Chapter Thirty Three- The Battle In The Catacombs V.

Thora and Sir Ly stake the 2 dead Vampires. The bodies were covered by the black earth of Ravenloft but their bodies were not checked and they are still wating for Strahd von Zarovich to appear.

Sigune used the healing powers of the ‘Icon of Ravenloft’ on Galan. Galan having suffered the most from the many attacks he had to endure from the Vampire Brides. All creatures are drawn to the Ranger, the ‘Sunsword’ is feared by Strahd von Zarovich and they must be tasked with neutralising it.

Magic Item - Icon of Ravenloft
Magic Item – Icon of Ravenloft

Sigune joined Frimly, to avoid Strahd von Zarovich from hearing what the party saying, as the party believes that Sigune is being Scryed upon.

Mirafir regained control over the ‘Unseen Servant’, while Father Tobias, Ireena and Galan stood together next to Strahd’s Coffin, Galan holding up the Sunsword using its ‘Detect Undead’ ability to check the Teleport Arched Alcoves for the last missing Vampire and any other possible assaults.

Frimly and Sigune saw what appeared to be a torch light coming towards the Tomb of Strahd von Zarovich, from the WEST where the adventures entered the Catacombs from. It’s Strahd’s ‘Unseen Servant’, they presumed as they could see no body, and they both swung at the touch in an attempt to put it out. Frimly, with his ‘Short Sword of Quickness’ knocked the torch to the ground and Sigune put it out. The ‘Unseen Servant’ then went off, only to return with another torch from the Catacombs. Frimly and Sigune decide to allow the ‘Unseen Servant’ to continue in its task, while they systematically put out those torches brought into the Tomb of Count Strahd von Zarovich.

Mirafir moved up and directed his own ‘Unseen Servant’ to also retrieve torches. These were also extinguished by the adventurers. This meant less light for the humans in the party but would allow the use of the ‘Web’ spell.

Frimly moved back down into the Tomb and spent the next few minutes jamming the leaver, which operated the portcullis, so that the portcullis remained in the opened position.

Crypt 06
Crypt 06

Galan took the opportunity to attempt to attune with the ‘Blue Gem’ found in CRYPT 6. He found that after a few minutes he no longer felt the dull ache in his joints, the precursor to the ‘Paralysing Poison’ from the Giant Spiders. Somehow, possessing the ‘Blue Gem’ has slowed or even cured the Poisons effect.

Magic Item - Gem of Brightness
Magic Item – Gem of Brightness

Galan, Farher Tobias and Ireena kept an eye on the Teleport Arched Alcoves.

Frimly then had the smart idea to trap Strahd’s Coffin, so that when he eventually returned it would cause 4 vials of ‘Holy Water’ to be broken, spilling their contents over the Vampire. Using 4 vials of ‘Holy Water’ meant this only left the party with a few vial only. Inside the Coffin of Count Strahd von Zarovich they found nothing of use.

Mirafir sent his time casting ‘Shield’ on Galan.

The Adventurers then agreed that they should scout the Teleport Arched Alcoves to see where it leads to. Those chosen for the mission were ‘Galan the Ranger’, ‘Thora the Warrior’ and last but not least ‘Sigune the Paladin’. Still glowing from the ‘Faerie Fire’ cast out of the Glyph, Thora went first followed by Galan and Sigune taking it up the rear.


St. Finderway, Saint of Lost Travellers

This Crypt was empty except for two alcoves in the back wall. Above the alcoves are carved the following words:


The Crypt was empty and the stone slab covering the entrance, or exit in the cast of the Adventurers. Thora then attempted to move the slab, as quietly as possible, to see if they could determine where in the Catacombs they were and to see if there were any enemies or other defences. The Sunsword held by Galan was glowing as soon as he Teleported into the Crypt.

Crypt 32
Crypt 32

Thora used her great strength to move the slab as slowly and quietly as she could. As she did so, a Glyph appeared on the slab and it glowed, releasing its power. Thora, Galan and Sigune were hit by ‘Faerie Fire’.

Then when there was but a foot or so gap, Thora then saw the legs of Strahd von Zarovich Skeletons, either side of the entrance to the Crypt, and Spears aimed towards the foot of the slab. Thora decided that it was best to reseal the Crypt and avoid any attacks from the Skeletons. Unfortunately she was not quick enough to discern where in the Catacombs they were. Galan and Sigune then exited the Crypt though the other Teleport Arched Alcoves, Thora too backed away and the last thing she saw was the slab being replaced, coving the entrance to the Crypt.

The Adventurers now all together again listen to Thora as she explained what had happened in the Crypt.

Mirafir wanted to cast ‘Wraithform’, and or possibly ‘Invisibility’ and ‘Invisibility to Undead’ and then go with his ‘Unseen Servant’ through the Teleport Arched Alcoves and investigate where the Crypt was and what was protecting it. This way he would be unseen but both ‘Living’ and ‘Undead Enemies’.

Mirafir: “We need to know where the Crypt is as we could use it as another possible avenue of attack.”

