The Great Feast of Illefarn – Chapter Twenty Six

The Great Feast of Illefarn – Chapter Twenty Six

4th Day Of The Deepwinter (January)

Who Is This Hero Called Vicross Silverkin:

In his mind, Vicross Silverkin is a Hero and God help those that don’t think so., NOT that I would act upon that, but IF they did NOT give me the proper respect that my achivements merit then I will Kill you where you stand cur, I mean if you wish.

The Great Feast of Illefarn. St. Cuthbert cannot conceal the broad grin, which now appears to be a permanent fixture on his radiant face, glued between one ear and the other and framed in his mighty flowing beard.

St. Cuthbert: “It is done! Justice has prevailed and the Norms of fate have been placated! The work of my most loyal of followers has been victorious! The Holy Paladins and Pious Cleric of my teachings have been victorious against the forces of hatred, evil and destruction! Let there be a divine feast! Both in the Forgotten Realms and here in the Halls of the Gods! All shall enjoy the fruits of this great victory! The ancient peoples of Dwarves and Elves again united with the younger realm of Men! Come Zagyg! Conjure a feast such as we have not yet seen here! All the Holy Martyrs to my Divine Cause shall partake!”

St Cuthbert
St Cuthbert

Reaching to his richly embroidered girdle, St. Cuthbert draws forth a mighty horn of ivory and platinum, upon which he places his lips and issues forth a blast to shatter the tranquillity of the heavens and summon all to the mighty table of the Great Hall of Heroes. Its white marble walls stretch up majestically beyond the limits of mortal vision, while at the table are enough mighty oak chairs for all of the great heroes of times immemorial, past present and future.

St. Cuthbert strides to the mighty gates of the Great Hall, flinging them open with his unsurpassable strength to welcome each of the arriving heroes in person, loudly proclaiming the role of his earthly followers in the memorable victory. Still unmoved, a purple-cloaked figure, face shadowed by a heavy cowl and clasping an amethyst encrusted staff of some ethereal violet wood, unknown to all terrestrial kingdoms reaches out a pale hand towards a delicately cut crystal glass containing a deep claret liquid. A sip is taken from the liquid, and then a quiet voice, which nevertheless carries to all of the corners of the hall, speaks:

Zagyg: “Hey Bert… It’s, errrr, you know…”

St. Cuthbert: “What is it now Zagyg? Quick! The feast! The Heroes are striding towards us as we speak!”

Zagyg: “It’s your cudgel!”

St. Cuthbert: “What about it?!” The booming voice resounds impatiently up into the upper echelons of the hall.

Zagyg: “It’s hanging out again!”

St. Cuthbert: “Oh, for pity’s sake! If you would only devote a fraction of your time to order, justice and righteousness instead of to mischief and trickery it would be on Earth as it is in Heaven! The Feast, Zagyg! The Feast!”

God - Zagyg
God – Zagyg

As the mighty form of St. Cuthbert swiftly adjusts his dress, Zagyg rises to his feet and with unexpectedly graceful speed, swings his great staff in an arc above his head. There is a flash of light and colour, and the entire chamber is filled with an incredible smorgasbord of food and drink of such diversity and glory that a mortal mind would surely crack not just at the sight of it but also at the tortuous decision of what to eat first.

The timing is perfect as the first heroes; martyrs, sufferers and saints, enter the chamber and are warmly greeted by St. Cuthbert who urges them to take their seats and fill their glasses for a great toast.

Once all are seated, their eyes drinking in the spectacular spread before them, St. Cuthbert takes his place, standing at the head of the table.

Clutching a flagon of frothy ale, the jollity vanishes from his face to be replaced by stony reverence:

St. Cuthbert: “Today, in Faerûn (A.K.A Forgotten Realms) – that have never been forgotten by me – a great Victory has been won by my mortal disciples against the enemies of justice and order! The name of St. Cuthbert is on the tongues of Elves, Dwarves and Men! The Ancient kingdom of Runedardath Under Mount Illefarn and the Valley of the Shining River have been liberated from the cruel grip of Kelthas the Dread and his twisted masters! Peace is restored! This is but one small move in a deadly game of Chess, but the Dice have not yet been cast! Ultimate victory awaits! But first let us celebrate this first step towards redemption! A toast to the heroes of Illefarn!”

