The Death of Wartsnak Direlord – Chapter Twenty Two

The Death of Wartsnak Direlord – Chapter Twenty Two

1st Day Of The Deepwinter (January):

Level 2 - Dwarf Lookout & Wartsnak
Level 2 – Dwarf Lookout & Wartsnak

Beware The Glyph of Warding:

How can a Glyph of Warding be such a power defence? The warriors in the party are stood at the top of a descending flight of stairs, Orc and Ogre viscera still dripping in thick unwholesome gouts from their Weaponry, while an awful slick of formless blood inches across the floor, ebbing from the pile of still warm and foetid bodies.

A pursuit of Wartsnak Direlord and his two remaining allies is being mooted, while they gaze into an unnatural ‘Continual Darkness’. This is soon dispelled by a ‘Continual Light Gem’ that is careful dropped onto the stairwell, making the impenetrable black merely pitch and hides the Glyph of Warding that may be there.

Suspicions of what may greet them on the Staircase are aroused by an uncanny, but now familiar absence of sound. A ‘Silence’ spell has been cast.

Thora: “They’ll be a Glyph of Warding”.

Thora declares, beyond which Thora can see the Floor beyond opening out to a larger unlit (Room 126).

Runedardath - Room 126 - Glyph of Warding
Runedardath – Room 126

The Secret Door, found by Mirafir, is closed and any Tracks are hidden.

Father Tobias is called upon to ‘Detect Magic’ and finds 4 ‘Glyphs of Warding’ set into the wall though they emit only low level power.

The plan is for Sir Ly, while still imbued with the ‘Potion of Heroism’

Potion of Heroism - Glyph of Warding
Potion of Heroism

In order to take the damage from the first ‘Glyph of Warding’ and gauge whether to continue and take more damage.

As we descend the ‘Silence’ dissipates – only 6 rounds, so low level Spell Caster we reason.

Sir Ly sets off a ‘Glyph of Warding’. Thora sets off another ‘Glyphs of Warding’ then Father Tobias also gets hit by a ‘Glyphs of Warding’ leaving one ‘Glyph of Warding’ left, Sigune follws up and remains unscathed.

Mirafir follows and is also unaffected by the last ‘Glyph of Warding’. While the remaining party members make their way down Thora calls upon Sir Ly to join her in the vangard entering the Room ahead, suspecting an assault. She calls upon the other to remain on the stairs in case of area of effect Spell from the Red Robed Cleric or from ‘Warksnak’s Ring’.

As Thora and Sir Ly enter a Small Room (Room 126) with 2 corridors running of it to the North on the Right and Left, they spot 4 Goblins Archers to the left hand side and the sound of Goblin Clerical Chanting (‘Bless’?) beyond them.

To the Right the corridor is blocked by ‘Fog’, not the Yellowish Cloud encountered before.

A hail of Short Bow Arrows bounces around the Warriors and within a heartbeat Thora and Sir Ly have smitten 2 Goblin foes.

Father Tobias: “Keep an eye out, it may not be the last ‘Glyph of Warding’ we come accorss.”

No More Hiding Behind A Glyph of Warding:

A guttural roar greets them as the last Troll looms out of the gloom (Room 125) with 2 Goblins scurrying around, with Short Bows, his feet. Both Goblins keep looking backwards towards (Room 125) and beyond.

Runedardath - Room 125
Runedardath – Room 125

The corridor to the right, that had been shrouded in ‘Fog’, suddenly becomes clear and standing before the remainder of the party made up of Galan, Mirafir and the Cloaked Frimly, are 2 Ogres standing in front of Wartsnak Direlord and the Red Robed Cleric behind them.

At this instant a Spell is cast from ‘Wartsnak’s Ring’ to devastating effect as a ‘Slow’ Spell is cast upon Thora Father Tobias, Sigune and Sir Ly. Only Sir Ly rebuffs the potent force and continues on to meet the last Troll with a vicious blow. Thora follows up despite being slowed and smashes it with brutish ferocity…the Troll responds in kind dealing two brutal pummelling fist attacks on Thora.