Mirafir spent a while pondering and even with his great intellect there was something that he was missing or it was beyond his field of expertise.

The party then decided to advance SOUTH, in an attempt to try to find the tracks of the last Vistani that had run away. The idea being that they could use him to activate the ‘Teleport Trap’ which they knew to be in front of Serge’s Tomb, the Brother of Strahd von Zarovich.

NPC - Barovian Gypsy Vistani Men
NPC – Barovian Gypsy Vistani Men

Thora once again took command of the Adventurers with herself leading the other two that had had ‘Faerie Fire’ cast upon them. In the vanguard was Thora, with ‘Dragon Shield and Mace’, Galan, with the ‘Sunsword’ held up as to be able to forewarn of Undead and followed by Sigune, with Magic Shield and Sword in hand.

They were followed by Father Tobias, who was ready with Shield only and prepared to cast ‘Silence’ when the attack from the Banshee came, and Ireena. Lastly there was Sir Ly, Mirafir, Mirafir’s last ‘Mirror Image’ and finally Frimly listening out for any potential dangers.

As the Adventurers reached the gap between Crypt 9 (“Pidlwick – Fool of Dorfniya”) and Crypt 10 (“Sir Leonid Krushkin (Sir Lee the Crusher): Bigger than life, he loved his jewellery”), none of which had not been entered by Frimly in ‘Gaseous Form’, the ‘Sunsword’ in Galan’s hand begun to glow warning of Undead. Thora could see that SOUTH of their position the ‘Undead Giant Spider’ was no longer visible as it had been coved by the ‘Brown Mold’ again. It was Regenerating which meant that Galan had not truly killed it and that ‘Cold Attacks’ would be the only thing to truly destroy the creature.

This was also the cause of the ‘Sunsword’ glowing and producing its eerie pale blue light. Or were there more dangers also in the radius of the ‘Sunswords’ range?

Crypt 09
Crypt 09

Thora, Galan and Sigune then made their way on to the central EAST-WEST passage, were they last saw the Vistani running to. Sigune had to use her Shield to waft away the mist, laying think on the floor, to allow Galan to search for the Vistani’s tracks. Thora maintained her watch on the Banshees Crypt (CRYPT 21). Galan found the tracks but discovered it was near impossible to follow them without the mist being moved. However, he discerned enough from what he had seen to say that the Vistani had run towards the SOUTH-EAST corner of the Catacombs.

The Vanguard group then chose to cross the central corridor and head towards CRYPT 23. As they moved forward Thora, who was leading the group, could now read the epitaph on CRYPT 23 and it read as follows:

‘Here is the last resting place of Frimly Greenish’

Crypt 23
Crypt 23

Galan could still see that the Sunsword was glowing and knew it was no longer the ‘Undead Giant Spider’ that was causing it. There were more dangers in one or more of these SOUTHERN Crypt’s.

Sigune, checking all around as she moved, could read the epitaph’s of Crypt they passed on the NORTH side of the central EAST-WEST passage, CRYPT 20.

‘Sasha lvliskova – Wife’

Suddenly, as the Vanguard group were halfway across the central EAST-WEST passage hey could now all see that the Female Elf Banshee, Patrina Velikovna, had spotted our heroes and was about to move towards them. The 3 heroes knew what was to come next and they summoned all of their courage and fortitude to resist the ‘Fear’ which the Banshee generated and with good cause. First Thora, then Galan and Finally Sigune all defied the Evil before them and stood their ground.

Meanwhile, behind our heroes, Father Tobias had begun to call upon St Cuthbert for aid and cast ‘Silence’ on Sigune. Ireena was protecting Father Tobias and Mirafir was intent of moving forward with his ‘Mirror Image’.

Father Tobias: “Do not resist my Spell Sigune; I will cast ‘Silence’ on you.”

Sigune: “I thought Mirafir said to cast it on………”

Sigune charged straight for the Banshee knowing that she was protected from her ‘Death Keen’.

Silence surrounded the Adventurers and the Banshee is caught in the radius of the Spell as she fly towards our Heroes. Frimly, still aware of the potential danger of the ‘Brown Mold’, kept his Short Bow drawn and as much distance from it as possible, as best he could.

The Banshee knowing she was in ‘Silence’ and unable to use her ‘Death Keen’, turned and fled NORTH between Crypt 18 (Not read or entered) and the WESTERN wall at the foot of the hollow Tower Stairs. Galan and Sigune, being the closest and fastest of the Vanguard group and not being able to hear any commands or warnings from the others ran WEST, following the fleeing Banshee. As the two Adventurers turned the corner they found that, the Female Elf Banshee Patrina Velikovna, had stopped and was facing the two.

Crypt 18
Crypt 18

Galan and Sigune both hit Patrina Velikovna and cause serious damage, as far as they can tell. It is barely corporeal when it suddenly fly’s at full speed directly backwards and out of the reach of the Ranger and Paladin. However, she is unaware of Thora’s movement in all this.

