Ravenloft – Prologue

Prologuge: The Begining, Daggerford

The PC’s travel back to Daggerford and they are met with pomp and ceremony.

Mirafir trains in the arts of magic with Lady Bronwyn, Gwydion pen Dafwyd (Wizard to the Duke of Daggerford) & Delfen Yellowknife (High Level Wizard Living in Daggerford).

Frimly disappears for hours on end with his mysterious friend.

Thora, Sigue, Sir Ly and Father Tobias spend their days training with Sherlen Spearslayer (Commander of the Daggerford Militia, while at night Sigue, Sir Ly and Father Tobias spend their time in contemplation and study with Maerovyna (Priestess of Saint Cuthbert).

Galan travels between training in Laughing Hollow with King Melandrach and his folk and Daggerford with Kelson Darktreader (Master of the Dukes Hunt).

Magic Items are handed out to the appropriate members of the party and magic items were recharged.

Mirafir casts ‘Magic Missile’ and ‘Web’ (6th Level) into his Ring of Spell Storing, ‘Shield’ (7th Level) was still unused. Farher Tobias goes with Mirafir to see Delfen Yellowknife and pays, from his own purse, for spells to be cast into his new ring of Spell Storing.

Frimly also bargains well and gets a very reasonable price for the rest of the treasure found in Illefarn.

With their ‘Holy Water’ replenished, oil flasks refilled and previsions and equipment checked, the party are ready for adventure at the drop of a minstrels hat.

The Adventurers

30th Deepwinter (January)

Lady Bronwyn’s Invitation: Lady Bronwyn Daggerford is having guests for dinner and you are all invited. No strangers to Daggerford, you have come to the town’s defence on more than one occasion, and you count Lady Bronwyn as a friend and a benefactor.

A cool autumn breeze blows through the streets as you make your way to the keep. As you dine on hot, spicy soup and tenderly cooked pheasant, you can tell that the duchess seems more out of sorts than usual. Then a lull comes over the occasion as she voices her concern about a band of marauding Orcs. They seemed to be moving South at first, but Bronwyn has received reports that they have begun harassing townsfolk and other visitors as they come and go.

Yesterday, the Lady Bronwyn ordered several guards to track down the band of Orcs, but they couldn’t get the job done. When the guards returned, they spoke sympathetically about the Orcs. It seemed as if the guards had been magically charmed. Lady Bronwyn doesn’t want an armed conflict near to Daggerford, but she aims to send a reassuring message to all visitors to Daggerford and asks you to deal with this situation on her behalf.

The characters are asked to begin their search immediately after dinner and leave at around 19:00PM. Lady Bronwyn is truly concerned about the folk of Enfield and Newfield and there is the mystery of what made the previously militia appear to dismiss the relevance or importance of the Orcs.

The party fetches their equipment, horses and they all leave Daggerford through the Farmers Gate (North Gate) and ride out along the north road towards the villages of Enfield and Newfield.

The Town of Daggerford
The Town of Daggerford

After traveling through Enfield and Newfield and questioning the village folk, the party decide to continue traveling Northwards towards Elfwood and the lands of the Elf Lord Floshin, having found no sigh of the Orcs.

The villagers, who had all recognised the ‘Heroes of Illefarn’, informed the party that the militia had ridden through the villages and had stopped to ask about any sightings of Orcs. However, on the way back the militia just rode on passed both villages without stopping. This was unusual as it is Militia customs to always gather information or reports for homesteads.

The night is unusually clear and the sky is filled with stars. Several miles outside of Newfield, Galan spots the tracks of 2 vehicles that had turned off the road and headed North East towards Blightwood and the Old Kings Hill. The rut marks were not of a farm cart of a merchant’s waggon but more likely a coach or caravan. Galan tells the party of 2 similar caravans that he had seen camped, outside the walls of Daggerford, at the caravan grounds out by the main gates of Daggerford.

