Orcs Nest – Chapter Nineteen

Orcs Nest – Chapter Nineteen

1st Day Of The Deepwinter (January)

Level 1 - Chapel & Orcs Nest
Level 1 – Chapel & Orcs Nest

Looking For The Orcs Nest:

Frimly and Thora are together in (Room 77) after killing the Ogre and a few Goblins but the Orcs Nest is still undiscovered. Frimly Casts the last of the ‘Healing Spells’ bestowed upon him by one of the Dwarven Clerics, Kain the Cleric Dwarf.

Runedardath - Room 77 - Orcs Nest
Runedardath – Room 77

Sigune, Sir Ly, Father Tobias, Galan and Mirafir plan to split and flank the remaining Goblins and Cleric in Goblin Central (Room 76).

Runedardath - Room 76 - Orcs Nest
Runedardath – Room 76

Frimly spots Sir Ly at the end of the corridor and positions himself to fire into Goblin Barracks (Room 76), barricaded and maned by 3 Goblins with Short Bows. A ‘Continual Light Gem’ illuminated the corridor and several Touches and in sconces along the Walls.

Sigune, Father Tobias and Mirafir run round and approach the Goblin Barracks (Room 76) from the South, while Frimly, Sir Ly and Galan, now at the end of the corridor leading to the Goblin Barracks (Room 76), wait a round and then open fire on the Goblins.

Meanwhile, Sigune sees a Goblin behind the Barricade beyond the door previously smashed by Thora. Father Tobias is ready to summon St Cuthbert’s power in an attempt to hold the Cleric in the Goblin Barracks (Room 76) and Mirafir hold back. The Goblin spotted by Sigune fires and misses Sigune.

Frimly Sir Ly and Galan manage to dispatch the 3 Goblins and all move up towards the Goblin Barracks (Room 76).

They hear the sound of battle and Frimly sees the Cleric attempting to clamber over the Barricade protecting stairs in the East wall of the Goblin Barracks (Room 76) leading up to the Orc area.

AD&D The Paladin - oRCS nEST
AD&D The Paladin

Sigune rushes into the Goblin barracks (Room 76) and 4 Goblins fire at Sigune with their Short Bows, she’s hit. Father Tobias cannot get and angle to view into the room and Mirafir keeps an eye behind the group as there is a chamber with a closed door behind them, (Room 75), and they had not investigated it.

Ambush But No Orcs Nest:

Thora and Sir Ly step back and take a Running Jump over the Barricade in an attempt to kill or capture the fleeing Goblin Cleric. They are closely followed by Frimly, who heads to the North of the Room and Galan, who heads South.

At the Southern Door of the Goblin Barracks (Room 76), Sigune falls back and Mirafir steps forward to cast ‘Sleep’ on the Goblins and if he’s luck, the Goblin Cleric too.

There is the sound of bodies dropping as all 4 Goblins with Short Bows fall to the ground as well as another 4 Goblins, also with Short Bows, that where hidden in the South West corner of the Room.

The Fleeing Goblin Cleric is shot and killed before he manages to flee up the Stairs. The fight is over, for now.

Frimly is told to kill all of the ‘Sleeping’ Goblins Spelled by Mirafir, Thora Jumps over the barricade at the foot of the stairs and throws the dead body of the Goblin Cleric back over towards the party while Galan searches the Goblin Clerics Body.

AD&D Do Not Split The Party
AD&D Do Not Split The Party

The party wait for several minutes but there is not attack from the Level above (Level 1) and so, while covered by the Longbows of Sir Ly and Galan the party build up the Barricade at the bottom of the Stairs in a way in which the side facing the Stairs was steep and flat, but the side facing into the Room was tiered allowing the party to advance over the Wall if required.