Galan calls on Wartsnak Direlord to engage him in single mortal combat. Wartsnak Direlord takes the bait and lunges toward him. He outwits the Orc lLader using his ‘Ring of Jumping’, leaping over the Wartsnak Direlord and landing right in front of the Red Robed Cleric in the corridor, delivering 2 blows with Short Sword and Long Sword. The Cleric is still standing despite this surprise attack.

Ring of Jumping
Ring of Jumping

Sigune and Father Tobias move Slowly forward to engage the 2 Ogres and the now free Wartsnak Direlord.

They both take brutal damage from both Ogres.

Galan is first to react and smites the Red Robed Cleric, Dead, before the Red Robed Cleric can cast a Spell. Out of nowhere a Horde of Orcs appear, North, from the Corridors. Galan is now out numberd 4 to 1 while 2 more Orcs hold thier ground.

Sir Ly smashes down the Last Troll with another phenomenal swipe of his Longsword. Beyond are still the Goblin Archers who predictably fire Arrows while moving backwards backed by the still Chanting Goblin Cleric. Thora thinks, She will play the pin cushion, and continue to try and engage the Goblin Archers who hit her for 7 points of damage.

Frimly, all time hidden on the Stairs, attempt to Backstab Wartsnak Direlord but fails. Sigune parries while despite taking damage from Wartsnak Direlord.

Mirafir decide to go for aid as he is low on both Hit Points and Spell Points. The Portal is not to far and help from the Dwarves is close.

Father Tobias, despite being Slowed engages in  toe-to-toe combat with no fear only foolishness, possibly.

Sir Ly has fallen back and engaged an Ogre in combat.

Wartsnak Direlord deals Frimly, who is parrying, a brutal blow staggering the diminutive Thief.

More hacking and slashing in the Main Room – who knows……

Galan strikes down an Orc and wounds another, 2 Orcs run past Galan and head to protect Wartsnak Direlord, behind them the last 2 Orcs still hold back.

Sigune is nearly down as she is once again hit by the ‘Battle Axe of Wartsnak’.

Thora kills another Goblin and trundles slowly onwards towards the last Goblin Archer and Goblin Cleric and slays last Goblin. The Goblin Cleric had stopped chanting and had Sast a spell, producing a Magical ‘Blade Like Flame’.

Sigune misses Wartsnak Direlord by skin of her teeth. Sir Ly hits his Ogre again and slays it an Orc steps into the breach

Frimly hits Wartsnak Direlord for 3hp, if he is to die let the Bards Sing kindly of him.

The Goblin Cleric aims the ‘Flaming Scimitar’ from his hand swinging wildly and singeing Dwarf beard

Galan strikes down an Orc and turns back into the fray.

Sir Ly slays an errant Orc and heads for Wartsnak Direlord but the last Orc steps in his way.

The Goblin Cleric’s ‘Flaming Scimitar’, which has sprung from its hand, slices Thora with a searing heat she is down to 9hps. She returns the favour slicing the Goblin Cleric asunder with one stroke of her Battle Axe. Thora heads back to the dead Toll to set it alight, slowly,.

NPC - Emee Goblin Cleric
NPC – Emee Goblin Cleric

Sigune is also one blow away from oblivion and decide to meet St Cuthbert as a true Paladin should, fighting.

Galan leaves Father Tobias to continue parrying his Ogre while; leaping unsuccessfully to attack Wartsnak Direlord and lands badly.

The parrying Father Tobias is hit once more by the last Ogre standing leaving him in a parlous state, only Sir Ly can save him. Sir Ly take possition infront of Father Tobias, allowing him to move backwards.

Finally the ‘Slow’ Spell comes to an end.

Galan is now on Wartsnak Direlord but misses with Short Sword and Long Sword, while Frimly defends the stairs, knowing that Wartsnak Direlord inteads to flee, and receives a blow. Father Tobias glugs a ‘Potion of Healing’ then joins Sir Ly in fighting the last Wartsnak Direlord.

