Chapter Two – The Village of Barovia

Chapter Two: The Village of Barovia

The party continues down the Old Svalich Road towards the Village of Barovia. Mirafir fly’s higher; 150’ feet to use the ‘Fly’ spell while he has it to get the lay of the land. He makes out the following points of interest:

  • The Old Svalich Road
  • The Gates of Barovia
  • The Svalich Woods
  • The River Ivlis
  • The Village of Barovia
  • The Mountains
  • Castle Ravenloft

Mirafir is eventually targeted by hundreds of Bats that swam together and fly directly towards him. Mirafir fly’s down safely and re-joins the rest of the adventurers.
The adventures follow the Old Svalich Road South West toward the Village spotted by Mirafir. Father Tobias and Sigune are at the head of the party and they both spot a figure on a horse trotting out of the mists.

Map - Ravenloft
Map – Ravenloft

A Skeletal figure on a horse is coming down the Old Svalich Road holding out a lantern that sheds no light.

Skeletal Rider:

Through the mist comes a skeletal warhorse and rider, both clad in ruined chainmail. The skeletal rider holds up a rusted lantern that sheds no light.

There is a debate as to what to do, Father Tobias tries to Turn the Skeletal figure and believes he is successful, but a Skeleton should have been destroyed by him not just Turned. The others members of the party try and take a swipe at it as it rides past but their weapons pass through the Skeleton, making no contact or inflicting no damage.

Map - The Village of Barovia
Map – The Village of Barovia

The Village of Barovia:

Rolling thunderclouds cast a grey shroud over the land of Barovia. A deathly stillness hangs over the dark wood. The evergreen trees of the Svalich Woods climb the sides of the mountains that enclose the valley. East of the mountains lies the village of Barovia, shrouded in mist and bereft of walls and defences.

The dark silhouette of Castle Ravenloft looks down on this village from its perch atop a 1,000-foot-high column of rock known as the Pillarstone of Ravenloft.

The Adventurers approach the village of Barovia and it’s all dilapidated and sparsely populated. The people all look grey and sombre, with just the odd villagers sporting a splash of colour. They all avoid the Adventurers and especially any eye contact with the Dwarven and Elven folk in the party.

The Village of Barovia:

Tall shapes loom out of the dense fog that surrounds everything. The muddy ground underfoot gives way to slick, wet cobblestones. The tall shapes become recognisable as village dwellings. The windows of each house stare out from pools of blackness. No sound cuts the silence except for mournful sobbing that echoes through the streets from a distance.

Most of the houses in the Village of Barovia are empty with a few spilling candle light into the darkness. Two larger building are openly lit in the main square, the party head towards the Village Square. One of the lit buildings is a Tavern, while the other is what appears to be a Mercantile shop.

NPC - Barovian Villigers
NPC – Barovian Villigers

Bildrath’s Mercantile:

The sparse light from this building spills out from behind drawn heavy curtains. A sign over the door, creaking on its hinges, reads ‘Bildrath’s Mercantile’.

The Adventurers head to the Tavern and pass the mercantile shop. The party can hear the sound of moaning and sobbing originating from the East of the Village of Barovia.

The Blood of the Vine Tavern:

A single shaft of light thrusts illumination into the main square, its brightness looking like a solid pillar in the heavy fog. Above the gaping doorway, a sign hangs precariously askew, proclaiming this to be “The Blood on the Vine” tavern.

Red Dragon Crush
Red Dragon Crush

The tavern building is about 60 feet square. Closer inspection of the sign, by Father Tobias reveals that it originally read ‘Blood of the Vine’. (An “n” has been scratched over with the “f.”) This once finely appointed tavern has grown shoddy over the years. A blazing fire in the hearth gives scant warmth to the few huddled souls within. They include the barkeep, a few Barovia villagers and three Vistani sitting together by the main door.

The Adventurers step into the Tavern, some sit at a table, while Sir Ly and Frimly head to the bar. The villager’s reactions to non-humans means Sir Ly and Frimly will have more chance to converse with the villagers. Galan is apart from the others leaning against the wall by the front door and keeping an eye on the 3 female Vistani.

Arik Lorensk, the Barkeep, is a pudgy little man that tends bar in the ‘Blood of the Vine’. Mindlessly, he cleans glasses, one after another. When they’re all clean, he starts over.