Frimly, Sir Ly and Sigune decide to investigate the locked chamber (Room 75). The door is locked and it takes Frimly several attempts to ‘Pick Locks’ and unlock the Door. Once the Door is opened, the Room beyond is a Temple or Place of Worship. Two Braziers are in the corner of the Room and a Pile of Weapons are laid out before a large Altar made from the Skulls of varying Humanoids.

Runedardath - Room 75
Runedardath – Room 75

Frimly stops Sir Ly as he is about to enter and offers to use his skill of ‘Detect Traps’ in the Doorway. Frimly finds a Wire attached to several pot of oil which is rigged to a flint and steel device…BOOOOOM.

Frimly checks the Alter and finds nothing of any worth, while Sir Ly and Sigune search the pile of Weapons and discover ‘8 Magical Elven Arrows’.

The Adventures decide to head back to the Dwarf Area, rest up and report back to King Korin Ironaxe. Galan volunteers himself and Frimly to Stay Behind, Hidden, and watch for any movements from the Orcs. After 2 hours of no sign of the enemy, Frimly and Galan head back.

The Adventures tell King Korin Ironaxe all about their attack and the layout of the areas not known to the Dwarves. Those needed medical assistance are ‘Healed’ and the party is fed and they all rest. Mirafir uses the last of his Magic to cast ‘Magic Missile’ into his mother ring.

After a good long rest, Mirafir and Father Tobias are both refreshed and back to full vigour.

Mirafir tells the rest of the party he intends to use his “Mirror of Mental Prowess” to ‘Scry’ into the Orc Nest, starting in front of the Orcs small Guard Chamber (Room 149). This is where the party had previously been, ‘Invisible’, before they had to exit the Level via the Secret Orc Entrance and down the side of Mount Illefarn.

Having been in the area before Mirafir had a small chance of visualising the area which would affect the efficiency of the Mirrors Power. Luckily, Mirafir was able to successfully activate the Mirror and the image of the chamber (Room 149) and the corridor appeared on the surface of the Mirror.

Then Mirafir tells the party something that shocks them all. Mirafir tells them he can create a Portal, into the area Scryed upon, allowing them to pass through the mirror to that very location. The portal would last for 24 hours and be invisible to other unless someone was seen entering or exiting the portal. Mirafir could use this ability of the Mirror but once a week. Alternatively, they could spend time Scrying on other areas of Level One, the Orc Lair, or other parts of Illefarn.

There is much discussion and confusion within the party as to how best use the “Mirror of Mental Prowess” and why Mirafir had kept this ability of the Mirror from the rest of the party.

Finally, it is decided to make use of Mirafir’s success at ‘Scrying’ on the area in front of the Orcs small Guard Chamber (Room 149) and make the Portal there.

Before the Portal into the Orcs Nest is created by Mirafir the Adventures can see and hear the following:

There are 4 Orcs on Guard in the Orcs small Guard chamber (Room 149) and a further two at the Southern end of the Corridor running in front of the Orcs small Guard Chamber (Room 149). The ability of the Mirror also allows the Adventurers Hear thing within a 60’ foot radius of the Scrying point. The voice of an other, unseen, Orc barking orders can be heard.

AD&D Orc Cartoon
AD&D Orc Cartoon

Mirafir steps through into the Orcs Nest first, having cast ‘Invisibility’ on himself, as he believes the caster must go through first. Mirafir quietly moves North along the corridor to the top of the Stairs leading up from the Goblin barracks (Room 76).

Next, the Fighters and Paladins rush out. Thora runs into the Orcs small Guard Chamber (Room 149) followed by Sir Ly.

Runedardath - Room 149
Runedardath – Room 149

Sigune and Father Tobias run South down the corridor towards the remaining 2 Orcs. All these Orcs are armed with Scimitars and Shields.

Thora and Sir Ly each dispatch the Orcs in front of them after both fainting and being missed by the Orcs, one left standing in the Guarded Area of the Orcs Nest.

Back in the Corridor, Sigune and Father Tobias best the 2 Orcs on Guard in the Corridor.

