Leaving The Big City

The Tale of Frimly Greenish And Thora Grid El

Leaving The Big City:

18th Day Of The Fading (September)

Frimly, new to town and in need of legitimate funds, wangles a job as pot man at the Lucky Lady Tavern. Opportunity knocks for our charming young rascal and before long he’s accompanying the house band with his cherubic voice and bawdy lyrics.

The Lady Luck Tavern
The Lady Luck Tavern

The Night After The Lucky Lady Tavern:

Trouble however, knocks even louder and the next morning there is a commotion outside his lodgings. It is the Captain Vimes, accompanied by the thuggish Caravan Guard, Virgil, and his cretinous sidekicks who are raising merry hell. The very same bullies who robbed and beat him in broad daylight are now set on ruining his new life.

Commander Sam Vimes - Lucky Lady Tavern
Captain Sam Vimes – City Watch

He quickly secretes his pickings where the sun don’t shine and opens the door to Captain Vimes of the City Watch and invites him in. Apparently poor Virgil Barsk had been robbed, including the wages of Jarret Luck and Keyon the Whisper, the previous evening and the Captain Vimes merely wants to discount him from his list of suspects. Nobby Nobs, a memeber of the City Watch, talks to the landlord of the Lucky Lady Tavern, Owenden Moonshadow, who vouches for Frimly as he came home very soon after Virgil Barsk fell alsleep.

Frimly is being read like a scroll by Captain Vimes, but doesn’t buckle under cross-examination, and after a thorough search of his room, they leave.

The Captain Vimes is smart, an ex-member of the Waterdeep watch and Frimly’s future is hanging in the balance, especially if Thora suspects anything. But hey, what could possibly go wrong.

Corporal Nobby Nobbs - Lucky Lady Tavern
Corporal Nobby Nobbs – City Watch

A few days later he’s found out.

The Lady Luck Tavern:

He is sent in to the private room at the Lady Luck Tavern, with a tray of expensive food and drink,  where a mysterious cloaked man greets him. In the outstretched palm of his slender fingered hand is the pouch of gold and gems that Frimly had hidden on the roof top after robbing that sculldugerous caravan jockey.

Frimly’s jaw goes slack and his stomach knots….how in hell….

The man slowly removes his cowl, But Filarion Filvendorson, was no man. It is the pointed ears and aqualine nose of an elf that greet his bulging eyes.

Is this blackmail or an offer Frimly can’t refuse? Perhaps an apprenticeship beckons!?

Filarion Filvendorson seems to know quite a lot about Frimly, Thear Chessar, Virgil Barsk, Captain Vimes involvement and a missing item. He warns Frimly of Captain Vimes, saying he is not as dumb as he looks and has contacts in Waterdeep. Filarion Filvendorson offers to take the money, 150 GP, and tells Frimly that this will all go away. Filarion Filvendorson also offers his services to Frimly as he likes his cheeky and unpredictable manner.

Location - 1st Edition Tavern
Location – 1st Edition Tavern

Several weeks pass and militia training continues, Frimly and Thora meet two new novices, a spindly looking Elf named Mirafir and a patronising lady Paladin (aren’t they all!?) called Sigune. Over a cold buffet and ale at the Lady Luck Tavern, their Captain of the Watch, Sherlen Spearslayer offer them a special mission to check on some outlying farming hamlets, Newfield and Enfield. They accept.

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