Galan and Frimly continued up the road for 500 yards and then begin to search for tracks on the Eastern side of the road. Mirafir, whose tracking skills are not as honed as Galan’s, is tasked with following the tracks made by the caravans. Galan finds nothing and heads back to the party with Frimly. Mirafir also find nothing unusual, apart from the tracks left by the caravans. As Galan and Frimly meet up with the party, Galan finally finds the tracks they have been looking for. The tracks are of Orcs and other larger prints in the ground, so obvious as to have been completely overlooked by both Galan and Mirafir. Galan finds a small piece of cloth, expensive bright red and yellow striped silk, in one of the ruts made by the caravans.

Map - Daggerford and Surrounding Area
Map – Daggerford and Surrounding Area

Galan leads the party on foot and continues to track the caravans, Orcs and other footprints. Galan finally stops, 5 miles East of the road and in the shadow of the ‘Old King’s Hill’. Galan points out to the other how the caravans had nowhere else to go as their path had been block by the sloping terrain.

Galan: “Look here, blood and more here. There was a fight and injuries but something about this is very puzzling.”

Galan continues to look about ground in a circular pattern, from the centre outwards and finally explains what he has found:

Galan: “There was a fight but there are no bodies from either of the groups, no weapons or tokens of any kind discarded or lost. The caravans and those left standing must have departed this area but I cannot find any evidence to show which direction they travelled or how that can happened.”

On further inspection by the whole party, Father Tobias notices that the fauna around the site of the fight was more overgrown than should be expected at this time of year. On closer inspection, Father Tobias was sure that magic had been used to cover the ground with overgrown and entangled plants, bushes and roots.

Gypsy Caravan
Gypsy Caravan

The party decides that even though it is deep night, they must continue on and carry out their Militia duties.  The most obvious direction to head was North East toward Blightwood and the Old Kings Hill beyond that. Galan finds the trail again some 50’- 60’ feet from the site of the attack. Galan and Mirafir both easily follow the tracks of the marauders, who had been walking in single file to make tracking them harder.

The Orcs and other creatures must have been traveling down from the North East, under the shadow of the Old King’s Hill and they attempted to ambush the caravans travelling North along the road.

As the party approach the wood, Frimly and Galan use their Rope Use, tie all the horses. Father Tobias had trained his horse in many tricks and the others were loosely tied to him, so he could lead them back to Father Tobias at the call of his whistle.

By now fog was forming around the forest, rolling down from the Old King’s Hills, snaking its way among the trees and fauna and making the forest become a sinister prospect indeed.

Frimly and Galan take the lead and head into the forest, about 250’ feet in front of the rest of the party and following the tracks using their ‘Cloaks of Elvenkind’ to hide their movements from possible enemies.

Frimly and Galan make their way through the heavy forested Blightwood, as silent as a woodland creature and listen out intensely for any tale-tell signs of their prey.

Heading North through the forest they both spot movement on a small hillock, shadows moving in front of a small fire. As Frimly and Galan approach, both deadly silent and camouflaged in the forest, just like a stalking Wild Tiger from the Southern lands; they both spot also spot another 2 more Orc patrolling near the base of the hillock. The Orcs stop and signal up to the other figures on the hillock with the lit torch being carried by one of them, more Orcs. Beyond the hillock Frimly and Galan can just make out more firelight. There is a small campfire, the same size as on the first hillock, on a second hillock some 80’ feet to the East of the first. Galan can now also make out a much larger campfire, with several different sized humanoid figures sitting around it.

Monster - Orc
Monster – Orc

Galan and Frimly choose to let the 2 patrolling Orc pass them by and then attempt to dispatch the 2 Orcs on the nearest hillock to them. Frimly heads back to inform the party of their plans while Galan familiarises himself with the lay of the land. Galan watches, as the patrolling guard were caring touches, and he can see that they do not stop at any other points other than at the foot of both hillocks. No more watch post to worry about.

