Mirafir Friend or Foe – Chapter Twenty Three

Untrustworthy Mirafir Friend or Foe – Chapter Twenty Three

1st Day Of The Deepwinter (January):

Level 1 - Chapel & Orcs Nest & Kelthas
Level 1 – Chapel & Orcs Nest & Kelthas

The Untrustworthy Mirafir Explains:

The curent question on everyones lips is what shall we do with the Untrustworthy Mirafir?

Over Illefarn, clear blue cloudless skies stretch from horizon to horizon, pierced only by the twisted spires of the scattered mountain ranges of the Forgotten Realms. Under Illefarn, Runedardath those once majestic halls of the Dwarves that were filled with fine workmanship, warmth and gold, as the mining folk traded peacefully with the valley Elves of the Shining River in an equilibrium of contrasting cultures, each complementing one another perfectly. Then came the Orcs and their ilk, the destroyers of all that has value and the antithesis of all that the elder folk had created, and the peace of the valley and the mountain was shattered. The wars that followed drained the strength of the Shining River and the proud Mount of Illefarn, weakening their independence so that when men arrived, they were welcomed as allies in the fight against a common foe. But peace had a price, and that price was a high one, as the industrious armies of men settled in the region, their populations soon tamed the once wild lands and their towns, roads and cities changed the landscape beyond recognition. The elder folk withdrew into their dwindling realms, or left forever to other distant climes.

It seemed as if an era of wonder and glory had reached a sorry end and would fade from memory and thought of those who now inhabited the realm. Only the crumbling and ruinous remnants of a bygone age would be left as curious reminders to the newcomers of the valley’s former greatness. Yet, still there were those who would not relinquish all that they had fought and suffered for. In the valley, proud Melandrach looked with disdain on the works of men, while under the mountain of Illefarn, which had become a source of evil and had unleashed deadly venom into the Shining River to poison the lands it fed, the Dwarven lord Korin Ironaxe held the last bastion of hope under the mountain.

Embroiled in a deadly game of chess with two equally malicious opponents, Wartsnak Direlord the Orc Chieftain and Kelthas the Dread; minor victories could be counterproductive, illusory, even. A war of attrition where each of the three parties hoped for one to defeat the other at the expense of their own strength, and then to take advantage of a spent foe and gain mastery of these now darkened and ruined halls beneath the mountain.

Orcs Playing - Untrustworthy Mirafir
Orcs Playing

Hope, the search for glory and the restitution of the Dwarven Realm of Runedardath Under Mount Illefarn had been replaced in his mind by a desperate fight for survival, a fear to sacrifice too much and gain nothing while a gnawing cynicism that increasingly intertwined with his thoughts that this endless stalemate was now The Way It Was To Be Forever.

It was then, and to King Korin Ironaxe’s great astonishment and surprise, that a small band of Adventurers, led by the fearsome Dwarven Maiden Thora, rallied to his cause and with great ingenuity and courage were able to not only bring the Poisonous Flood to a standstill but also to inflict grievous blows on his opponents within the space of just a few days. Feats which he had previously only dreamed of in the years of patience and brooding that had so slowly passed were suddenly being attributed to a small band of inexperienced but determined Adventurers, a ragged band of Men, Elves and Dwarves.

King Korin Ironaxe’s cynicism may have been his curse, but it was also his protector. He knew better than most the twisted mind of Kelthas the Dread. Their minds had met, before they were shielded from each other, and the glimpses he saw told him all that he needed to know. It was for this very reason, that the arrival of these adventurous upstarts filled his heart not with joy, but with worry. And his fears were swiftly confirmed once he learned that the most susceptible and potentially dangerous of their number had been captured by Kelthas and then inexplicably released. A trick? A trap? What move was the Necromancer playing this time? Every astounding victory only strengthened his doubt: He was being cajoled by the infernal Necromancer into believing he was winning.

Kelthas the Dread - Untrustworthy Mirafir
Kelthas the Dread

Untrustworthy Mirafir:

Karri: “Hello, Untrustworthy Mirafir…”

For a brief moment, the Wizard froze. The voice… The face… It was her! But it could not be her! He could still smell her burning flesh as they embraced in a fiery dance of death, her face bubbling, smoking and contorting as she crumpled in his arms. Her smouldering fingers eventually releasing the steel blade with which she had expected to pluck his heart from his breast. It could not be! And why call me Untrustworthy Mirafir?

