Chapter Twenty Nine – The Battle In The Catacombs I.

Sigune Feldscmlachter stands thinking and ponders her next move.

Sigune: “Like a game of chess, played without dice.”

Sigune Feldschlachter

Sigune Feldscmlachter muses to herself. Her knowledge of the royal game of strategy may be limited but her faith in St. Cuthbert is untarnished, despite all the tests laid before her, and indeed all of her companions, brought against their will as the wretched Count’s playthings to this absurd kingdom.

Sigune: “And now it is our final move: we must prevail, or we must die!”

Yet there are still faint blurs to her memory. Again and again she is entertained by the thought that the Count is perhaps not so malign after all.

Sigune: “And he was so nice to me! But why? Perhaps he wishes to convert to the True Faith? Perhaps he just needs me to place some faith in him and then to reveal the Path to the Light?”

Somewhere, a short journey across the extent of her mind, another voice is shouting something incoherently which she cannot quite hear; or chooses not to…? A memory of the Sunsword briefly returns its clear voice and sense of purpose perfectly fused into the keen alloy, transparent as glass yet unbreakable as titanium.

Magic Item - Sword, Sunsword
Magic Item – Sword, Sunsword

Sigune: “It struck the Count… Against my will! Just as he was ready to repent his sins and… His voice! It was so calming and pious…”

The incoherent shouting has become hysterical, but it is fading, like a heavy door closing with the hollow sound of armoured fists beating upon it.

Before the party renters the Brazier Room, a last check is made on items and strength. There are still ‘5 Potions’ found in the Witches’ alchemy lab that have yet to reveal their attributes. Sir Ly tries one of the potions and begins to choke! Poison!!! He hurls the remnants of his consumed iron rations across the stone floor, gasping for air. All of the Potions have a different aroma. Now everyone is a little reluctant to try them. Father Tobias’ memory springs a sudden timely surprise.

Father Tobias: “The slow poison! It will wear off soon! Galan has not got long!”

One of the Potions is a ‘Potion of Invisibility’; another is ‘Protection from Fire’ or something? Sigune Feldscmlachter tries another Potion and transforms into a rainbow coloured unicorn! It’s a ‘Potion of Polymorph’! The final one is a ‘Potion of ESP’, which Frimly has tasted and kept.

Thora Grid El

Thora takes the fake ‘Holy Symbol of Ravenloft’; Father Tobias takes the real one. Count Strahd will target whoever holds the Holy Symbol, knowing the threat it holds for him. A four foot decoy of beard, muscle and steel may provide an unpleasant surprise for the Count. Especially if Father Tobias is able to perform the duty that is surely his destiny.

Once the roles have been decided and a final plan of action laid, the party moves through the Brazier Room in the by now familiar manner.

Mirafir casts ‘Detect Magic’, the ‘Unseen Servant’ waits ahead.

Mirafir: “The path ahead seems clear, at least of Magic. Let us proceed!”

Brazier Room
Brazier Room

The adventurers move up the steep staircase leaving the Brazier Room behind them. At the top of the stairs Galan pulls up his hood and vanishes, peaking round the corner.

All the torches are lit.

Catacombs Passage
Catacombs Passage

Galan: “Strahd is expecting us! He mocks us again!”

No Magic is detected in the corridor and the party continues towards the door to the crypt. Suddenly the Sunsword begins to glow:

Galan: “Hold!”

Thora holds up the (fake) ‘Holy Symbol of Ravenloft’ while Sigune Feldscmlachter drinks the ‘Potion of Fire Giant Strength’ and stands protectively next to Thora.

A little Imp made of fog appears out of the mist covering the floor and another cast a form of ‘Stinking Gas Cloud’ – Sigune Feldscmlachter manages to hold her breath but others do not and are engulfed in the cloud. Sigune Feldscmlachter strikes one of the Imp-like creatures and destroys it instantly thanks to a good roll plus ‘Fire Giant Strength’! Thora also hits, with a strong blow but it is still up!

Thora: “Die Fog Spawn Devil!”

Monster - Mephit, Mist Mephit
Monster – Mephit, Mist Mephit

Meanwhile, Sir Ly stumbles and slips onto the trap door, Frimly just able to grab him and prevent him from falling down to the submerged cells, for now!

Thora finishes off her opponent with a crushing blow. They were Mist Mephits.

Thora: “Now I have this ‘Holy Symbol of Ravenloft’, I will see Count Strahd taken apart! Aye, I shall!”

Magic Item - Holy Symbol of Ravenkind
Magic Item – Holy Symbol of Ravenkind

The party continues up past the ‘Glyph of Warding’ and Sigune Feldscmlachter lifts out the stone entrance to the catacombs.

The ‘Glyph’ begins to glow and then fades. This time there is no appearance of Count Strahd. However, all the Adventurers, except for Frimly, are now surrounded by a glowing light, ‘Faerie Fire’.

Sigune Feldscmlachter and Galan take the lead into the catacombs and make their way towards the Crypt containing the Wights in phase one of their plan.

As in the corridor, the catacombs have been conveniently illuminated by many torches.


Suddenly there is the sound of laughter:

Prince Ariel’s Ghost: “Ho-ho-ho!”

The rotund ghost has appeared!

Galan: “He’s close… He’s real close. It’s Prince Ariel’s Ghost”

Sigune: “Take cover! The Vistani!”

She spots the 5 Vistani men, 4 holding Short Bows, and is just about to fire towards them:

Sigune: “Die you treacherous dogs!”

“Prince Ariel du Plumette'
“Prince Ariel du Plumette’

The Ghost suddenly approaches Mirafir who casts ‘Hypnotic Pattern’ on the Ghost, weaving a mysterious dance of light rays. It is captivated! Sigune Feldscmlachter, changing her intended action, Galan, Sir Ly and Father Tobias surround the Ghost and prepare to strike!

All but Sigune Feldscmlachter fail to resist the force of ‘Fear’ emanating from the Ghost and flee his ethereal folds of flab while Sigune Feldscmlachter attacks the Vistani, with bows, as they close in. She hits one and they return blows, missing each time. Frimly attempts to shoot one of the Vistani with a poisoned arrow while Thora drinks a ‘Potion of Heroism’ and closes in.

Frimly’s holds his action as Sigune Feldscmlachter and the fighting Vistani are blocking his view to the last Vistani.

Sigune Feldscmlachter sees one of the Vistani point and Curse at her and then suddenly… stops??? A change of heart?

NPC - Barovian Gypsy Vistani Men
NPC – Barovian Gypsy Vistani Men

Thora strikes a heavy blow on one of the Vistani, they both miss and she swings again, chopping one down.

Sigune Feldscmlachter hacks down the one that she hit before, while the other misses her.

The Vistani Leader: “I curse you for your inability to fight, Thief!”

Sigune Feldscmlachter then cuts down her only other current opponent! Only one is still standing, the Vistani that tried to curse her. He has however, taken the opportunity to run towards the SOUTH-EAST of the Catacombs while Sigune Feldscmlachter and the Vistani blocked him from Frimly’s poisoned arrow.

Meanwhile, Galan had run to the ‘Crypt of Tasha Petrovna (Crypt 11)’.

Crypt of Tasha Petrovna
Crypt of Tasha Petrovna

While Sir Ly and Father Tobias ran to the ‘Tomb of King Barov and Queen Ravenovia’.

Tomb of King Barov and Queen Ravenovia
Tomb of King Barov and Queen Ravenovia


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