As if in a single voice, all at the table shout into the skies: “THE HEROES OF RUNEDARDATH UNDER MOUNT ILLEFARN!”

As the booming toast echoes across time and the multiverse, and a respectful, pious calm is restored to the hall, St. Cuthbert takes his seat. The graceful movement of such a mighty figure is suddenly disrupted by something altogether unexpected as the gentle tranquillity of the table is crudely broken by what can only described as a Satanic blast from the bubbling sulphurous furnaces of Hades, as if his Holiness St. Cuthbert has dined solely on pickled Griffon Eggs and Balsamic Orcish Swamp Nuts for several weeks until the point of eruption has been reached.


The radiant eyes of His Divinity narrow as a deep scarlet colour envelopes his entire face. Shock transforms into shame before swiftly moving on to fury as the Demi-God moves to face his neighbour, Zagyg…

The seat, however, is empty.

Vickross Silverkin’s Great Feast of Illefarn:

The Great Feast of Illefarn. Between the jagged peaks of Illefarn, almost imperceptibly, an orange-blue glow begins to radiate. Slowly but undeniably, the glow spreads and grows until the orange hue brightens into a fiery yellow, a fearsome light that pushes the shadows of Mount Illefarn across the valley of The Shining River before brilliantly illuminating King Melandrac’s realm. The River winds and turns through the golden trees, its clear surface, but for the white spray of its currents, a perfect mirrored reflection of the blue skies above. The Poison from the Under Mount Illefarn has long since been washed away. It has left some scars, on the Mountain and leaving an ugly trail down the slopes and into the Forest. But peace has at long last returned to the valley.

Delimbiyr Vale Map - Vickross Silverkin
Mount Illefarn

In the wide chamber some semblance of normality begins to return. The party, and Vicross Silverkin, takes stock, frees Mirafir from the ‘Web’ and take steps to heal their wounds. Suddenly a Dwarf enters the chamber with the Stone Golem from the Secret Dwarven Chamber.

King Korin Ironaxe, resplendent in his Crown:

King Korin Ironaxe: “Thora! Take my right flank!”

Thora: “Aye, I shall! Your Royal Arseness…”

Morri: “My King! I will stay with the Queen!”

The 2 Golden Lions suddenly vanish and are reduced greatly in size, ‘2 Small Lion Carved Figurines’: some kind of Magical item?

Thora: “Let’s hurry, we want to get the glory!”

Galan: “I can move quietly, much more quietly than all of you!”

The party, in pursuit of Kelthas The Dread, takes the route past the Secret Door towards the Necromancer’s former territory.

Galan opens the Secret Door, and disappears into the Darkness, gesturing for others to follow at a discrete distance.

Vicross Silverkin: “I am delighted to join your merry band! Do we have a name? Do we?”

Frimly laughs.

Vicross Silverkin: “Do not laugh at me!” He clutches his Staff and gives Frimly a surly glance.

‘Alarms’ meanwhile are being set off Magically as the party progresses.

Sir Ly sees more Magic Glyphs and Morri joins him and identifies them using the ‘Ring of Faery’. He then casts dispel magic and they are all removed.

Morri: “We are now in uncharted territory…”

Proceeding down the Passage with Galan and Frimly at the fore, a Ballista can be seen at the Crossroads ahead.

Shadows loom… Undead!

Korin Korin Ironaxe’s Crown begins to glow, he draws his ‘Flaming Short Sword’ and a light burns them but they continue forward! Sigune and Father Tobias raise their Holy Symbols and attempt to turn the Shadows! Sigune succeeds and 2 of them vanish! Banished to whence they came!

Shadow - Vicross Silverkin
Monster – Shadow

Sigune: “Return to vhere you haf come from, fiends!”

The remaining one attacks but King Korin Ironaxe destroys it with his ‘Flaming Short Sword’.

His Crown ceases to Glow as intensely.

Sigune and Father Tobias take the Right Passage while Frimly and Galan take the Left one, which is lined with Doors on either side.

Frimly is curiously smelling the air. The air smells of Musty Orc and Herbs.

