Under The Old Kings Hill

The Tale of Mirafir Roven And Sigune Feldschlachter

Under The Old Kings Hill:

29th Day Of The Fading (September)

Our newly form group of Adventurers will end-up at Old Kings Hill, not knowing what the fates have planed for them

Sherlan Spearslayer has 4 recruits to train: Frimly, Sigune, Thora and Mirafir. Following some light-hearted introductions the Adventurers go to the Lady Luck Tavern for fortification and “Music”. Sherlan says:

Location - 1st Edition Lady Luck Tavern
Location – 1st Edition Lady Luck Tavern

Sherlen Spearslayer: “I need your help, Gentlemen and Ladies. An undercover mission.”


Sherlen Spearslayer: “I have friends in the farmsteads Enfield, please ensure they are well. A patrol, if you are willing.”

Thora: “Is there something you’re not telling us?”

Sherlen Spearslayer: “No, just concerned about friends. A courtesy call, if you like. Will you aid me?”

Thora: “Yes! And Frimly shall join me!”

Sigune slams her flagon of ale onto the table:

Sigune: “And I shall not shirk in my duties! I will aid you and Mirafir shall be at my side!”

Sideways glances are shared between the Thief and the Wizard.

The Adventurers get their Militia horses and enough provisions for four days travel, and then set forth in haste.

The first two days pass with nothing untoward. On the first night, camping in a wooded grove with a fire. Watches are set. The nights are long.

Finally the Adventurers reach Enfield on their way back from the patrol, as requested by Sherlan. It is rainy and windy. They cut across country to get there via Newfield. The farmers there have heard many rumors and talk of world events. The Adventurers spend the night and enjoy a hearty meal. The next morning and it takes three hours to get to Enfield. A storm in the night has left many fallen trees across the road. The folk of Enfield are welcoming and friendly. Also many rumors. Two farmers haven’t yet returned from Daggerford with their wares but the Adventurers will probably encounter them on the way back. The weather is getting steadily worse.

As they leave back to Daggerford Sigune’s eagle eyes spot that wagon tracks had gone off the road.

Mirafir: “Why? Where were they heading? To Blightwood? Old Kings Hill?”

Thora: “I suppose we should follow them.”

Sigune: “We must not tarry! Who knows what might have befallen them?”

Monster - 1st Edition Wolves - Old Kings Hill
Monster – 1st Edition Wolves – Old Kings Hill

The party heads out across the open plains which rise up towards Blightwood and the hills beyond. The wind howls in the air, whipping into every uncomfortable nook and cranny exposed through the Adventurers’ Leather Armour and clothing.

Mirafir has a good sense of direction and notices that the carts would have taken the easiest way to go forward. It is early evening and starting to get dark.

Frimly stops and is listening intently.

Frimly: “I can hear Wolves: Lots of them. Let’s seek higher ground! They have us surrounded!”

The Adventurers decide to ride through them but Sigune is slow into the saddle but the Adventurers make it to the edge of the forest. Thora glances back and her infravision reveals that the wolves have pulled up. Reluctant to go into the forest? Why? The wolves lurk at the edges of the forest, but will not encroach. Frimly fires an arrow towards them – and HITS! The wolf yelps and backs away, licking the wound.

Mirafir looks for more tracks but there is nothing.

Sigune: “Either we face the wolves or we go through the forest.”

Thora: “Our priority must be the traders! Through the forest.”

All are in agreement, and the wood elf, Mirafir leads the way through Blightwood…

Old Kings Hill
The Old Kings Hill

Further in Mirafir spots something glinting. The party comes to a stop and dismounts to investigate. Sigune lights her Lantern, Longsword in her other hand. Mirafir takes the Lantern so Sigune has a Shield. There is a rockfall which covers a cave and the Adventurers close in to investigate the small cavern. Could it be a body in the entrance? Thora tries to ascertain if there is anything unnatural about the rock formation and ascertains that it may have been a natural cave. Thora suddenly gasps:

Thora: “There are two Skeletons here! One a dwarf, the other human or humanoid! They have rusty Weapons, 6 Shortbow and 6 Longbow Arrows which are in remarkably good condition!”

Frimly finds a scroll on a body and opens it. It appears to be a map! The Adventurers decide to set up camp. It is an uneventful night. Next morning the Adventurers have breakfast and try to decide what to do next. Mirafir speculates that the Cryptic Symbols on the map may have some significance:

Mirafir: “Perhaps knock three times?”