Curiosity had been his greatest companion, but fear of the Necromancer had taught him that caution is the better part of valour and the Wizard quickly resisted his urge to engage in idle chit-chat with his former tormentor as he dived through the portal, shouting the previously agreed password at the Dwarven Guards waiting beyond. Without hesitation he cancelled the portal behind him, shouting at the guards:

Mirafir: “Where is King Korin Ironaxe? I must speak with him most urgently!”

King Korin Ironaxe: “What ails thee, wizard? Where art thy companions? Fair Thora? What has transpired?”

Mirafir: “There is no time to lose, my Lord! My friends are in dire need! We drove the Orcs deep into their lair, their blood filled the halls and there were both Trolls and Ogres that fought by their side. Thora was relentless in her pursuit but our enemies were numbered beyond count! We faced traps and Black Wizardry, and then, by the time we faced Wartsnak Direlord, our powers were at their weakest. To my shame, I was forced to flee or die, but death awaits me still, for I will not leave them to an unjust end having fought so valiantly. I request your aid! Will you forsake us?”

King Korin Ironaxe: “Be calm, Mirafir! Aye, you shall have our aid, and you should leave as quickly as you can! Morri, trusted friend, do what you can so that this Elf can be on his way swiftly! There should be no delay!”

Morri: “Mirafir, as is within my power, I have restored the powers of your family heirloom. I bestow upon you also this Ring, which will hide you from your foes and make your footfall silent. It was a gift to the Dwarves of Runedardath Under Mount Illefarn from your folk: may it serve you as it was destined!”

Mirafir: “If I live to repay this debt, you and I shall drink mead in the halls of an Runedardath that has been restored to its ancient glory!”

Korin: “Come, Elf Friend, I shall bring you to the borders of our territory, so that you shall be able to re-join your compatriots. There is no time to lose!”

For one short moment, Mirafir’s mind is touched by King Korin Ironaxe’s insistence. Why such urgency? Across the chamber lies the ‘Mirror of Mental Prowess’… The Wizard cannot resist:

Mirror of Mental Prowess - Untrustworthy Mirafir
Mirror of Mental Prowess

Gaze into its reflection and the thoughts of all who are near shall be revealed…

The Dwarven Lord’s mind is instantly laid bare to the Untrustworthy Mirafir; King Korin Ironaxe’s cascading thoughts are laid out like a hand of cards:

King Korin Ironaxe: “The Wizard was imprisoned by the Necromancer! A Spy? A Traitor? I cannot be sure. He must leave! And swiftly! I fear another of Kelthas’ traps! He will lure us in and it will snap shut! Get him out! Get them all out! With Wartsnak Direlord gone we will be at our most vulnerable! A Victory? No! A Trap? It is all a Trap!”

His stormy demeanour hardens and pace quickens as they hasten through the Dwarven halls.

Mirafir: “My Lord, thou knoweth of my entrapment by the foul Necromancer… Thou knoweth also of his dread powers. He has the ability to see me. I have but one more request of thee: give me the ‘Necklace of Protection against Scrying’! Kelthas The Dread will search for me and see me!”

Korin: “Laddie! Aye it is true what thou say. But our need is Greater! I cannot give thee that which protects my people. Go to Thora: she leads your company with Wisdom and Bravery, she must prevail!”

There is no time to be lost. Mirafir activates the ‘Ring of Faery’ and vanishes beyond the edges of King Korin Ironaxe’s influence. In a moment of startling horror, he recognizes the Room Kelthas the Dread deposited him in as a lone and weakened “Orc”, an Untrustworthy Mirafir. Faltering, the Wizard struggles for breath as he hears the laughter of the Necromancer echoing throughout the dark halls:

Ring of Faerie
Ring of Faerie

Kelthas: “If you change your mind, little Orc, you can still come back to us! Hahahaha!”

Beads of sweat begin to pour from the Wizard’s brow, sliding down his face and dropping to the flagstones below like tears. A sudden resolve strengthens him unexpectedly, formed from the valour of his compatriots as they fought against a seemingly insurmountable evil but did not shirk.

Mirafir [to himself]: “I shall not desert them, I am no Untrustworthy Mirafir!”

Moving with haste through the labyrinth it does not take long for Mirafir to reach the broad chamber in which the bulk of Goblins were previously barracked. But where formerly Goblins resided, now only maddening ‘Black Tentacles’ reign, and in a single horrifying instant, Mirafir sees that his companions are in their slimy crushing grasp.

Mirafir [to himself]: “I recognize this devilry! Evard’s Black Tentacles! A powerful necromancy!”

