Sir Hector Ly

Sir Hector Ly

Sir Hector Ly - Paladin (Holy Warrior)

History of Sir Hector Ly (Paladin/Holy Warrior):

Sir Hector Ly, a male Human Paladin, Holy Warrior, whose mother was a tavern wench that died in child birth. His father, Varbrace Zaalen, do not want anything to do with the child and he was taken in by the temple of Saint Cuthbert. His fighting skill appeared to have been inherited from his father and a sense of guilt for his dead mother leads him to become a Paladin (Holy Warrior). The common folk, not the nobility is what makes the world a place that should be saved and cleansed of all evil. That’s is why Hector Ly took on the title of Sir, to remind him not to be like his father.

Sir Hector Ly Journeying To Daggerford:

Sir Hector Ly’s father, Sir Varbrace Zaalen, cannot stand being reminded of his indiscretions and has pulled strings in order to send you to Daggerford as a representative of the Waterdeep authorities and the temple of St Cuthbert. You have been posted to Daggerford for several months, and there, will perform militia duties. Daggerford, caravans and the surrounding area have had an increase of raids and unrest. Is your father trying to get rid of you I wonder?

Raids near Daggerford have increased, attacks on caravans to and from Waterdeep and even rumours of stirrings in the Lizard Marsh nearby.

On the ride down to Daggerford you are joined by an Elf Cleric called Father Almuric Tobias. Now you have several days together to get to know each other.

Sir Varbrace Zaalen (VAR-brayse ZAY-len) – #168, streets, Waterdeep and see below – 7th level fighter – LN – Tempus (St Cuthbert) – Human male, ST 18, DEX 17, CON 17
This fighting-man makes his living as a professional tutor of fighters, or “captain-at-arms”, and is quite willing to do this, upon payment of the proper fees, for player characters. Varbrace does not deal again with those who try to trick or cheat him unless they offer him double fees in advance, and act very sorry. He rooms at The Inn of the Dripping Dagger, and trains people in a secluded corner of The City of the Dead (or, if the Watch objects, outside the walls near River Gate). Varbrace will not go on adventures he considers the risks too high for the potential profit.
(Page 58 – Forgotten Realms – City of Waterdeep – Waterdeep and the North)

Sir Hector Ly – Paladin Holy Warrior Class & Race Abilities:


Race Abilities:


Paladin Holy Warrior Class Abilities:

A Paladin (Holy Warrior) must be lawful good in alignment and must always remain lawful good. A Paladin (Holy Warrior) who changes alignment, either deliberately or inadvertently, loses all his special powers — sometimes only temporarily and sometimes forever.

If the Paladin (Holy Warrior) commits an evil act while enchanted or controlled by magic, they lose their Paladin (Holy Warrior) status until they can atone for the deed. This loss of status means the character loses all their special abilities and essentially functions as a fighter.

Paladins can use any weapon and wear any type of armour.

A Paladin (Holy Warrior) can detect the presence of Evil Intent up to 60 feet away by concentrating on locating evil in a particular direction. He can do this as often as desired, but each attempt takes one round. This ability detects evil monsters and characters.

A Paladin (Holy Warrior) receives a +2 bonus to all saving throws.

A Paladin (Holy Warrior) is immune to all forms of disease. (Note that certain magical afflictions — lycanthropy and mummy rot –are curses and not diseases).

A Paladin (Holy Warrior) can cure diseases of all sorts (though not cursed afflictions such as lycanthropy). This can be done only once per week for each five levels of experience (once per week at levels 1 through 5, twice per week at levels 6 through 10, etc.).

A Paladin (Holy Warrior) can heal by laying-on-hands. The Paladin restores 2 hit points per experience level. He can heal himself or someone else, but only once per day.

A Paladin (Holy Warrior) is surrounded by an aura f protection with a 10-foot radius. Within this radius, all summoned and specifically evil creatures suffer a -1 penalty to their attack rolls, regardless of whom they attack. Creatures affected by this aura can spot its source easily, even if the Paladin is disguised.

A Paladin (Holy Warrior) using a holy sword projects a circle of power 10 feet in diameter when the sword is unsheathed and held. This power dispels hostile magic of a level up to the Paladin’s experience level. (A holy sword is a very special weapon; if your Paladin acquires one, the DM will explain its other powers).

A Paladin (Holy Warrior) gains the power to turn undead and fiends when he reaches 3rd level. He affects these monsters the same as does a cleric two levels lower–for example, at 3rd level he has the turning power of a 1st-level cleric. See the section on priests for more details on this ability.

A Paladin (Holy Warrior) may call for his war horse upon reaching 4th level, or anytime thereafter. This faithful steed need not be a horse; it may be whatever sort of creature is appropriate to the character (as decided by the DM). A Paladin’s war horse is a very special animal, bonded by fate to the warrior. The Paladin does not really “call” the animal, nor does the horse instantly appear in front of him. Rather, the character must find his war horse in some memorable way, most frequently by a specific quest.

A Paladin (Holy Warrior) can cast priest spells once he reaches 9th level. He can cast only spells of the combat, divination, healing, and protective spheres. (Spheres are explained in the Priest section.) The acquisition and casting of these spells abide by the rules given for priests.

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