Chapter Thirty Two – The Battle In The Catacombs IV.

Previously on ‘Vampire, let’s Stick Together’…

Ludmilla Vilisevic: “Dear Knight, listen to what I have to say as it may save your life.”

Sigune: “Oh Scheiße Vampire.”

And now on ‘Let’s Get This Done’…

The Adventurers, minus the two Paladins, were all grouped together next to the Crypt with the Wight’s (Crypt 14). Thora decided to break off combat with the Brown Mould and fall back to re-join the rest of the party.

Crypt 14
Crypt 14

Frimly, having missed his chance to backstab Helga the Vampire, had returned to the main group. Father Tobias and Ireena kept a close eye on the Wight looking up from the bottom of the shaft.

Mirafir was by a Crypt just NORTH of the middle corridor (Crypt 18), running EAST to WEST, keeping a close eye on the Crypt containing the Banshee (Crypt 21) while regaining control of his ‘Unseen Servant’. Galan was by Mirafir behind the same Crypt and looking for enemies coming from the Tower Stairs area.

Crypt 21
Crypt 21

Meanwhile, Sigune and Sir Ly were facing a fight with two beautiful, vicious monsters. Sir Ly had been ‘Charmed’ by Ludmilla Vilisevic the Vampire and even though she was a monster, he was beguiled into believing her to be a friend and loyal comrade.

Ludmilla Vilisevic: “Sir Ly, worry not about Helga she is no longer a threat. You should look to the Crypt from whence the Gargoyles appeared, there you will find something to aid you and your companions. Go, be quick.”

Sir Ly, believing her to be truthful moved off toward the Crypt that contained the Gargoyles (Crypt 7).

Sir Ly peers into the Crypt using his ‘Flametongue Sword’ for light and can hear Galan moving NORTH, having called out for the two Paladins.


“Endorovich (Endorovich the Terrible): What the blood of a hundred wars did not do, the spurn of a woman accomplished.”

The stone door of this crypt lies on the floor, its inscription obscured by fog. The crypt gapes open. A skull, some bones, and a few bits of rusted armour lay atop a marble slab, with a platform either side, presumably where the leering stone Gargoyle squatted at each end.

Crypt 07
Crypt 07

Sir Ly can just make out something made out of leather under the dust and bones.

Sigune also pretended to believe Ludmilla Vilisevic the Vampire a friend and backed away keeping a close eye on Ludmilla Vilisevic and Helga. Either they did not believe Sigune or they both just sensed that they had separated a stray from the main herd and its life was forfeited. Ludmilla Vilisevic and Helga moved faster than Sigune or any other being she had met. They caught up with Sigune in front of Crypt 8, one on either side. Galan had now caught up with Sigune and the 2 Vampires and all was poised for the fight to begin.

Frimly continued to fire his short Bow at the Brown Mold, having been told by Father Tobias that non-magical weapons will harm the creature. His aim is off this day and is mainly unsuccessful in hitting the Brown Mold and does not kill it. However, he does do enough damage to discern the Brown Mold is being transported along the Catacombs by another creature; a Giant Spider is carrying the Brown Mold?

Frimly: “Look, it’s not just Brown Mould, the Mould has coved a Giant Spider and that’s why it can move.”

Thora: “Then why is that infernal Spider not being drained as I was?”

Father Tobias put away his Wolf head Mace and employed his Holy Symbol on his Shield to ‘Turn’ the solitary Wight at the bottom of the shaft. Ireena kept a close eye on Father Tobias as he was successful in his endeavour. However, just as the Wight fled from the Priest, another moved in to take his place.

Crypt 08
Crypt 08

Sir Ly returned to the party while Galan and Sigune remained where they were (Crypt 8) and began their melee combat with the two Vampires. Galan and Sigune both inflict heavy damage to Ludmilla Vilisevic and Helga, Galan with his blue glowing ‘Sunsword’ and Sigune aided by the ‘Potion of Fire Giant Strength’. The Vampires in turn return the favour and both Galan and Sigune are shocked by the fury and intensity of their attacks. Do both possess greater strength than our heroes?

