Mirafir Roven

Mirafir Roven

Mirafir Roven - Wizard

History of Mirafir Roven (Wizard):

Mirafir Roven, a Male Elf Wizard born in Daggerford. His parents union was frond upon by the Wood Elves and would not allow Mirafir’s mother to join him and his father and so she stayed in and around Daggerford with her child. Mirafir learnt magic form his mother and they spent many years traveling around the Southwood and surrounding areas. Yet they always returned to Daggerford, a tranquil place with a mix of the world’s peoples and a place that Kira loves.

Mirafir is strong individual marked by a streak of kindness and benevolence. He believes in all the virtues of goodness and right, but they have little use for laws and regulations (the fault of the Wood Elves and how they treated his mother). Mirafir has no use for people who “try to push folk around and tell them what to do”. His actions are guided by his own moral compass which, although good, may not always be in perfect agreement with the rest of society.

Mirafir Roven Journeying To Daggerford:

Having been away for a few years honing your skills with your mother, hours to an Elf, Daggerford has changed and is not the tranquil home they remember. Raids have increased, attacks on caravans to and from Waterdeep and even rumours of stirrings in the Lizard Marsh nearby. While Kira gets the house and business back into order you have missed a lot of your militia duties and with the current climate you are asked to report to duty at daybreak.

There are the same old faces and several new one in the militia. One that interests Mirafir the most is a female Paladin called Sigune. Mirafir, even though he has told his mother otherwise, is intent on confronting his father about his abandonment and his father’s refusal to fight for his family. The last news Mirafir had was that his father had moved to Waterdeep from the Misty Forest many years ago.

Eryn Lashir – Location ? – 7th level ranger – LG – Ehlonna – Elven male, STR 17, INT 15, WIS 16
Father: Eryn Lashir is 5.4 tall and weighs 138 pounds.
Eryn Lashir (Wood Elf) is of Misty Forest Elf descent. Many years ago he led a trading expedition past Daggerford. While he was there, he met Kira Roven, a beautiful Elven woman living with an Elf family.

They fell in love, but Kira Roven’s people would not let her go to the Misty Forest with her lover, and the Elves wouldn’t let Kira Roven live among them in the Misty Forest. When Mirafir Roven was born, Eryn Lashir sent for his son, Mirafir Roven, because he wanted his son raised among his people.

Kira Roven refused and has raised Mirafir Roven alone ever since. Eryn Lashir and Kira Roven, not surprisingly, came to dislike Elves from Misty Forest.
(Page 30 – TSR 8908 – LC1 – Gateway to Ravens Bluff, the Living City)

Kira Roven – The High Road, Daggerford – 6th level wizard – LG – Boccob – Elven female, INT 18, DEX 18
LOCATION ON MAP 72. Kira Roven (Resident Daggerford)
Mother: Kira Roven is 5.11 tall and weighs 125 pounds.

Kira Roven is an elven wizard in Daggerford in 1370 DR. Kira was the great-granddaughter of Elorfindar Floshin and has both sun elf and wood elf blood in her veins. She was a talented member of Maelwyn’s adventuring party, saving the group on many occasions.
(Location 72. Kira Roven – Resident – Daggerford Map)

Mirafir Roven – Wizard Class & Race Abilities:


Race Abilties:

  • Elven characters have 90% resistance to sleep and all charm-related spells.
  • When employing a bow of any sort other than a crossbow, or when using a short or long sword, Elves gain a bonus of +1 to their attack rolls.
  • An Elf can gain a bonus to surprise opponents, but only if the Elf is not in metal armour. Even then, the Elf must either be alone, or with a party comprised only of Elves or Halflings (also not in metal armour), or 90 feet or more away from his party (the group of characters he is with) to gain this bonus. If he fulfils these conditions, he moves so silently that opponents suffer a -4 penalty to their surprise die rolls. If the Elf must open a door or screen to attack, this penalty is reduced to -2.
  • Elven infravision enables them to see up to 60 feet in darkness.
  • Secret doors (those constructed so as to be hard to notice) and concealed doors (those hidden from sight by screens, curtains, or the like) are difficult to hide from elves. Merely passing within 10 feet of a concealed door gives an elven character a one-in-six chance (roll a 1 on 1d6) to notice it. If actively searching for such doors, elven characters have a one-in-three chance (roll a 1 or 2 on 1d6) to find a secret door and a one-in-two chance (Roll a 1, 2, or 3 on 1d6) to discover a concealed portal.

Wizard Class Abilities:

Wizards can use more magical items than any other characters. These include potions, rings, wands, rods, scrolls, and most miscellaneous magical items. A Wizard can use a magical version of any weapon allowed to his class but cannot use magical armor, because no armor is allowed. Between their spells and magical items, however, Wizards wield great power.

Once the Wizard reaches 9th level, they can pen magical scrolls and brew potions. Thye can construct more powerful magical items only after he has learned the appropriate spells (or workswith someone who knows them).

Wizards are severely restricted in the weapons they can use. They are limited to those that are easy to learn or are sometimes useful in their own research. Hence, a Wizard can use a Dagger or a Staff, items that are traditionally useful in magical studies. Other weapons allowed are Darts, Knives, and Slings (weapons that require little skill, little strength, or both).

Wizards cannot wear any armor, for several reasons.

