Caravan Duty – Chapter Two

Caravan Duty – Chapter Two

Caravan Duty – Monsters On The Trade Way:

26th Day Of The Leaffall (October)

The Adventurers are still on Caravan Duty and they make it to the Campsite.

Father Tobias looks after Horses using his animal husbandry, helped out by young Frimly. Thora suggests with such large creature in vicinity we keep Horses close and do shorter shifts.

Camp Site - Caravan Duty
Camp Site

Suddenly, Sigune looks up and spots the Manticores in the distance. The wounded one has sunk below the tree line, they are ripe for the picking.

Splitting into two parties, Thora, Frim and Mirafir approach quietly and Thora steps out to meet the creatures, Battle Axe in hand. She charges and lands a hefty blow on the uninjured large male Manticore. Mirafir fires a ‘Magic Missile’ and hits the injured female Manticore. Frimly fires two ‘Magic Short Bow Arrows’ but with no effect.

Thora takes a claw hit to her shoulder. She battles on swinging her axe in wild strokes. Sigune and Sir Ly soon charge to her aid. Sigune does more damage before Thora is bitten across her back by the Manticore.

She then arches back her weapon and cleaves its head clean off. Sigune then steps forward and dispatches the other Manticore.

Father Tobias carried out Healing (proficiency) on Thora. Vital organs and trophies are hacked off.

27th Day Of The Leaffall (October)

Bow Shot – Caravan Duty:

The next morning the Adventurers head off along the Trade Way road, continuing their Caravan Duty and reach Bow Shot before lunch. The Bow Shot Inn awaits – once upon a time all the land was wooded, but no more. No stories of any activity to pass on. But are super impressed by Frimly’s tales of derring do and proceed to ply us with apple schnapps.

Bowshot sat aside the Trade Way North of the Way Inn and South of Liam’s Hold. It was named for its location, being a “bowshot” from the Misty Forest when the village was founded. The woods became considerably farther away as the years of logging have taken their toll.

Recently Caverns have been discovered at the Western edge of the Hamlet. The Caves maybe connected to the upper Underdark and a large vein of Silver.

The Way Inn:

We are handed a Scroll to pass on to Sherlen Spearslayer. A few hours later we arrive at The Way inn as dusk is falling and are greeted by an armoured and wary local populace. They have been attacked by wronguns from Dragonspear Castle.

The eponymous Way Inn is stone built and appears unharmed by the assault, unlike many of the vilage’s dwellings. There we meet, Dauravyn  Redbeard, the ebullient Landlord of The Way Inn. They were attacked several months ago but are still wary. Tales of Human Bandits; Orcs and Goblins to the North.

The Way Inn - Caravan Duty
The Way Inn

Thora’s ears prick up when Dauravyn  Redbeard tells us of another Party of Adventurers who passed by on their way to find Runedardath Under Mount Illefarn. He then introduces us to a Caravan owner who has suffered some misfortune on the road, but still has his daughter, wares and 3 hirelings.

Meldar Farwander, Daughter Delora Sharpeye, Ian, Finn and Dooley. They come from Baldurs gate. Attacked between Bowshot and here by Human Bandits and all 8 Gaurds are killed.

We agree to accompany them on our return journey to Daggerford (40 gp each). They are cattle herders and stink!

28th Day Of The Leaffall (October)

Camping Near Bowshot:

We set up in camp near Bowshot.

On Frimly and Sigunes watch they are taken by surprise by a hail of Burning Arrows which land on several of the tents and into trees setting light to them. In the ensuing chaos Thora and Sigune run ahead to find the culprits arcing Arrows into the tent. Attempt to move silently and flank the mystery Archers. They find four of them firing Short Bows and slice them to pieces before they can fire again.

Back at the Campsite they are fire fighting. Mirafir takes high ground to assess things. Frimly goes to check Horses and almost stumbles across two Archers who fire at him and just graze his thigh. He ducks for cover and they shoot at Sir Ly. Who in turn charges them alongside Father Tobias. 

Frimly shouts a warning as he spots three more Archers sneaking down using Cattle as cover and attempt to ambush Delora Sharpeye.

Frimly shouts a warning and Meldar Farwander steps in in the nick of time. Mirafir fires a ‘Magic Missile’ and slays one while Meldar Farwander engages another of the Archers.

Meanwhile Frimly successfully sneaks up behind the third and slits his throat. He then searches the body for ahem clues.


Thora and Sigune circle round and discover 9 Horses, which accounts for all their foes. The leader is Jacko the Wily – a wanted man. Each has 25gps + 175gp + 45gps, Jocko the Wily is worth 500gps and he also has very nice ‘Leather Armour’ and Shield but 6’ feet talll. He also carries a Quiver, Longbow and Longbow Arrows 3 of which are very well made.

They take bodies on back of captured Horses as display of law in action. In a misplaced fit of gratitude Meldar Farwande gives Mirafir the shirker a Map.

This promts Frimly to present Meldar Farwande with a Jade necklace (Which unbeknown to Frimly is worth 100s of GPS).

Meldar's Map Of Runedardath Under Mount Illefarn
Meldar’s Map Of Runedardath Under Mount Illefarn

To Be Continued…….

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