When he is spoken to, he takes orders for drinks in a dull, hollow voice. A small glass of wine costs 1 cp A pitcher of wine costs 1 sp. After serving drinks, Arik returns to cleaning glasses. He ignored all attempts to question him.

The 3 female Vistani are named Alenka, Mirabel, and Sorvia. They stay sitting at a table near the front door. They appear to be somehow tied to the tavern and avoid conversation with Sigune. They otherwise show little interest in the Adventurers.

NPC - Vistani, Barovian Gypsies
NPC – Vistani, Barovian Gypsies

A young man in Chain Mail Armour steps out of a private room and Father Tobias invites him to join the group at their table. He introduces himself as Ismark Kolyanovich, son of the Villages Burgomaster. The Adventurers all follow Ismark to the private room, as it appears he wants to talk undisturbed and as to not be overheard. Galan remains outside and the 3 female Vistani seam not to be interested and remain by the main door.

Ismark Kolyanovich, known by all as “Ismark the lesser”, introduces himself again and tells his tale.

Ismark: “Help me protect Ireena Kolyana, my adopted sister, from the monster called Strahd Von Zarovich.”

Though still seaming uneasy about the presence of the Dwarf and Elves, Ismark make an effort to talk with all of the Adventurers. Thora tells Ismark of the body they located near the Gates of Barovia and the letter found clutched in his dead hand.

Ismark: Come back with me to the Burgomasters Mansion and meet Ireena Kolyana.”

NPC - Ismark The Lesser
NPC – Ismark The Lesser

Burgomaster’s Mansion:

A weary-looking mansion squats behind a rusting iron fence. The iron gates are twisted and torn. The right gate lies cast aside, while the left swings lazily in the wind. The stuttering squeal and clang of the gate repeats with mindless precision. Weeds choke the grounds and press with menace upon the house itself. Yet, against the walls, the growth has been tramped down to create a path all about the domain.

Heavy claw markings have stripped the once beautiful finish of the walls. Great black marks tell of the fires that have assailed the mansion. Neither a pane nor a shard of glass stands in any window. All the windows are barred with planks, each one marked with stains of evil omen.

Galan checks the place and can discern trampled weeds all around the mansion as well as scores of wolf paw prints and human footprints. Ireena Kolyana is hot and has been bitten twice. The Burgomaster’s heart couldn’t stand the constant assault, and he died three days ago. They ask for help and aid in burying the Burgomaster in the Church of the Village of Barovia.

Burgomaster’s Mansion:

The interior of the mansion is well furnished, yet the fixtures show signs of great wear. Noticeable oddities are the boarded-up windows and the presence of Holy Symbols in every room. The Burgomaster is in a side drawing room on the floor-lying in a simple wooden coffin surrounded by wilting flowers and a faint odour of decay.

NPC - Ireena Kolyana
NPC – Ireena Kolyana

You decide to go to the church straight away 20:00PM-ish.

Church of Barovia:

Atop a slight rise, against the roots of the pillar stone that supports Castle Ravenloft stands a grey, sagging edifice of stone and wood. This church has obviously weathered the assaults of evil for centuries on end and is worn and weary. A bell tower rises toward the back, and flickering light shines through holes in the shingled roof. The rafters strain feebly against their load.

The heavy wooden doors of the church are covered with I claw marks and scarred by fire.

The door is unlocked.

Map - Church Of Barovia
Map – Church Of Barovia

Church Hallway:

The doors open to reveal a ten foot wide, twenty foot long hall leading to a brightly lit chapel. The hall is unlit and reeks of mildew. Four doors, two on each side of the hall, lead to adjacent chambers.

You can see that the chapel is strewn with debris, and you hear a soft voice from within reciting a prayer. Suddenly, the prayer is blotted out by an inhuman scream that rises up from beneath the wooden floor.

You all head towards the main alter.


The chapel is a shambles, with overturned and broken pews littering the dusty floor. Dozens of candles mounted in candlesticks and candelabras light every dusty corner in a fervent attempt to rid the chapel of shadows. At the far end of the church sits a claw-scarred altar, behind which kneels a priest in soiled vestments.

Next to him hangs a long, thick rope that stretches up into the bell tower.

Donavich is the name of the old Cleric. You soon get the impression he has been here for a long time praying and protecting the Church and as a result is not 100% with it. After chatting he wants you all to stay, pray and have the service and Dawn not at night. Frimly hears a crying out coming from under the Church. “Father, I’m hungry, feed me. I smell fresh food”. Donavich denies that there is anything downstairs and does everything he can to try and stop you from going down. The party ask if Ismark and Ireena if Donavich has a son. He died a year ago when he and other Barovians tried to storm the Castle with a Wizard that was drawn in by the Mists of Ravenloft.

