The Lost Library

The Tale of Adventurers II

The Lost Library

30th Day Of The Fading (September)

The Adventurers are still not finished investigating under the Old King’s Hill and what even is a Necrophidius?

Sigune and Frimly swim back through the tunnel and climb out to join Mirafir. The prisoners agree to hide in the tower and wait for the Adventurers to finish their task of clearing the caves. The Adventurers, including Mirafir, make it back through the water to the Sea Hag’s lair.

Monster - 1st Edition Sea Hag - Necrophidius
Monster – 1st Edition Sea Hag – Necrophidius

They then head down the tunnel towards a door at its end. Mirafir does not find any tracks and Frimly does not find any traps so Thora opens the door. The Adventurers smell moss, fungi but do not hear any water. Some insects. Very musty. Thora steps out into the cave. Luminous Lichen dimly illuminates the cave. Once the Adventurers’ eyes have adjusted to the darkness they step into the chamber.

Frimly: “Shhhhh, let me listen!”

Says Frimly as he cups his ear to listen into the darkness. Nothing. The floor is damp and slippery. The mossy natural cavern is wide but with a low ceiling. There are several pools in the cave and even some daylight arcing into the darkness.

Before The Necrophidius:

Thora: “I don’t like nae pools, I ken what dwells within them!”

She throws a Coin into the pool but misses and hit one of the stalactites. A loud clicking noise from behind a pillar can be heard! Mirafir shines the Lantern on the pillar as the Adventurers prepare for trouble.

Thora imbibes the ‘Potion of Speak with Animals’ and approaches whatever creatures they are hiding in the darkness…

Beast: “Keeeeep away – thissss issss our domain!”

Thora: “Who and what are you?”

Beast: “Keeep away, we ffeeed on flessssh!”

Thora: “If we bring ye flesh, will you let us pass?”

Beast: “Yesssssss….”

Thora: “Waste not, want not is the motto of us Dwarves! We should fetch thae body of the sea hag!”

Without further ado the corpse is brought into the chamber and offered to the cave denizens…

Monster - 1st Edition Shocker Lizard
Monster – 1st Edition Shocker Lizard

Skeletons can be seen littering the floor, animals and humanoids. The strange creatures are apparently Electrified and the hairs on the necks . The creatures want flesh but there is now only the body of an Orc left on the menu, but they are not interested in it.

The Adventurers decide that it is probably wisest to leave the creatures in peace and head across the chamber to the Door opposite the entrance they came in from . On the way out they see a “Long Bow”, made of white ash, amoung the bones and the odd Gold Coin.

There is a dark corridor on the other side of the Door. The Lantern reveals that it goes down as far as can be seen. Frimly listens into the darkness. On the other side of the Door is another Cavern. Sigune imbibes a ‘Potion of Healing’. Nothing can be heard, especially not the Necrophidius. Thora pulls open the door and steps in to the Chamber.

The Adventurers take a few steps forward into the expansive, seemingly empty, cave. There is a set of raised Double Doors at the opposite side of the cave. There is a lock mechanism and with no visible signs of what the door might be being used for, Sigune and Thora fetch boulders to make it easier to reach the door.

Beware The Necrophidius:

A hideous creature (Necrophidius) – a Large Skeletal Snake with a Human Skull and Fangs has grabbed Mirafir! It is 12′ feet long! Mirafir uses the ‘Ring of Jumping’ and leaps away from the creature while the others attack.

Sigune is missed by the Necrophidius attack! It suddenly coils up and begins to sway in a Hypnotic manner!!

All but Mirafir are paralysed by the Necrophidius movements! Mirafir then casts ‘Web’ spell on the creature and it is entangled. He throws Oil on the creature and ignites it: The web goes up in a scorching flame! A fireball!

Mirafir slaps Sigune, Thora and Frimly to awake them. The Necrophidius creature is dead! Thora tries to remove the skull and it turns to dust!

The Necrophidius is no more.

Monster - 1st Edition Necrophidius
Monster – 1st Edition Necrophidius

Meanwhile enough stones have been piled up in front of the door for Frimly to reach it and listen for noise beyond. He hears nothing and there are no tracks. Deathly silence. Frimly picks the lock with ease and the doors are flung open. They reveal a long dark mildew passage. Sigune lays hands on Mirafir and restores his health. The party makes its way down the narrow tunnel and reach a staircase going down.

At the end of the staircase there is a room with a raised coffin, bookshelves line the walls and water, 5” feet of water cover the floor of the chamber…

Sigune attempts to Detect Evil but nothing can be found and the Adventurers descend the stairs into the room.

Mirafir reads the text on the Coffin:

“Here lies my treasure to creation. Tomes of knowledge unsurpassed by any other library.”

The statues appear to be androgynous, just stony. After a fruitless search, the Adventurers decide to open the Coffin. A Skeleton covered in a rotten shroud disintegrates as the lid is lifted. The party leaves, none the wiser…

Back through the large chamber, the Adventurers make their way back to the Sea Hag’s lair. Sigune and Frimly swim back to the Cenoté. Frimly climbs up and reattaches the rope. Eventually, they all make it out of the hole back into the Goblin cave. There is dwindling torchlight of the three guards and Jennifer.

The party return to their Horses, the cart tracks of the prisoners are too obscure and confusing for Mirafir to read. Jennifer wants to go to Daggerford and the guards want to get to Enfield. The Adventurers bring them there and they are overjoyed to be home.

They spend the night there and enjoy the hamlet’s hospitality. The next morning they return with Jennifer to Daggerford.

Mirafir: “Good luck, peasant lady!”

Jennifer: “I hope to never see you all again!”

Mirafir: “You should be so lucky!”

Magic Item - 1st Edition Potions
Magic Item – 1st Edition Potions

Now the Adventurers can finally report back to the Daggerford Militia. Sherlen Spearslayer, is delighted with the Adventurers handywork! So its back to the Lady Luck Tavern for flaggons of ale, Sigune and Frimly enjoying the benefits of being unable to drown thanks to the ‘Potion Of Water Breathing’ to consume even more ale.

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