwydion pen Dafwyd, now that the basement had been checked for danger by our two Heroes, Sir Ly and Farther Tobias. They all used use their Magic’s to completely secure the Black Portal, which no one knew lead to the Underdark just yet, found in the shop in Gillian’s Hill, Torleth’s Treasures. Vicross and Sir Ly leave and visit The Lady Luck Tavern for their subsidised militia meal, where they are found by Sherlen Spearslayer and assigned their next patrol. Vicross and Sir Ly, accompanied by two younger members called Stan and Laurel, are posted to go and explore under The Old King’s Hill. With all the current Military distractions, overcrowding in Daggerford and the minimal check carried out the last time; Sherlen Spearslayer would like Vicross and Sir Ly to take a closer, more detail investigation now that Evil has been found in Secomber and the Sword Hills and also The Old Kings Hill Revisited.

5th Day of the Claw of Winter (February): DAY ONE

To The Old Kings Hill (08:00 am):

Vicross, Sir Ly along with Stan and Laurel ride out along the Northern Track Road heading towards Enfield and then onto The Old Kings Hill Revisited, they check-in with the villagers their and then head North-East, cross-country and skirt along the edge of Blightwood forest. Then by the Northern most part of the edge of the Blightwood Forest, Vicross and Laurel both spot a brief glimpse of a large hairy creature running at a fast speed and also skirting the edge of the forest and heading North-East.

Our two Heroes, Vicross and Sir Ly, head towards the point where the creature was spotted before it disappeared from sight and there Sir Ly begins to search for tracks in the hope of discovering what the creature could be. Sir Ly dismounts and finds the tracks of 8 Worgs each leaving heavy prints in the winter mud.

Vicross, Stan and Laurel followed Sir Ly, who in turned follows the tracks, along the edge of The Old Kings Hill Revisited, of the Worgs and relayed back to the others that they had split in to 2 groups and that they have all slowed down. One continued along the edge of the Blightwood Forest as it reached the edge of The Old King’s Hill and the ground begins to rise upwards.

The other group of 4 Worgs have separated and veered off Eastwards.

Monster - Gobling Rider - Old Kings Hill
Monster – Gobling Rider – Old Kings Hill

Next battle insures as the Eastern group of Worgs suddenly became ‘Visible’ due to their Goblin Riders firing their Short Bows at our Heroes, thus cancelling the ‘Invisibility 10’ Radius’ Spell cast upon them.

Vicross casts ‘Blur’ on himself, which causes the outline of his form to become blurred, shifting and wavering. This distortion causes all missile and melee combat attacks against the caster to be made with penalties.

The Goblins fire their Short Bows, Sir Ly, Stan and Laurel charge towards the Worgs and their Goblin Ridders whilst Vicross, the newest member of the B-Team, casts his ‘Slow’ Spell.

Blows are dealt and received, Horses and Goblins are attacked, Vicross lends a hand by casting ‘Magic Missile’ at the Worgs, the more dangerous of the 2 enemies and more likely to fight on to the death. All but one of the adversaries has been affected by the ‘Slow’ Spell, and he manages to delivers a blow at Sir Ly. Laurel’s Horse is bitten by one of the Worgs and they both retreat away from the fray.

All the enemies are dispatched and our New Heroes remember that there were 4 more of these mobile spies still at large and they also were affected by the ‘Slow’ Spell.

They revile themselves on the top of a small hillock and within Short Bow range as they attack our New Heroes. The twang of Short Bow Arrows are heard too late by Sir Ly, Stan, Laurel and their attackers it turn became ‘Visible’ and aimed all of their Arrows at the Paladin, mayhap that group had seen the Wizards ‘Blur’ Spell before and opted for the easier target.

The young Wizard chose to cast ‘Solid Fog’, so as to deter the Goblin Riders from firing or charge again, at Sir Ly, Stan or Laurel. Sir Ly chose to ride around the ‘Solid Fog’ and straight into the midst of the reaming 4 Worg Ridders, while Stan and Laurel ride over to protect the Wizard.

