Vicross & Sir Ly – Chapter Two

5th Day of the Claw of Winter (February): DAY ONE

Searching The Cavern Under The Old King’s Hill (18:00 pm):

Vicross casts ‘Continual Light’ on one of his Magical +2 Metal Sling Bullets to be able to see in the Main Cavern below, not knowing that a Scrag awaits them.

Vicross and Sir Ly then begin a search of the Large Main Cavern and its smaller attached chambers. The Orc lair, in the South-East corner, was empty, as if it had not been inhabited or touched for many months, and overgrown with underground moss and lichen.

Monster - Troll, Freshwater Scrag
Monster – Troll, Freshwater Scrag

Vicross and Sir Ly pass by the sacrificial mound and alter and head towards the 3 Northern smaller chambers in the cavern. These they find are blocked by rock falls preventing the way through.

Sir Ly: “These were not impassable the last time we were here as I can remember.”

Sir Ly tells Vicross.

The next anomalies that Vicross and Sir Ly find are 2 new openings in the cavern floor, both leading to the water sources below. One appears semi-natural while the other one appears too circular to not have been created by someone or something.

Vicross decides that Sir Ly should be lowered down the openings, systematically one by one, checking each of the various orifices. They start by entering into the snake pit and then checking the access to the water sources.

Sir Ly: “If I am to go down then I choose the Snake Pit first.”

Vicross: “As you wish,”

The ratchetted winch is moved from the Circular Hole, to the snake pit, and Sir Ly is lowered down by Vicross while the brave Paladin holds onto the ‘Continual Light’ Metal Sling Bullet and his ‘Flametonge Long Sword’. Sir Ly searches the underground cavern and finds nothing more than the bones of the sacrificial victims made to the Snake God by the Orcs. Eventually, in a corner of the Snake lair, the Paladin discovers the bones of the Large Snake itself. The poor trapped creature, who was only surviving as best he could, being long dead and forgotten; thinks Vicross to himself.

Vicross: “Sir Ly, now that you are below I suggest you search for tracks to see if any have been here recently.”

Sir Ly finds very old boot marks that have luckily been persevered underground, undisturbed or erased.

Sir Ly: “I can just make out the mark of Daggerford; these are Militia issued boots Vicross.”

Vicross: “Curious, why remove all traces of movement in the cavemen and not is this creature prison?”

Vicross helps Sir Ly out of the snake pit and they both moved the winch over to the New Circular Hole.

A Scrag in The Cavern Underwater (18:40 pm):

Vicross cast ‘Water Breathing’ on himself and Sir Ly.

Sir Ly is once more lowered down with the help of the winch and Vicross and Sir Ly finds himself some 50’ foot down and in an elongated chamber, 15’ x 40’ feet.

Sir Ly hold out the ‘Continual Light’ Metal Sling Bullet and can see the there is a due Westerly flowing source of opaque water which appears to being moving with greater speed than that of the original Sea Hag Cenote.

Vicross: “What can you see Paladin?”

Sir Ly explains to Vicross what he can see and then asks to be lowered into the water so he can investigate further below the obscure water. The water enters through in tunnel coming from the East and exits through a Western one. Sir Ly then notices a ‘Bright Green’ substance moving through the water, moving with the direction of the flow of water. Sir Ly remembers the empty Potion Bottle that he had and gathers a sample of the ‘Bright Green’ liquid.

Sir Ly: “I have found something, pull me up would you Vicross.”

Vicross and Sir Ly peer at the Potion Bottle and conclude that it must be a dye of some sort, either from an underwater creature or from sentient hands.

Vicross and Sir Ly move onto the last breach in the floor and transport the winch over to the Sea-Hag Cenote.

Magic Item - Sword Flame Tongue - Scrag Killer
Magic Item – Sword Flame Tongue

If the Paladin is to fight under the water he needs a more appropriate weapon than his ‘Flametonge Long Sword’, Two-Handed Sword or Mace that Sir Ly favoured. It was good fortune that those that could were taught to wield the Spear, as it has now, and has before, allowed our Heroes to fight on. As a result Sir Ly had to climb back up the spiral stairs and retrieve his Spear.

Beware The Lady Scrag Under The Water (19:10 pm):

Sir Ly: “I will go down then Vicross and make sure there is nothing to impede our progress.”

