Rescue Mission – Chapter Seven

Rescue Mission – Chapter Seven

Lizard Marsh Beford The Rescue Mission:

22nd Day Of The Rottening (November)

The Adventures having dispatched the Blue LizardFolk check their bodies and loot, feeling they had finished their work but did not count on the Rescue Mission. The loot appears to be Metal Weapons, food rations and blankets.

Frimly find a bag of ’10 Magic +1 Sling Bullets’, Father Tobias finds Baron Cromm’s ‘Signet Ring’ and a ‘Ceratosaur Claw Neckless’ found on the leader of the band of Blue LizardFolk.

Father Tobias gives the Signet Ring’ to Sigune to give back to Piann, the Baron’s Wife. Frimly keeps hold of the ‘+1 Ssling Bullets’ and Galan suggests that the ‘Ceratosaur Claw Neckless’ may be given to the Red Lizard Clan chief, Redeye.

The Adventures make their way out of the Lizard Marsh guided by members of the Red Lizard Clan and eventually meet-up with Redeye. They give Redeye the ‘Ceratosaur Claw Neckless’, which he casts a ‘Spell’ on, and he accepts it happily. In turn he gives the party a ‘Necklace of Brown Feather’ as a mark of friends.

NPC - Redeye, Lizardfolk Leader - Rescue Mission
NPC – Redeye, Lizardfolk Leader

The Adventures recover 2 Horses, the body of Baron Cromm and his Men-at-Arms to take back to Cromm’s Hold. Baroness Piann is distraught and their holding is no more without a Husband, Baron, Son or an Heir. She thanks the Adventures for their help, pays them each 100gp and gives Sigune the Baron’s Ring asking her to continue the fight.

Baroness Piann: “This ring will protect you from the flames of your enemies”.

The journey back to Daggerford is uneventful and the Adventures are greeted by Sherlan Spearslayer. She takes their report and orders them to take some well-earned R&R.

Training Before The Rescue Mission:

Half of the party spend the week training in order to hone their skills.

Thora spends most of her week with Sherlan Spearslayer, joined in the evenings by Sir Ly and Sigune. Sir Ly and Sigune, meanwhile spend their mornings with Maerovyna and training in the ways of the Holy Orders.

Mirafir and Frimly spend many evening together going over the items found during their Adventures. Otherwise Mirafir spends a week trying to see Delfen ‘Yellowknife’ Ondabarl, with no luck. Mirafir wants to find out what the full power of the ‘Magic Dagger, The Dark One’, which was found by Frimly under the Old King’s Hill.

Magic Item - Dagger, The Dark One
Magic Item – Dagger, The Dark One

Frimly goes back to work at the Lady Luck Tavern infirmary and also take up daily duties in the Daggerford Militia.

Father Tobias spends his days in his the minor role in the infirmary and also take up daily duties in the Daggerford militia.

During the week and while on wall duty the Adventures view the arrival of a foreigner dignitary. Sir Ly identifies the Crest as that belonging to Baron Agwain Delantar from the Secomber region. He and his retinue and met at the gates by Duke Pwyll Greatshout Daggerford, Kelson Darktreader, Lady Bronwyn Daggerford and Sir Llewellyn.

Then two days later:

It’s been an exhausting day’s tour of duty, and you collapsed in bed as soon as it was over to rest up for tomorrow’s activities.

However, you are awakened by the Duke’s men before the cock’s crow. Still half-asleep, you get dressed and stumble into the stable area where you are given a cup of ale, a chunk hard cheese and warm bread. You notice the other Militiamen on duty yesterday are there, too.

Before you can manage to ask any questions, Duke Pwyll Greatshout Daggerford walks in, accompanied by Kelson Darktreader and Sir Llewellyn. The normally open and friendly Duke is grimmer than he’s been since he received news of his father’s death at Dragonspear Castle.

 Duke Pwyll Greatshout Daggerford: “Good people.”

He says.

 Duke Pwyll Greatshout Daggerford: “I apologize for having roused you from your much-deserved rest, but I am facing a personal crisis, and I need your help. My sister, Bronwyn, seems to have been abducted by Baron Agwain, whom I hosted last evening.”

NPC - Baron Agwain Delantar - Rescue Mission
NPC – Baron Agwain Delantar

A murmur ripples through the group. All of you remember Baron Agwain coming to Daggerford just before sundown.

The Duke continues.

