2: Proof Carlyle Expedition Still Alive

New York City, U.S.A: 18:02 PM: First we had the name of the bar in Hong Kong where Jackson met Nails and was told that Jack Brady was still alive. However he is most assuredly long gone from this location now. Secondly, and marginally more useful, Jackson mentions Carlyle’s lover “Anastasia” for the first time….

1: The Games Afoot, Follow Your Spirit

  TELEGRAM: HAVE INFORMATION CONCERNING CARLYLE EXPEDITION: STOP. NEED RELIABLE INVESTIGATIVE TEAM: STOP. ARRIVE JANUARY 15: STOP SIGNED JACKSON ELIAS. (SEE HANDOUT 02) – Telegram sent to Irma by Jackson Elias: Jackson Elias was a good friend, although they’d not seen each other recently, shared a similar outlook and were of a similar generation. Whenever…