Mirafir had decided to cast ‘Mirror Image’ on himself and 6 exact copies of Mirafir, exactly mirroring his actions, appeared around the Wizard making it impossible to know which the original was. Father Tobias then stopped looking down the shaft, put his Wolf Mace away and prepared himself to chant and use his Holy Symbol Shield.

Mirafir Roven - Mirror Image
Mirafir Roven – Mirror Image

Mirafir: “Silence will aid us with the ‘Death Wail’ of the Banshee, but remember too that she has the ability to evoke Fear in us all.”

Father Tobias: “I will be ready to cast ‘Silence’ on the Evil Elf Spirt.”

Mirafir: “It may be more advantageous to imbue the ‘Silence’ on something we can transport. That way the She Devil can’t just fly away from the Silenced area and attack us.”

Thora believes that they should take advantage of this moment in time and can hear the melee between the Adventurers and Vampires.

Thora: “where do ye think ye are going Magician, ye canny take her on with just the Priests help.”

Mirafir: “I do not intend to little warrior, my plan is to wait and watch while protected by my ‘Mirror Images’.”

Thora: “Aye well, we have enough with just the one of ye, move back; we are going to aid Galan and Sigune. We need to put an end to his consorts.”

Sir Ly was now back with the party and the Paladin elected to fire upon the Brown Mould and aid Frimly. At last the Brown Mould liquefied and ran off the creature transporting it to reveal, What Frimly had suspected, a Giant Spider. Yet this was not like the others encountered in Castle Ravenloft, it appeared gaunt, damaged and is slick, glistening black hair was now grey. An Undead Giant Spider which was now just standing in the corridor facing the Adventurers. Frimly continued to fire his Short Bow with little luck.

Thora: “Come on follow me, we need to kill those bitches and then lift the portcullis to make sure those Vampire Bitches don’t get a chance to regroup.”

Thora: “Also remember Frimly passed through the Teleport Arches and appeared in another Crypt. It may allow us to bypass some of the traps and ambushes awaiting us.”

Thora, followed by Sir Ly, make their way to the Portcullis were Thora puts away her ‘Dragon Shield and Mace’ in order to attempt to lift it. Thora is unsuccessful as this Portcullis is much heavier than those in the Courtyard and not canter leaved but appear to be weighed down by whole of Castle Ravenloft.

Mirafir, his 6 ‘Mirror Images’ and the ‘Unseen Servant’ follow behind the Bearded Dwarf and Paladin with greater confidence now that he was further protected by his doppelgangers. Next Father Tobias, Ireena and Gertruda slowly go along behind Mirafir keeping their eyes and ears open for any more dangers.

Frimly had ceased firing at the Undead Giant Spider, who in turn had not moved, and was backing away towards Strahd’s Tomb, keeping alert for any more raids.

Magic Item - Sword, Sunsword
Magic Item – Sword, Sunsword

Finally, Galan with the Sunsword and Sigune can be seen by our heroes as they make their way to Strahd’s Crypt. Galan speeds is no match for Helga’s ability to ‘Turn into Gaseous Form’ hand she dissolves into mist. Galan swing at the form knowing that only Magical Fire will affect her in her current form. Seeing this Sigune concentrates on her job at hand and delivers a fatal blow to Ludmilla Vilisevic. Sigune can see, and later explains to the other adventurers, that Ludmilla Vilisevic became Gaseous Form and Sigune was convinced she had slain the Female Vampire. The adventurers were unsure exactly what Sigune meant and continued on NORTH towards Strahd’s Tomb.

Now joined by Sir Ly, who had put away his ‘Flametongue’ and Shield, Thora and the Paladin strained and using their combined strength slowly lift the portcullis some 5’ feet off the ground, the highest the Dwarf Maiden could stretch to.

Thora: “Go, move in and someone must go for the leaver to hold open this portcullis.”

Sigune: “Follow me Galan, Vampires and Holy work awaits us.”

Father Tobias: “I will follow up and aid you in any way I can.”

Ireena forcefully places her arm across the chest of Father Tobias and shakes her head, pleading for him to stay on course and remember their covert mission.