 Duke Pwyll Greatshout Daggerford: “At this time I have no idea why the baron did this, but I intend to ask him, persistently, until I get an answer I like.”

Duke Pwyll Greatshout Daggerford: “However, first I must get my hands on the good baron, and that’s where you all come in.”

The Duke explains that Baron Agwain Delantar is from the Secomber region. Consultation with the Temple of Lathander indicates that the Baron has gone home with his prize. The Duke says there are three routes he might have taken, a rescue mission.

  1. The first is to the north, avoiding Laughing Hollow. This seems the most likely, and the Duke and his personal forces will follow that path.
  2. The second route is directly through Laughing Hollow. A group of militiamen will follow this route.
  3. The third possibility is across the river and along its southern bank, a route leading into orc territory. Kelson Darktreader (Duke’s Ranger) will take some militia troops through that route.

Sir Llewellyn Long-Hand (Duke’s Master-at-Arms) will protect the town and the Castle until the Duke has returned. The Duke realises that the Militia do not owe him any service, and the council cannot call on off-duty Militiamen for this kind of work. Therefore, the Duke will pay everyone who helps with this task 50 gp. He will also equip them from his personal armoury. They may keep the equipment along with whatever horse from his herd they choose. If anyone is killed on this mission, their designated heir will receive the reward.

The Adventures take an extra horse, and pony, each and make their way to Laughing Hollow as commanded on their rescue mission.

The trail you are following leads to a small rise, the first of many approaching the hills that surround Laughing Hollow.

Suddenly, a volley of Arrows showered around the Adventures. A man in Scale Armour stood up from behind some rocks at the top of the rise to one side of the trail. He looked down on the Adventures.

Baron Agwain’s Man: “Go back where you came from, folks,”

He says.

Baron Agwain’s Man: “The Baron and his new lady want to be left in peace, and we aim to make sure they stay that way.”

Thora and Sigune were incensed and wanted to give no quarter. Father Tobias explaining that they were just men carrying out their duty and that the rescue mission was more important. The Guards are hidden behind rocks and trees in pairs and 20′ to 30′ feet apart.

Father Tobias then proceeded to cast “Entangle” on pair of Guards in the middle, the pair with the Guard that spoke. They fail their saving throw and are both trapped.

Thora and Sigune ride at full gallop towards the pair on the left, who in turn fire their Short Bows at the Adventures. They both miss their target.

Galan and Sir Ly draw their Longbows in order to cover Thora and Sigune but not wanting to kill if at all possible.

Mirafir decides to cast “Sleep” on the pair on the right and they both fall into a deep sleep.

Thora and Sigune were fired upon again but both Short Bow Arrows miss their targets and the Buards draw their Broad Sword.

Thora and Sigune both hit their targets and, using subduing damage, both of the Guards are knocked unconscious without killing them.

The Adventures tie up the Guards, remove them of their Weapons and send them off towards Daggerford and then return to the rescue mission.

The Laughing Hollow
The Laughing Hollow

Laughing Hollow is an eerie, shadowed place. Even in the daylight, the shade from the omnipresent trees gives a perpetual twilight effect. This is a place meant for Elves, not men. There are obvious game trails and hunter trails that have been used by the Wild Elves and other Laughing Hollow residents for hundreds of years.

One such trail clearly is being used by Baron Agwain Delantar. The broken branches and torn fronds marking his party’s progress make a blazing beacon for anyone to follow. The trees and brush are occasionally broken up by warm, light-filled glades and larger clearings holding small lakes.

The party continues at a gallop, changing Horses as they go. Galan, taking point, doesn’t notice the sound coming from a wooded hillock but it is pick-up by both Frimly and Sigune. They describe the sounds as several deep growls and a background buzzing sound.

Sigune and Sir Ly ride up toward the wooded hillock when suddenly 2 large Brown Bears come rushing out from the undergrowth. Sigune and Sir Ly notice that they appear enraged as they rush directly towards their Horses.

Galan rides off to the left flanking the Brown Bears, closely followed by Frimly.

Thora draws her Short Bow, Father Tobias prepares to cast a ‘Spell’ if needed, trying hard to remember the new spells he had learnt and Mirafir holds his action.

Thora and Sigune both have their Horse clawed by the Brown Bears; Sigune manages to return the favour on the larger of the two Brown Bears while Sir Ly misses his. Thora fires her Short Bow but misses the Brown Bear she had her sights set on.