Out of the Portal stepped Frimly and Galan, who had both waited for the initial attack, of the Fighters and Paladins, to hide their exit. This would also allow the ‘Cloaks of Elvenkind’ to shadow their movements.

Thora and Sir Ly dispatch the last 2 Orcs in the Orcs small Guard Chamber (Room 149).

Frimly had moved up towards Sigune and Father Tobias, while Galan wondered where Mirafir had gone.

Sigune and Father Tobias could now hear the sound of running feet and a scream or command in Orcish.

Frimly takes a look around the corner and can see the Corridor running Eastwards towards another chamber (Room 128) whose entrance is blocked by a Barricade made from crates and boxes bound together. Frimly sees an Orc rush into the Chamber as the Barricades are closed in front of the entrance, was there 1 or 2 larger creatures manning the Barricade?.

There is a gap above the Barricade and 2 Small Openings from which the Orcs can fire their Short Bows through.

Sigune, hungering for more battle attempts to fire her Longbow through one of the openings and amazingly manages to do so and hit an Orc behind the Barricade. The rest of the Adventurers are about to rush the Barricade but are hesitant.

Mirafir had made his way up to the corridor leading to the Barricade chamber (Room 148), still ‘Invisible’ and with the intension of using one of the ‘Necklace of Fireball’ Globes to neutralise whatever was behind the Barricade. Mirafir steps forward, unseen by the Orcs with Short Bows and throws the Fireball Orb up and over the Barricade. Mirafir makes a perfect throw as the Orb lands in the dead Centre of the chamber beyond (Room 148).

Runedardath - Room 148
Runedardath – Room 148

There is a short pause then a combined whoosh of flame and a rush of air as the Fireball consumes the surrounding air and burns everything in a 30’ foot radius of the impact area.

Mirafir: “One Medium and One Large Fireball left on the Necklace.”

Mirafir, now Visible, can hear several moans and the crackling of organic materials burning. The Barricade however, is still standing and obstacle to the Adventures.

Attacking The Orcs Nest:

Thora pushes past and dashes towards the Orcs Nest Barricade, intent of Jumping headlong over it and into battle. Thora is followed by Father Tobias, while Galan and Frimly move up behind them with their Longbows out intent on reaching the Arrow gaps in the Barricade. Sir Ly and Sigune move up alongside Mirafir, who is preparing to cast ‘Invisibility’ on himself once more.

Thora and Father Tobias both make their Jumps, land in the Orcs Nest Barricaded Chamber (Room 148) and are find that 2 Orcs and an Ogre have managed to survive the blast from Mirafir’s Fireball. The Orcs attempt to strike both Thora and Father Tobias but both miss their target. Thora and Father Tobias dispatch the Orcs, wary of the Ogre, while Sir Ly and Sigune have been called forward by Frimly and Galan as they prepare to give them a helping hand over the Barricade. Sir Ly makes it to the top of the barricade but can go no further as Thora was below facing the Ogre. Thora feels she has missed something it the heat of battle.

AD&D Natural 20
AD&D Natural 20

Thora, with Sir Lys help from on top of the Barricade; see to the Ogre and it just then Thora sees the Crossbow pointed at her from behind a large Oak reinforced door (Room 150). The Bolt misses Thora. The last thing to happen is a ‘Billowing Cloud of Pungent Gas’ appears at the end of the Eastern corridor of the chamber (Room 148), the Adventures pick-up on the scent of rotten eggs as the Cloud appears to be drifting towards them.

Thora then moves straight for Orcs Nest Door with the Crossbow, leading to secured chamber (Room 150). With her back to the Door she protected by any further attacks. Father Tobias looks around the chamber for any other enemies and then faces down the Eastward corridor, illuminated by a Touch. Father Tobias was planning to put the Torch out if the cloud did not advance any further.

Sir Ly then Jumped down from the Barricade with the intension of covering the corridor leading South from this chamber (Room 148) and he was closely followed by Sigune.

