Devin’s Raiments – Chapter Fourteen

Devin’s Raiments – Chapter Fourteen

King Devin Ironaxe of Dardath’s Raiments:

29th Day Of The Drawning Down (December)

Level 3 - Dwarves & Main Entrance
Level 3 – Dwarves & Main Entrance

The Statue Of King Devin Ironaxe of Dardath:

We stood at the Doorway to the Dwarven statue room, possibly a likeness of King Devin Ironaxe of Dardath, confounded. We postulated trying Invisibility, Wyvern Watch or Obscurement spells but remained unsure whether they would have any effect so we elected to save our Spell power.

Dwarf Statue
Dwarf Statue

Unable to affect the Statue of King Devin Ironaxe of Dardath we chose to return to King Korin to see if he had any knowledge of it or of King Devin Ironaxe of Dardath. Maybe just his mere presence as the true heir of Runedardath Under Mount Ilefarn would have been enough to grant us passage.

We returned up the Ladder to the Treasure Room of King Devin Ironaxe of Dardath. There Frimly diligently listened at the Secret Door but heard nothing. We re-entered the chapel which was empty, traversed it, then went swiftly downstairs to the Dwarf Stronghold without further incident where we meet King Korin with his retinue, a Gnome Illusionist and his Dwarven Chief Cleric.

Incredibly he bowed, first to Thora and then to each us. To us! A King bowed to us! It transpired that King Korin was hugely grateful to us for having found the Treasure Room of King Devin Ironaxe of Dardath. The Magic Mirror, the Great Spade and the Stone of Elemental Control were now safely secured.

NPC - King Korin Ironaxe
NPC – King Korin Ironaxe

Sir Ly was still bleeding from his wounds, but being ashamed of his inability to smite even a paralysed Orc in the recent combat he merely asked the Dwarven Cleric for a hair shirt. Such a profound lack of fighting technique did not warrant healing just flagellation.

The Dwarven Cleric raised his eyebrows but granted Sir Ly’s request. It was Dwarf sized so when Sir Ly comedically tried to wear it he barely got it over his head. It was then that the Cleric saw his 4 wounds. After he had been healed of them we then all rested or had food or both.

Over the next week Sir Ly, Sigune, Galan and Thora Trained with the Dwarves while Mirafir studied the ‘Magical Mirrorr’

Over the Next Week we also tried to learn about the complex. However the Dwarves didn’t really understand the workings of the Column or the Fountains. Nor did they know the source of the Pollutant which befouled happy valley; only that it manifested just after the Earthquake struck.

However we were shown on Mirafir’s Map as much of Runedardath Under Mount Illefarn as they had explored. They also showed us around the Dwarven area. We found that they had a stable with mules. They also showed us a safe exit out of Ilefarn onto the plateau. Frimly used this to take his leave for a few days. Desiring the open air and to speak to his Raven, called Crow, Galan too left Ilefarn for a while.

Galan also wanted to investigate where the Undead Rat had gone when it left Ilefarn after its odd interest in first Frimly and then Mirafir. Clearly Kelthas also had access to the outside in addition to the Dwarves.

King Korin explained that the Dwarves sometimes foraged for food or recieved it from family in including livestock or large amounts of food and fuel. It was now known that some people in Daggerford therefore knew of the survival of the Dwarven expedition of three years ago.

Father Tobias used a “Messenger” spell to send word back to Daggerford that we were all well and seeking to deal with the situation. He was also given “3 Vials of Holy Water”. He kept one for himself and gave one to each of the two Paladins. He just hoped that Sir Ly could throw it better than he wielded his sword. But St Cuthbert had taught him to be forgiving so he held no grudge for Sir Ly’s previous inept swordsmanship.

Having trained with the Dwarves, the Paladins both now wielded maces as recent experience had told them that the mace was the most effective weapon to use when fighting undead skeletons.

While explaining the “Magic Mirror” to us, Mirafir got an inkling that he himself was being scried upon by someone. Had he not been a captive of Kelthas The Dread for several hours? Indeed, long enough for Kelthass The Dread, or another, to become familiar with Mirafir which in turn enabled themto have been able to cast a ‘Scrying Spell’ upon him.

This could be dangerous. Mirafir made a mental note to be more careful. As a safety ploy he also outlined a fictitious stratagem to the rest of us for the benefit of his unwanted Magical Audience.

