Chapter Fourty Three – The Last Crypts

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Chapter Fourty Three – Clearing The Crypts

Stefan Gregorovich will tempt our Heroes but they will overcome.

Our Heroes are currently by:


Bascal Ofenheiss – Chef Deluxe.

A Skeleton draped in white linen lies atop a marble slab in the centre of the Crypt, clutching a bell to its sunken chest. Fitted over its skull is a tall chef’s hat.

Crypt 28
Crypt 28

Mirafir had cast ‘Detect Magic’ within and knew that the Bell radiated Magic. The Wizard then summoned his ‘Unseen Servant’, commanded it to enter the Crypt and ring the Bell. Magic Fire sweeps through the crypt to scorch Chef Ofenheiss bones and destroys the ‘Unseen Servant’ too. Mirafir spots something glistening under what remained of the Chef’s Hat.

Our intrepid Heroes move onto CRYPT 37, Gralmore Nimblenobs – Wizard Ordinaire, and here Mirafir remembers that he sensed Magic coming from the area below the Skull of the long dead Wizard.


Gralmore Nimblenobs – Wizard Ordinaire

Tucked under the chef’s hat is an ‘Electrum Tiara with a bejewelled facing’.

Lying on a marble slab in the centre of this Crypt is the corpse of a man with a long white beard. His skin clings tightly to his skull and bones, and he wears dusty red robes. Clutched to his chest is a wooden stave that has a brass knob on one end and a marble knob on the other.

Crypt 37
Crypt 37

Mirafir is unsure and spends time pondering the possible consciences of employing the Staff. Once again Mirafir calls forth another ‘Unseen Servant’ to do his bidding. Mirafir fist orders the ‘Unseen Servant’ to pick up the Staff but nothing happens. Mirafir then commands the ‘Unseen Servant’ to search the Crypt but finds nothing.

Frimly: “The Magic came from under the Skelton’s Skull Wizard, get your apparition to check there.”

The ‘Unseen Servant’ moves the Skeleton and the Wizard’s inspection of the marble slab reveals a shallow, concave recess at one end. Mirafir chooses to direct the ‘Unseen Servant’ to place the marble-knobbed end of Gralmore’s stave into the recess, the slab levitates 5 feet upward, revealing a compartment underneath. Within it holds a small, black leather case containing:

3 Spell Scrolls Cast as 8th Level (Infravision 3rd, Wraithform 3rd and Passwall 5th Level).

The slab slowly sinks back into place after 1 minute. Mirafir then orders the ‘Unseen Servant’ to insert the Bass end of the Staff into the shallow, concave recess. The ‘Unseen Servant’ is stuck by Lightning and is destroyed.

Our diligent Heroes then move off to CRYPT 33 where they found the rusty Plate Mail Armour which has been impaled by a rusty Longsword, both items did not radiate Magic.


Sir Klutz Tripalotsky: He fell on his own sword.

In the centre of this Crypt, atop a marble slab, human bones lie amid the empty shell of a suit of rusty plate armour. Plunged through the armour’s breastplate is a longsword.

Crypt 33
Crypt 33

Our Heroes, not wanting to expend more Spells points allow Frimly to enter the Crypt and the Thief draws the Long Sword from the Breastplate. Suddenly a Ghostly apparition appears from the empty Armour and hovers in front of Frimly. Panic insures as all of our Heroes know the just how deadly a Ghost can be and our Heroes without their Cleric. Everyone is ready to attack or cast Spells but the Ghost speaks directly to our Heroes.

Sir Klutz Tripalotsky: “My name is Sir Klutz Tripalotsky and I am not a threat to you, in fact I will aid you in whatever way I can.”

Thora: “Ye can start by dispatching the Brown Mold that’s preventing us from clearing this foul pit of evil.”

Sir Klutz Tripalotsky: “I will carry out your orders with pleasure as you have freed me and this land of the Cures of Strahd. You are all True Heroes indeed.”

Before our numerous Heroes deal with the Brown Mold they decide to complete their searches of the Crypts. Onwards our Heroes move to the next Crypt.


Stefan Gregorovich: First Counsellor to King Barov von Zarovich.

A skeleton draped in rags lies atop a marble slab in the centre of the Crypt. Most of the bones appear dusty and neglected, but the skull is well polished.

Crypt 26
Crypt 26

Here, our meticulous Heroes retrieve the Polished Skull which Mirafir had discerned it radiated Magic. Mirafir casts another Spell and an ‘Unseen Servant’ is called forth. The Wizard makes the Unseen Servant’ to bring him the Polished Skull.

Our wealthy Heroes then move onto the Crypt of the Banshee.


Patrina Velikovna – Bride

In the centre of the Crypt, a skeleton draped in rags lies atop a marble slab, surrounded by thousands of coins.

Crypt 21
Crypt 21

There is too much too carry by single Hero, even with the use of the ‘Bag of Holding’.

Thora: “We need to find something to carry all these coins in.”

Galan: “We have the Gems and Jewellery, why would we need to expend our efforts on transporting the coinage?”