Vicross: “As you wish,”

Here, the Paladin knowing the layout of what was waiting for them both below the surface, Vicross lowers Sir Ly down so he can clear the way for the Wizard. As the Paladin got closer to the surface of the water, he could make out that there was a large structure just under the surface of the water, which he could only see with light and due to his closeness to the water.

Sir Ly: “Lower me down closer to the water Vicross.”

Vicross: “As you wish,”

Sir Ly lowers himself into the water and remembers to call up to Vicross and describes to the Wizard what it is that he can see before he goes below the water.

Sir Ly: “I cannot make out what it is from the surface and I will need to get closer.”

Vicross: “As you wish,”

As Sir Ly disappears below the water he concentrates on looking at the structure that he saw and now, with the aid of the ‘Continual Light’ Metal Sling Bullet, the Paladin clearly can see that it extends all the way down to the floor of this Cenote.

The structure is made from rock, or moulded from it as the party has seen before, cylindrical and hollow. Sir Ly approaches the stone column remembering that the Sea-Hags Winch and Chain were located exactly in the centre of this new structure. Vicross can just see that the Paladin, due to the ‘Continual Light’ Metal Sling Bullet, had started to walk towards the structure from the edge of the hole above.

The large structure is of rough manufacture, on closer inspection, and Sir Ly choses to peer into the centre of the structure to look for the Sea-Hag’s Winch and Cain. It was there as before, and the chain had been coiled up next to the winch.

It was at that precise moment that Sir Ly noticed the brief darkening above his head and knew there was an attack coming from above him. The creature that sped down before the startled Paladin was a Freshwater Troll, better known as a Scrag.

These Gilled Trolls, also called Scrags or River Trolls, are the most loathsome of all the Trolls. River Trolls, as their name implies, travel the waterways in search of victims. Their arms are thin and frail but their mouths are wide and lined with dozens of needle-sharp fangs. Their colour ranges from blue-green to olive. Scrags devour anything they catch, but prefer Humanoids and have a fondness for Dwarves.

Sir Ly uses his ‘Ring of Shooting Star’s’ ability and casts Spark Shower from it at the Scrag. The Scrag take damage from the flying cloud of sizzling purple sparks which fan out from the ‘Ring of Shooting Stars’. The Scrag, now in a savage fury, mauls and slashes at Sir Ly with a claw attack and bite. Seeing the flying cloud of sizzling purple sparks beneath the water Vicross braces for the cold embrace to come, dives in after the Paladin and intent of showing the same Heroism as that of Mirafir of Daggerford.

This time the Wizard is first to act, using his Magic for the first time underwater, and casts 4 ‘Magic Missiles’ at the Scrag, knowing it would work as it did for Mirafir the Great. The Scrag takes more damage and now is more intent than ever to eat the Paladin, still barely alive if possible. The Scrag attacks with great speed and dexterity allowing it to move before Sir Ly, once again gouging out flesh with his claws and biting the left arm of Sir Ly. Then Sir Ly attacked again with the unfamiliar Spear, but muscle memory and a good teacher in Sherlen Spearslayer, meant Sir Ly’s thrust was near perfect and took the Scrag’s life.

Vicross and Sir Ly look over the underwater structure together and they think this is the work of a ‘Meld Rock’ Clerical Spell, or something similar. Vicross and Sir Ly then move off Eastwards towards the stairs leading to the Rooms, the large cavern with the Double Doors and finally onto the Spiral stairs leading to the submerged Library Tomb.

Vicross and Sir Ly begin to exit the water with Sir Ly taking the lead and making sure that the ante chamber with 3 Doors, leading to the Sea-Hag room, Electric Lizard Cavern and larger cavern with the spiral stairs leading down to the Library Tomb, was not harbouring any further enemies. It was then that the Female Scrag chose to attack the un-armoured Human that had taken part in her mate’s death, judging by the scorch marks on his corpse.

Monster - Scrag Female
Monster – Scrag Female

Vicross however, was too alert, or perpetually paranoid, to be caught out that easily and made a dash for the ante chamber for safety and to allow the Paladin to confront the angered Scrag-et. Sir Ly turns and faces the advancing female fresh-water Troll. Blows are exchanged and both combatants are injured, with Sir Ly having already been scratched and bitten by the male Scrag. Vicross aids the Paladin and send 4 dark bolts, not quite like those of Mirafir in colour, at the female Scrag with Vicross having cast ‘Ray of Enfeeblement’ on the furious female Scrag. Such is the fury, the advantage of being above the water and his ‘Flametonge Long Sword’, Sir Ly and Vicross make short work of dispatching the last Scrag.

