Rescue Mission – Chapter Eight

Rescue Mission – Chapter Eight

Rescue Mission – Continued:

22nd Day Of The Rottening (November)

The Adventures, after a few minutes of riding uphill, come to the base of a large ridge and discover Goblin Archers. Several hundred feet away, and above them, the Adventures can see the six Goblin Archers all with Short Bows in their hands. Behind those Goblin Archers are more, with Short Bows in hand and firing down into the Valley opposite from where you emerged.

Monster - Goblin Archers
Monster – Goblin Archers

Goblin Archers Continued:

Galan rides of and round to the right of the Goblin Archers while Frimly heads Left.

Thora, Sir Ly, Sigune and Father Tobias ride towards the ridge and the Goblin Archers Arrows. Mirafir holds his position on his Horse with Lady Bronwyn seated behind him.

Lady Bronwyn had other ideas in mind and slapped the Horse’s rump making it follow the rest of the Adventures.

The Goblin Archers aim for the Adventures Horses and several are hit.

Father Tobias get within range of the Goblin Archers in order to cast “Entangle”, while Mirafir’s intension is to cast “Sleep” on the Goblin Archers.

The Goblins aim for the Adventures Horses again and several are hit, while the Adventures on Horseback reach the base of the ridge.

The Goblin Archers are concentration most of their attacks on the Horses of Mirafir and Father Tobias. Father Tobias’s Horse is hit again and falls down injured.

The Goblins aim for the Adventures Horses once again and more are hit as is Mirafir. Lady Bronwyn casts a ‘Protection Spell’ on Mirafir as they move the last few feet into range.

The Team Fighting Goblins Archers
The Team Fighting Goblins

Galan is trying to flank the Goblin Archers as is Frimly, who dismounted and ‘Moved Silently’ up to the top of the ridge.

More Goblin Arrows are fired at Father Tobias and one hits. Then Father Tobias casts “Entangle”, while Mirafir casts “Sleep” on the Goblins. The group on the Right are put to “Sleep”, while the group on the left are all “Entangled” by the undergrowth.

Meanwhile, Frimly has made it over the ridge and can now see what the Goblins where firing at in the valley. A lone, injured Elf garbed in Fine Armour and Weapons. He appears to be injured.

Melandrach: “How have you avoided the Arrows of the Goblins, never mind that now, my name is Melandrach and I appear to need your aid.”

Frimly introduces himself and tries to administer “Healing” to Melandrach, without success.

Baron Agwain Delantar and his Men-at-Arms catch-up with the Adventures and agree to be returned to Daggerford to face Duke Pwyll Greatshout.

The Goblins are dispatched and their ears are taken. Melandrach, King of the Wild Elves, invites the Adventures to stay for the night.

Melandrach is irked by the Humans in the party as they try to enforce their rules and ideals in his kingdom of “The Laughing Hollow”. Galan shows respect while Mirafir and Father Tobias show too much of a Human side. For this reason all the Weapons are taken from the Adventures, Baron Agwain Delantar and his Men-at-Arms.

Thora enquires about the band of Adventures that were looking for Runedardath Under Mount Illefarn, any unusual Evil creature activities in the area and any news or information on Runedardath itself.

The Adventures heal the wounded members of the party and Horses before they all get a hot meal and a good nights of uninterrupted sleep.

23rd Day Of The Rottening (November)

Where Were The Goblin Archers From:

The Adventures head back to Daggerford with an unarmed Baron Agwain Delantar and his Men-at-Arms.

After a few hours of riding Thora and Father Tobias, riding at the vanguard, hear the noise of a horse in the distance and off the trackway.

Galan gestures for Frimly to accompany him as he slips of his Horse and they both quietly slip off into the dense forested area. After a few minutes they hear the noise of a Horse screaming. They advance further into the forest until they find the cause of the Horse scream.

