Thora Grid El

Thora Grid El

Thora Grid El - Fighter

History of Thora Grid El (Fighter):

Thora Grid El, a Female Dwarf Fighter who travelled down from Illefarn with the Ironeater clan. Although female dwarves have the same rights and abilities as males, positions of power and authority is still the male domain.

However, the Dwarf population is dwindling, what’s left of its population is mostly represented by Derval Ironeater’s extended family in Daggerford. A few live in Secomber, a few more live in Waterdeep. There are not many left, but among the ones that remain, many felt a longing to regain some of the lost glory of the vanishing Dwarven race.

Thora is one such Dwarf Fighter and follows the Dwarf leader called Derval Iron Eater.

Derval Ironeater – Kauth Alley, Daggerford – 9th level fighter – LG – Moradin – Dwarf, male, ST 18/54 CON 18
LOCATION ON MAP 40. Derval Ironeater (Resident Daggerford)
Derval Ironeater is the last King of Clan Ironeater who went on to become a blacksmith in Daggerford. Derval travelled to Daggerford with his brothers Derwin, Korin and their families in around 1270 DR. Korin disappeared in 1350 DR and they never heard from him again. Clues suggested the Dwarven brothers originated from Illefarn. By 1370 DR, Derval was a respected Blacksmith, Councillor, and Guildmaster.
(Location 40. Derval Ironeater – Resident- Daggerford Map)

Derval Ironeater is the last King of Clan Ironeater, originally from Illefarn. Now a Derval Ironeater is a blacksmith who came to the town of Daggerford with his two brothers, Derwin and Korin, and their families about a century ago 1270 DR. He is highly regarded in Daggerford.

They support a fairly large, for dwarves, extended family with their work. Various family members help out at the forge and hire out for construction work in the area. Korin disappeared with several family members about three years ago, and no one wants to discuss where he has gone.

Derval is known affectionately (though not to his face) as the “Short Mask” among the Guildmasters of the Council.

Derval usually wears a pair of trews, a blacksmiths apron, and a pair of leather gloves, dressing up in robe and mask for Council meetings. He is usually close-mouthed, but as he works at his forge, people have heard him say things like:

“Perhaps not as good as they made under Illefarn, but good enough, good enough. . .””

If he notices anyone is listening, he self- consciously shuts up.
(Page 20 – Under Illefarn)

Thora Grid El Journeying To Daggerford:

Having been away for a few years working on a commissioned building, hours to a Dwarf, Daggerford has changed and is not the tranquil home you remember. Raids have increased, attacks on caravans to and from Waterdeep and even rumours of stirrings in the Lizard Marsh nearby. While you get back to into your routines and duties you are informed that as a result of missing a lot of your militia duties and with the current climate you are asked to report to duty in 2 days’ time.

Meanwhile, while on your daily early morning run around Daggerford and passing the Caravan grounds where the caravans camp just outside the city. Thora spots a group of caravan guards beating on a man and she rushes to aid him. It turns out that Frimly was taken on as a caravan guard out of Waterdeep, last minute, and he was being accused of cheating, not paying, etc, (you can choose) in a card game. Frimly speaks to Thora in Dwarven and pleads with her for help. Thora, being a kindly sole, pays the money owed, provides Frimly with work at the forge to pay her back, loggings in Daggerford and most importantly of all Frimly’s word that her will do good and stop gambling. Frimly does not truly knowing that once this oath and trust is gained Dwarves hold their now friends to it and view betrayals, even minor ones, with a vicious propensity for vengeance.

Thora and Frimly have now been serving in the militia for several days now. Thora as her duty as a Daggerford citizen and Frimly also as this is required from all inhabitancies that stay for more than a week.

Thora Grid El – Fighter Class & Race Abilities:


Race Abilities:

Thora Grid El tends to be dour and taciturn. They are given to hard work and care little for most humour. They are strong and brave. They enjoy beer, ale, mead and even stronger drink. Their chief love, however, is precious metal, particularly gold. They prize gems, of course, especially diamonds and opaque gems (except pearls, which they do not like). Dwarves like the earth and dislike the sea. Not overly fond of elves, they have a fierce hatred of orcs and goblins. Their short, stocky builds make them ill-suited for riding horses or other large mounts (although ponies present no difficulty), so they tend to be a trifle dubious and wary of these creatures. They are ill-disposed toward magic and have little talent for it, but revel in fighting, Warcraft, and scientific arts such as engineering. Though dwarves are suspicious and avaricious, their courage and tenacity more than compensate for these shortcomings.

By nature, dwarves are non-magical and never use magical spells (priest spells are allowed however). This gives a bonus to dwarves’ saving throws against attacks from magical wands, staves, rods, and spells. This bonus is +1 for every 3 – points of Constitution score. Thus, for example, if a dwarf has a Constitution score of 7 he gains +2 on saving throws (CON 18 = +5).

All Dwarven characters make saving throws against poison with the same bonuses that they get against magical attacks (CON 18 = +5).

Thora Grid El has trouble using magical items. All magical items that are not specifically suited to the character’s class have a 20% chance to malfunction when used by a dwarf. This check is made each time a dwarf uses a magical item. Malfunction applies to rods, staves, wands, rings, amulets, potions, horns, jewels, and all other magical items except weapons, shields, armour, gauntlets, and girdles.

Thora Grid El adds +1 to their dice rolls to hit Orcs, Half-Orcs, Goblins, and Hobgoblins.

When Ogres, Trolls, Ogre Magi, Giants, or Titans attack Dwarves, these monsters must subtract -4 from their attack rolls because of the dwarves’ small size and combat ability against these much bigger creatures.

Thora Grid El’s infravision enables her to see up to 60 feet in the dark.

Dwarves are miners of great skill. While underground, they can detect the following information when within 10 feet of the particular phenomenon (but they can determine their approximate depth below the surface at any time). Note that the dwarf must deliberately try to make these determinations; the information does not simply spring to mind unbidden.

Detect grade or slope in passage                                   1-5 on 1d6

Detect new tunnel/passage construction                 1-5 on 1d6

Detect sliding/shifting walls or rooms                        1-4 on 1d6

Detect stonework traps, pits, and deadfalls            1-3 on 1d6

Determine approximate depth underground         1-3 on 1d6

Fighter Class Abilities:

While fighters cannot cast magical spells, they can use many magical items, including potions, protection scrolls, most rings, and all forms of enchanted armour, weapons, and shields.

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