Frimly tells Galan to fire his Longbow into the Cloud and they both lose their Arrows with no obvious sign of hitting anything.

Father Tobias decides to cast ‘Hold Person’ on the area of the Cloud, again there is no noticeable reaction from the area.

Thora, still under the Grate in the heavily bound door, strikes at the Grate will all the Strength she can muster.

Mirafir, now ‘Invisible’ once more, attempts to Climb over the Barricade and past Frimly and Galan. Both Galan and Frimly hear him climbing over the Barricade and he tells them both to ignore him.

Mirafir stands in the South West corner of the Chamber (Room 148).

Sir Ly (East Side) and Sigune (West Side) cover the Corridor to the South.

Galan and Frimly climb over the Barricade.

Thora, moveS out from under the Door in an attempt to break it down.

Father Tobias goes to put out the Torch in the Orcs Nest now he knows no one is within it. Before he reaches the Torch he luckily sees, out of the corner of his eye, a Sigil appear on the wall glowing with a bright white light. That split second allowed Father Tobias enough time to bring up his Shield as he crouched down. Lightning flew from the Sigil, engulfing Father Tobias, but his quick action deflected most of the Magical Lightning. Father Tobias took damage but it could have been worse. Father Tobias moves back to aid Thora.

After a mighty blow to the Door with her Battle Axe, Thora caught a glimmer of what lay within the chamber. Orcs, not an Ogre as first she thought, who had piled Creates and Chest behind the Door. One, particularly agile, Orc was onto of the pile with the Crossbow pointed at Thora. Behind all of that Thora could see Gold and Silver Coins in piles about the room and 3 very Impressive Dwarven Statues.

Father Tobias shouts back to the party in Darvish and the call alerts the foes behind the Cloud. 4 Short Bow Arrows come shooting out from the Cloud at waist height, 2 Arrows hits their mark. Father Tobias moves back into the North East corner of the Chamber while Galan and Frimly fire their Longbow Arrows into the Cloud.

Then there is the sound of running from the Orcs Nest as Orcs with Scimitars and Shields rush up the South corridor. However, what really makes the Adventures stop and look is the roar of a large Troll wielding 2 large Stone Balls.

The battle now covers 3 fronts, with the West Corridor the only way out to the Portal.

Galan hears the roar of the Troll and sprints towards the South Ccorridor. Sigune and Sir Ly, flanking the corridors entrance brace themselves and prepare to follow Galan down the Corridor.

Thora’s intension is to continue to attempt to smash the reinforced Door to Orcs Treasurer Room (Room 150); Father Tobias moves over to aid Thora once the Door is breached.

Frimly hold his position in the South West corner of the Room waiting for both enemies coming from the North (Room 150) and East areas (Room 151), the East corridor still blocked by the ‘Bilious Cloud’ which had remained stationary.

Mirafir is ‘Invisible’ and next to the Door to the Orcs Treasurer Room (Room 150).

Galan enters the South Corridor and evades the Stone Ball thrown at him by the Troll while the Orcs brace for combat. Sigune and Sir Ly follow up behind Galan as the Stone Ball fly’s past and hitS the Orcs Treasurer Room (Room 150) Door, narrowly missing Thora.

Thora once again deals a mighty blow and the Door to the Orcs Treasurer Room (Room 150) is smashed down and onto the Orc perched behind it. Now before Thora stand 2 more Orcs armed with Scimitars and Shields.

Mirafir now takes a risk and pull off the last remaining ‘Medium Fireball Orb’ from the Necklace, aims and launches it over Sir Ly and Sigune, Over Galan, over the Orcs and Troll to perfectly land exactly where Mirafir had calculated it to the most damage while avoiding any of its force to touch his fellow Adventurers.

Mirafir: “One Large Fireball left on the Necklace.”

Mirafir is now Visible again.