Frimly returns, and he and Galan stalk up towards the first hillock. They wait for the patrol to pass and move in for the kill, like a pair of trained Assassins from the Citadel of Assassins near Vaasan Gate. Both Orcs are killed quickly and quietly, so much so that the Orcs on the next hillock are none the wiser to their deaths.

Frimly then heads off towards the second hillock, Galan covers the 2 Orcs on the second hillock with his new ‘Long Bow’ and ‘Bracers of Archery’ while the rest of the party begin to move up. Galan was holding his action for 4 rounds, allowing Frimly to move up to the second hillock, and then Galan fired at one of the Orcs. Galan hits his foe but does not kill the Orc cleanly. At the same time, as he could neither see nor hear Frimly, he was unaware that one of the Orc had head Frimly moving and was investigating the noise. Frimly holds his position in the undergrowth, while the unhurt Orc turns to his companion and calls out the alarm in Orcish.

Orc No2: “Intruders, we are assailed.”

Frimly takes his chance and backstabs the unhurt Orc from behind and makes short work of the task. Meanwhile, Galan fires again and finishes the first Orc.

By now there was movement coming from the main campfire as the figures move toward the cries of the Orc.

The Party had now reached the foot of the first hillock. From atop of the second hillock, Frimly could clearly see Orcs and Ogres running towards the hillock. Frimly runs back down the opposite side of the hillock from the oncoming enemies and runs back to the first hillock and the rest of the party. Galan holds his ground at the top of the hillock and waits for the foes to advance. Frimly catches up with the party at the foot of the first hillock, give a brief report as to the recent events and continues around the clearing by himself. The remaining party then split into teams. Father Tobias and Sigune rush to the top of the hillock to aid Galan, while Thora, Sir Ly and Mirafir skirt around the hillock intent on confronting the enemies, thereby allowing Galan and the others to hold the higher ground.

4 Orcs assail the party on the hillock while 4 Orcs, 2 Ogre and a Troll assail Thora and Sir Ly. Mirafir, who by now had cast ‘Invisibility’ on himself, was worried of a possible attack coming from the second hillock or the main campsite area stayed vigilant.

Monster - Ogre
Monster – Ogre

Sigune (3 Orcs on her), Father Tobias (one Orc on him) fight the Orcs and Galan uses his keen Elf eyes to look for possible rear attacks, while Thora and Sir Ly watch as the Troll hold back his run allowing the 2 Ogres engage in combat first. The Orcs behind them hold their actions and wait for the outcome, or possibly further orders?

Thora and Sir Ly both take hits from the 2 Ogres, either through sheer luck or PCs being rusty in sword play. The Ogres last longer than expected but Thora and Sir Ly both defeat their foes. Meanwhile, Sigune kills one Orc while being attacked by the other 2 Orcs; Father Tobias engages with his Orc and manages to defeat him without taking a single blow. Father Tobias moves over to aid Sigue. Between Sigune and Father Tobias they kill the remaining 2 Orcs that were left.

While Thora and Sir Ly were fighting the 2 Ogres, the Troll suddenly takes off intending to skirt around the hillock to attack Father Tobias and Sigune from behind. Galan who is now hidden on the top of the hillock, while he is not moving quickly or performing a violent action, can see the Trolls dash to the hillock and waits to ambush the creature, who’s kind he loathes and has sworn to kill whenever encountered, as he make his way past the hillock. Galan readies his ‘Ring of Jumping’. Mirafir is still scanning the woods, convinced that other will attack.

Thor and Sir Ly finish off the Ogres and stand facing the remaining 6 Orcs, that had now been join by the 2 patrolling. There is a tense standoff as the Orcs form a shield wall and the PCs resist rushing into battle and losing the advantage of swing first.