The Halflings’ beds are located in the Room to the South.

Mirafir: “Where are Kelthas The Dread’ quarters, Vicross?”

Vicross Silverkin: “Up the stairs! Finally someone asks me!”

Mirafir: “Feel free to speak your mind, my friend! You are no longer under the dweomer of Kelthas The Dread! He may have escaped, yet I sense his power is greatly weakened. No doubt he will crawl into some dank hole somewhere and nurse his wounds until he is able to fool others into entanglement in his twisted web.”

Sigune and Sir Ly listen at the Doors. Sigune hears nothing and opens the Door. A Staircase going up. Sir Ly’s Staircase goes up to Wartsnak Direlord’s Private Chamber. Further down there is what can only be a Latrine.

Frimly and Galan take the other set of stairs, disappearing silently into the darkness.

After some time the rest of the party go up the Stairs where Frimly and Galan probably fought some Skeletons. On the ceiling there is a Camouflaged Canvas. What is it? Sir Ly raises the Gem of Light and it is revealed to be a strip of Canvas concealing an Exit from the lair!

The Adventurers decides to secure the Corridor leading down towards another Chamber and some Stairs going Down. Frimly finds a Locked Door at the end and has some difficulties Picking the Lock. Father Tobias finds a Secret Door and a Chamber containing an Altar covered in offerings to Dark Gods. He helps himself to a Longbow and another item. Meanwhile, Vicross Silverkin has begun to tremble:

Vicross Silverkin: “I know this place! I have never been here! BUT I KNOW IT!”

In the Room is Kelthas the Dread’s scroll and Potion making and Alchemy Factory and Living Quarters.

Mirafir: “Vicross, what happened in there?”

Vicross Silverkin: “I… I was… p-p-p-p-p-probed in there…”

Vicross Silverkin
Vicross Silverkin

Farther Tobias suddenly has a new Sword in his hands. At the foot of the Stairs there appears to be a Library…

Galan: “This is where the True Treasure is! Surely one of these books opens a Secret Door!”

There are more Stairs descending… Frimly hears the Earth Golem – the Staircase joins back with the other section of the Necromancer’s Lair.

Mirafir enters the Potion Factory, filled with Scrolls and Alchemical Equipment and Ingredients. There is also a Book. A Spell Book. Mirafir’s innate curiosity overwhelms him. He cannot resist Reading the Runes embossed in Gold on the cover. Inevitably, the Runes begin to Glow, and then a sudden Flash Blasts Mirafir inflicting a grievous injury! He barely survives and in that moment, a simulacrum of Kelthas The Dread appears:

Kalthas’ Magic Mouth: “Mirafir… Oh, Mirafir… I will be with you always, in your waking hours and in your sleeping hours…”

The Illusion fades, but a shadow has passed across Mirafir’s demeanour. It was not only the Magical Trap that inflicted an injury on the Elf. The words of the Necromancer also cut deep and awoke memories of all that had transpired during his time in Runedardath Under Mount Illefarn…

Kelthas' Spell Book - Vicross Silverkin
Kelthas’ Spell Book

King Korin Ironaxe: “Kelthas The Fool was our greatest foe! And we have defeated him! There shall be a feast! And mushroom beer! I drink to your health and honour! And to my new Kindom of Runedardath Under Mount Illefarn! Free at last! The Gods have smiled on us! I swear I heard a mighty rumble in the heavens, as if those mighty Deities were celebrating as we shall!”

Galan meets some Elves on the Mountainside, and they agree to spread the word to Daggerford and King Melandrach.

Two days later, after much healing has taken place and the Bridge has been rebuilt in the Fountain Chamber with the stars replaced, the Great Feast of Illefarn is scheduled to take place.

Delphin is there, Mirubina, many further members of the nobility for a celebration of the liberation of Illefarn and the victorious party who led the battle.

More Dwarves and Gnomes return to Runedardath Under Mount Illefarn from Daggerford and the surounding areas as news has spead: It is returning to life!

There is Treasure in abundance and King Korin Ironaxe is true to his word in terms of his generosity. Amongst the Treasure are Magic Items to be identified and distributed appropriately according to need and ability.