Menawhile The Untrustworthy Mirafir Reappears:

In the Chamber, Frimly is caught firmly in the grasp of a writhing, probing Tentacle. As it coils around him it begins to press, and then crush. His arms, legs and neck are no longer free to move as the enchanted monstrosity tightens its grip, his rib cage contracting, struggling for breath and darkness closing in.

Suddenly, from out of the Darkness, 3 Bright Bolts of Light fly into the chamber and strike the tentacle in a blinding flash that immediately cause it to wither and die.

Mirafir: “Frimly! To me!”

On the opposite side of the hall, Sigune attempts to hit another of the tentacles when it reappears as will Thora at the foot of the stairs.

Spell - Evard’s Black Tentacles - Untrustworthy Mirafir
Spell – Evard’s Black Tentacles

Meanwhile Sigune slashes the throbbing ‘Black Tentacle’ that appears before her. Thora hits the one in front of her, her Battle Axe cleaves it in two!!!

Galan and Sir Ly unleash their Arrows towards their respective targets. A ‘Black Tentacle’ lashes out at Sigune but she resists its grasp. Galan misses with his Arrow, Sir Ly too.

Mirafir casts another 2 ‘Magic Missiles’ on the next ‘Black Tentacle’ to attack Frimly. Sir Ly and Thora both advance on the ‘Black Tentacle’, as does Father Tobias. Thora and Sigune make their saves vs. magic against the ‘Black Tentacle’. Two more ‘Black Tentacle’ suddenly rise up in front of Mirafir, while Sigune slashes down the ‘Black Tentacle’ down in front of her.  Thora gets a great hit on the ‘Black Tentacle’ in front of her and it is reduced to a pulped mess on the floor.

At the moment there are only the 2 ‘Black Tentacle’ in front of Mirafir left. Those fighting in the Room are ordered into pairs by Thora, as she teams up with Frimly, while Father Tobias and Sigune charge the other remaining ‘Black Tentacle’. Thora and Frimly slay one of the 2 remaining ‘Black Tentacle’ while the last one lashes out at Sigune and this time catches her, she is held. Galan uses a Rope as a Lasso and catches a ‘Black Tentacle’! Mirafir takes out his sling and fires but misses badly. Thora strikes and hacks down another – she is on a roll!

Mirafir Roven

Frimly strikes the ‘Black Tentacle’ and damages it, Mirafir misses again and Sigune is being slowly but surely crushed by the ‘Black Tentacle’. Mirafir this time does not miss! And hits the ‘Black Tentacle’ for serious damage. But sadly it’s still up and continuing to crush Sigune, until Thora steps in and takes it down.

The ‘Black Tentacle’ are now finally defeated. Mirafir fills them in on what happened to him.

Mirafir: “Also, I fear that you should know that the missing Ogre bodies most likely mean that Kelthas has created even more undead for us to face…”

Galan and Mirafir look for Karri’s tracks on the stairs but don’t find anything.

Mirafir explains to Thora about the increasing fears of the Dwarves and then return to cautiously to the Dwarves Lair. Mirafir, Galan and Frimly go ahead.

Thora: “Galan, come here.”

Suddenly Thora pulls out her Battle Axe and strikes Mirafir in the back as he attempts to flee. The wound would have been fatal but he somehow survives.

Thora: “Wizard! Nothing you say rings true any longer! I smell treachery! We should just kill him or throw him down the pit! First strip him and take all his stuff! Frimly, check through his things and tell me what yae find, laddie!”

They return to the Dwarves who look astonished to see the Wizard tied, gagged and hooded.

The Team At It Again
The Team At It Again

King Korin Ironaxe comes forth, resplendent in Crown and Robes.

King Korin Ironaxe: “We saw him come through the Portal. He feared attack. Then after we Healed him, we cast Magic Missile into his ring and then he looked into the Mirror and left in search of you. We loaned him a Ring which we will now take back. We wanted him out, rather than in!”

The Dwarves ‘Heal’ any of the party who are injured and explain again how ‘Scrying’ works.

The hood is removed. And with caution, the gag from Untrustworthy Mirafir.

Dried blood coats the Wizard’s face, his eyes blue and swollen from the heavy Battle Axe blow to the back of his head, his face pale and lucid in contrast.

Thora: “Wizard! Be careful in your choice of words! Morri will unveil any lie you may tell! Why did yae betray us, laddie? Why?”

Untrustworthy Mirafir: “You fools! What a merry dance Kelthas has led you on!”