Frimly, hidden from sight of everyone and silent, so not even his fellow adventures could see or hear him, makes his way around the clearing following the path taken by the patrol. Frimly stands in the shadow of a tree and tries to discern if there are any more evil coming to aid the Orc, Ogres and Troll. Being a Thief, Frimly is used to listening out for danger and hears nothing to suggest that there were more enemies. Then Frimly luckily catches movement out of the corner of his eye, advancing down the patrol path, from the direction of the large campfire.

Frimly holds still, still as a Fire Lizard from Southern Hlondeth, and his Elven Cloak hides him as its crafting had intended. As the group approach, Frimly can now see 2 large Ogres and a Humanoid in Black Robes, no not Ogres, 2 Trolls and some form of Spell Caster. Wanting to engage with these enemies of Good, Frimly knows that his duty is to the party and must alert the other.

Monster - Troll
Monster – Troll

No glory to be had here and no fickle adventurer is Frimly.

He allows the group to pass him as he waits for his chance to signal and attack. As they walk pass, Frimly’s hunch is confirmed as he temporally is engulfed in complete ‘Silence’ from the Spell cast the robe figure.

Galan stands at the top of the hillock and intended to jump onto the Troll, however, his reactions were a split-second too slow and recalling the command word for his ‘Ring of Jumping’ took that second too long, allowing the Troll with his momentum pass by the gap in the trees. Galan decides to make his way down the hillock and wait for the Troll there. All the way hearing the Troll muttering to himself:

Troll: “Get to the back, got to get to the back.”

Galan, hidden in the surrounding fauna by his ‘Elven Cloak’ attacks the lone Troll and a battle ensues. Father Tobias moves down the Hillock and Sigune makes her way to aid Thora and Sir Ly. Mirafir is still weary and nervously scans the surrounding area.

Galan finishes off the Troll and Father Tobias looks up in horror as, out of nowhere, the sound of 2 roaring Trolls echoes throughout the foggy forest of Blightwood. Galan melds back into the woods, seeing that one of the Trolls would need to pass by the tree, behind which he stands, while the other one runs around its other side. Both Trolls only seeing Father Tobias and their intension is clear.

This left the Black Robed figure standing alone and at the mercy of Frimly. It was a big gamble; could Frimly take it out with one attack? Never one to shy away from a good bet, Frimly is initially undecided if to use the ‘Wand of Magic Missile’ or go with his trusted Short Sword called (Twist).

Magic Item - Wand of Magic Missiles
Magic Item – Wand of Magic Missiles

Frimly sneaks quietly up behind the Black Robed figure and decides on using the blade, a swing and a hit; he feels his blade cut into muscle and bone, but the Black Robed figure is still up and now turning towards him. The Priest reaches out and touches Frimly’s face…. Everything goes dark. Frimly still had his other senses but his sight had gone. He was however, used to fighting for his supper in the dark alleys of Waterdeep and this was going to be a fight for his life. The combat only lasted a minute, with Frimly using his Short Sword, as the magic cast upon the blade made it always strike first. As the blade again cut deep into the Blacked Robed figure, whose hood had now fallen back to reveal a Half-Orc Priest, Frimly was relieved that his plan had worked, and he would live to steel another day.

Back with Thora, Sir Ly and now Sigune, the Orcs saw they had no choice but to attack. The 6 Orcs charged towards the 3 adventures, with 2 running around to the rear of our heroes. The 4 Orcs were dispatched with relative ease, while the 2 that were behind the group take out their short bows.

At the base of the hillock Father Tobias knew his odds for battling the Troll on his own was a risk and defence was the logical choice, allowing his friends to come to his aid. Galan, hidden by his ‘Cloak of Elvenkind’, waited for his Troll to run past him, allowing him to attack from behind and allowing him the best chance of killing it and then helping Father Tobias. The Troll confronting Father Tobias swipes both claws at the Father face and then lunged, attempting to bite off his whole face. Father Tobias was thankful to his training back in Daggerford and to his Elven speed, as all the fury of the Trolls attacks are gracefully avoided.

