Vicross Silverkin

Vicross Silverkin

Vicross Silverkin - Magic User

History of Vicross Silverkin (Magic User):

Vicross Silverkin, Magic User, has only been encountered by Mirafir Roven. Vicross Silverkin appears to be in the service of “Kelthas the Dread”.

Vicross Silverkin Appearance in Illefarn:

Vicross Silverkin has only even been heared and not seen. He returned Mirafir’s Mother Magic Ring when Mirafir was released by “Kelthas the Dread”.

Mirafir: First aid has been done. Why?

Kelthas The Dread: “Now do we do this the easy way or the hard way?”

Another voice says: “Don’t do it the hard way that would be illogical.”

Kelthas The Dread: “Vicross, I told you before, I did not give you permission to speak.”

Vicross: “Of course, not Kelthas the Dread!”

Loads of skeletons are nearby – the sound of bone against stone…………………..

The sound of heavy booted feet, the rattle of weapons and armour can be heard as Kelthas and his entourage return to their lair, their laughter echoing from the walls long after they are gone.

The voice of Vicross Silverkin whispers in his ear:

Vicross: “Did I not warn you? It was foolish to cross him! Now you shall be at the mercy of whatever prowls these tunnels! Prey for the creatures that dwell in the darkness! Be gone! And choose your path with caution!”

As the bonds tying his hands are cut, Mirafir feels something being pressed into his hand. A Ring. The wizard recognises its design and feel: It is his “Ring of Spell Storing”! But why? Why would Vicross seek to aid him? It is of no matter, as all will be elementary soon enough, no doubt. He raises his hands and gazes at them. No longer the pallid Elven skin he remembered, but the warty and swarthy scarred hands of an Orc. Clumsy and brutal. He reaches up and touches his face. The nose is now squat and snout-like, the forehead projects forward, large tusk-like teeth project upwards from the jutting and extended lower jaw. Despair fills him. A bitter curse on one of the ancient free peoples, an elf of wisdom and magic reduced to that which he most despises, an Orc.

Mirafir pulls the cloak around his deformed existence, realising that he is still wearing Bronwyn’s gift, her “Cloak of Protection”. Another “oversight” by Vicross Silverkin?

Probably time to get moving, as Mirafir suspects that he has been left in the middle of no-man’s land under Illefarn.

Vicross Silverkin – Magic User Class & Race Abilities:

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