Thora: “It is plain for all tae see that you have been thae one dancing tae Kelthas’ tune!”

Untrustworthy Mirafir: “Rubbish!”

Thora: “Well in that case, perhaps you would like tae explain this here?”

Thora carefully unfurls a parchment and shows it to Morri:

“As agreed, you will not be attacked if you use the password you choose.

You have helped eliminate Wartsnak Direlord and his followers, as we had planned.

You have shown us the Dwarven Forces, their Defences and this is also appreciated.

Now come and join Kelthas the Dread and the power you crave will be yours.”

Thora: “This message has been Magically Encrypted so that only the recipient should be able tae read it. By a miraculous stroke of luck, I was still able to read it. What do yae say aboot that, Wizard?”

Morri: “It is true what she says, Lord Korin! This message is magically encoded! Speak Wizard! What knowledge hast thou of this?”

Untrustworthy Mirafir: “None! It is a complete fabrication!”

All eyes fall on Morri:

Morri: “He speaks the truth.”

Thora: “What was the Password? Speak Wizard! Or I shall have your heed!”

Untrustworthy Mirafir: “I was never told of any Password! This is all a lie and a trick to fool you!”

Morri: “He speaks the truth.”

Thora: “Then why, laddie, did yae try and run away when we tried tae catch yae?”

Thora Grid El

Untrustworthy Mirafir: “I have been caught once before! By any strength I still possess it shall not happen again!”

Morri: “He speaks the truth.”

Galan: “I, like Mirafir, am an elf. I believe that Father Tobias, also an Elf, and myself should continue this line of interrogation.”

Father Tobias: “Mirafir: You have been charmed! An undetectable charm!”

Morri: “He has been Scryed upon. But not charmed.”

Father Tobias: “I don’t understand! This is going round in circles!”

Untrustworthy Mirafir “Of course I have been Scryed upon! I warned you of this! By all due respect, Lord Korin, this was the very reason I requested your assistance!”

Father Tobias: “Morri! You must discern if he has been turned to the side of Evil!”

Morri: “The alignment of Mirafir is Chaotic Good. He is a worshipper of Zagyg.”

Thora: “What did you tell Kelthas The Dread? And what did he ask of you?”

Untrustworthy Mirafir: “As I already told you: When I was captured by him, he tried to control me. More than once! And I resisted! He asked me to join him and promised me Power, greater than I could imagine. I told him exactly where he could stick it! There is no power greater than freedom! He became angry, and it was then that he drained my power and transformed me into an Orc.”

Morri: “He speaks the truth.”

Thora: “Why did you run away when Wartsnak Direlord attacked?”

Untrustworthy Mirafir: “My powers were spent! I had no choice! Galan saw the truth of the moment and told me to flee! I fled to the portal to seek the aid of the Dwarves and return as swiftly as I could!”

Thora: “Why did yae close thae Portal?”

Mirafir The Wizard: “I… I saw… Something I couldn’t believe! I saw Karri! It was her face! But not burnt! And not dead! I did not want her to reach the Dwarves! I feared Kelthas was with her!”

NPC - Karri - Untrustworthy Mirafir
NPC – Karri

Thora: “But there was no trace of her! No tracks! It was a lie!”

Untrustworthy Mirafir: “I saw what I saw! Mayhap I was fooled by an Illusion, but I was not prepared to take that chance! But the Black Tentacle Spell, judging by its power, could only have been cast by the Necromancer.”

Morri: “He speaks the truth.”

Untrustworthy Mirafir: “Lord Korin! If you have honour, you must vouch for me!”

King Korin Ironaxe: “Do not question my honour Elf? I am not the one under investigation here. My counsel is my own.”

Untrustworthy Mirafir: “Very well. I see where this is going. Do you really want to know the truth? The whole truth?”

Thora: “Aye. Oot with it laddie, save us all some time.”

Untrustworthy Mirafir: “Frimly: did you steal the Dagger which Kelthas The Dread now uses from my possession?”

Frimly: “What? This isn’t about me? Why are you trying to push this onto me? This is just a distraction! You’re the one that’s being interrogated here!”

Untrustworthy Mirafir: “Well, if you are telling the truth you will have nothing to fear. Did you steal the Dagger from me and then surreptitiously return it to my possessions without telling me?”

Frimly: “Wait! What is this! It has nothing to do with me!”

Frimly Greenish

Thora: “Just answer the question, laddie, then we can move on. My Battle Axe is getting restless and I will see justice served and treachery punished!”