Galan hits his Troll form behind, inflicting terrible wounds on it with his favoured Short Sword then Long Sword combination. The Troll is wounded but even more enraged, if the was even possible, turning to face Galan he was now in close quarters with his prey and Galan was no longer hidden by his ‘Cloak of Elvenkind’. The Troll first clawed Galan’s left cheek, clawed at his right arm and then sunk his teeth into his shoulder. Even so, Galan was lucky this day. Galan then kills his Troll and dashes over to aid his comrade, Father Tobias. Father Tobias continues to parry all the blows directed at him by the Troll, while Galan engages in combat taking the brunt of the attacks. Father Tobias is clawed by the Troll, as it dextrously slips through the Fathers defence. Galan finally defeats the last Troll and immediately turns to see if he and Father Tobias can aid Frimly in any way.

At the final skirmish, Thora, Sir Ly and Sigune dispatch the remaining Orcs. The 2 who had their Short Bows drawn had fired once, but are then confronted by the adventures with only a Short Bow in their hands; they do not last very long. Mirafir is still close, invisible and maintain a watch for other possible attacks.

Farher Tobias and Galan examine Frimly and Father Tobias realises that the Half-Orc had cast a ‘Cause Blindness’ spell on poor young Frimly. Father Tobias casts ‘Cure Blindness’ on young Frimly and he is back to his old, untrustworthy, self again. Galan, meanwhile, has been searching the Half-Orc and finds nothing of any value or interest apart from what appeared to be a bright Silk red and yellow pouch. The pouch containing sweet smelling herbs and flowers bundled together in bunches. The young woman Galan had spied with the caravans outside of Daggerford, or were they possibly performers, came to his mind, and he feels a hot flush of lust race though his body. What power women how over men he thinks, dangerous indeed.

Galan: “Do you think this pouch belongs to the performers?”

Vistani Caravan
Vistani Caravan

Time and the weather had now caught up with our intrepid adventurers. They all now collectively realise that the fog has crept up on all of them. Turning to look around the PCs become conscious that vision is reduced to due to the fog. They can barely see 10’ feet in front of their faces.

After some time the adventurers manage to group together, calling to one another and moving slowly for fear that this unholy fog was not truly natural in its forming. The last action this night was that of Father Tobias who whistles for his horse and with much persistence and patients, his noble horse called Thistle appears out of the fog pulling the other reluctant horses along with him.

Sigune Feldschlachter’s sword, now baptised with Orc, Ogre and Troll blood, is named “Retribution”: For that is what she delivers, in divine blows and in the Holy name of St. Cuthbert!
Her mighty stallion, “The Cudgel”, of a pale and milky hue, just as Sigune’s own complexion, bears her armoured bulk fearlessly into glorious battle against the servants of blasphemy.

Magic Item - +3 Sword Long
Magic Item – +3 Sword Long

Mirafir Roven has chosen a name for the Mirror of Mental Prowess. A symbol of friendship between the Elves and Dwarves of Illefarn and the Laughing Hollow, it indirectly helped to shine the light of truth and righteousness through the web of lies and deceit woven by Kelthas the Dread and shall henceforth be known as “The Truth Finder”. His steed – a gelding -, though less powerful and muscular than The Cudgel firmly wedged between Sigune’s mighty sinewed thighs, is nevertheless swift, dextrous and uncannily perceptive for a beast, with a fittingly black fell, as dark as midnight on a moonless night, but for a striking mane of purple, complementing its red eyes. Its name is “Raven”, although Mirafir denies that the name and the purple mane are of his influence, mumbling something about “Zagyg’s incontrovertible fate” or such.

Yet when asked about the nature of the mysterious fog descending on the Blightwood, the Wizard expression uncharacteristically darkens:

Mirafir: “There is some wickedness at work here. yet its source evades me. It is almost as if this fog seeks to enter our lungs and replace the very air we breathe…”

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