Frimly: “We just need to separate out the higher denominations and leave the Copper.”

Sigune: “It will take too long and the coins that we may not want should be donated to the Villagers of Barovia.”

Sir Ly: “Indeed, alms for the poor and reparations for the Evil they have had to endure.”

Our inquisitive Heroes remember that they have 2 Polished Skulls, one radiated Magic while the other did not. The Wizard makes the Unseen Servant’ take the 1st Polished Skull, from CRYPT 26 and did not radiate Magic, and return it to its original resting place.


Intree Sik-Valoo: He spurned wealth for the knowledge he could take to heaven

Crypt 26
Crypt 26

Once inside Mirafir choose to speak to the Skull.

Mirafir 1: “Who are you?”

Intree Sik-Valoo: “My name is Intree Sik-Valoo and you have 4 questions left to ask me.”

Mirafir 2: “Where is Rahadin, consiglieri to Count Strahd?”

Intree Sik-Valoo: “I know not of things beyond the Catacombs of Ravenloft. He is not within them now.”

Mirafir 3: “What powers do the Ivory Cards, possessed by the Thief have?”

Intree Sik-Valoo: “Great and Small Illusions may be called forth to carry out your bidding.”

Mirafir 4: “?”

Intree Sik-Valoo: “?”

Mirafir 5: “?”

Intree Sik-Valoo: “?”

Our informed Heroes make their way to the adjacent Crypt which also housed a Polished Skull. Mirafir moves the Unseen Servant’ into the Crypt and places the 2nd Polished Skull back onto its original resting place. The Skull belonging to Stefan Gregorovich.

Mirafir 1: “Who are you and what are you”

Stefan Gregorovich: “I am Stefan Gregorovich and I am DEAD”

Mirafir 2: “Stefan Gregorovic will you help us”

Stefan Gregorovich: “Yes, If I Can”

Mirafir 3: “Stefan Gregorovic, what powers do the Ivory Cards, possessed by the Thief have?”

Stefan Gregorovich: “These cards are of Great Power and will defeat all those that challenge you.”

Frimly is unconvinced that the Spirt of Stefan Gregorovich is being truthful and proposes that the Wizard asks it a question that they know the answer to.

Mirafir 4: “Stefan Gregorovic, what will befall us if we ring the Bell within the Crypt of Bascal Ofenheiss – Chef Deluxe?”

Stefan Gregorovich: “You will be showered by Gold beyond your mortal dreams.”

Frimly was correct as it appeared that everything that was said by the Spirt of Stefan Gregorovich was untrue.

4 Crypts of interest were left and the Crypt of Stefan Gregorovich was the last of any help, up until then.


King Troisky – The Three-Faced King

There are no bones atop the marble slab in this Crypt, only a Steel Helm with a visor shaped like and angry face. 

Crypt 12
Crypt 12

The Wizard steps into the Doorway and casts his eye over the Sarcophagus and Helm. Mirafir still had his ‘Detect Magic’ running and can now check within.

Mirafir: “Nothing within this Crypt radiates any form of Magic, do we enter?”

Thora: “There is nothing of worth within, let us retrieve the Magical Quilt and dispatch the Brown Mold.

Our fatigued Heroes recover the Magical Quilt, and at the same time, send Sir Klutz Tripalotsky off to slay the Brown Mold.

Galan: “We can place all of the coins within the Magical Quilt, which will make transporting it easier.”

Sir Ly: “Good idea Ranger, but first let us secure the last two Crypts.”

The Heroes, nearly reaching the end of their searches and having spoken to Sik-Valo and Stefan Gregorovich, stand before the last 2 Crypts and the remains of the Brown Mold. Thora and Sir Ly remove the Slab covering the entrance to the Crypt.


Lady Isolde Yunk (Isolde the Incredible): Purveyor of Antiques and Imports

A Skeleton draped in rags lies atop a marble slab in the centre of the crypt. Piled all around it, covering the floor, are heaps of old baskets, braziers, bundled tapestries, candlesticks, chairs, chests, cooking utensils, cressets, curtain rods, decanters, dishes, jugs, lamps, scroll cases, tankards, and tinderboxes. None of the junk looks valuable. An old chandelier hangs from the domed ceiling.

Crypt 03
Crypt 03

Mirafir spends longer than he would like, as his ‘Detect Magic’ Spell is running out, looking over the hundreds of items within Lady Isolde Yunk’s Crypt.

Mirafir: “I see no emanations of any form of Magic within; let us move onto the next Crypt. Wait, what was that? No I must have been mistaken.”

Thora and Sir Ly remove the Slab covering the entrance to the Crypt.


Artista DeSlop – Court Ceiling Painter

The domed ceiling of this crypt is painted with an image of imps holding bouquets of colourful flowers. A Skeleton draped in rags lies atop a marble slab in the centre of the Crypt. A wooden box is tucked under one bony hand.