Galan and Frimly come to a clearing in which are 2 Dead Horses, one being feasted upon by a group of 4 Ghouls while the other has 3 Ghouls others gnawing away on the other. There is a, slightly hidden, Bronze Trap Door in the ground a few feet behind the Ghouls.

Galan heads back to inform the part while Frimly climbs a tree and draws his Short Bow.

All the remaining Adventures return with Galan to the clearing, while the Baron Agwain Delantar and his Men-at-Arms stay put.

As the remaining Adventurers are discussing their plan of action, Frimly fires at a Ghoul with his back to him. Frimly hits and this has the Ghouls turning and running towards the Adventures.

The Team - Fighting Goblin Archers
The Team

One Ghoul goes for Frimly up the tree, while the other Ghouls rush Father Tobias who had strode out with Holy Symbol in hand and flanked by Thora and Sir Ly.

Mirafir and Lady Bronwyn stay behind cover while Sigune take out her Longbow. Galan Flanks round to the right.

Chaos insures as most of the attacks and Spell occur at the same time:

  • Father Tobias casts “Aid” on Thora.
  • Frimly misses the Ghoul running towards him and it reaches the base of the tree.
  • Thora is hit by one of the Ghouls and is Paralysed.
  • Sigune hits one with a Longbow Arrow as does Galan.
  • Sir Ly misses his foe.
  • Mirafir and Lady Bronwyn hold their actions.
  • Father Tobias is successful in Turning 3 of the Ghouls.

The Adventures react to the melee:

  • Mirafir cast “Magic Missile” on the Ghoul attacking Thora, while Lady Bronwyn disappears and is ‘Invisible’.
  • Frimly takes out a flask of Holy Water and drops it on the Ghouls head. Burning flesh and screams accompany the falling, dead Ghoul.
  • Father Tobias takes out his Mace and also attacks the Ghoul.
  • Galan and Sir Ly dispatch the last Ghoul that had been clawing at Sir Ly.

The Adventures prepare to open the Bronze Trap Door and enter the Ghouls Lair. Father Tobias wants to cast ‘Bless’ on the party and is waiting for the best opportunity, while Lady Bronwyn, still ‘Invisible’, casts ‘Continual Light’ on a small rock for those in the party unable to see in Darkness.

Frimly is tasked with opening the Bronze Trap Door, coved by Galan, Sigune and Sir Ly. Below the Bronze Trap Door the Adventures find a tunnel leading down into Darkness. The passage is not natural but many centuries have passed since its making.

Upon entering the passage the Adventures can see that it lead to a small Chamber, with a path heading off to the right and the end of the Chamber blocked by rubble.

Suddenly the Adventures are surprised as 2 more Ghouls drop from niches in the ceiling and surprise Sir Ly and Sigune. Sir Ly is hit and Paralysed, Sigune hits the other Ghoul. The third Ghoul appears from the path and rushes the now paralysed Sir Ly.

Father Tobias attempts to “Turn” the creatures and manages to do so on one. Another of the Ghouls hits Father Tobias and he is now also Paralysed.

Mirafir casts ‘Magic Missile’ and Thora uses her Battle Axe to despatch the 2 Ghouls standing.

The Adventures then rush to the path, down which the last Ghoul had disappeared down. There is a small stinking Cave used by the Ghouls at the end of the path. In the Cave the Ghoul is cowering in the corner and the Adventures can see the Dead Bodies of Dwarves, now many ages dead.

Thora takes on the last Ghoul, with the aid of Sigune, and they dispatch of it instantly.

A quick search of the Dwarven bodies uncovers a ‘Potion Bottle’, found by Frimly. Thora insists that they respect the dead and help her in laying her kin to rest in peace.

Goblin Archers Still A Worry:

The Adventures head back to Daggerford with their prisoners and a lot more humility than before. Big Fish, Small Pond. Yeah, right.

Location - The Laughing Hollow
Location – The Laughing Hollow

To Be Continued…….

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