Sir Ly attacked one of the Goblins and killed it instantly, while to his sudden realisation he noticed that all of his foes were hell bent on killing his poor horse BUCEPHALUS

NPC - Bucephalus - Dead On The Old Kings Hill
NPC – Bucephalus – Dead On The Old Kings Hill

Vicross cast his ‘Slow’ Spell on the Worg Riders once more, so as to aid the Paladin, while Sir Ly hacked and Slashed at the Goblin’s and Worgs in turn. Some fell, yet enough of the savage Worgs were still fighting and Sir Ly’s horse fell due to the many ferocious bites the poor animal sustained.

Stan and Laurel rode up to aid the Paladin who was surrounded and on foot, Vicross again cast his ‘Magic Missiles’ at the 2 Worgs at the edge of their line and Sir Ly continued to cut a swathe through the enemies before him.

Misfortune, as Stan’s Horse takes a serious bite from one of the reaming Worgs, as all but one of the Goblins had been dispatched, and Stan had to retreat from the battle; which was left to Sir Ly and Vicross.

Vicross then cast ‘Melf’s Minute Meteors’ and was directing them at the Worgs. Vicross tells the party to keep the last Goblin alive and so Stan and Laurel dis-mount and go to aid in the battle with Sir Ly, hoping to also aid in the capture of the remaining Goblin as ordered.

Sir Ly finishes off the reaming Worgs, while Stan and Laurel overbear and capture the last Goblin and the Wizard prepares a Spell to make the odds of exchange of words between himself and the Goblin go as much in his favour as possible. Vicross casts ‘Friends’ on the Goblin.

Vicross then converses with the Goblin and though the miserable creature complies and appears to answer all the questions asked of him by the Wizard, it becomes clear that the Goblin smells, or senses something familiar about the troubled Vicross Silverkin. Out of nowhere, the Goblin feels a small sense of bravery and attempts to negotiate his way out of his predicament.

The Goblin cleverly avoids giving his name when asked and steers the conversation to the purpose of their riding out and around Daggerford.

This is how his tale went:

Last Goblin: “We were a group of us observers sent out from Dragonspear Castle. We had had ‘Invisibility 10’ Radius’ cast upon 2 of us Goblins and we were ordered to ride North, 200 Miles, to where we now find ourselves by The Old King’s Hill.”

It seems hard to believe that they could do so.

Vicross then offers the Goblin one of the Militias Horses to take now that he had provided the information asked of him, while ordering Stan and Laurel to dispatch of the hideous creature. Stan and Laurel carried out their orders while not understanding the conversation that was had by the Goblin and Wizard.

Sir Ly takes his only ‘Potion of Extra-Healing’ saving his ‘Laying on Hands’ for any more danger that may present itself.

Sir Ly left his dead horse, poor brave Bucephalus, on the field of battle saying a prayer for the majestic beast that had severed him well. Sir Ly, Stan and Laurel had to walk now as 1 Horse was dead and the other 2 were very badly wounded.

Sir Ly and Vicross left the Horses with Stan and Laurel, halfway up The Old King’s Hill Revisited, while they went to investigate the Main Entrance to The Old King’s Hill. This remained blocked by rubble as a result of the Earthquake that struck Illefarn. The party then make their way to the very top of the Hill’s peak, to the circle of pillars and its secret entrance to the Cavens below.

The Old Kings Hill (18:00 pm):

Sir Ly and Vicross leave the Horses with Stan and Laurel on the top of The Old Kings Hill Revisited, again, as they both descend the spiral stairs to investigate the caverns below. There our Heroes find that the tunnel leading to the Exit was blocked with more rubble than the last time Sir Ly had visited, there were more fishers/Holes in the ground leading to the underground river system, one appeared to perfectly round and not natural and the 3 Northern chambers were all blocked by more rubble, from the floor to the ceiling, due to the Earthquake.

Sir Ly looks for Tracks at the entrance to the large main chamber but finds nothing whatsoever, neither in the tunnel Exit or the entrance to the main chamber. The only other thing of note is that the winch had been moved from the Snake Pit to the circular Hole that leads down to the water below.

Monster - Beholder
Monster – Beholder

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