Potion of Extra-Healing
Potion of Extra-Healing

Father Tobias delivers the killer blow with his ‘Gauntlets of Ogre Strength’. Irony abounds.

Wartsnak Direlord turns his attention on Galan and smites him for 5hp.

Then Wartsnak Direlord, the Orc Chief, has battered the parrying Thief who can finally step back and try and drink a much needed ‘Potion of Healing’.

Sigune does the same, her last ‘Potion of Healing’ but loses position on Wartsnak Direlord as Sir Ly steps in take her place.

Sir Ly and Galan deals more heavy blows and Wartsnak appears to be on his way out when suddenly, his ‘Magical Battle Axe’ glows brightly and Wartsnak Direlord is imbued with more life force.

Battle Axe
Battle Axe

Galan and Sir Ly spend the next 2 rounds finishing off Wartsnak Direlord who has no one to come to his aid.

The last ‘Potions of Healing’, ‘Extra Healing’ and ‘Cure Light Wounds’ spells are handed out and Cast.

Thora and Galan head to (Room 125) to secure perimeter beyond. (Room 124) has  stairs ascending into it with a Door set into them. The Door itself is very Heavily Barred and Lockable. Thora and Galan find it is unlocked with the locking bar on floor, the door slightly ajar.

Galan: “The last footprints by door were likely the Red Robed Clerics”

Runedardath - Room 124
Runedardath – Room 124

Galan tells the party as he checks for Tracks by the Door. Looks like he prepared an emergency escape route?

The stairs descend 60’ feet or so and we hear the sound of scraping bone on stone, both Frimly and Mirafir have heard the sound before under Mount Illefarn, Undead SKELETONS.

There are Goblin beds in both (Room 124) and (Room 125), possibly first line of defence against Kelthas The Dread.

Sigune and Sir Ly head North up the ring hand corridor. They reach a Cross section and can see one Room to the East (Room 129) and one to the West (Room 127).

(Room 129) appears to be a Treasure Room, inside they find 3 Stone Carvings of Mules, 4 Turquoise pieces and 60 gp.

Runedardath - Room 129
Runedardath – Room 129

(Room 127) is a Goblin Barracks, small cotts, and Sigune and Sir Ly spot another Door in the North Wall (Room 128).

Runedardath - Room 127 - Glyph of Warding
Runedardath – Room 127

(Room 128) is a small Goblin Barracks.

Runedardath - Room 128 - Glyph of Warding
Runedardath – Room 128

Sigune and Sir Ly head back to the Cross section and head North. They find a long corridor with 3 Doors on the East Wall (Rooms 131, 132 & 133).

Runedardath - Room 131-132-133 - Glyph of Warding
Runedardath – Room 131-132-133

All 3 of these rooms are more Goblin Barracks. Sigune and Sir Ly head back to (Room 126) where Father Tobias and Frimly are waiting.

Thora and Galan look for the Key but do not find one, they ask Sir Ly and Sigune and they hand over a Set of Keys found on the Red Robed Clerics body. Frimly bars and locks the Door.

Frimly picks up ‘Wartsnak Direlord’s Axe’ and immediately receive a massive lesson as the Sentient Weapon screams out, but only Frimly can hear the voice.

Battle Axe: ‘You shall never wield me!’

Frimly is blasts for 12hp of damage and slumps to the floor in great Pain.

‘Wartsnak Direlord’s Plate Mail’ is removed form his body and  Sir Ly chops off the hand of Wartsnak Direlord which holds the ‘Magic Ring’. Without touching the Evil thing, Sir Ly pushes Wartsnak Direlord’s Battle Axe’ into the Secret Room found by Mirafir (Room 135) and a body is thrown in to set the trap off again. Nothing happens as the trap may not be, or not be able to, re-set.

Ring of Spell Storing
Ring of Spell Storing

To Be Continued…….

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