Lizard Raid – Chapter Six

Lizard Raid – Chapter Six

Lizard Marsh – Lizard Raid:

11th Day Of The Rottening (November)

Mission accomplished, the Fellowship now safely returned to Daggerford, divvy up the rewards from their mission and have no idea they will soon be sent to the Lizard Marsh.

These include:

  • Aassorted dried and fresh Orc and Goblin ears – 740 gp
  • Dry cured Manticore tails – 80 gp
  • 3 x Medium Horses – (6 x Horses have been kept by us and traded in for Militia Horses) 45 gp.

This time these rewards are paid from town funds but please note: they are normally paid via usury notes to be exchanged for goods and services within and around Daggerford.

  • Caravan duty 280gp Jacko the Wily reward – 500 gp
  • 3 x green spinells – 500 gp via Farrel the jeweller – who is fast striking up a mutually beneficial relationship with young Frimly
  • Assorted gold – 70 gp
  • Frimly also found 5 pieces of Onyx (250 gp total)
  • 40 gp on Orc bodies. To be divided.

So each party member thus receives approximately 480 gp to be spent ahem…wisely.

Frimly, unbidden, asks Farrel the jeweller of “Farrel’s Fine Jewellery and Apparel” to make a special memento of their Adventure; Ceratosaurus Claw Brooches for the party using the Ornate Book Clasps found in the Library under ‘The Old King’s Hill’..

Frimly sets about the next several days with a Mysterious Cloaked Figure, intent on becoming better at what he does best!!

NPC - Filarion Filvendorson - Lizard Marsh
NPC – Filarion Filvendorson

Thora doesn’t train but buys some ‘+1 Short Bow Magical Arrows’ with her reward money.

Elsewhere the Paladins, Sir Ly and Sigune and Cleric Father Tobias, abuse themselves in the fruitless pursuit of godly unhappiness.

Frimly, ears always groundwards, informs Thora that he has overheard a conversation by two Heavily Bandaged Adventurers, who are now convalescing at the Lady luck Tavern.

Thora’s interest is piqued and she arranges to meet them. They readily tell their sorry tale of a party of 12 who set out to find Runedardath Under Mount Illefarn. Only 3 returned, having been attacked in The Laughing Hollow by well drilled Orcs and Goblins. Only a band of Wild Wood Elves intervened and saved the remaining three.

They willingly showed Thora their Map of the entrance to Runedardath, but it was a poorly made one and revealed nothing that our superior version did not show.

Thora broods deeply on this news and speaks to Derval Ironeater, her steward and mentor. It is his brother that set out several years ago, also in search of Runedardath Under Mount Illefarn. Driven by the desire to reclaim the stolen Dwarven kingdom. Derval wonders why Orcs and Goblins have become so emboldened as to foray into the Laughing Hollow?

Meanwhile Mirafir gets to grips with learning new spells from an acolyte of …, a local lad by the name Rincewind. Mirafir also tries to ascertain the nature of the items gifted us by Delora and Meldar.

  • Potions of Gaseousness are handed out to Mirafir, Thora, Father Tobias.
  • Keoghtom’s Ointment – when applied it nullifies Poison or Disease. Heals 1d4+8. There are three applications.

Thora also commissions some Metal Potion containers to be made at her home forge.

Later that night on the graveyard shift atop the west wall of Daggerford, a lone rider appears, barely keeping atop his mount. Sherlen Spearslayer leaps down as the man falls from his mount and administers aid.

The rider utters the words:

Baron Cromm’s Man: ’lizard men, lizard men…raided Baron Cromm’s holding…they came from the Lizard Marsh…need help…please…”

Before losing consciousness.

Sherlen Spearslayer, who had now been joined Captain Arayndar Delimbiyr, orders us to rally our Horses and equipment and sally forth immediately to exact revenge and protect our kinsmen. If any of the inhabitants have even survived the scaly assault!?

Captain Arayndar Delimbiyr: “Send these out to see what has happened at Cromm’s Holding.”

Sherlen Spearslayer: “They are still green and may not be able to deal with what they find.”

Captain Arayndar Delimbiyr: “Fear not I will gather the fist and follow-up after them.”

