Chapter Nineteen – Frimly Is Taken

Mirafir searches the Unholy Crypts for, and finds, the two sets of tracks going up the stairs to a secret door from the Brazier room.

Mirafir: “Frimly, have a look at this.”

Frimly: “Yes, of course!” He examines the mechanism but doesn’t find anything.

Galan: “Have you done an appraisal on the sword hilt, Frimly?”

Frimly: “No, none of us have had a chance to examine it closely.”

Magic Item - Sword, Sunsword Hilt
Magic Item – Sword, Sunsword Hilt

Following a discussion, Sigune, Frimly, Galan and Father Tobias go back down to the catacombs to see if they can find something of value following Frimly’s Gaseous scouting mission into the Unholy Crypts.

Father Tobias casts ‘Invisibility to Undead’ on Frimly who’s intension is to search for the tomb (CRYPT 29) where he was told, by the whispering voice from (CRYPT 11), “Tasha Petrovna – Healer of Kings, Light unto the West, Servant, Companion”, to do so.

Female Voice: “There is an Unholy Crypts to the WEST, where the Baron lays, in a place built by stonemasons. When all turns to darkness, seek a treasure long lost that will grant you your desire.”

Frimly heads across to (Crypt 29) and examines what’s inside:


Baron Eisglaze Drûf

Opening the door causes the air around you to turn as cold as the coldest hell you can imagine. Every surface inside the crypt is covered with thick, brownish mold.

A patch of Brown Mold fills the Crypt. Characters within 5’ feet of the Crypt’s open doorway are affected.

If the brown mold is killed off, characters can dig through the mouldy crust to find the bones of Baron Drûf lying atop a marble slab.

Monster - Brown Mold
Monster – Brown Mold
Crypt 29
Crypt 29

The others hear nothing, until suddenly there is a loud bang and the sound of Frimly’s high-pitched hysterical screaming! The others run across the catacombs to rescue him. Frimly is trapped beneath a door from the Unholy Crypt and he manages to gasp:

Frimly: “Brown mold!”

Galan and Sigune rush forward to attack the Brown Mold that they see covering floor to ceiling in the Unholy Crypt. Father Tobias rushes to help Frimly.

Frimly is out from under the door, and although injured still able to continue his search.

Meanwhile, Galan and Sigune realise that their foe is no normal opponent and are both badly hurt by its cold attack. Father Tobias heals some of Galan’s injury and both continue to try and hit the Brown Mold, but their slashing weapons are as ridiculous as they are ineffective against the smeared monstrosity.

Frimly leaves the other party members to it and moves SOUTH taking advantage of the ‘Invisibility to Undead’ spell which is still running.

Frimly’s Mini Adventure:

Frimly makes his way to the SOUTHERN Unholy Crypts protected by a portcullis. This Crypt seems to mirror the one found in the NORTH of these catacombs. As Frimly approaches the Crypt from the EAST, passing by (CRYPT 38), Frimly is suddenly transported and he finds himself in complete darkness, lying on his back, entombed and surrounded by stone. Frimly panics for a second before he composes himself and attempts to push on the stone above him. Frimly fears the worst and knows he is in a stone coffin but decides not to think about it. It is then that he realises that he is virtually naked and missing all of his equipment.

Frimly's Coffin
Frimly’s Coffin

With a rush of adrenaline, Frimly easily pushes the stone lid up. Then a curious thing happens as the lid begins to move by itself and Frimly can hear the scrapping of stone and the gentle moans of creatures. Frimly can’t see in the dark as his goggle are gone as is protection and any form of weapon, this is it, the end.

Frimly: “Wait they can’t see me”.

Frimly silently climbs out of the coffin, and moves as carefully as he can. The Wights appear to be ignoring him and Frimly can hear their claws scrapping the inside of the stone coffin.

Monster - Wight
Monster – Wight

Frimly continues to move, WEST, and feels his way along passing several coffins and wall, constantly hearing the movement of the Wights from thier Unholy Crypts. Frimly then has to head SOUTH as the walls turn 90° degrees. Frimly moves some 40’ or so feet before he has to turn again, all the time hoping Father Tobias’ spell lasts, WEST some 15’ feet before he fells the bottom of a ladder.

Frimly does not waste any time and climbs up some 50’ feet until he arrives at a ledge and what feels like one of the many 10’ x 10’ foot Crypts. There is no time for any subtleties and Frimly pushes his full weight against the slab blocking the tomb (Crypt 14) entrance.

Frimly returns to the party and is standing behind Father Tobias ahving made it back from the Unholy Crypts.

Father Tobias: “Frimly, attack the mold!”

He looks round but it is not Frimly. It is a Wight! Wearing ALL of Frimly’s things! It cast Magic Missile from Frimly’s wand on Father Tobias who cries:

Father Tobias: “We are assailed!”

Sigune turns and sees the Wight; she aims a blow but misses while Father Tobias tries to turn it! And succeeds just as Sigune lands a blow on it!

