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AD&D fans, you are about to embark on a terrifying journey into the mists of Ravenloft. The land that knows no mercy calls your name – you might hear it in the rustling of leaves in the autumn wind, in the creaking of floorboards underfoot, or in the blast of snow that rattles in the windowpanes. You can take the precautions that mortals have taken throughout the ages – latch the windows, light candles to drive out the darkness, and stoke the fire – but the mists of Ravenloft will not be held at bay. The land will come to you, slipping under a door, slinking in behind the cat, or finding you while you dream. It will not give up once it has decided to pursue you.

The demiplane Ravenloft is not of this world or any other. It exists as an island unto itself. It is a solid, physical dimension within the Ethereal plane, and it follows its own mystical set of laws. Ravenloft is not stable. Over time, its lands can expand, condense, coalesce, or disappear. It is usually smaller than realms in the Prime Material plane, such as Krynn and the FORGOTTEN REALMS, but unlike them, Ravenloft has no fixed size. In fact, it appears to move as well as change shape. It floats about in the Ethereal plane, extending its misty fingers into other worlds and planes, to absorb characters as well as land.

The Core lands and the islands of terror that surround it are adrift in an unending sea of wafting fog. Known as the Mists, this shroud seems to form the barrier of the demiplane. Movement through the Mists is utterly unpredictable and impossible to track.

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AD&D Players Hand Book
AD&D Players Hand Book

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AD&D Dungeon Masters Guide

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