Monster - Bear, Brown - Rescue Mission
Monster – Bear, Brown

All this appeared to be too much pain and annoyance for both Brown Bears as they turn and rushed off into the surrounding forest.

From their new position Frimly and Galan get a clearer view of the wooded hillock and can see two more Brown Bears clawing at a large fallen log and hovering above the Brown Bears a large Swarm of Bees. The two Brown Bears have either eaten enough honey or have been stun too much as they also disappear off into the woods.

Frimly decided that they all deserved some honey after the encounter. Frimly set light to a dry branch with the aim of driving the bees away with smoke. This only enraged the bees more and they formed into a ball of fury and flew towards him. Mirafir saved the day again and Frimly from a very painful attack, by casting ‘Sleep’ on the Swarm of Bees.

Frimly is grateful and goes for his prize of honey. Frimly finds more than honey and inside the log is the Skeleton of a Dwarf. On the Dwarf of interest are a ‘Battle Axe’ and a ‘Small Cloak’. The Cloaks colour appears to change when moved. As Frimly lifts the ‘Small Cloak’ up it grows to match his height. Thora takes the ‘Battle Axe’, as she is the only one that can use it and the Adventures debate who should make use of the Cloak.

Frimly suggests rolling a die for it and Thora wins. Thora however, decides to give it to Galan as he would best employ its possible powers.

The Adventures continue on through The Laughing Hollow.

As they are changing, feeding and watering their Horses, Mirafir feels a tap on his shoulder.

Lady Bronwyn Daggerford: “I believe you’re part of the Daggerford militia.”

Lady Bronwyn Daggerford: “Where is my brother?”

A lovely young woman suddenly appeared before Mirafir. She introduces herself as Lady Bronwyn and explains how she had been drugged by Baron Agwain Delantar and kidnapped.

Lady Bronwyn Daggerford: “I finally shook off that drug Agwain slipped me; I immediately turned invisible and left his camp. I imagine he’s rather upset right now.”

Baron Agwain: “I certainly am.”

Seven men step out, Baron Agwain Delantar and six of his Men-at-Arms. They appeared to have been hot on Lady Bronwyn’s trail since her escape.

They are words between the Baron Agwain Delantar and Sigune, while Thora directly challenges Baron Agwain Delantar to one-to-one combat.

Thora advances toward Baron Agwain Delantar and begins to have second thoughts when she notices his Scale mail Armour, fine Broad Sword, Shield and the ease of his movement whilst practicing his sword strokes.

Baron Agwain Delantar starts to ready himself for battle, then he and his Men-at-Arms are suddenly struck in the back by a volley of Short Bow Arrows.

You can see movement in the bushes behind the Men-at-Arms as several figures take aim again.

Galan: “Goblin Archers on the ridge.”

The front few Adventures can now make out Goblins with Short Bows on the brow of the rise, some 110′ feet away and 50′ feet up the rise, the rescue mission has changed.

Goblin's Attack - Rescue Mission
Goblin’s Attack

Three of Baron Agwain’s men are killed by the volley of Arrows whilst the reaming three rush to cover Baron Agwain Delantar with their Shields. Father Tobias, Sigune, and Frimly copy Galan by using their Horse as cover as they ride off the path and into the wooded areas flanking it. Thora rushes back to her Pony and executed the same manoeuvre.

Sir Ly unfortunately attempted the same trick but completely failed to do so and was left venerable to Arrow fire. Mirafir decides to run off the path and toward a Hillock, his intention being to jump into the tree on the top of the Hillock.

The Adventures, Baron Agwain Delantar and his men wait for the volley of Short Bow Arrows that never come. As the Adventures look up towards the top of the rise the Goblin’s are nowhere to be seen. Baron Agwain Delantar and his Men-at-Arms run up the rise with the intension of avenging their comrades.

Baron Agwain: “Come; join us in avenging my men, in these Goblin’s we have a common enemy”

Baron Agwain: “These cowardly Goblins will pay for their dishonour”.

Baron Agwain Delantar and his Men-at-Arms are quickly overtaken by the Adventures who were all, except for Mirafir, on Horseback. The Adventures, after a few minutes of riding uphill, come to the base of a large ridge. Several hundred feet away, and above them, the Adventures can see the six Goblins all with Short Bows in their hands.

Behind those Goblins are more, with Short Bows in hand and firing down into the Valley opposite from where you emerged.

To Be Continued…….

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