Father Tobias make an attempt to TURN the Wight and St Cuthbert is listening. The Wight turns and flees, SOUTH towards the direction Frimy went along the Unholy Crypts.

Galan meanwhile is clearing, the now dead, brown mold from the tomb. Digging through the mouldy crust Galan finds the bones of Baron Drûf lying atop a marble slab, along side the bone Galan finds a ‘Short Sword’ and he picks it up.

Magic Item - Short Sword Luck Blade
Magic Item – Short Sword Luck Blade

Sigune: “Now vee must find Frimly!” Father Tobias and Sigune go in search of him.

Sigune: “You shall be my eyes Father Tobias!”

Galan then joins them as they attempt to lift the portcullis where they believe the Wraith has fled to and where Frimly may still be.

Sigune: “We can’t lift the gate!”

Suddenly there is a loud crash behind the adventurers is heard!

Sigune: “Father Tobias, use your Elf eyes! What was that?”

The priest is focused on the portcullis so they make a second attempt to open the portcullis.

Frimly is out of the tomb (Crypt14), naked but for a loincloth!

Galan: “Frimly is here!”

Frimly: “Stand still you two! Don’t move! There’s a trap right where you are! There are more Wights here!”

Father Tobias looks through the portcullis and sees an inscription Sergei von Zarovich! Count Strahd’s brother’s tomb!!!

Frimly: “I must get my stuff back! I am dead without it!”

Frimly is provided with some equipment By Father Tobias, Galan and even Mirafir.

  • Father Tobias – ‘Cloak of Displacement’
  • Galan – ‘Short Sword +1’
  • Mirafir – ‘Ring of Spell Storing (1st Level Shiled – Cast as 7th Level)

Finally Sigune and Galan lift the portcullis, and Frimly and Father Tobias go through as they hold it up.


A portcullis is closed in the archway into this tomb. White marble steps descend to a tomb that has a vaulted ceiling 30’ feet overhead. Stillness and calm amid the storm is felt here. In the centre of the tomb, a white marble slab supports an intricately inlaid coffin. Chiselled into the slab is a name:

Sergei von Zarovich.

To the NORTH, behind the coffin, are 3 alcoves. A beautifully carved statue stands in each alcove, a stunning young man flanked by two angels, looking as polished and new as the day each was placed there.

An iron lever protrudes from the SOUTH wall, WEST of the tomb’s entrance.

Raising the lever lifts the portcullis at the top of the stairs and pulling the lever down lowers the portcullis.

The coffin opens easily to the touch of a Lawful Good creature. Otherwise,’ opening it requires a successful Strength lift gates check. Sergei’s flesh has been magically preserved, and at first glance it looks like he is sleeping in his casket.

Magic Item - Armour, Plate Mail Armour
Magic Item – Armour, Plate Mail Armour

Sergei’s embalmed body is clothed in shining ‘+2 Plate Armour 6’2’’ in size’.

Tomb of Sergei Von Zarovich
Tomb of Sergei Von Zarovich

There are statues in three alcoves beyond the sarcophagus – two beautiful angels flanking a man. There is a lever in the room and Father Tobias levitates to it, pulls it and the portcullis are opened. Galan takes a ‘Potion of Extra Healing’.

Sigune checks the statues for the presence of Evil while the coffin is prized open. Sigune doesn’t detect anything. Inside the coffin there is Plate Mail Armour which will fit Father Tobias. Sigune helps the Cleric put on the armour. The bats have become less agitated.

Meanwhile, back at the secret door beyond the Brazier room, Mirafir throws up two stones and they whiz around his head.

Mirafir casts ‘Detect Magic’ and reveals:

Magic Item - Sword, Sunsword Hilt
Magic Item – Sword, Sunsword Hilt

The Sword Hilt/Cross Piece radiates Overwhelming magical power (various types).

Magic Item - Short Sword Luck Blade
Magic Item – Short Sword Luck Blade

The ‘Short Sword +1’ radiates Faint magic, normal weapon, plus (conjuration and summoning) Strong magic.

Magic Item - Armour, Plate Mail Armour
Magic Item – Armour, Plate Mail Armour

The ‘Plate Mail Armour +2’, found in Sergei’s Tomb, Faint magic.

Magic Item - Long Sword +1
Magic Item – Long Sword +1

Sigune’s ‘Sentient Longsword’, found in the flooded cells, is Faint Magic +1 but with Moderate Magic a spell effect.

Crusader’s Mantle Spell:

Once used, this property of the sword can’t be used again until the next dawn. (Holy power radiates from you in an aura with a 30’ foot radius, awakening boldness in friendly creatures. Until the spell ends, the aura moves with you, centred on you. While in the aura, each non-hostile creature in the aura (including you) deals an extra 1d4 damage when it hits with a weapon attack. Duration: 1 turn).The sword continually sheds ‘Bright Light in a 15’ Foot Radius’ and dim light for an additional 15 feet.

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