Crypt 02
Crypt 02

Mirafir again scans the contents within the Crypt using his ‘Detect Magic’ Spell. Surprisingly the Wooden Box does not radiate Magic, while the Boots worn by Artista DeSlop do. Frimly recovers both the Boots and Wooden Box. Within the Wooden Box, opened by Frimly, the Thief finds 7 wood-handled paintbrushes and 7 small gourds of dried-up paint.

Mirafir, having a nagging feeling that he had hissed something within Lady Isolde Yunk’s Crypt chose to recheck the Crypt. This time our observant Wizard spots a cloak which is hanging by the entrance to the Crypt. The Cloak radiates Magic.

Convinced that there were no more dangers within the Catacombs, Mirafir proposes to cast ‘Identify’ on those new Magical Items found and the other in the Heroes possession.

  • The ‘Signet Ring’ that bears a stylised J does not radiate Magic.
  • The Ivory Cards found by Frimly are a ‘Deck of Illusions’.
  • The ‘Holy Symbol of the Morning Lord’ shaped like a crescent moon. If touched by an Evil creature, the Holy Symbol is consumed in a blast of intense light that deals 2d10 radiant damage to all Evil creatures within 5’ feet of it.
  • The ‘Magical Quilt’ appears just to be preserved and has no other Magical abilities.
  • Only one of the item of the deceased adventurer, found in the spiked pit trap of Crypt 31, radiated Magic, the ‘Scroll Case’. Within the Scroll case our Heroes find a Cleric Spell Scroll of A: Feign Death 3rd Level (cast as 8th) B: Speak With Dead 3rd Level (cast as 8th) C: Cure Critical Wound 5th Level.
  • The Cloak found in Lady Isolde Yunk’s Crypt is identified as a ‘+3 Cloak of Protection’.
  • Finally, the ‘Magic Boots’ found in Artista DeSlop’s Crypt withholds its ability as the Wizard fails to determine its power.

While Mirafir was spending an hour preparing the items and then casting his ‘Identify’ Spell, our other Heroes spend the time collecting all of the coinage from the Banshees Crypt.

Galan: “According to my calculations we have now fully investigated all the Crypts within these foul Catacombs, where do we go to next?”

Mirafir: “Let us move back up to Strahd’s Study and see if we have missed anything of interest to us.”

Frimly: “We also have the 4 chests in Lief’s office to recover.”

Our overburdened Heroes retrace their steps back to the Brazier Room and to the spiral stairs which they believed lead to Strahd’s Study. Thora and Sir Ly are tasked with carrying the Magical Quilt holding their treasure. On the way up the spiral stairs our Heroes encounter a landing.


This 40’ foot long corridor connects two spiral stairways, one leading up and the other descending into the depths of Castle Ravenloft. Hanging from an iron rod bolted to the eastern wall is a dusty, 10’ foot square tapestry depicting knights on horseback charging across a battlefield under a blooded sky. The lead knight rides a black horse and wears a fur-lined black cloak, dark grey armour, and a visored helm shaped like a wolf’s head. His sword glows with the light of the sun.

The tapestry depicts Strahd’s father, King Barov, leading his fearsome knights into glorious battle. The tapestry weighs 10 lbs pounds.

K83a. Western Stair
K83a. Western Stair

Our exalted Heroes reach Strahd’s Study and discover that it had been cleaned and tidied.

Mirafir: “The ‘Unseen Servant’ must still be tied to Castle Ravenloft.”

Our jovial Heroes spend some time perusing the books within the library, searching the items within the room and finally opening the Secret Door to the false treasurer chamber. They find nothing note except for Strahd’s Spell Book. The chest from the false treasury is retrieved while Frimly requisitions 4 choice books from Strahd’s personal collection.

Thora: “We must destroy his Tome of Evil Spells; cast the wee thing into the fire”

Mirafir: “I will send forth my Unseen Servant as the book is bound to be protected.”

Spell - Unseen Servant
Spell – Unseen Servant

As soon as the ‘Unseen Servant’ touches Strahd’s Spell Book it is blasted by Magical Fire and it dissipates. Sigune is then nominated to douse Strahd’s Spell Book with Lamp Oil and Sir Ly to set the whole thing alight. Once done, our surprised Heroes see a basin filled with water being thrown over the resulting fire. The Book remains unaffected by the flames.

Mirafir: “It has other protections cast upon it and Strahd’s Wizardry means all may be Permanent.”

Thora: “Leave the Book we are not destined to destroy it.”

Our cheery Heroes discuss entering the Real Treasury to recover the vast wealth contained within. The decision is made not to spend time, Magic and effort to do so and they head down to the Coach House, via Lief’s Office.

The coins from Lief’s office are recovered and our heavily burdened Heroes head down to the Ground Level and onto the Coach House. Thora, Sir Ly and Sigune pull the Counts Coach up to and over the Bridge. There, the Paladin’s horses are hitched up to the Count’s Coach and our Heroes lazily travel back down to the Village of Ravenloft.

Castle Ravenloft & Carriage
Castle Ravenloft & Carriage

THE END…………………

Or is it?

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