Chapter Twenty Two – The Tome of Strahd

The weary Adventurers, who are yet to find Strahd’s Tome, rest for a second in the flooded Cells corridor having saved Sir Ly from the noose and killing the Grey Ooze.

Dungeon Hallway
Dungeon Hallway

Sigune and the swiftly recovered Sir Ly enter the SOTHERN cells, Detecting Evil and Undead beforehand – with nothing found. Mirafir follows down after casting his ‘Detect Magic’ spell. He detects something in cell B (where Emil was) but nothing in A or E but moderate Magic in cell F… C and H also have nothing but D is dim and G is moderate. Moderate Magic in cell F is a hat on a drowned victim…


  • CELL A: An empty cell.
  • CELL B: This cell has scratches all over the walls. (Potion of Speed)
  • CELL C: This cell contains a rotten pole in the centre; chains hang from it slowly swaying as your movements disturb the water.
  • CELL D: A thin layer of oil covers the centre of this cell. (Potion of Extra-Healing)
  • CELL E: This cell appears to be empty.
  • CELL F: Shackled to the back wall of this cell is an emaciated figure in a blue robe, its spindly arms spread wide and its head tilted forward. Long, grey hair hangs down in front of the dead man’s face. (Pearl of Power)
  • CELL G: Pounded into the roof of this cell is a rusted iron pulley, strung through which is a rope that is tied to one of the crossbeams of the barred door. Dangling upside down from the pulley is a man, flabby and stout of build, in tight-fitting leather armour. His boots are bound with rope just below the pulley, his fleshy hands are tied behind his back, and his head is underwater. He isn’t moving. (Gauntlets of Dexterity)
  • CELL H: The fungus-laden ceiling hangs 2′ feet above still, black water that fills this cell. Liquid drips from the hanging growth on the ceiling.
South Dungeon - Items
South Dungeon – Items

In the NORTHEN cells, there is faint Magic radiating from cell C but nothing in any of the others. Mirafir also detects that the power of the ‘Black Mace’, used by Father Tobias and eaten away by the Grey Ooze, has diminished in Magical Power.

Mirafir enters Cell C NORTH and picks up something solid and spherical – a bottle? Sigune tastes the liquid and discovers it is a ‘Potion of Speed’. Mirafir then goes into SOTHERN Cell G containing a poor victim who has been drowned. He has Magical ‘Gauntlets of Dexterity’ hidden in one of his boots.

Sir Ly bends and opens the bars of Cell F, removing the hat, which is faintly radiating Magic. A large ‘Pearl of Power’ is hidden inside the band. It’s the size of a scotch egg!

Frimly is busy picking the lock to Cell D. The decision is taken NOT to enter Emil’s cell. A trap is suspected. Why would he leave anything of any worth in the cell?

Mirafir: “Frimly let me through, I’ll get it!”

Says Mirafir before diving under the water to get the Magical item. It is a fluted triangular bottle. A magical potion? It contains liquid and it has a familiar smell when checked. A ‘Potion of Extra-Healing’.

Mirafir then checks the large torture performance room but is unable to detect any Magic in there.

Frimly tries on the ‘Gauntlets of Dexterity’ and notices that his fingers are more nimble. Mirafir however, suspects what they may be more advantageous to a non-thief or low dexterity adventurer, Frimly gives them to Thora, suspecting they will work better for her.

Magic Item - Gauntlets of Dexterity
Magic Item – Gauntlets of Dexterity

However, ALL Magical Items that are not specifically suited to the character’s class have a 20% chance to malfunction when used by a Dwarf. This check is made each time a Dwarf uses a Magical Item. The party will need to find something more suitable for the Dwarf Fighter or use Spells to better protect her, if the situation allows.

The Cells also contain a large amount of Coinage – Strahd minted, and over many centuries. The third Magic Potion which was in south Cell C is another ‘Potion of Heroism’. Sir Ly takes this and also the ‘Potion of Extra-Healing’. Sigune takes the ‘Potion of Speed’ in case she has to fight Count Strahd.

Magic Item - Potion of Heroism
Magic Item – Potion of Heroism
Magic Item - Potion of Speed
Magic Item – Potion of Speed
Magic Item - Potion of Extra-Healing
Magic Item – Potion of Extra-Healing

The ‘Pearl of Power’ radiates all realms of magic so the decision is taken to check it, despite the time this would cost. Mirafir tries to attune with it and feels his Magic power increase!!! Extra spell points!

Magic Item - Pearl of Power
Magic Item – Pearl of Power


  • CELL A: The rusted door to this cell is locked and the cell empty.
  • CELL B: The rusted door to this cell hangs open slightly. This is the cell where Mirafir was held.
  • CELL C: Clinging to the bars of this otherwise empty cell is the rotting corpse of a male Half-Elf dressed in Leather Armour. (5 Gem Stones & a Potion of Heroism)
  • CELL D: This cell contains nothing visible.
  • CELL E: This cell is completely empty.
  • CELL F: This cell has 2 of its bar slightly bent apart.
  • CELL G: This cell contains nothing except a pair of manacles on the wall.
  • CELL H: A glowing blade can be seen beneath the water near the back of the cell.
North Dungeon - Items
North Dungeon – Items

The Adventurers then head up the spiral stairs to the ground floor, passed the Elevator Trap on Sub-Level -1. Galan and Thora take the lead.