The stone could summon or create an earth elemental. This was a large creature which could be commanded. The Dwarves told us Earth was the best material to use to create the greatest of Elementals, Mud, Clay, or even Sand creates a less Elemental. One was duly summoned. It was then used to bring the tributes and the statues from the treasure room back to the Dwarven area, with the Illusionists iding it and a Cleric who had cast “Silence” and was contoling the Earth Elemental. The Gnome told us that the command word for the stone was “Colossus”.

Once we had completed our Training and the wanderers had returned from the outside we met with King Korin Ironaxe once again.

We talked about the Statue of King Devin Ironaxe of Dardath Room. King Korin Ironaxe explained that he remembered an ancient text which had been shown to him which revealed a Password word he could utter to render the Statue of King Devin Ironaxe of Dardath inert. If we entered the guardroom without using this word, not only would the Statue Guardian have assailed us with Spells, but it would have been Immune to all of our Spells or Weaponry. We would surely have died if we had attempted any combat against it.

King Korin Ironaxe insisted on coming down the Ladder to the Secret Room so he could command the Statue of King Devin Ironaxe of Dardath. We got back to the Secret Room with King Korin Ironaxe avoiding any contact with enemy forces.

King Korin Ironaxe uttered the command

King Korin: “PEACE”.

The Statue of King Devin Ironaxe of Dardath stood to attention as we had first seen it. The Foul Malodorous Fumes still permeated this part of the complex. They were stronger the closer we got to the far Doorway in the Statue OF King Devin Ironaxe of Dardath room. It was therefore decided that Father Tobias would enter as he could employ his Magical ‘Necklace of Adaptation’ to breathe despite the poison air.

The Hidden Rooms Of King Devin Ironaxe of Dardath:

Carefully Father Tobias entered (Room 99) beyond the Stone Dwarven Gardian, on the East wall, he spied a secret door which he listened at then opened. It was a ten foot square room with a ladder going down. This led to the large room with the Fountain in it, North of, where we had shut off the pollutant.

Runedardath - Room 99 - King Devin Ironaxe of Dardath
Runedardath – Room 99

Father Tobias closed the Secret Door and moved to the next room. It was an antechamber (Room 102). Father Tobias looked around, fearful of traps and the Fumes were strong enough to effect anyone that entered here. there where 3 other Doors, in the East, West and South walls respectively.

Runedardath - Room 102 - King Devin Ironaxe of Dardath
Runedardath – Room 102

All these rooms were completely filled with Fumes. Father Tobias knew he was on his own. None of his comrades could have aided him here.

He tried the Door in the East wall first, were the Fumes were strongest.

A large chamber was beyond it. Inside it was a deep 10′ x 25′ foot Pool full of the Green Pollution (Room 101).

Beside the Pool, on the North wall, was a Shelf upon which was a curious looking Helmet with a decoration which reminded Father Tobias of Fish Scales. Next to the helmet were some strange looking Gloves of the same material.

Runedardath - Room 101 - King Devin Ironaxe of Dardath
Runedardath – Room 101

Father Tobias noticed steps at one end the Pool nearest the Shelf. He used them to wade into the Pollution. However he could not see through the haze. He would need to return with a Light source to penetrate its dense murk so he climbed out, thankful that his necklace prevented his vestments being besmirched by the pollution. In fact he was glad to find that he was not even wet.

He went to the South Door. It too was unlocked.

He opened it and went into the room inside (Room 103). He was amazed by a glittering ‘Jeweled Crown’ hanging on the wall was an ‘Cloak of Elvenkind’ much like Galan’s. The ‘Jeweled Crown’ was adorned with many Gems. Father Tobias was no Jeweller but he knew that this was priceless. This must be the ‘Crown of King Devin Ironaxe of Dardath’, fashioned as a Helmet, a Battle Crown perhaps, worthy of the Dwarf Warrior Kings of old.. Also in this Room was a suit of ‘Dwarven Bronze Plate Mail’ of fine craftsmanship, with many jewels and matching the style of the ‘Jeweled Crown’.

Father Tobias took the ‘Cloak of Elvenkind’.

He left and went into the West Door. As he opened the door he was astounded to see an even greater Treasure Trove (Room 104). There was:

  • The other Crown
  • Dwarven suit of Plate Mail
  • Short Sword
  • Crossbow with a set of Quarrels
  • Curious looking Metal Gauntlets
Runedardath - Room 104 - King Devin Ironaxe of Dardath
Runedardath – Room 104

But of all the items in the room, what stood above all others was another ‘Crown’. This was nearly as ostentatious as its twin in the South Room. This had to be the Lost Treasure of Runedardath Under Mount Ilefarn.