Thora moved around the side of and to the back of Crypt 18. Thora hit and killed the Female Elf Banshee, Patrina Velikovna. However, there was something not quite right and Thora somehow felt that the Banshee appeared too discorporate, but unlike that which happened when the Shadows or Wraith’s were dispatched. She will need to ask the Priest about it.

Thora, Galan and Sigune then move to investigate the Crypt of the Female Elf Banshee, Patrina Velikovna. The ‘Sunsword’ is glowing blue, warning the heroes of Undead with 30’ feet of themselves.

Thora again is tasked with moving the slab coving the entrance to Sasha lvliskova’s, the Banshee, Crypt. Inside the Heroes are not surprised but what they find within, as the ‘Sunsword’ continues to glow in Galan’s right hand. A Skeleton is within, wearing old and rusted chainmail and holding a shield and short sword.

The Skeleton moved out of the Crypt and Galan striking first with his ‘Luck Blade’, as the ‘Sunsword’ is indifferent to these lower forms of Evil, and then with the ‘Sunsword’. Both strikes would have felled a normal creature but these Unholy Skeletons are all but air and blade miss or barely graze the bone. Sigune then struck and was able to bash whatever Evil was left within it, causing its bones to collapse onto the ground and then be covered by the mists.


‘Patrina Velikovna – Bride’

‘In the centre of the Crypt, a skeleton draped in rags lies atop a marble slab, surrounded by thousands of coins.’

‘The coins are of a mixed origin. The platinum and electrum coins have Strahd’s profiled visage stamped on them.’

Crypt 21
Crypt 21

A closer inspection of the Crypt would need to be made by the Thief possibly.

The Vanguard group moved back to CRYPT 20 and re-join the others. As they do so the Sunsword continually glowed with its pale blue light.


‘Sasha lvliskova – Wife’

Father Tobias cancelled his ‘Silence’ Spell which he had cast upon Sigune?

Galan wanted to enter Sasha Ivliskova’s Crypt as he believes that as his Wife, there must be something of interest within the Crypt.

Sir Ly moved the Slab to reveal the following:

Webs as thick and pale as linen cover a shapely female form lying atop a marble slab in the centre of this dusty, web-filled Crypt. You hear a voice issue from the darkness.

Sasha lvliskova: “My love, have you come to set me free?” The woman rises, the shroud of webs clinging to her in a ghastly fashion.

Crypt 20
Crypt 20

Galan stood by the entrance to the Sasha lvliskova’s Crypt and begun his personal battle with the Older Vampire Bride.

Each crypt is sealed with a chiselled stone “door”- actually a tight-fitting stone slab measuring 3’ feet wide, 5’ feet tall, and 3’’ inches thick. Removing or resetting a stone slab requires an action and a successful Strength Lift Gates check.

Galan had come to learn the hard way that though he carved the power of the Sunsword for his personal use, ‘Magic Always Demands a Price’. He can now destroy these creatures of Strahd von Zarovich but the ‘Sunsword’ has a mind of its own. The Sunsword has a single purpose that has made wielding it dangerous and unpredictable. Yet all too late has Galan come to realise that it may not care if he was to fall as there are other that might take up its quest. Has the ‘Sunsword’ allowed Galan to wield it because it knows that Galan was himself once a Lone Ranger with a single purpose?

Father Tobias, Ireena and Sir Ly stood behind Galan as he engaged with Sasha lvliskova the Vampire.  Mirafir, the ‘Mirror Image’, the ‘Unseen Servant’ and Sigune made their way towards Thora, and Frimly. Thora was guarding the entrance to the Crypt while Frimly was looking around the Crypt. (I will tell you what you find next game Eirik)

Father Tobias took out his last vial of ‘Holy Water’ with the intention of striking the Ancient Vampire, or at the very least, knows that the splash of the Holy liquid will also cause pain to it.

Galan battles Sasha lvliskova in the entranceway to her Crypt. Sasha attempted to ‘Charm’ the gallant Ranger but he is too hardened to these forms of attacks and says a quick prayer to his Elven ancestors. Galan again had to wait to be assaulted knowing the Sunsword would withhold its powers if he did not use it first, before any other weapon, but thankfully he was missed by the yellowing talons of the Vampire. Galan then took his turn and slashed at Sasha lvliskova causing the Ancient Vampire to reel back in pain and horror caused by the Sunsword. Then quicker than a blink, Sasha lvliskova ‘Turned’ into Gaseous Form and melted down into the mists swirling around the Crypt floor.

The ‘Sunsword’held by Galan glows pale blue. Galan, Sir Ly, Father Tobias and Ireena stand at the EASTERN end of the central EAST-WEST passage, by CRYPT 20.

Frimly searches the Crypt belonging to Patrina Velikovna the Banshee. Thora Stands watch by the entrance to the Crypt and has been joined by Mirafir, the ‘Mirror Image’, the ‘Unseen Servant’ and Sigune. This group stand at the WESTERN end of the central EAST-WEST passage, by CRYPT 21.

Spell Book
Spell Book


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