Western Stair
Western Stair

Organ music can now be heard by all, playing behind the doors to the Dining Hall.


The party moves into the Great Entry hall.

Great Entry
Great Entry

Suddenly Emil appears but he has become a Greater Werewolf! He goes straight for Father Tobias, who is at the back of the party, as he passes right next to the body the party thought was the Zombie!

Sir Ly: “Die, Evil Shapeshifter!”

Sir Ly slashes the Lycanthrope.

Monster - Greater Werewolf
Monster – Greater Werewolf

Sigune also slashes it, as does Thora with a crushing blow. Galan fires an arrow and delivers a deadly strike! It drops! The combined efforts of the Adventurers have defeated the Greater Werewolf. Sir Ly then uses his ‘Flame Tongue Sword to cut of the head of the creature, praying that it doesn’t regenerate. The Greater Werewolf managed to get a hit on Father Tobias, and the injury is quickly and effectively healed as Father Tobias takes his ‘Potion of Healing’.

The dead body turns out to be Emil Toranescu, a Greater Werewolf, who was, for whatever reason, in the flooded cells at the same time as Mirafir was imprisoned.

NPC - Emil Toranescu
NPC – Emil Toranescu

The party pass by the open doors to the Hall of Faith and the Chapel. Thora stops but can hear nothing from the empty Hall of Faith.

Hall of Faith
Hall of Faith

Continuing up the broad staircase at the top two Armoured figures can be seen in alcoves. There is text that has been scratched out above them. The two staircases next to them lead up to a large hall. Frimly is unable to detect any traps so the party moves up the stairs. One of the Armoured figures suddenly strikes Thora; she returns the blow but misses! A pressure plate? Sigune hits it and it takes some damage but is still standing. It appears to be mechanical.


Massive stairs rise to a landing twenty feet wide by forty feet long. Stone arches support a ceiling covered with frescoes twenty feet overhead. The frescoes depict armoured knights on horseback, their finer features faded beyond recognition.

Dust floats in the air here. At each end of the SOUTH wall, a staircase rises into darkness. Between the staircases are twin alcoves, each one containing a standing suit of armour covered with dark stains. Each suit of armour clutches a mace, the “business end” of which is shaped like a dragon’s head. Words engraved on the arches above the suits of armour have been scratched out.

Dust floats in the air here. At each end of the SOUTH wall, a staircase rises into darkness. Between the staircases are twin alcoves, each one containing a standing suit of armour covered with dark stains. Each suit of armour clutches a Mace, the “business end” of which is shaped like a dragon’s head. Words engraved on the arches above the suits of armour have been scratched out.

Grand Landing
Grand Landing

The party searches for the Tome of Count Strahd in the Audience Hall.

Audience Hall
Audience Hall

In the great hall at the top, the windows have been smashed. There is a dais in the hall with a Throne upon it.

Meanwhile, Sigune and Thora fight the empty suit of Armour until it drops its weapon, a Mace. Thora picks it up and then Sigune and Thora head up to the large hall with the throne.

All of the party is now in the Throne room. Frimly listens at the double doors and hears nothing before waving to the others to enter. The Adventurers cautiously examine the room. The dais, the pulpit, the doors… They also look for secret doors. Frimly is checking the throne and finds no trap after an extensive search. However, he does find a hidden compartment on the throne, and, when triggered opens up to reveal a Tome.


Tome of Strahd Page 01
Tome of Strahd Page 01
Tome of Strahd Page 02
Tome of Strahd Page 02
Tome of Strahd Page 03
Tome of Strahd Page 03
Tome of Strahd Page 04
Tome of Strahd Page 04

Having read through the Tome of Strahd the Adventurers ponder thier next move.

Suddenly, 6 Giant Spiders silently descend from the ceiling! Galan shoots an arrow and hits; Sigune does a deadly strike on her arachnid opponent (20). Ismark gets badly bitten by a Giant Sider as does Sir Ly!

Ismark is in a bad way and uses all his efforts to fend off the Giant Spiders.

Monster - Spider, Giant
Monster – Spider, Giant

Mirafir: “Protect the Tome at all costs.”

A loud ringing sound echoes from the accountant’s room! Suddenly Vampire Spawns appear at a secret door from the Southern wall of the room! Mirafir casts ‘Web’ on them into the corridor beyond. He then casts ‘Magic Missile’ on the Giant Spider fighting Sigune before trying to shut the secret door!

Father Tobias: “I have put the Tome away, it will not be taken by anyone if I can help it.”

Frimly sneaks up on the Giant Spider that Sigune is fighting. Galan finishes off the Giant Spider close to the Throne while Sigune finally finishes off hers! The spiders are eventually finished off as Mirafir ‘Wizard Locks’ the door – just as three Wraiths appear! One through the double doors and the other through the Accountant’s door!!

Monster - Strahd Vampire Spawn
Monster – Strahd Vampire Spawn
Turret Post Access Hall - South
Turret Post Access Hall – South

The Vampire Spawns are trapped by Mirafir’s ‘Web’ Spell and the Giant Spiders are killed by the remaining party members .

All can now hear that the Bell has been rung by Leif the Accountant.

Office of the King's Accountant
Office of the King’s Accountant

All is thought safe until 3 Wraith’s appear.

Monster - Wraith
Monster – Wraith

Frimly is between 2 Wraiths, Father Tobias by another Wraith and Mirafir has closed and ‘Wizard Locked’ the secret door.

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