Homeward Bound – Chapter Five

Caravan Duty – Chapter Five

Homeward Bound, No Owlbear:

2nd Day Of The Rottening (November)

The cattle ride continues on towards Liam’s Hold with all hoping not to encounter anything dangerous, like say an Owlbear. The rather erratic progress of the bovines keeps the pace at a minimum.

Sigune - Laying of Hands Before Owlbear Attack
Sigune – Laying of Hands

Sir Ly takes time to heal Thora’s wounds while Galan wounds are soothed by Sigune as she lays her Holy Hands upon him. Father Tobias goes through the party administering aid to those with minor injuries. As long as he continues his healing skills, the party will have their wounds healed and regain their strengths.

Meldar and Delora are very attentive – grateful for the sacrifices made by their guardians, or is there more to it?

Mirafir spends the evening divining whether recently acquired items are imbued with Magic.

The ‘Magical Lenses’ that were acquired from the Werewolf‘s radiate Magic so Frimly rashly grabs them and tries them on – they are ‘Lenses Of Infravision’.

Frimly: “Amazing”.

The Orc Ring, found on a finger bone and plaited in its hair, also glows with ‘Magic Power’. But Frim had already tried this on. But does not know what it does.

Father Tobias is poring over his book of Monster identification for when Sigune and/or Mirafir erupts in an unprovoked fit of rage, he chuckles sagely, and says that:

Farther Tobias: “The Werewolf’s curse may well have infected Mirafir and Myself. We have 3 days to reverse the curse by a ‘Cure Disease’ spell spoken by a high level Cleric, or the worshippers of Salune also prepare a Potion that can reverse the ‘disease’!!!

Time is marching on. The consequence of Lycanthropy is unthinkable for a Paladin as is a one way trip to Chaotic Evil!!

Meanwhile, Mirafir seems to think that Frimly has an illness, or really thinks Frimly has something to hide.

Galan spends most nights on patrol around the campsite.

In the middle of the night Sigune and Father Tobias are on watch when they hear a guttural roar and out of the forest rushes a Bear-Like Creature with a raptor’s beak heading straight for the horses. Behind it are two more, slightly smaller, Owlbears.


Sigune calls a challenge and Father Tobias rouses the camp.

Sigune: “Owlbear.”

Father Tobias: “Up everyone, we are being attacked by an Owlbear and tow other smaller ones.”

Father Tobias elects to use his favoured ‘Entangle’ spell and manages to snare all three of the Owlbear creatures.

Sigune runs forwards but misses horrendously leaving herself vulnerable to the creatures counter attack, which ends in the larger of the Owlbears bighting her in her unexposed flank, the Owlbear is very dangerous.

Sir Ly runs to Sigune’s aid, Thora moves between the creatures and the corralled cattle.

Mirafir uses his ‘Ring of Jumping’ to vault on to a nearby steed, landing back to front!

Mirafir: “D’oh, curse you Owlbear.”

Thora hits her Owlbear as does TFather obias with his Bullet from his Sling.

Mirafir waits on for other enemies.

Sir Ly decimates his chosen Owlbear and moves on to help Sigune who has been hit a seond time, combined they kill the largest of the Owlbears.

Thora, not wishing to enter the entangled area keeps missing, finally hitting for more, but not fatal, damage on her chosen Owlbear.

The last Owlbear is defeated by a mass attack, coup de grace by Sigune.

Owlbear 0 – Adventurers 3:

Monster - Owlbear Male
Monster – Owlbear Male

The next watch is taken by Frimly and Mirafir. They hear the noise of Elven Voices singing and whistling of the wind…or is it!?

They rouse the camp…again!

Galan had disappeared earlier on and does not answer to their calls.

Still shaken by the real dangers found outside the safe walls of the small villages, or large cities, frequented by the adventurers they party is extremely weary and does not leave the campsite. But when Galan returns he tells us that the Elves, that Mirafir DID hear, have left us a gift – a pile of 8 slain Orcs. Thora quickly sets about separating their ears from misshapen heads.

3rd Day Of The Rottening (November)

Back At Liam’s Hold:

The next morning the party set off. Frimly manages to sidle up beside Delora and begins to croon, but instead sings a dirty ballad. She ain’t impressed and it’s clear now that she only has eyes for Elves.

The party decide to press on into early evening; the impending Lycanthropy drives them on, as does the surly demeanour of Sigune and Mirafir. They arrive at Liam’s Hold.

Little has happened in days since they were last there.

4th Day Of The Rottening (November)

Daggerford In Sight, Owlbear Dead:

An early start and they embark on the final leg.

The party discuss the Runedardath, Under Mount Illefarn, Map that was gifted to Mirafir. Thora demands to look at it.

Meldar's Map Of Runedardath - Owlbear
Meldar’s Map Of Runedardath

We have heard that a band of a dozen Adventurers had not returned from there, this along with the rumour that Thora’s adopted uncle, Korin Ironaxe, had also headed to this region, piques her and the parties interest.

The Map which is being used by these Adventurers was acquired in Secomber.

Mirafir also finds a sweet smelling ‘Magical Balm’ that was in the Were-Bards possessions. To be determined later on.

Finally they reach Daggerford.

Delora and Meldar offer profuse thanks and kiss Elven arse. Frimly’s not bitter at all.

They gift items to the party.

  • Frimly takes a + 2 dagger
  • Three Potions (Pinky Yellow) – Gaseous form in a box are taken by Mirafir
  • Potion in brass flask given to Father Tobias – Heroism (10 temp HP 1 hour + Bless Spell effect)
  • Finally, there is a Spear +1 of ash which Thora takes.

Galan, takes his leave but sets-up a message system in case they need his help.

Magic Items are attempted to be ‘Identified’ by Mirafir.

Sigune and Mirafir visit Maerovyna, the Clericof Chauntea, to continue their devotions. She feels their pain..aaaaah! But cures them of their affliction anyway.

To Be Continued…….

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