The offer before the Great Feast of Illefarn:

A pair of Boots of Levitation For Father Tobias.

Oil of Fiery Burning (5D6 damage) very volatile goes to Thora.

Korin in Frimly’s head: “I have something for you all… A Rod, if you hit this and point it towards a lock and strike it, it will open it! It has 3 charges of 11 left…”

Mirafir receives a Wizards Scroll.

2 suits of Armour, Chainmail +3 for Thora.

Also leather +2 and Chainmail +2.

A Shield, which he hands to Sigune it deflects Magic Missiles!

Beautiful Bracers of Deffence for use with no armour for AC6 for Frimly.

A Longsword Flame Tongue – For Sir Ly.

Father Tobias keeps the Gauntlets of Ogre Power.

Ring of spell storing from Wartsnak is taken by Mirafir.

+1 Dagger (Duggwell).

+2 Ring of Protection (Duggwell).

Cloak of Protection +2 (Karri).

Scroll of Detect Magic for the Wizard Mirafir.

Under the Door frame where Kelthas The Dread was there was a Wand of Magic Missiles! 10 charges!

Banded mail 6’4” +1 from the Evil Cleric.

A Cloak of Arachnid is handed to Sigune.

Staff of Curing for Father Tobias the Healer.

Vicross Silverkin And The Great Feast of Illefarn:

There is also a big party in Daggerford. Galan has found a new purpose after avenging his family.

Galan: “I now call these people my companions! They are Humans and Dwarves and Elves. We achieve more together side-by-side than we can alone. Who trained Kelthas The Dread? Who did he study with? Have you seen the Creatures who waylay people on the road!? There is still much work to do!”

After the Great Feast of Runedardath under Mount Illefarn, several days later, daily routines begin to take priority over festivities. The heroic Adventurers’ celebrity status gradually ebbs away and is lost amongst hangovers and the relentless battle for survival in a hostile, if somewhat more peaceful, realm. The Adventurers are each fully focused on their research, Training and contemplation. For some, the wounds both physical and spiritual still run deep and only protracted dedicated healing can hope to bring lasting recovery.

The daily routine is broken only when a note is delivered to each of the Adventurers. The unmistakable flowing handwriting of the resolute Father Tobias:

Father Tobias: My friends, I beseech thee to join me tonight as the eventide draws in at the Lady Luck Tavern. I have made a discovery, which I would share with you. By the Light of His Mighty Cudgel, your friend and helper F.T.

The companions arrive at the welcoming inn and find their Elven spiritual guide waiting for them alone at a table in a corner next to the glowing hearth. Flagons of beer stand waiting for them as greetings are exchanged and memories rekindled. It is some time before all are ready to listen to the Holy Cleric of St. Cuthbert, but his eyes take on an earnest demeanour, and a quiet falls upon the company.

Father Tobias: “My friends, I thank you all for accepting my invitation to meet this evening. I know how busy you all are with your duties and that there is little time left for drinking ale and light-heartedness in these dangerous times…”

Thora: “Get tae thae point, Priest, yae always were one for long speeches thaet say very little…”

Father Tobias: “Ha! Indeed, Thora, and you always were one to dismiss my sincere attempts at polite diplomacy! Very well! The matter is this: You may remember we found some unusual herbs in Kelthas the Dread’s Scroll and Poison manufacturing factory. I took some samples with me as there was something that troubled me. I could not identify precisely what it was, until I finally spoke to one of the Elves of the Shining River… These herbs come from Dragonspear Castle!”

The eyes of all gathered at the table widen in surprise, mirroring the flames flickering in the hearth. Thora’s knuckles whiten as her fist clenches the flagon of ale in a grip that looks as if it might shatter the vessel…

Thora: “So thaet’s where thae wee rat has run off tae! Aye, it all becomes clear tae mae noo…”

Vicross Silverkin Joins The Adventurers:

Here ends the tale of the restoration of Runedardath Under Mount Illefarn. Kelthas the Dread’s plans for the Dwarven Kingdom have been thwarted but he is not defeated. What Thora and the companions decide to do next is in the hands of the Gods. To be continued…

Dragonspear Castle
Dragonspear Castle

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