AD&D Natural 20 - Orcs Nest
AD&D Natural 20

Galan, Sir Ly and Sigune can see that 4 Orcs before the Troll lie dead on the flagstones, while more may have been killed, unseen, around the corner to the West.

The Troll however is still up and slightly scorched, the Troll, marked with a White Hand painted on its face, draws a huge Club from behind its back and advances towards Galan. Both appear to know each another.

Thora and Father Tobias clamber over the smashed Door and Barricade to enter the Orcs Treasurer Room (Room 150).

Runedardath - Room 150 - Orcs Nest
Runedardath – Room 150

Both Orcs are slain, quickly and efficiently. Meanwhile, the Orc who had been hit by the falling Door got up and ran out of the Orcs Treasurer Room (Room 150) and into (Room 148). The Orc looks North behind him and sees Thora and Father Tobias, East is the bilious cloud, South is the fight with the Troll and Fighters, West is his only way out and all he needs to do is get over the Barricade, the Chamber is empty. Well as far as he is aware, Frimly was still in the Room Camouflaged by his ‘Cloak of Elvenkind’ and with Short Bow in hand.

Galan, now with Longsword in his right hand and a Short Sword in the other attacks the Troll with a savagery that both Sigune and Sir Ly had rarely seen in a Human, let alone an Elf.

Galan faints right and then strikes with his Longsword to inflict a deep wound in the Trolls waist. Sigune had taken up a position to Galan’s side and also lunged before the lumbering Troll could fully swing its Club. Sigune also slashes at the Troll and cuts at the Trolls calf, the Troll is swaying from all the damage taken so far. Then it was the turn of the Troll and it brought down its Nail Studded Club down, striking Galan full on the Left Shoulder. Next it swung at Sigune and missed. Galan, now enraged, dropped to one knee and brought up his Short Sword into the belly of the Troll. The Troll straightens and then falls back, Dead as ALL Troll should be Galan thinks to himself.

Mirafir take the time to cast ‘Invisibility’ for the Final Time.

Short Bow Arrows fly down the Corridor towards Sigune and Galan, they both step back, not before seeing the corridor running West (Room 140) full of Orcs with Short Bows.

Thora and Father Tobias exit the Orcs Treasurer Room (Room 150) and dash into (Room 148).

Frimly waits for the escaping Crossbow Orc to begin climbing over the Barricade but make no move to kill him, mercy or a healthy respect for the Orc Cleric.

The ‘Bilious Cloud’ dissipates slowly as Father Tobias and Thora run over to the South corridor, the Orc Archer have no chance of hitting the moving targets as they were to slow to react. Beyond the Cloud are 4 Orcs with Short Bows and an Orc Cleric standing another chamber, possibly living quarters (Room 151).

Mirafir had made his way over the South Corridor, but was mindful he was visible and will little Magic left. He hands Father Tobias his mother’s ‘Ring of Spell Storing’ as Thora suggests that a ‘Web’ Spell be cast the Orcs With Short Bows in the West Corridor.

Sir Ly and Sigune had run past the West corridor South to the unexplored area of this Level. They both hear the loud backing of orders, in Orcish, by who they believe to be Wartsnak Direlord himself. There is no ‘Continual Light Gem’ in this area, or Torches lit.

Father Tobias pears around the Corner and casts ‘Web’ from Mirafir’s Mothers Ring, trapping all the Orcs in the corridor, 8 or maybe more. There is no ‘Continual Light Gem’ in this area, or Torches lit.

Frimly hold his ground keeping a close eye on the 4 Orc Archers and Orc Cleric in the Western Living Quarters (Room 151).

Runedardath - Room 151
Runedardath – Room 151

Galan takes a ‘Potion of Healing’ to recover from the damage taken from the Troll.

Sir Ly decides to take his ‘Potion of Heroism’.

From the corridor with the Orcs trapped in the ‘Web’ Spell a Chanting rang out and the ‘Web’ then completely disappeared, leaving the Orcs free to act.

To Be Continued…….

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