Vicross & Sir Ly – Chapter Fourteen

9th Day of the Claw of winter (February): DAY FIVE

The Orcs of The Forlorn Hills (3:30 pm):

Vicross and Sir Ly then ride back to the spot where they saw the light and move off in the direction they thought it came from. Vicross casts ‘Infravision’ on both and wishing it to be no more than 2 Orcs.

After much riding Vicross and Sir spot the faint ripples of smoke above the treeline and follow it. The ground becomes less forested and Vicross spots the top of buildings in a dip in the land and surrounded by cultivated land. Vicross and Sir Ly can both see, from a ridge 250’ feet away, that there is an Eyewing hovering above the Farm Buildings. Vicross and Sir believe that Kelthas the Dread is in the Farm.

Vicross take an hour to cast ‘Magic Mirror’ and looks for Kelson ‘Darktreader’ Floshin and sees him in a room, tied to a chair, gagged and unconscious. He is guarded by 2 large Orcs in Chainmail. After several minutes of observation a figure opens the door and speaks in a Male, Upper-Class Voice and Speaking Orcish.

Male Voice: “We have what we heed, Deal with this one and fall-back to the castle.”

Vicross and Sir Ly decide to cast a ‘Dimension Door’ spell to take them both into the room where the Orcs are holding Kelson ‘Darktreader’ Floshin and make their way back slowly to ridge 250’ feet from the Farm Buildings. After several rounds Vicross casts ‘Blur’ and ‘Shield’ spells on himself and then the ‘Dimension Door’ spell.

Vicross and Sir Ly appear in the room where Kelson ‘Darktreader’ Floshin was and find only an empty chair and 2 doors, one open and one closed. Vicross casts ‘Invisibility’ on Sir Ly and then Sir Ly looks out of the window, unseen, while Vicross moves down the stairs to the ground floor. Sir Ly can see 4 Goblin Riders and Worgs riding out of the gates and heading westwards, 5 larger than normal Orcs with one carrying Kelson ‘Darktreader’ Floshin and a slight humanoid wearing black robes and a hooded cloak.

Vicross looks out of the open front door and casts ‘Solid Fog’ at the Large Orcs and Kelson ‘Darktreader’ Floshin; one Large Orc is not caught in the fog. Sir Ly runs down and joins Vicross.

Vicross, Sir Ly, the Large Orcs, Kelson and the ‘Solid Fog’ are then all hit by a ‘Fireball’ and everyone takes damage and the ‘Solid Fog’ disappears. The Wizard does not care who is killed or injured.

Sir Ly moves out to engage the Large Orcs and Vicross casts?

Sir Ly and the Large Orcs exchange blows as the Goblin Riders and Worgs return to investigate the ensuing battle. Sir Ly sees that the Wizard disappears and the 2 Goblins begin to fire their Short Bows at Sir Ly.

The lone Orc that escaped the ‘Solid Fog’ then began to call-out to others that appear from the stables and begin to head towards the Paladin. Vicross casts ‘Web’ through the open side door and traps 4 of the 5 Large Orcs.

Sir Ly continues to do battle with the Large Orcs and also takes arrows from the Goblins and bites from the Worgs. Vicross then casts ‘Magic Missile’ at the enemy fighting Sir Ly. This is quickly followed by Vicross, Sir Ly having ‘Glitterdust’ cast upon them both and covering them both in sparkling dust.

Sir Ly moves into the front doorway of the farm house, while Vicross moves around the ground floor rooms and out to the back door which leads outside the farm buildings and walls.

A flame strikes the Web and 4 more Large Orcs rush towards the fallen Kelson and the Paladin, Sir Ly continues to fight what is in front of him and he can see one of the Large Orcs picks up Kelson ‘Darktreader’ Floshin and the 2 remaining Goblins and Worgs follow-up.

Vicross moves out of the backdoor and looks up to see the Female Wizard flying high above the farm complex. Vicross fires his ‘Magic Missiles’ at the Female Wizard flying above him and hits, causing her not to be able to respond.

Sir Ly fights on and can think of nothing to stop Kelson ‘Darktreader’ Floshin from being taken by the Large Orc and Goblin riders and swings his Two-Handed Sword.

Vicross faces-off with the Female Wizard and cast ‘Dispel Magic’ at the same moment that she casts ‘Melf’s Acid Arrow’ at Vicross. Vicross fails to dispel the spells of the Female Wizard and is hit by the magical arrow.

Sir Ly is held fighting by the front door by the Large Orcs while the others are now out of sight of the Paladin.

Monster - Orcs Fighter
Monster – Orcs Fighter

Vicross casts his ‘Magic Missile’, from his ’Ring of Spell Storing’, and beats the Female Wizard causing her to be killed and fall out of the sky to hit the ground. Vicross continues to take damage from the casts ‘Melf’s Acid Arrow’, which was still in his body.

Sir Ly finally kills the last of the Large Orcs and assesses the situation. Vicross takes a final round of damage from casts ‘Melf’s Acid Arrow’ and falls to the ground dead.

Sir Ly calls out for the Wizard Vicross and receives no response. Sir Ly moves through the farm house and out to the back where he finds the Wizard dead on the ground.

Sir Ly uses his ‘Laying on Hands’ to pull Vicross back from the brink of DEATH.

Sir Ly then uses the ‘Cup of Healing’ on himself and searches the dead body of the Female, Cult of the Dragon, Wizard. The Paladin takes from her a ‘Dagger’, ‘A Potion’, ‘Some Rings’ and a ‘Bag of Powder’.

Sir Ly uses his ‘Equus Pendant’ to summon his War Horse and places the barely alive Wizard on to it.

Sir Ly sets out after the 2 Goblin Riders and the Orog carrying Kelson Darktreader.

Orcs on The Lands of Floshin (4:00 pm):

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