Frimly: “No! I did not, I mean -”

Morri: “He is not telling the truth.”

Frimly: “Well, I was just taking back what was mine, and then … errr … returning it again. I wanted to try and find out what it did for myself!”

Thora: “So why is this relevant, Wizard? What point are yea trying tae make here?”

Magic Item - Dagger, The Dark One
Magic Item – Dagger, The Dark One

Untrustworthy Mirafir: “Kelthas The Dread wanted that Dagger. And he took it, and me, as soon as Frimly planted the Dagger on me. With that Dagger, he is able to absorb the life power of anyone he kills. It may have other powers too. I saw him use it on an orc just before he – transformed me… I suspect it was Frimly’s experiments with the Dagger that created the undead rats that followed first him and then me. But I am not sure.”

Father Tobias: “This is all just going round in circles! Nothing adds up or makes sense! Mirafir must have been charmed!”

Thora: “Or it was his choice! And you don’t need me tae tell yea exactly what that means… Tell us, Wizard – in the presence of all and with the power of Morri to ‘Detect a Lie’: Are yea in cahoots with Kelthas The Dread?”

Untrustworthy Mirafir: “No! I am not and never have been! And as long as there is blood in my veins I will never serve the Necromancer Kelthas the Dread!”

Morri: “… He speaks the truth…”

King Korin Ironaxe: “Have you ever held anything back from your compatriots? Or from me?”

Untrustworthy Mirafir: “I… I will not lie… Yes, I have. Indeed even from you, Lord Korin. And I apologize for doing so. I used the ‘Mirror of Mental Prowes’s to read your mind. I had to know why you wanted me to leave so swiftly. You fear a trap by the Necromancer. Your fears are justified, Kelthas is both cunning and devious, but I am not your enemy. And also, I used an incantation to ‘Detect Magic’ on the unsuspecting Frimly – he is concealing an Amulet that grants him powers of ‘Invisibility’, I believe. I have always been curious in regard to Magical Items and could not resist checking. You should also know that I used one of the other powers of the ‘Mirror of Mental Prowess’. It has the ability to answer a single question, once a week, regarding almost any subject relected in the mirror. Thus far I have revealed this to nobody, but, to allay my suspicions following the planting of the Dagger on me and other instances, I asked the mirror if Frimly is a friend or a foe.”

Thora: “And what did it say? If this is a lie, there will be trouble, Mirafir!”

Untrustworthy Mirafir: “It said that Frimly is neither friend nor foe, he acts in his own interests. So, Morri, do I speak the truth?”

Morri: “I detect no lie. Mirafir speaks the truth.”

Galan: “Well, then it seems he has been set up.”

Thora: “We will get to the bottom of this one way or another. In the meantime I have heard enough. Release the Wizard. We should send out a party to dispose of the remaining bodies so Kelthas The Dread cannae recycle them. And look for the rest of his things in case there is anything important.”

Sigune, Sir Ly, Galan and Frimly head off to destroy as many Orc and Goblin bodies as they can.  They pass the crossroads room in the Orc Lair and don’t hear anything. No, wit, Frimly hears something… A distant noise… But what? The three silent members of the party go ahead while Sigune waits invisible but radiating ‘Continual Light’. Tracks can be found coming in from the front entrance of the Orcs. An Owl Bear has entered the Level and is making noise.

Frimly can hear it as the three silent hunters advance towards it. On route, Wartsnak’s Private Chamber is discovered. The Owlbear is in the next chamber along and Sir Ly, using the ‘Ring of Faery’, spots a Secret Door on the other side of where the Owlbear is. Frimly gets Sigune to walk loudly down the passageway to draw out the creature, which succeeds.


Sir Ly and Galan attack it and inevitable combat unfolds, with Galan taking some injuries, but a combination of strength and skill by Frimly and his bow finishes the creature off. No one is able to hear anything on the other side of the Secret Door but there are fears it may be trapped. Sir Ly plucks up enough courage to open the Secret Door. There are a number of Empty Chests in the chamber beyond and a single Cleric Goblin.

Sir Ly: “Frimly, how did you get in here?”

Frimly: “How dare you?”

Another possibility is that the Cleric Goblin that escaped and came back in here. And is still in the Room.

Goblin Cleric: “Stop!”

He begs. Suddenly he runs, slamming into Sigune who becomes Visible, and then, to his surprise strikes him for a huge amount of damage, but somehow just failing to kill it. In the next round both Sir Ly and Sigune butcher it, ending its desperate escape plan.

To Be Continued…….

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