NPC - Donavich
NPC – Donavich


The church’s undercroft has rough-hewn walls and a floor made of damp clay and earth. Thick stone pillars strain under the weight of the wooden ceiling. Candlelight from the chapel above slips through the cracks, allowing you to glimpse a vast emptiness.

Father Tobias, Sigune and Sir Ly head to the room from which Frimly heard the crying. Doors locked so Frimly opens it with Pick Locks.

Trapdoor Room:

Time and neglect have punched holes in the ceiling of this mouldy room, which contains a few broken roof shingles amid puddles of water. In one corner, set into the floor, is a heavy wooden trapdoor held shut with a chain and a padlock. A young man’s screams of anguish can be heard through the door.

Frimly Picks the padlock, gets out of the room and moves back inside the Church with Mirafir and Galan by his side. Father T goes down the Old wooden ladder first, Shield in hand, and followed by Sir Ly, Sword in hand. Sigune ties a rope around the trap door and lowers it. Sir Ly’s ‘Flametongue’, 15’ Radius, works fine but Father Tobias’ Gem of light is only 10’ foot and not the spells 60’ foot radius.

Near the bottom Sir Ly is attack by a creature running along the walls, he hit Sir Ly and Sir Ly burns it good with his Sword. Next round Sigune uses her Spider Climb to rush down to help, the spell not allowing any weapon larger than a Dagger, so Fits it is. The creature goes first and drop onto Father T who was about to Turn it. It hits Father T, Sir Ly is moves down the ladder, Sigune punches the creature and then Sir Ly hits it again. Next round it scurries away up the wall and out of the open trap door, Sigune follows.

The creature gets to the door, followed by Sigune. Everyone is shouting at Mirafir. Use a ‘Lightning Bolt’ it must be stopped”, Magic Missile’, “not effective enough”…….

Mirafir: “Be calm children, I have this under control”.

Mirafir casts ‘Web’ and traps the creature, Donavich cry’s out:

Donavich: “Do not kill my son…Doru.”

Sigune manoeuvres through the ‘Web’ without any restrictions with the use of her NEW ‘Cloak of Arachnida’. Sigune kills the creature.

NPC - Doru
NPC – Doru

Donavich is inconsolable. You look around the Church, take watches, Father T and Mirafir sleep 4 hours and Galan is in the Bell Tower waiting for the procession/march that you have heard mentioned.

Doru’s Bedroom:

This dirty, lightless room contains a wooden bed with a straw-filled mattress. Mounted above the bed’s headboard is a wooden holy symbol. (NOTHING FOUND)

Donavich’s Bedroom:

This dirty room contains a wooden bed with a straw filled mattress, next to which rests a small table with an oil lamp burning brightly on it. Mounted above the bed’s headboard is a wooden sun-shaped holy symbol. (NOTHING FOUND)

Map - Church Of Barovia
Map – Church Of Barovia


An old desk and chair stand against the south wall, a wooden holy symbol mounted above them-a sunburst. A ten foot Long iron rod attached to the north wall stands bare, suggesting a tapestry once hung there. Against the far wall stands a wooden cabinet with four tall doors. (NOTHING FOUND)

At Midnight Galan calls down from the bell tower, “It’s begun the march of the dead.

The March of the Dead:

An eerie green light suffuses the graveyard. From this light emerges a ghostly procession. Wavering images of doughty women toting Great Swords, wood-wise men with slender Bows, Dwarves with glittering Axes, and archaically dressed Mages with beards and strange, pointed hats, all these and more march forth from the graveyard, their numbers growing by the second.

Galan keeps watching and can see there are hundreds of dead adventurers, all head out South East along the Old Svalich Road, across the River Ivlis, East through the Svalich Woods. Then eventually Galan picks them up again as they leave the Svalich Woods and climbs the Mountain and head towards Castle Ravenloft. Then, as they still enter the castle, Galan can see others falling off the highest Tower. One after another.

You take watches and wait for dawn to arrive.

  • Is it time to talk to Donavich kindly and attempt to heal his soul?
  • Do you bury the Burgomaster and Doru?
  • What to do with Ismark and Ireena?
  • What about these Vistani’s?

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