But they are none-the-wiser. Setting forth, about an hour later the Adventurers reach the edge of the forest. A small stream can be seen coming down from the Old Kings Hill. They head up the ridge towards something that can be seen at the top. Mirafir and Thora spot some activity at the top of the Old Kings Hill. There is some movement silhouetted against the horizon. Surprise is out of the question.

The Adventurers decide to circumnavigate the Old Kings Hill and use whatever natural cover they can find. As the evening draws in, the grove with its stone ring at the top of the hill is reached. There appear to be carvings or writings on the stones.

Location - 1st Edition Ruins
Location – 1st Edition Ruins

The carving of the Lion! Other symbols too. Thora looks for a concealed entrance but doesn’t find one. The Adventurers can’t find the entrance. The third column, as indicated on the map reveals a switch which reveals a secret entrance. There are no tracks. There is a stairwell descending and 100’ down there is a yellowy glow. Mirafir casts ‘Unseen Servant’, which then carries a Lantern and moves ahead of the party.

At the bottom of the stairs there is a chamber with an indentation on the opposite side. It is a rock-like entranceway. The Secret Door is eventually found by Sigune and upon opening reveals a wide volcanic cavern. The ‘Unseen Servant’ enters with the Lantern – an easy target for whatever my lurk beyond. Thora hears voices…  A finger pressed to her lips signifies silence and the Adventurers prepare for the worst.

The ‘Unseen Servant’ hoods the lantern so that Mirafir and Thora can head down a narrow passageway heading upwards. There is light from luminous lichen on the walls and the odour of smoke in the air.

The Adventurers head down the narrow passage. Mirafir hears the voices too. Goblin and Orc. He tells Thora:

Mirafir: “Two of your favourites, at least.”

Without hesitation Thora strides forward, her beard rippling in the wind. Sigune follows as best she can in the luminous ochre light. The narrow tunnel opens into a huge wide cavern. Water can be heard in the chamber, a tunnel filled with running water lies beneath the chamber and a hole in the limestone has opened into it from above.

Female Voice: “Nooooo!”

Thora: “Let’s be as quiet as we can to gain surprise.”

All are in agreement.

A growling noise can be heard.

Goblins and Orcs can be seen and they are instantly attacked by the Adventurers. Thora, using surprise attacks first as Sigune charges forward. They both hack down their targets!

Sigune: “You’re mine, Goblin scum!”

Screams Sigune as she charges towards another. Thora holds her ground in front of the entrance to face the evil denizens within. Thora misses her target while Sigune hacks down a Goblin. Mirafir hears music. Drumming.

Mirafir: “Drums! Drums beneath the hill!”

Thora decimates another Goblin. Sigune is hit by two arrows as she runs towards two more Goblins. She furiously slices down the first one, while the second fumbles for his melee weapon. In the centre of the large chamber there is a raised section where the drumming can be heard from. Sigune finishes off the last one.

Monster - 1st Edition Goblin Stats - Old Kings Hill
Monster – 1st Edition Goblin Stats – Old Kings Hill

Suddenly the music stops and a large orc lifts a rock covered in lichen. A smaller Orc throws liquid on it and it glows brightly. A woman, gagged and tied, is being carried by them. There is a steel cage with a winch above a pit. The huge Orc, with a rock is obliterated by 4 ‘Magic Missiles’ from Mirafir’s ‘Ring of Spell Storing’. Sigune shoots a Long Bow Arrow and gets another. The female prisoner is dropped and the Orcs charge. Thora destroys an Orc which manages to strike Mirafir – luckily without him receiving a more serious injury.

Mirafir casts ‘Sleep’ and takes down five Dart firing Goblins and an Orc! Sigune chops down another while Frimly sneaks up on the last one and backstabs him!

Meanwhile, one of the Orcs tries to flee – Sigune tries to cut him off but he dives into the sinkhole and is swept away, screaming:

Lone Orc: “May Luthic protect me!”

The Adventurers finish off the sleeping Goblins and Orcs and release the prisoner:

Female Human: “Oh thank you! Thank you!”

Frimly: “How long have you been here?”

Female Human: “A few days I think, we were on our way to Daggerford and and… “

She bursts into tears.

Female Human: “They kept us separate, there were three of us!”

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