Thora: “Wizard, you are needed move up behind the Paladin and Ranger.”

Mirafir: “Wait; is that such a good idea?”

Thora: “Yes, we need to hold the portcullis and someone needs to pull the leaver and provide light for Sigune who cannot see in this Stygian darkness.”

Mirafir moves behind the pair but is guiding the ‘Unseen Servant’ in front of himself. The 6 ‘Mirror Images’ all copy the Wizards actions.

Mirafir: “No point risking myself when I have my servant to carry out both tasks.”

Galan moves into the Tomb and stands to the WEST, at the bottom of the stairs. The Ranger is conflicted entering his most feared terrain, deep darkness underground with no sunlight or wind, yet excited to have 4 Vampires to destroy. He is truly heartened by the ‘Shield’ Spell cast upon him and the Sunsword with which he intends to make sing the death requiem of these unholy creatures.

Sigune enters next and moves to the opposite side of the foot of the stairs, to the EAST. Mirafir enters and stays on the stairs, allowing him enough distance to have the ‘Unseen Servant’ activate the leaver controlling the portcullis mechanism. The ‘Unseen Servant’ is also carrying the adventurers ‘Continual Light Gem’ which is providing Light for Sigune and allows all those inside to better perceive Strahd’s resting place.


Black marble steps descend to a dark tomb that has a vaulted ceiling 30’ feet overhead. The essence of evil permeates the very air. The smell of freshly turned earth is here. Settled into the dirt on the floor is a shining black coffin of finely waxed wood. The coffin’s fittings are of brilliant brass, and the lid is closed. NORTH of the coffin are 3 gloomy alcoves. An iron lever protrudes from the wall, east of the tomb’s entrance.

K86. Tomb of Strahd Von Zarovich
K86. Tomb of Strahd Von Zarovich

Frimly had now re-joined Father Tobias, Ireena and Gertruda and was trying to get Gertruda to?

She refused and attempted to stay close to Father Tobias and Ireena.

Frimly: “Oi Gertruda…?.”

Gertruda: “No I shan’t do as you ask I have my own task at hand.”

Frimly: “what task is that and who has asked you to do so?”

Gertruda: “The master has asked me to stay close to you all and I intend to do as he wishes.”

Frimly, in no mood to allow this game to playout any more, yet not truly that lost that he wished any real harm to befall Gertruda, grabbed for his rope and skilfully lassoed her before she could cause any real damage to the party.

The colony of Bats outside of the Tomb of Strahd begun to stir as the party all gathered and the adventurers within the Tomb could also now see that it also had its celling covered by Bats.

The Wizard, Mirafir, then commanded his “Unseen Servant’ towards the leaver that operated the portcullis which was on the EAST wall.

Father Tobias, Ireena and Frimly move up to the entrance of Strahd’s Tomb leaving Gertruda tied-up on the floor of the Catacombs. They all ducked under the portcullis, which was still being held by Thora and Sir Ly.

At that very moment the Bats within the Tomb were joined by more Bats entering from the Catacombs. They headed straight towards Mirafir who was still in control of the ‘Unseen Servant’ which he intended to have pull the leaver.

2 of the reaming 3 Female Vampires suddenly appeared from above, dropping down from the ceiling and landing like cats in front of Galan and Sigune. Galan is faced by Helga, while Sigune needed to deal with this new Vampire, Volenta Popofsky.

Galan, free to truly let go, lunged at Helga first with the Sunsword and followed by his new ‘Luck Blade’. He inflicted some damage to the Vampire but not enough to put the creature down. With her face now completed changed to that of a wild savage creature of nightmares, Helga moved with the speed of a snake and her claws raked Galan’s face. The blow was great, but it was the sheer strength of the Vampire that ripped at the Rangers flesh.

Sigune too attacked first and inflicted severe damage on this new Vampire, Volenta Popofsky; she also returned the favour in kind and with the strength of someone four times her weight and size.

Mirafir, be it Luck or Fate, was able to just at the last second control the ‘Unseen Servant’ to pull the leaver before he and his ‘Mirror Images’ were completely engulfed by Strahd’s Bats at the foot of the stairs.