Father Tobias had an idea so he returned to (Room 101), picked up the ‘Helmet of Fish Scales’ and the ‘Curious Gloves’ then went to meet his comrades.

He excitedly told them of his findings. He asked Mirafir to confirm his belief about the ‘Helmet of Fish Scales’. Mirafir confirmed that it was a device for breathing Underwater.

King Devin Ironaxe put it on. Immediately we all noticed that his eyes no longer stung. Nor did her throat burn with the taint of the Pollution beyond the Doorway. A globe of air around the his head had appeared.

Father Tobias then got the ‘Gem of Continual Light’ from Sir Ly which had been so kindly given to them by the good Lady Bronwyn.

Together with Thora, Father Tobias returned to the South Chamber.

Farter Tobias tied a Rope around him then tied the other end around Thora. Carrying the ‘Gem of Continual Light’ she waded into the Pool via the steps at the far end. It was deep but she could now see through the liquids murk. She went to the bottom and found a Door wih a Crystal Portal, the same as in the Fountain area below. She found that she could open the Door and enter into a small 10′ x 10′ foot area.

Fountain Shaft
Fountain Shaft

The Levers Of King Devin Ironaxe of Dardath:


  • You can use the stairs or dive down to Door A to enter the Shaft A.
  • When Door A is closed the Shaft A Solid Floor Opens allowing movement down Shaft B.
  • When Door B is Opened, first the Shaft A Solid Floor Closes and then Shaft B drains of water which allows Door B to be opened.


  • If the Southern Lever is pushed down Shaft B drains of water which allows Door B to be opened.
  • When Door B is closed Shaft B fills with water, once filled the Solid Floor Opens to allowing movement up Shaft B to Shaft A to Door A.
  • When Door A is Opened, first the Shaft A Solid Floor Closes allowing Door A to be opened.

We returned in triumph to the Dwarven Area.

Having secured the Treasures Frimly and Galan then returned to the Statue Room. They went back into the South Chamber and explored the ladder beyond the Crystal Door. They found it opened out into a small Square Chamber On Level 4.

The small 10′ foot Square Room also had a Ladder going Down. This also led to Level 4.

The Treasures Of King Devin Ironaxe of Dardath:

Back with King Korin Ironaxe we all looked at the Treasures. A very grateful King Korin Ironaxe gave us some items as a reward for our efforts.

He gave the “Short Sword” to Thora. It was a “Short Sword of Quickness +2”. With it Thora would always strike first against an opponent. It had a very keen edge too.

The metal gloves were “Gauntlets of Ogre Power”. They conferred great strength (18 00) on the wearer.

It was decided that they should be given to Farher Tobias for his coming war against the Undead.

The “Cloak of Elevnkind” was given to Frimly. As he put it on it changed size from that fitting a Dwarf to one that fitted Frimly perfectly.

A while later Galan had a feeling. He wanted to attune with the ‘Mirror of Mental Prowess’. Tis could ot be one by ayone not a Wizard and so he asked for Mirafir’s help.

Galan asked Mirafir, and during the training days to look for a specific Troll, similar to the one Thora killed but with particular face paint makings. Subject is Slightly Informed of = 20%, Mirafir made it and you could see and hear the Troll for the viewing period of 15 minutes. He said what Galan heard and saw the Troll with 2 others in a darkened 30’x20’ foot Room. The ‘Crystal Ball’ effect of the ‘Mirror of Mental Prowess’ allows you to see and ‘Clairaudience’ allows you to hear.

After some Hours of contemplation in its presence Galan and Mirafir returned to the group.

Galan had a new quest. The Troll he had long sought and which had slain members of his family was in Runedardath Under Mount Illefarn. The ‘Mirror of Mental Prowess’ had shown him that the Troll was in the service of the Orc Warlord Wartsnak Direlord. The Troll spoke of Kelthas The Dread and how he was looking for the Elf Wizard he had captured, the doubling of the patrols and the possibility of an all out assault on the Dwarves now they had help from outsiders.

This meant war. Runedardath Under Mount Illefarn had to be cleansed of such evil.

To Be Continued…….

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