We leave there and then taking our Horses and riding South, as fast a swe dared, to Cromm’s Holding and the enemy from the Lizard Marsh.

Cromm’s Hold was located about 15 miles (24.1 kilometers) from Daggerford. Cromm’s Hold was a keep near the North-Eastern region of the Lizard Marsh, in the Delimbiyr Vale. Baroness Wynne Cromm served as the lady of the Hold.

Cromm's Holding
Cromm’s Holding

The hamlet of Cromm’s Holding has been burned almost to the ground, bodies of menfolk are strewn across the ground. Mostly women and children have survived.

Also, bodies of Lizard Men wearing Ornamental Belts and Baldrics laced with Blue Feathers, much like those of the Kingfisher bird.

A finely dressed but dishevelled woman approaches us accompanied by a retainer. Baroness Piann is distraught as he and his best men returned late from hunting as the Holding was being attacked. Now he has left in hot pursuit of Lizardfolk who have fled into the Lizard Marsh, to avenge the murder of his son.

Galan urges caution if we are to enter the Lizard Marsh:

Galan Tara: “High grasses, quicksand. Tis the ideal terrain for Lizard Men”.

Monster - Lizardman - Lizard Marsh
Monster – Lizardman

But it’s noticed that they do not escape into the vegetation. Instead they are using the pathway that leads South-West to the Lizard Marsh. We strongly suspect Baron Cromm has been led into a trap, but orchestrated by whom?

It is not long before the primordial squawking of a Ceratosaurus is heard and in a hastened heartbeat the beast comes rushing through the reed beds and is met full on by Sigune, who has ridden ahead of the party. She deals it a hefty blow and receives a savage bite in return. A Longbow shot is loosed and Galan hits. Sigune then lands the fatal blow on to the already wounded Ceratosaurus. It looks to have been attacked by the Baron and his Men-at-Arms.

Entering The Lizard Marsh:

After travelling for a while through the Lizard Marsh, a Giant Toad suddenly emerges from the undergrowth and makes a giant leap onto Mirafir’s horse and unleashes a viscous tongue lashing, causing harm to our fearless Wizard, who bravely resists being sucked into its slobbering maw, with a mighty show of Wizardly strength. The Giant Toad leaps off and disappears into the vegetation.

Circling carrion in the distance lead us to the bodies of the men and horses of the Baron Cromm and his Men-at-Arms, the bodies have been stripped only of their Metal Weapons. A giant Ceratosaurus lies amongst them, but the bodies were stripped of Metal Weapons by the Lizardfolk. Clearly biding their time.

Monster - Lizardman - Lizard Marsh
Monster – Lizardman

Further along the trail in the Lizard Marsh we meet a group of Lizardfolk wearing Ornamental Belts and Baldrics laced with Brown Feathers, Not Blue, Feathers. Thora steps forward and parlays with the leader, Redeye. He casts a ‘Spell’ in order to talk to the Adventureres and explains they have nothing to do with the Blue Feather clan and eventually they leave in peace despite the desperate protestations of the Paladins to kick off.

The Blue Feathers are led by Fourfingers…and are known to be in search of Metal Weapons and mannish things….but why?

The party trudges on through the mist laden Lizard Marsh in search of vengeance.

Until they reach a large rock outcrop standing out of the Lizard Marsh. There is a large tree behind. As the party draws closer they realise It is in fact virtually an island with deep water on three sides, so offering an excellent defence.

Immediately they are spotted by their watch Lizardman, who sat on top of the rock, who cries out a warning to his scaly pals.

Redeye & The Lizardmen
Redeye & The Lizardfolk

Lizardman: “Humansssss, Humanssssss are entering the clearingsssssss.”

One of the Lizardmen fires covering fire from atop the rock, while others draw us into their trap.

The Adventurers elect to draw their Bows and return fire, softening the enemy in preparation for a charge.

A bloody rout ensues and several foe attempt to flee to the safety of open water…to no avail. Bloody vengeance for the atrocity carried out at Cromm’s Hold. The Blue Feather Lizard Clan are no more.

To Be Continued…….

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