Father Tobias and Ireena were now behind Mirafir and his ‘Mirror Images’ but were unable to see beyond the colony of Bats that had engulfed the Wizard. Thora and Sir Ly were able to let go of the Portcullis, draw their Shields and Weapons and join Father Tobias and Ireena. Frimly concealed himself at the top of the stairs with a view of the Catacombs, while crouched just below their top step. Frimly could hear no noise coming from the Catacombs, not even that of Gertruda.

Monster - Strahd Vampire Spawn
Monster – Strahd Vampire Spawn

The final event to happen was the last of the Female Vampires, Anastrasya Karelova, appeared out of the back of the left Arched Alcove, of 3, of the NORTH wall, her hand out stretched towards Mirafir. Then with ‘Magic Missiles’, in the form of Red Bats, flying out towards Mirafir the other adventures sensed another trap. The colony of Bats momentarily moved slightly aside to allow the ‘Magic Missiles’ to hit Mirafir’s ‘Mirror Images’ and 5 of the 6 Mirafir copies disappear leaving just 1 left plus the Wizard.

Galan and Helga continue their fight with Galan gaining the upper hand in the duel. Sigune too continued her bout with Ludmilla Vilisevic and she too was holding her own, even with both our heroes highlighted by the ‘Faerie Fire’.

Mirafir needed to attempt to get the Bats off him if he was to cast any Spells and he drew forth his hand and engaged his ‘Ring of Jumping’, his intention was to jump out of the reach of the Bats and possible gain an opening to cast a Spell at the Vampires. Mirafir was successful in the use of the ‘Ring of Jumping’ and his superior Elven dexterity allowed him to land safely, avoiding both the Black Coffin and mound of earth. The colony of Bats however, were extremely fleet and agile, their greatest advantage was in their numbers and soon wrapped themselves around the Wizard like a dark tornado. This did though allow the remaining adventurers on the stairs full line of sight, within the Tomb of Strahd, of the 2 ongoing fights and the new danger in Anastrasya Karelova.

Father Tobias: “Let me move in and I can cast a Spell against those concubines of Strahd.”

Thora: “Nay Priest, use the Symbol and paralyse all of the Vampires if you can. We need every advantage allowed to us.”

Ireena:  “Come I will cover your actions as it should still be kept a secret.”

Thora and Sir Ly shoved their way past Father Tobias and Ireena each making their way to aid a comrade. Thora Joined Sigune to engage Volenta Popofsky, while Sir Ly dashed down to stand by Galan and face Helga the Vampire.

Father Tobias waited for the best moment, then concentrated on the ‘Holy Symbol of Ravenkind’, expends one of its charges and hopes that all of the Vampires are within its 30’ feet range.

Galan again hits Helga, while Sir Ly’s blade misses its mark. Helga is paralysed this round.

Sigune is also able to hit her opponent, Volenta Popofsky while she is paralysed, while Thora misses her mark.

Anastrasya Karelova, the Spell Casting Vampire, then casts ‘Mirror Image’ on herself, as 7 exact copies of herself arrear.

Galan continued his fight with Helga aided by Sir Ly.

Sigune and Thora fight on against Volenta Popofsky.

Anastrasya Karelova, and her 7 ‘Mirror Images’, then all fire their Red Bat ‘Magic Missiles’ at Galan. All of them, all 30 or so of them, mirror each other and dissipate as they strike the magical ‘Shield’ protecting the Eleven Ranger.

NPC - The Three Brides
NPC – The Three Brides

Galan finally delivers the final fatal blow to Gertruda and then understood what Sigune meant by became Gaseous Form rather than turned into Gaseous form. No soul can leave this accursed land and they must just become Undead again. Not as swiftly as Galan knew a Troll or these Vampire Spawn can, but they need to be destroyed when killed.

Sigune hit Volenta Popofsky, but she is able to turn into Gaseous Form and dissolve into the mist covering the floor. Thora being left frustrated looked around to gage the current situation. Mirafir was still impeded by the Bats; Frimly was still at the top of the stairs maintaining a watch into the Catacombs while Father Tobias and Ireena were holding at the foot of the Stairs which lead down into Strahd’s Tomb.