Vicross and Sir Ly first attempt to search the Sea-Hags room and find that the door is stuck, but not bolted. Sir Ly uses his great strength to force the wet and expanded wooded door open. Inside they find nothing of interest.

Opposite is the door leading to the Lightning Lizard that the Heroes, the A-Team, encountered on their first visit here. Sir Ly checks the door and lets Vicross know that this one is in fact locked. Vicross uses his Wizardry Skills and casts ‘Knock’ to open the locked door. Beyond the door the two Adventurers find that the roughly hewed out tunnel had filled with rubble, leaving only a foot or less of space at the top.

Vicross: “I advocate for moving onto the Library Tomb and come back to this once we have finished. What say you Sir Ly?”

Sir Ly: “A good plan Wizard, I will puzzle out the tiles on yonder door.”

The last door that stood between the two was protected by the ‘Magical Puzzle/Lock’.

Sir Ly: “Now let me see…”

Vicross: “S.”

Sir Ly: “A great treasure lies here under a curse and only those may enter who provide a cure.”

Vicross: “S.”

Sir Ly: “I have it, E.”

Vicross: “S.”

Sir Ly: “Indeed, S.”

Vicross and Sir Ly make their way down the roughly hewed-out tunnel and onto the large Cavern beyond.

Here, the space appeared much as it was the last time our Heroes, the A-Team, visited with the pile of rocks before the double doors 15’ feet above the caverns floor level, other rocks lying around and complete darkness.  Vicross and Sir Ly climb up and check the double doors. These doors are also locked and Vicross had to cast his ‘Knock’ Spell to open the locked door. Vicross could tell once the Spell was cast that the door was both locked and ‘Wizard Locked’ too.

Beyond the double doors was the long corridor, leading to spiral stairs down to the flooded Library Tomb. Vicross and Sir Ly were not hindered by the water as they still had ‘Water Breathing’ running. Inside Vicross and Sir Ly found the Library Tomb exactly as it was the last time they had entered, including the Stone Sarcophagi with its lid re-placed and covering it.

Vicross and Sir Ly then both begin to search the library for clues or information. Vicross casts ‘Detect Magic’ looking for anything that will aid Mirafir in his fight against Evil. Vicross find the Library Tomb devoid of any Magic. Vicross and Sir Ly then search the bookshelves for further possible intelligence.

Several tomes are taken that would have aided the Adventurers in their quest, books on Necromancy and Dragon Lore, while they did find references to:

  • The Harpers
  • The Song Paths of Illefarn
Symbol of the Harpers
Symbol of the Harpers

Vicross and Sir Ly make their way back to the Lightning Lizard’s lair. Here Vicross has to use another of his Spells, ‘Polymorph’ and ‘Polymorph Other’, to transform himself and the Paladin into a Lizard and Fly respectively. They both make their way past the rubble and into the elongated chamber beyond. Inside they return to the chamber of pools and stalagmites, which had also suffered the same damage and rock falls, due to the earthquake.

Sly Ly flew around the chamber looking for clues in Fly form, while Vicross used the last round of his ‘Detect Magic’ to check a selected area of the chamber. Vicross detected the ‘Eleven Long Bow’ that was there before but nothing more.

Sir Ly could see nothing more of interest, apart from the one Gold Coin on the floor, the Skeleton of the Lightning Lizard under the rock fall covering the exit and that the exit to the craven opposite to the way they came in was completely blocked with rubble. Vicross ‘Polymorphs’ back into his normal form and collects the ‘Eleven Long Bow’ from where it had lay for all these years.

Vicross and Sir Ly then made their way back out of the Lightning Lizards cave and back to the stairs leading to the way out.

Once Vicross and Sir Ly were back in the water, and making their way back to the surface, they both noticed that there was a second coloured dye in the also flowing down the water stream. This dye was a dark Magenta in colour and it was flowing in the current that ran directly West-wards. Another sample of the Coloured Dye is taken by Sir Ly to be verified with a ‘Detect Magic’ Spell later on.

Vicross and Sir Ly both swim to the rope hanging from the winch and climbed back up to the Main Carvern floor for the cavern above.

Sir Ly: “Which way is Runedardath from here, was it not East?”

Vicross: “I believe that the ancient city of the Dwarves is South-East of our current location.”Sir Ly: “So the water and Magical Dye are flowing away from Runedardath under Mount Illefarn and towards us here under The Old King’s Hill?”

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