  1. Firstly, most spells require complicated gestures and odd posturings by the caster and armor restricts the wearer’s ability to do these properly.
  2. Secondly, the Wizard spent his youth (and will spend most of his life) learning arcane languages, poring through old books, and practicing his spells. This leaves no time for learning other things (like how to wear armor properly and use it effectively).

Mirafir Roven – Wizard Spells:



  1. Burning Hands (V, S)
  2. Colour Spray (V, S, M – Coloured Powder or Sand Red, Yellow and Blue)
  3. Comprehend Languages (V, S, M – Soot and Salt)
  4. Dancing Lights (V,S)
  5. Detect Magic (V, S)
  6. Feather-Fall (V)
  7. Find Familiar (V, S, M – 1,000 gp of Incense & Herbs)
  8. Hold Portal (V)
  9. Identify (V, S, M – 100 gp Peal)
  10. Jump (V, S, M –  Grasshopper Hind Leg)
  11. Magic Missile (V, S)
  12. Read Magic (V, S, M – Clear or Mineral Prism)
  13. Shield (V, S)
  14. Sleep (V, S, M – Sand, Rose Petals, or Live Cricket)
  15. Spider Climb (V, S, M – Bitumen and Live Spider, Eaten)
  16. Taut (V, S, M – Hurled Slug)
  17. Unseen Servant (V, S, M – String and Bit of Wood)
  18. Ventriloquism (V, M – Parchment Rolled into Cone)


  1. Alter Self (V, S)
  2. Blindness (V)
  3. Blur (V,S)
  4. Continual Light (V, S)
  5. Deafness (V, S, M – Besswax)
  6. Detect Evil (V, S)
  7. Detect Invisibility (V, S, M – Pinch of Talc Small Sprinkling of Powdered Silver)
  8. Hypnotic Pattern (S, M – Incense or Crystal Rod filled with Phosphorescent Material)
  9. Improved Phantasmal Force (V, S, M – Bit of Fleece)
  10. Invisibility (V, S, M – Eyelash and a Bit of Gum Arabic, the Former Encased in the Latter)
  11. Knock (V)
  12. Leomund’s Trap (V, S, M – Piece of Iron Pyrite & Special Dust requiring 200 gp to prepare)
  13. Locate Object (V, S, M – Forked Twig)
  14. Mirror Image (V, S)
  15. Misdirection (V, S)
  16. Scare (V, S, M – Bone from an Undead Skeleton, Zombie, Ghoul, Ghast, or Mummy)
  17. Tasha’s Uncontrollable Hideous Laughter (V, S, M – Small Feather and Minute Tarts)
  18. Web (V, S, M – Bit of Spider Web)
  19. Wizard Lock (V, S)


  1. Blink (V, S)
  2. Clairaudience (V, S, M – Small Horn of at least 100gp)
  3. Explosive Runes (V, S)
  4. Feign Death (V, S)
  5. Fireball (V, S, M – Tiny Ball of Bat Guano & Sulphur)
  6. Fly (V, S, M – Wing Feather of any Bird)
  7. Haste (V, S, M – A Shaving of Liquorice Root)
  8. Infravision (V, S, M – Pinch of Dried Carrot or an Agate)
  9. Invisibility, 10′ Radius (V, S, M – Tiny Ball of Bat Guano & Sulphur)
  10. Lightning Bolt (V, S, M – Bit of fur and an Amber, Crystal, or Glass Rod)
  11. Melf’s Minute Meteors (V, S, M – Nitre, Sulphur & Pine Tar Bead. Gold Tube 1,000gp)
  12. Nondetection (V, S, M – Pinch of Diamond Dust 300gp)
  13. Protection from Evil, 10′ Radius (V, S, M – Powdered Silver)
  14. Slow (V, S, M – A Drop of Molasses)
  15. Spectral Force (V, S)
  16. Suggestion (V, M – Snake’s Tongue & a Bit of Honeycomb or a drop of Sweet Oil)
  17. Water Breathing (V, S, M – Short Reed or Piece of Straw)
  18. Wraithform (S, M – Bit of Gauze & a Wisp of Smoke)


  1. Confusion (V, S, M – a Set of 3 Nut Shells)
  2. Detect Scrying (V, S, M – Piece of Mirror & Miniature Brass Hearing Trumpet)
  3. Dig (V, S, M – Miniature Shovel & Tiny Bucket)
  4. Dimension Door (V)
  5. Extension I (V)
  6. Fear (V, S, M – Heart of a Hen or a White Feather)
  7. Fire Trap (V, S, M – Bit of Sulphur or Saltpetre)
  8. Fumble (V, S, M – Dab of Solidified Milk Fat)
  9. Ice Storm (V, S, M – Pinch of Dust & few Drops of Water)
  10. Massmorph (V, S, M – Handful of Bark Chips from the Type of Tree)
  11. Minor Globe of Invulnerability (V, S, M – Glass or Crystal Bead that Shatters at the Expiration of the Spell)
  12. Monster Summoning II (V, S, M – Tiny Bag & a Small, Not Necessarily Lit, Candle)
  13. Polymorph Other (V, S, M – A Caterpillar Cocoon)
  14. Solid Fog (V, S, M – a Pinch of Dried, Powdered Peas Combined with Powdered Animal Hoof)
  15. Stoneskin (V, S, M – Granite and Diamond Dust)
  16. Wall of Ice (V, S, M – Small Piece of Quartz or Similar Rock Crystal)
  17. Wizard Eye (V, S, M – A Bit of Bat Fur)

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