Galan turned to face Anastrasya Karelova and her 7 ‘Mirror Images’ but knew that it would be truly a foolhardy act to rush in without the aid of the others.

Thora: “Priest use it again, let’s be done with them once and for all.”

Father Tobias: “There is one Vampire left, are you sure you want to expend and other charge?”

Thora: “Yes do it priest, we will not get another chance to use it in this lifetime.”

Thora: “Frimly, look out for the other Vampire, Volenta Popofsky, that Sigune and I were fighting, it’s in Gaseous Form and in here somewhere.”

Frimly turned and moved down the stairs slowly, while attempting to search for a form within the mist, if that was even possible for him to do.

Father Tobias for a split second thought Thora to be resigned to her fate until he saw her redden face grinning wildly as she ran towards the last visible Vampire, Anastrasya Karelova. The ‘Battle Joy’ they call it, when a warrior forgets thought and when long rehearsed actions and instincts take over.

Father Tobias stepped forward, with Ireena as ever by his side, hand out stretched calling once again on the power of the ‘Holy Symbol of Ravenkind’. A wave of invisible power pulsed out from the Symbol, paralysing Anastrasya Karelova. But what of Volenta Popofsky whom Sigune and Thora were fighting but turned to Gaseous Form?

The effect of the ‘Holy Symbol of Ravenkind’ meant that Volenta Popofsky is paralysed as Galan and Sir Ly attack her ‘Mirror Images’. They are both able to dispatch 3 of the copies.

Magic Item - Holy Symbol of Ravenkind
Magic Item – Holy Symbol of Ravenkind

Next, as Volenta Popofsky was no longer under the effect of the paralysation, she was now faced by a Paladin and a Ranger. Her Spell was faster than the blades of the warriors and multi-coloured rays of light shot from her fingers, mesmerising Galan Tara but mercifully not Sir Ly. Thora and Sigune ran over to join the fray as Sir Ly allowed them in.

The heroes then were tasked with the dispatching of the ‘Mirror Images’ before Volenta Popofsky could cast another Spell. Between the Adventurers, they hit and made disappear a further 2, leaving 2 copies and Volenta Popofsky. Sigune was fastest and terminated the last but one ‘Mirror Image’, as the remaining heroes were again about to swing Volenta Popofsky and her copy, with a wave of their hand, engulfed the adventures and themselves in complete and utter ‘Continual Darkness’.

Sigune and Thora were equipped to blind fight in the darkness, yet Sir Ly the Paladin was not trained in this skill and so elected to leave the area of ‘Continual Darkness’. Sigune and Thora both swung their respective weapons at Volenta Popofsky and her copy, with Sigune hitting her mark, the last copy, as did Thora. Thora felt as she had stuck something, but then the resistance went away. Not what she expected to feel when hitting a solid object.

Thora and Sigune continued swinging in the general area, while trying to avoid hitting the still Hypnotise Galan. Sir Ly made his way to Mirafir, as he knew that the Wizard was able to cast ‘Continual Light’, which would aid their fellow comrades. Once near Mirafir, Sir Ly was able to deter the Bats just enough, by wielding his ‘Flametongue Sword’ at them, for Mirafir to only need speak the appropriate words and gesture with the correct symbols needed to cast ‘Continual Light’. With a brief intense burst of Light, ‘Good, Cancelled Out Evil’.

What was reviled by the cancelling of the ‘Continual Darkness’ is that there were no more Vampires standing and the colony of Bats had flown out of Strahd’s Tomb when confronted by the burst of light and the end of the Vampires?

As the party gathered near the Arched Alcoves in the NORTH wall, they could now all observe that Ludmilla Vilisevic (Vampire that Charmed Sir Ly) and Anastrasya Karelova (Spell Casting Vampire) lay all but buried under the soil in the alcove in the NORTH-EAST corner, with just their faces visible. Volenta Popofsky (The one that turned to Gaseous Form) was nowhere to be seen and out of the range of the ‘Sunsword’, currently held in the hands of the Hypnotised Galan.


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